Ohhhhhh Lordt Iesha, why you let Fantasia, put up the words on the sign again!???!!!! UGHHHH Guuurrrlll, she soo happy to have a job right about now, I guess this is just her special way of proclaiming it!!! Whhheeewww!!! It’s ok though, I can relate Kween, I got the same thing tattooed on my back door temple of praise, and HUN. TY. let me tell you, business has been booming every since!!!! #amen #waitlisted #liveyolife #nonequityshorthand #sounditoutfantasia #shehashadit #thriving #throbbing #submittedtohiswill #okaaayyy #ouch #everybodyaintable #canthost #tacobell #bottomsdayoff #makethataweek #thatsalsaverdewillgetcha #regret #furious (at She Has Had It)

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Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones. Oh yes.

(Zach’s Pov)
“Zach Dorsey you can make one call.” The police officer says opening the holding cell.

“Thanks” I roll my eyes walking to the phone to call y/n. She can get me out of here. I hope…

(Y/N’s pov)
“Hello??” You question turning on the lights checking the time.

“Hey y/n…. can you uh… do me a really big favor and pick me up? Please…” Zach says dragging out letters.

“Sure from where?” You question.

“Umm Jail…” He says disappointed.

“ZACH!! WHAT DID YOU FUCKING DO THIS TIME! YOU PROMISED ME LAST TIME WAS IT!!” You yell at your boyfriend who was put in jail for the third time this month.

“Babe nothing. Can you get me out of here? Please.” He begs.

“Fine, but next time you do something stupid. I’m not coming to the rescue.” I sigh grabbing my keys.

“Thanks babe.” He sighs.

You hang up and drive to the jail and ask them to release Zach Dorsey. You pay his bail again and head home.

In the car it’s silent until Zach speaks up. “Y/n, I’m sorry again. I don’t try to always get thrown in jail I swear. It’s just I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“I get it.” You say looking straight ahead.

You drove Zach back to your house like last time when he got arrested. He couldn’t go home and you understand.

“Couch..” You say kinda annoyed.

“But baby,” you cut him off

“No Zach. You messed up. You get the couch.” You sigh for the millionth time tonight.

“Okay.” He walks to the couch and lays down.

It’s been about a half an hour and you feel bad you put Zach on the couch.

You walk to your living room and say “Babe? You awake?”

“Yeah…” He says upset.

“Come to bed, you can’t sleep here. Please.” He agrees and walks over to you.

“Y/n, I swear it wa-”

“I know Zach… you weren’t in a good spot. You were with Carter.”

“You were right, he isn’t that great. Especially since he makes you mad at me.”

“It’s okay, I still love you endlessly.” You smile.

“I love you too baby girl.” He smiles as you two cuddle in bed.

He’s a good bad boy you think to yourself as you drift to sleep in Zach’s arms.

Which Avenger Am I?

Steve Rogers/ Capt. America

You are most like Captain America. You have a strong “good guy” ethic, and hate injustice of any kind. Understanding what it’s like to be pushed around helps you fight for the little guy. You are not one to give up too easily, and often get yourself into tricky situations just to prove your worth. Your high ideals and old fashioned manners set you apart from most of your peers.