Sleepy princess

~daddy and i in our bedroom~

Daddy: sweetpea are you ready to get tucked in?

Me: *with blanket wrapped around me* no dada I’m not tired at all I promise!!!!

Daddy: kitten come here, it’s time for bed

Me: *yawns* okaaayyy daddy if you say so *crawls into bed*

Daddy: do you want me to read you a bed time story sweetheart?

Me: *nods head* yes please!

Daddy: okay little one *begins to read to me*

Me: *gently snoring*

Daddy: *chuckles* not sleepy huh? Sweet dreams kitten *kisses my forehead*

Why are people such a pain in the ass about things :/

So some fuckin website is selling an old fanart of mine.


Thank you Jordan Fister, Fister of Jordans, you seem like a real stand up dude.

Anyway, I contact the website.

And I get:

UGGHHHH, fine. I’ll go see how to submit a ‘DMCA Takedown Request’. Boy howdy, they are making it difficult.

Let’s Just see what this-

Jesus Christ. Okaaayyy. I’M NOT BUSY OR ANYTHING.

Anyway, I’ve read the fuckin thing and sent another email, adhering to this bulky policy and including my personal address and signature. We’ll see if they give enough of a shit to take it down.

Buddy and Ummi: The Realization (Damian Wayne x Mother Figure!Reader)

Summary:  As Dick Grayson’s girlfriend, you meet his new younger sibling, Damian Wayne. The young boy doesn’t know how to express that he needs a mother figure, but once you figure it out, you’re happy to be just that.
This is the third part in the series. If you haven’t read the first two parts you can find them in the masterlist below.

Word Count: 1216

Series Masterlist

You spent the next day replaying memories from the lovely dinner you had with your boyfriend’s family. You smiled when you realized that you were nervous over nothing not even 24 hours ago. You were so scared that his family would hate you that you didn’t even know what to do now that they didn’t. And as you sat there thinking about Dick and his family, your mind wandered to Damian.

He grew up in such a different environment. He didn’t have a childhood, and that made you upset. You could tell that he was clinging on to the idea of finding a parental figure. Obviously he had Bruce, but you could see the dynamic between them wasn’t necessarily healthy. It was clear to you that Bruce loved his son, even if he didn’t quite understand him, but you also knew from conversations you had held with Dick that he wasn’t always the best at showing it. The idea of the boy growing up in such a hostile environment and then being thrown into a family who is awful with feelings wasn’t an ideal situation.

And then it dawned on you.

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Your Heart Part 1

Yyyooooo I got inspired by a fan animation thing using the song “Zombie Song” to write this and I love the idea and yes there will be moooorrrreeeeee. Eeeeeekkkk i Love writing this I hope y’all like it like I do:

¨Jack!” Mark calls as he runs through the streets, chainsaw held tightly in his hand as he rushes to find the Irishman. Jack had left the safe house a few hours ago and there had been no sign of him or Ethan since. Mark had began to grow worried after the first hour, Tyler reassuring him that they were probably fine. But then another hour passed and they were heading out the door, Amy and Kathryn in tow. They had split up- not many zombies in this area, they couldn’t be overrun- to cover more ground, Mark going north, Tyler south, Amy west and Kathryn south. Mark has been searching for around half an hour now and he still has had no luck in finding them, continuosly calling out to them desperately. ¨Ethan!¨

His loud footsteps echo around the back alley as he hurries to beat the setting sun, knowing that he have to retreat back to safety once darkness fell upon them. Most zombies came out during the dark. Most zombies found the light to be too painful for their sensitive eyes. Most zombies were docile during the day, turning vicious and violent in the darkness of the night. He knew that he didn’t have much time left. And neither did the others. Especially Jack and Ethan.

¨Mark!¨ He stops in his tracks at the choppy call of his name, fett skidding to a halt on the gritty and wet pavement. He turns to look at a door, eyes trailing a trail of blood leading into said door. His stomach does a flip at the sight. ¨We’re in here!¨

Mark bursts through the door, this leading to an old apartment building. The lobby is empty yet neat, giving an eerie feel of it being frozen in time, as though people would come back in the next day or week for work. The illusion is only broken by a set of dust on each surface and the trail of blood leading behind a desk where he hears heavy breathing. He rushes over, finding Ethan crouched in the corner, a hand on a bleeding shoulder as he breathes heavily. Mark swallows when he sees this and instantly begins to cut at his shirt, only stopping when Ethan yells: ¨He’s still here!¨

¨What? Who? Were you bitten?¨ Mark fires the questions, needing immediate answers for this dire situation. And then he hears the soft groaning of a zombie, the stomach twisting hissing of an undead creature. He darts back around, nearly throwing up at the sight.

