I may actually be in love with @yanderedev‘s Yandere Simulator. Which I hope gets renamed LoveSick cause honestly that sounds like the best name EVER

As someone who has shown interest in video game development as well as animation in my future, I love seeing developers working on their own to create amazing video games. While Yanderedev has some very talented people working with him, I feel like games made by single developers have so much more passion put into them than games run by a company as seen with this very game. Well that’s just my opinion anyways.

And then the game itself, holy moly! There is so much thought put into it! So many steps must be taken to murder or frame or humiliate your victim, like a true Yandere. While I’m not a big fan of mass murder/stealth games I have honestly fallen in love with this game so quickly. I spent probably 3 hours yesterday watching update and easter egg videos. All in all I can’t wait for 2019 to get here so we can see the final product. XD

And don’t even get me started on Bad Time Mode.

I died a little drawing those.

But I have a feeling I’m going to be drawing a lot more Yandere-Chan Yandere!Sans.

Ps Oka is my favorite and she is my innocent baby and I just want too hold her and kiss her and tell her everything will be alright