okaaaaaaay so I was thinking about what kind of dog Will would be if he was a pup, and I did some research and I found the most Will dog that’s ever Willed. 

a damn bROWN MUDI








ELLI OUT *awkwardly moonwalks away*

It feels like he has been waiting for this to happen for two years, Derek thinks when he drops Stiles onto his feet on the front step. Stiles stumbles. “Aw,” he says. “Aren’t you gonna carry me over the threshold, sweetcheeks?”

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The day Gerard or anyone else who was in my chemical romance dies is going to be an absolute fucking mess because for starters a fan will be sobbing and someone will come up to them and say “Are you okay?” Then they’re going to sob back “I’m not okaaaaaaay…” And then point at the screen or whatever is announcing their death and then start screeching.

  • Friend: How long have you been sitting here reading?
  • Me: *looking up* Time is but a human construct. The noble caterpillar does not count down the days until his metamorphosis, he lives his life until the universe says he may proceed. And does the mighty snail worry about his speed-
  • Friend: *backing away* okaaaaaaay...

Okaaaaaaay… James and Michael see and read fanart and fanfiction. I’m laughing so hard right now… I’m out of here. Good night


“Can I have an imagine where you’re dating Alex Gaskarth and he calls you up because he’s sick and asks you to bring medicine. And when you get there he’s wrapped up in blankets and looks like hell, and instead of going out you stay and take care of him. ”    _______________________________________________________________________

*Wendy run away with me I know I sound crazy don’t ya see-*

“Hello?” You answered the phone.

“Yeah Hey Y/N?” He asked.

“Yeah Alex what’s up?” you said.

“Oh Nothing, just wondering what you were up to.” he answered oddly.

“Uhm okaaaaaaay…I’m just getting ready to meet Jessie at that little coffee shop by the park to watch open-mic-night cuz I guess her boyfriend is performing tonight. Why?” I asked curiously.

“Why what?” He asked.

“Why did you call me just to ask me what I’m up too weirdo?” You asked.

“What I can’t call my girlfriend just to call and ask what she’s doing? Is it a crime? I can’t–" 

"Alex what do you need?” You asked cutting him off. 

“Okay Okay, can you bring me some cough medicine please?” He asked.

“Haha I knew there was catch. What kind do you want?” you asked him chuckling.

“Anything that’ll make me stop feeling like shit” he answered bluntly.

“Haha I’ll see what I can do” you answered.

“Thank yooooooooou, bye!” He said before hanging up the phone.

You drove down to the market and picked up Alex’s medicine and drove to his apartment.  

“Alex?” “Babe?” “Where are you?” You asked walking thought the apartment and up the stairs.

“In here”, you heard a faint voice say from Alex’s bedroom.

You walked down the hall and entered Alex’s room, finding him in PJ’s, a Beanie, and covered in blankets. 

“Wow you look like shit” was all you said when you saw him.

“Well "Hello” to you too" he said sarcastically.

“I’m Sorry, Hi. But you do look like crap.” You answered honestly.

“Wow my confidence is just through the roof right now” he said sarcastically again.

“I’m sorry, can I get you anything babe?” You asked sympathetically.

He just shook his head adorably and answered you with, “can you just come here and cuddle with me?” along with a puppy dog face.

How could you resist that? You ran over and jumped into the covers with him.

“What are we watching?” You asked getting comfortable.

“This really cool special on the planets and how they are in space and–”

“Yay” you said sarcastically.

“We could change it if you want? Shit, I’m sorry, I forgot you were busy, you should go out, don’t be stuck here with me.” He said before taking his medicine. 

“No this is fine. And I’d rather be with you guuuurrll” you said making a face.

“You’re such a freak, but I’m a freak too so….”

“So we can be freaks together” you said snuggling up closer to him and sighing into his chest.

“Yeah….freaks together aha” he said wrapping you up in his arms.

“Forever” you said kissing his nose.

“Forever” he repeated kissing the top of your head and snuggling you in his arms, where you stayed for the rest of the night.