Jack is on the floor on the other side of the room, hidden behind some of the furniture that had been left behind. He´s sprawled out on his side, shirt ripped and stomach torn open, organs and blood spilling out and onto the floor. More blood stains the now pale skin of his neck where a bite mark is, making small holes in the flesh. His once baby blue eyes are now filled with complete white, only a dot of blue in the center remaining. He´s growling softly, eyes tilted down towards the ground as he hisses for breath.

¨How long has he been there? Like that?¨ Mark questioned, throat tight. Oh god this could not be happening. All of them had been so careful to not be bitten, to not be killed. Jack could not be in this state; this has to be a trick from his mind. Jack is actually okay, merely scratched by metal or something else. He was okay and would be okay. His stomach and entrails are not currently spilt onto the floor, staining the light colored carpet a darker color. He is not currently infected and becoming a zombie. He is completely fine.

But his thoughts are broken as the Irishman lifts his head once heś finished speaking, the milky white eyes landing on him and locking on. The corners of Jackś chapped lips begin to tremble and lift, turning upwards into a smile and Mark has to swallow bile as his teeth are covered in red. ¨M- Maaaaarrrrrrkkk,¨ Jack hissed out and his stomach does another flip. Jack´s voice is terribly broken and high pitched, squealing and grinding against Mark´s brain.

¨He was bitten hours ago,¨ Ethan replied and his voice is tight. Mark can hear tears in his voice and his heart aches for the other. Ethan is so kind hearted and in a way innocent that this must have been a terrible and difficult thing to go through. ¨He was bitten and we were far away and I got stabbed so I didn’t know what to do and-” Mark hushes him and Ethan shakes his head, a rogue tear trailing down his cheek. ¨Heś been laying like that for the past hour and I can´t move and this is all my fault.¨ He then breaks down when a sob erupts from his lips. Mark frowns but keeps his attention on Jack, knowing that he could currently be dangerous. ¨What do we do, Mark?¨

Jack lifts his head higher as Ethan says Markś name, arms shaking in the slightest as he lifts his chest. ¨Maarrrrkkkk,¨ he groans once more and Mark could swear he hears recognition in his voice. But thatś not possible. Zombies don’t remember anything- theyŕe dead.

¨We have to kill him,¨ Mark replied,voice barely a whisper as he even considers the idea. The organs shift and slide as Jack lifts himself further, moving so slowly and Mark can’t move or breathe. Ethan sobs once more behind him, grabbing at his arm as he lifts the chainsaw.

¨We can’t Mark, we can’t!¨ Ethan cried, yanking at his arm as Mark tries to stand, to do what needs to be done.

¨We have to, Ethan!” Mark shouts, a tear of his own slipping from the corner of his eye, heart shattering at the sound. ¨H-he´s dead now, anyway.¨

Mark yanks his arm from Ethan’s hands and the blue haired boy crumbles and curls in on himself, sobbing silently now as Mark slowly stands, keeping himself low. Jack is still moving, still pushing himself up and off the ground as he moves his legs, pushes at the ground with one knee to lift himself. Mark pauses as the zombie stands fully, some of the organs which had slipped out fully snapping off now. The grin is still on his pale face as he stumbles forward, no crazed or lost look in his eyes as he stares at Mark´s face. Mark shifts a little, readjusting his hold on the chainsaw to prepare himself.

Jack pauses suddenly, eyes landing on the chainsaw. Now he loses the grin, gains a look of sloppy confusion. ¨M- Marrrk?” he muttered, questioning coating his tone. “Wh- whaaatt doinngg?”

Mark swallows heavily and shuts his eyes tightly. This should not be possible. Zombies can’t speak much less think. He draws in a deep breath, eyes landing on Jack once more and he’s struck once more that this is his friend- he can´t just murder him! He begins to feel dizzy and he has to bite down on his tongue, more tears sliding from his eyes as he tries and fails to steel himself.

“Maarrrrkkkk?” Jack hisses once more and oh god he still has his accent, still sounds so familiar. “Whaaat… wrrrong?”

Mark let´s out a sob as he´s asked this, hands giving out as he drops the chainsaw, the weapon hitting the ground with a clatter. He watches as Jack grins once more, slowly hobbling over and fumbling for his hand. His dead skin hits Mark’s hand and he yanks his hand away, letting out another broken sob. This couldn’t be happening. He can’t kill Jack; even if he is a zombie.

“It… okaaayyy,” Jack continues and grabs Mark’s hands again. This time Mark doesn’t tear his hands away. Mark draws in a shuddering breath as Jack meets his eyes and a rancid scent hits his nose. It’s the smell of blood and open flesh. “Everrrryythinggg…. willll Be okaaaayyyyy.”

And those words break every chance of Mark being able to kill Jack.


Tell me what y’all think!!!!

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You Really Don’t Know?

Word Count: Pretty long actually :p

Warnings: None. Just fluffs.

Summary: The reader oneday catches the twins playing a small prank on Neville and gets angry. From that moment on they start pranking her instead of Neville which leads Y/N to a punishment from Umbridge. But something happens after that which brings them closer instead.

The Story:

Y/N walked out of the Transfiguration class with her books clutching on her chest, towards her common room. Her mind wandered around the obvious silence that has spread over since Umbridge got in Hogwarts. She looked around and there was no crowd anywhere. Some of the few students who were present talked in low voice, not really happy either.

Y/F/N came walking slowly behind her with some Hufflepuff girl. “Hey you wanna come to Hogsmeade today? I mean we just planned to go today so…” She said pointing towards herself and her new friend.

“Oh sure. When exactly?” Y/N smiled and said.

“Maybe in the afternoon or like after lunch?”

“Um…okay…I guess..I’m just like..not in a mood to…”

“It’s okay if you don’t wanna come.” Y/F/N said.

“No no..I need to go there, I have some things to buy.”

“Okay…then see you later?” She said as they entered the Y/H/N common room.

*Time Skip*

Y/N walked slowly towards the Great Hall when she noticed Neville reaching up for a plate which appeared to be floating in the air, on which there were some Cauldron cakes. Y/F/N walked in the Great Hall while Y/N looked up…she was not really in a mood to help but..it was not even fair if she didn’t help. It was DEFINITELY on a spell but Neville being stupid won’t just use magic to bring it down. Well, he seems to screw things up really bad so it’s not really relevant to blame him. Y/N sighed, walked towards him and said, “Hey Neville, not trying to be nosy or anything but don’t you think you can get another cake in the Great Hall?”

“Oh h-hey Y/N…Yeah I know I can get another in the Great Hall too but I got it just today from Honeydukes. I-I mean just…” he looked up at the plate and pressed his lips.

“Okaaayyy…I understand. Can I help you get it in any way?” Y/N said looking around as she noticed robes and shoes from behind a wall. Must be Malfoy! Why doesn’t he just leave us alone! I mean he IS a prefect but that doesn’t mean he can do anything! She walked furiously towards the wall and dragged the boy out from his hidden place by his robes. He stumbled but managed to balance himself. To her surprise, well…not really..but it wasn’t Malfoy and his friends. Rather she was facing the Weasley twins, among which, one of them — isn’t really clear exactly which one — was gaping at her with a grin on his lips.

Her brows furrowed as she started yelling at them, the anger that she kept in her all this time started coming out.

“Are you serious?! I mean aren’t you realizing that you are ACTUALLY making it hard for us? I mean really, just look around yourself! Do you see any happy faces? Except you two maybe!! You two seem to enjoy your time pranking people and making their life miserable! Seriously guys I think it’s time to stop playing these pranks! We all feel miserable under this-this Umbridge’s freaking dictatorship rule in Hogwarts! We don’t want any kind of problems anymore! Seriously, Neville is always screwing up badly at literally everything but why do you feel happy to make him feel much more worse than he already is!! THANK YOU BOYS but we don’t need any kind of extra problems! Just PLEASE LEAVE NEVILLE ALONE!!!” She panted as she blurted out everything.

“Woah woah calm down mate! We aren’t causing much problems! I mean we just made the cake afloat in the air, and would’ve put it down after a while. But you seemed to just jump out of nowhere and pull me here! I mean you caused the main problem just look at Neville!!”

“Oh yeah sur–” She said and looked at her right and saw a wand on the floor. It must have fell down when she pulled him!! She looked up and saw Neville covered with cakes and some of them smashed on the floor. “Oh no…” She whispered and loosened her grip on the boy’s robe and then ran towards him.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry Neville! I didn’t really think about anything when I was yelling at him. I am so so sorry!” Y/N said and made an attempt to clean up the mess she had made from his shirt. “Ugh..this is all my fault.” She huffed.

“I-It’s not all your fault. I m-mean Fred and George were already…” He said, blushing at her attempt to clean his face.

“Um….since I destroyed your cupcakes, come to Hogsmeade with me and let me buy something for you. NO COMPLAINTS.” She smiled and said.

“Oh….uh….uou r-really don’t have to..” Neville stuttered.

“Oh hell yeah I have to. Oh…and…uh….just so that you know….it’s not like-like a…a date. Just…like..friends..you know what I mean?” She said while her face reddened.

“OFCOURSE…Sure…at..3 ‘o’ clock in the afternoon?”

“Yes. That will be fine. My friends are going too..so I’ll inform them. And sorry again for the mess i made. You go clean up yourself and I’ll make sure to sneak some food for you.”

“That will be very nice of you.” Neville smiled and left.

Y/N then turned around and saw Fred and George leaning on the wall and smirking. She walked towards them, gritted her teeth and said, “Keep my words in your mind.”

“Well you should thank us instead. You got a date.”

“Shut up! It’s not a date and mind your own business!” She said and walked in the Great Hall. She didn’t notice that one of the twin’s eyes scanned her body in admiration and stopped on her hair that she tucked behind her ear. He looked at every detail on her face, starting from the frown on her lips to her shoes which were covered a bit of dirt.

As she sat down on the Y/H/N table, her friend said, “So…you’ve got a date with Neville.”


“WHatever you say ma'am.” She smirked and said.

So after the argument..or maybe just Y/N yelling at the twins, they stopped bothering Neville. But the problem is that now they started pranking her instead. Y/N really got pissed from all the fun she was made of. And it wasn’t even clear which one of the twins did it. Sometimes it was Fred and sometimes, George. Once one of them even turned her hair colour to purple. She was really ashamed and did her best to hide it. Complaining to the prefects did no good because they clearly enjoyed watching her miserable.

Y/N surely felt angry but some part of her enjoyed the attention she was getting. Some part of her wanted this to happen. But she wasn’t fully aware of that. She was that average girl who wasn’t given much importance. She did have friends, but not that much. But there was something about their…maybe the look in HIS eyes that was very different. Maybe she started liking him. One of the main reason why she started concentrating on her outfit and hairstyle everyday. Y/N’s friends also didn’t spare her from all the teasing.

“Definitely one of them is falling for you.”

“Oh my god Y/N! Look! They are staring at you! Oh, which one of them is it?!”

“Oh maybe you’re falling for him too.”

“He was the only person who didn’t laugh at you when he changed your hair colour.”

And Y/N flustered really badly due to all the teasing and the silly giggles after that. She didn’t understand which one of them they meant but it was surely the one with the intense look in their eyes.

*Time Skip*

It was one of those usual days where Y/N was walking to the Transfiguration class with Y/F/N and she ofcourse had to tolerate her friend’s teasing…blushing furiously.

“I’m telling you one of them is doing this! And on purpose!!” Y/F/N said.

“Oh shut up! It is nothing like that. He is mean to me. How can you expect this?”

“HE??? Well you know which one then??”

Her face became red as she said, “N-NO!”

“But like you know the saying…A boy is especially mean to the girl he likes.”

“I don’t know why do people feel like this is a good way. I-I mean that is really not how things work. There are other w-ways you..know.”

“Oooooh…you sound like you really enjoy that.”

“Shut up I don’t!”

“Well tell me on a serious note. Do you know which one is it?”

“I-I think…I do.”

“Merlin’s BEARD! Who???!”

“I don’t know the name but…you know…if you look carefully..one of them stares..in a..pretty different way.”

“Holy Molly Y/N! Trust me he’s the one who is doing all this!!!!”

“I don’t know… I mean every time I try to find out, it is always different names. But like pranking is just not the way. It doesn’t work.”

Y/F/N grinned an said, “It’s surely working on you. You are SO falling for him.”

And just then one of the twins flew on top of Y/N and was out of sight. Suddenly there was glitter everywhere and it just messed up her clothes. She looked down and picked up a small box…probably where the glitter was kept. Before she could start yelling, she heard a high pitched shriek. She looked up and was facing the last thing she wanted to happen.

It was Umbridge…covered in glitters. She needs to have some in her damn dark soul. She was breathing heavily and her whole face was red. She came towards Y/N huffing and yelled, “Ms. Y/N Y/L/N!!! How DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME!”

Y/F/N said, “Ma'am it’s not her! She didn’t do anything!! The twi-” A strange kind of fear spread on Y/N’s heart as her friend almost said about them. Him. She quickly squeezed her friend’s hand and stopped her from saying it.

“She didn’t? The box is clearly visible on her hand!” Umbridge yelled. She then calmed down, but her face was still red. “I would like to meet you in the evening in my office Ms. Y/L/N.”

Y/N’s face dropped with that as she said, “Yes.”

She cleaned the glitters from her shirt and hair and walked in the class. But she missed the pair of eyes watching her full of sorrow and guilt at the end of the corridor.

*Time Skip*

Y/N exited Umbridge’s office at evening, holding her wrist tightly and hoping the piercing pain to go away from her hand. She walked back to her common room and sat down on a couch. Y/F/N came running to her with a glass of water and asked about the punishment. As Y/N told her about the punishment, she asked her after a while, “So…are you…angry with..them?”

“You think?” Y/N asked sarcastically. “This happened all because of them! Making fun of me was  not fine! I always told you that! Now look what it led to! I am seriously done with them.”

“Well then why did you save them? I mean I’m pretty sure they got into a LOT of detentions before this. They could’ve dealt with this one too.”

“I did it because it’s time these should stop. I’m tired of all these. I saved them so that he would just look at me and stop before thinking about playing pranks on me again. I just wanna see if he really does that.” With these words she left the common room and went in the dorm.

Y/F/N didn’t really bother her with questions after this. She knew that she would get better. Before dinner, she came and asked her to come to dinner. Y/N refused continuously for about five minutes but finally gave in. She quickly changed her uniform to a casual dress and brushed her hair to a ponytail (incase of long hair) / to the back using hairband (incase of short hair).

In the Great Hall, everyone silently ate their dinner. But unlike everyday, Y/N didn’t enjoy the stare from the Weasley that day. She just wanted to leave that place as fast as possible. But little did she realize that he felt horrible. It was because of him that she had to bear the pain. He really wished she didn’t try to save him…but he was also very impressed with how she isn’t whining and complaining about the pain like most girls. Most people…especially the ones who were pranked by him didn’t care about him at all. He was confident enough that some part of her likes him but was still not sure. Because Y/N wasn’t a girl who liked to talk about her feelings much. She did once talk about her feelings…to a guy..and he just used her and threw her away when he became bored.

After the dinner was over everyone started walking back to their houses. Y/N was one of those students who felt sleepy after the heavy food. Suddenly she felt a pull on her hand and she turned to face the Weasley. Her eyes were no longer heavy.

“Hey Y/N, I think there’s something we need to discuss about.” He said.

“No  thanks.” She turned away from him and continued walking towards her common room but Y/F/N stopped her and pulled her to a side. “I think you really need to talk to him about it. You don’t want to talk it to us, so try to talk it with him because…he is involved.”

“I don’t want to. I reaaallly don’t, I’m tired right now. Let me go.” Y/N said.

“Y/N just look at him. He can perfectly hide the guilt he has gone through today just by putting a smile on his lips. He’s miserable! When did you ever see the twins talking seriously about anything? Do you understand how bad he feels that he personally came to you to talk about what happened? C'mon you’re smart Y/N. I think you should go.”

Y/N just kept quiet for a moment and looked back at Fred who was looking for some kind of approval. She sighed and said, “Fiiinnnee. Just..okay..I have a plan..you’ve to help me in that. Promise me.”

“What kind of plan?”

“Good one. Trust me. It’s not against any rules of Umbridge too so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Okay, I don’t trust you about taking decisions at all but fine. I’ll be waiting in the dorm.” And Y/F/N left.

Y/N walked to Fred and asked, “WHat.”

“I know you’re angry at me but…why did you save me?”

“WHy? So that from the next time you stop and think before making fun of me.”

“But everyone loved that. To see us like that.”

“NO Weasley, everyone loved watching me made fun of. And us? What do you mean by ‘us’? It was never us. It was always about you and your twin making fun of me.”

He shot his hands up and said, “Fine I know it happened all because of me. And I don’t feel good about tha–” He got interrupted by his twin, “Hey Gred should I head back?”

“Gred! I mean Fred!! You’re the one!” She furrowed her brows. He just ignored her words.

“Yeah mate. I’ll be in a minute.” The other twin just smirked and yelled back while walking back to the Gryffindor Common House, “Take as long as you like brother. Things like these can’t be enjoyed in a minute!”

Y/N flustered and said, “You have anything other to say or you’re just wasting my time.”

“Yes, I do actually. Have you gone to the hospital wing to heal your injuries?”

“Injuries? It’s not really much..I can handle it on my own.”

“No you can’t.” And with these words he left with Y/N, almost running to the hospital wing, his hands clutching tightly on her wrist. She frowned because of the pain and tried to get out of his grip. And finally Y/N arrived with Fred on the hospital wing and said, “THat hurts!!”

Fred just smirked and said, “Sorry but I think if you can handle the pain while writing down, you can handle the pain from your loved ones.”


He walked and brought back a medical box…Howcome Madam Pomfrey agree to that???? Trusting Fred…one of the biggest prankster with medical stuffs? She’s got bonkers.

“Sit down.” He said. Y/N quietly sat down on a nearby chair, the scars on her hand were still red. Fred knelt down and took one of her hand on his hand. It made her a bit of shy when she realized he looked like he was about to propose her. A little bit of smile tugged on the corner of her lips as her eyes captured Fred’s ones. His eyes looked caring and warm…and loving. He was carefully putting some medicines and wrapping her hand with cloth and some bandages…a bit of smile on his face too, enjoying the comfortable silence and her attention. Fred looked up at her and Y/N snapped out of the trance that she was in and averted her eyes to anywhere in the room, but at him. He just smiled and said, “It’s okay if you look at me. I don’t mind.”

“W-what?” Y/N stuttered, her cheeks flaming red as she looked down to her lap.

“I don’t mind this kind of attention. Your soft gazes are not really easy to recieve.” He smiled as he finished his work.

“Uh..I was just..doesn’t matter, I think we should go, Umbridge will be angry.” She said looking back at his eyes.

“No, it does matter. I..I am really sorry. But why did you save me down there?”

“So that you stop bothering me. Anyways why do you even care?” That came out a bit harsh.

He took both of her hands now. Their eyes met again..but this time with a bit of the caring and love in his eyes. He kissed her knuckles slowly as she felt the soft wet touch and her eyes brightened a bit. His eyes fixed on hers, he said “Because you’re special to me. I care about you.”

Y/N’s gaze now softened, feeling her heart beat fast as she asked, “Why?”

He just smiled that made her smile back and they both looked at each other quietly. Until, Madam Pomfrey interrupted them by clearing her throat. “Are you two done? I think you should head back to your common rooms now. It’s quite late.” She said.

“Yessss.” Fred said getting up and handing her the medical box back. Y/N got up and walked out with him, both avoiding each other’s eyes. She couldn’t handle it any longer and she asked, “You..You didn’t answer me.”

He stopped in front of her and smiled, “You really don’t know?”

She just kept quiet and looked at him. He slowly brushed his hands on her cheeks and got closer. “Because…” He was centimeters away when his hands suddenly went to her hairband and he pulled it out of her hair and said with his old, known mischievous smile, “You’re the only person I can prank all day long!” And with that he ran away. Y/N’s eyes went wide in disbelief. How stupid of me to think we were…were..going to… She huffed in anger and stomped back to her dorm.

*Time Skip*

The following morning was back to how everything was. Except that Y/N knew who it was all this time.


And as always, Y/F/N filled her up with lots of questions and Y/N calmly told her everything that happened that night. Today was different. Y/N was with a smile all along, and a confident one. She wasn’t afraid of Umbridge’s punishment any longer. Her head held high she walked in the Great Hall, looking for Fred quite shamelessly. He was sitting on his usual place, beside his brother. He smiled and winked at her. So nothing’s awkward. *Phew* She just rolled her eyes and walked to her house table.

The rest of day was spent with obvious pranks on her but she, unlike the other days didn’t snap at him. She just smiled and gave him the “You can’t make me angry now” look.

At near afternoon she stood near the Black Lake with Y/F/N, talking and laughing while throwing stones on the lake. When all of a sudden a wind came swooping towards her and a horrifying yell. She jumped in fear and lost her balance.. SPLASH!!! And she was in water.

Her eyes filled with fear and panic, she tried to remain afloat on the river as much as she could. Her hands flew from anywhere to everywhere as she head up from the water, trying her best not to drown. The Weasley twins meanwhile flew down near the lake and laughed at her. Y/F/N was now in absolute stress a she started yelling, “She cannot swim!!”

“Oh really? Nice one but not much effective to make us fall for it.”


“No, we’re not falling for this.” Fred laughed and looked back. The lake was calm, not a trace of the disturbance of the water that just occurred a few minutes ago. “Wait for a while and she’ll just come back up.” George said.

It had been almost 2 minutes. Y/F/N couldn’t handle it anymore.

“You know what?! I’m going in! I’ll atleast try without getting drowned in there!!!” She said as she started going down. The twins now realized that maybe they made a probably….huge mistake. It was two minutes long!!!

Fred’s eyes now started to go wide in fear as he quickly jumped in the water. He swam under the water looking for her when he saw her floating a little far away from him. He quickly got hold of her body and went up gasping for air.

He brought her back to the land and held her cold body close. Y/N was unconscious. Fred’s eyes now were in fear…fear of losing her. Not that she is gonna die or something but that she is gonna hate him for putting her life in danger. Fear of not been forgiven after the Umbridge incident. Every little pranks that he played on her, to bring them closer to each other were falling apart in front of his eyes.

He whispered, “Someone can’t just go away like that. You just can’t leave me hanging like this. There-There’s just a lot of things we have to go through, lots of things are yet to be told. It can’t fall apart again. I-I..You have to..” As he proceeded to pick you up again, to go to the hospital wing, he heard a soft sweet voice.

“I know.”

His eyes shot up at her face. Y/N was smiling.

“Come again?” He said a bit of angered and confused tone. George and Y/F/N were watching from a distance and observing everything, and quite enjoying that.

She sat up and squeezed her hair to get out the water.

“Thanks Y/F/N.” She smiled at her. “That was worth it.” Y/F/N smirked and said.

“You think you’re the only one who can prank?” Y/N said flicking back her hair.

His eyes glaring in disbelief, he sat down properly, “You ALMOST had me!!!”

“Hah! NOt almost! I DID have you.”

“No-Not at all.”

“Sure. But I would have seriously failed in that if you were a bit more late..I mean it was hard for 2 minutes. I needed to breathe again.” She said laughing

Y/N looked at him–both quiet– with the same old stare they shared last night, a smile tugging on their lips. With that she knelt closer to him. Her hands cupped his jaw, she closed her eyes and kissed him…his eyes closed with the touch and then he immediately held her waist, pulling her closer. Although their body was cold, their lips were warm, soft and synced perfectly…like fireworks were bursting inside of them..every moment felt like an eternity. She pulled back and looked at him.

“So?” He asked.

“So what?”

“What was THAT for?”

Y/N just grinned and said, “You really don’t know?”


au: Person A wears glasses. Person B goes to kiss their forehead, and when they pull away, A’s glasses are all fogged up, and A starts saying things like “Well great now I have to clean my glasses/thanks, thanks a lot!/dammit, my glasses!” While B just giggles.

“Hey Mrs. K, is Eddie around?” Richie said when Eddie’s mom opened the door.She was always filing her already stubby fingernails. “Uh huh. What do you need?” “Oh I just wanted to see how his arm was that’s all. Last time we hung out he hit it on my counter so I figured I’d stop by.” Mrs. Kaspbrak sighed deeply. “Yeah, give me a minute” she said. “Okay. Or I mean I can come inside if that-” She shut the door on him “s okaaayyy.” He let out a breath and put his hands in his pockets. He leaned back on his heels and looked around awkwardly while he was waiting.

On the other side of the door he heard Eddie say something like “YEAH MOM I KNOW”. Richie let out a small laugh. When Eddie finally opened the door he looked out into the distance. Richie let out another laugh, “Ahhh classic. What’s new Eds?” “What’s new? What does that even mean?” he asked Richie. “I mean… what’s new? What’s been going on dipshit? How’ve you been?” Richie said playfully tapping his non-injured arm.“I saw you yesterday.” “Ohhhh that was you? Sorry I completely mistook you for my other friend with a broken arm. Cause, ya know I’ve just got so many.” “Oh shut it Richie.”

“Seriously though, how are you? And your arm too?”

“Broken. This sucks. This is literally like… I don’t even know, but just the worst thing that could possibly happen to a kid on summer break. I can’t do anything. I tried to tie my shoe with one hand yesterday. Do you know how hard it is to tie your shoes with one hand Richie? Well I’ll tell you right now, it’s not easy. Oh my god and my-my mom is so irritating. She won’t even let me out of the house. Not to even go to the store with her! It’s like this stupid thing put me on house arrest!” He lifted his cast up in a quick motion and winced.

Richie looked down at Eddie shoes and back up to his face. “Yeah. That must suck. That big ole thing dragging you down all the time, making it hard for you to do anything. Oh yeah and the arm thing must be pretty shitty too, am I right?” he started to laugh and got a small smack on the arm by Eddie. “Wow. You know I wish Stan was here just so he could have rejected that high five you were gonna try to give him.” Eddie said back. Richie fake clutched his heart. “Ouch.”

Since Eddie couldn’t go anywhere, Eddie’s mom let Richie hang out with him in his room for a while. Richie plopped down on Eddie’s perfectly made bed and laid down. Eddie grabbed the comic book on his nightstand and sat down with his back against his bed. Richie turned his head toward Eddie and gasped. “The Amazing Spiderman! Ooh! I wanna read it too! Let me see!” he moved closer to Eddie and rested his head on Eddie’s shoulder. They sat and read the comic book and when they finished neither of them moved for a minute. They sat like that enjoying the silence. Eddie looked to his left and he saw that Richie was already looking at him. They stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Eddie leaned forward, taking Richie’s head off of his shoulder. He didn’t say anything, and he didn’t break their eye contact. Eddie was slowly turning red in the face because he wasn’t sure if he was going to regret this or not. He leaned forward and gave Richie a gentle kiss on the forehead. When Eddie stopped and they both opened their eyes, he noticed Richie’s glasses were foggy, but there was a huge grin on his face. “Damnit Eddie you fogged up my glasses.”

Our plucky heroine
  • To Meereen: Ewwww your city is gross and I don't like your crazy sports fans. I can't wait until I move to back to Westeros where the WiFi is SO much faster.
  • To Unsullied: Sure, I'll free you! And isn't it convenient that you're a brainwashed army that I actually need? Now I'm wondering if you'd like to joi...oh ok, that was easy.
  • To Lannister Army: I have dragons and I'm at war. Am I not supposed to not use them? Look, I gave you a choice, kneel or die so don't make this hard okaaayyy???
  • To Wildings: Let's make a deal. I'll save you from the ice monsters... and all you have to do is kneel and help me get my throne!! What's that? Something something Stannis??
  • To Everyone: Meet my new boyfriend Jon Snow!! We're SO ALIKE Omggggggggg. AND HE'S GOING TO HELP ME GET MY DREAM JOB! Let's dragon-up babe and go kill some CGI skeletons!
  • *later*
  • *checks mail* Hey, what's this letter?
  • Form Letter:
  • Dear Applicant,
  • We appreciate the time you took to come for an interview for the position of "Queen of Westeros." You were not selected to return for additional interviews. We received applications from many qualified candidates, one of whom has more experience working with our various departments and clients, a key job requirement.
  • Sincerely,
  • The True King of Westeros.
  • To the North: OMG I'M GOING TO KILL MY BF HE LIED TO ME AND I DIDNT GET THE JOB!!! As a single mom with three kids and an upwardly mobile career woman, this will not stand!!!?

silverpracticality  asked:

((dude i highkey admire and the way you write dark. so much malignancy edged in distilled poison. so malicious. so much concentrated evil blatantly flaunted. i'm working on a fic with dark in it right now and yours is like, hashtag goals. it inspires me to write him even better <3 keep up the good work!))

( half of the words you just complimented me with I have never used in my entire life. I have a feeling you’re going to write Dark very very well. Give me a holler when you’ve finished the fic so I can give it a read! )

“Yes. This one. I believe I’ll like being written by this one.”

( Shut the fuck up you know you like my constant typos and memes, it gives you pizzazz. )

“I’m going to pizzazz my fist up your-”

(okaaayyy thats our cue to end the conversation bye.)