Tudom, hogy én vagyok az oka minden rossznak. Tudom, hogy mindig elrontok valamit amiért az emberek megutálnak, és nem akarnak tovább beszélni velem. Tudom, hogy a hiba csakis bennem van. És azt is tudom, hogy jobb lenne nélkülem minden.

“Mass Effect” more like “I-play-this-game-just-to-bang-cute-aliens simulator”

Another Yandere simulator redesign (omg there’s a lot rn, but I like doing them so…..)

Here is Oka Ruto’s redesign!

Not much of her design is changed but I reduce a bit of the ‘cuteness’, for a more realistic approach to the face, I gave her a long face, she now has down-turned eyes, small nose and narrow ears, this gives her a unique look that would match with her original personality. Her hair is now a bit messier and one part covers her eyes, referencing her first appearance in the game. Some clothing additions include a longer skirt and a turtle neck underneath her school uniform, accessories such as the choker and fingerless gloves have been omitted so that this fits in a senior high school environment, so in replacement, a small skull keychain is decorated on her bag and her stockings are replaced with plain black stockings. Her body frame is more slender now.

Her name is now is Ameko Kuroba, Ameko means “rain child”, in this case, ‘Ame’ (rain) can be referenced to a yokai/spirit named “Ame-Onna” (”rain woman”), in which they bring rain where ever they go, in modern days, the term ‘Ame-Onna” (or ‘Ame-Otoko’ in a male’s case) is used as a term to describe an unlucky person that has seemingly been jinxed and will bring rain where ever they go. The surname Kuroba means “black feathers”, which fits with her gothic/occult theme.

Her personality has been reworked too, she’s shy and timid, but not really in a cutesy way, instead she has social anxiety, she barely talks/ communicates with others in the fear they find her creepy or too uninterested in talking to her and judging her behind her back. She fears of being embarrassed, humiliated and judged so she begins restricting herself from conversations or seeing new people. In certain situations, she can end up having panic attacks, start trembling in fear, twitching, and having a racing heart. Due to this, sometimes, she would stay home from school. However, she does visit a psychiatrist often to receive some therapy, eventually, she started socialising with students with similar problems and interest as her (the rest of the Occult Club), she is trying her best, she’s just taking it one step at a time.

She also suffers from insomnia (which is linked to her anxiety), some nights, she couldn’t fall asleep, fearing of nightmares or generally, not feeling like the needs for sleep, due to this, she sometimes would end up passing out in class, she has been trying some self-care, she’s trying her best~!

The occult club no longer exist, because usually clubs are mostly focused on studies of interest, and the clubs must be sponsored by a teacher, realistically, a occult club can give a senior school bad reputation and it might not fit any relations to studies, so it’s unlikely a teacher would sponsor it , in this case the occult club is a group of students who hang out with each other and talk about the occult or so forth, usually they would read about myths and magic, and they would sometimes write stories together (ala Creepypasta) and make small crafts (I don’t think they would try something extreme like summoning a demon).

Any who that’s all I got for now~!!

Tools used: Sai, Photoshop


1990 -  When developers and the town of Oka wanted to start building a golf course on stolen land that belonged to them and that contained a sacred grove and a burial ground, the Mohawk tribe around Kanehsatake, Quebec, rose up and occupied the area. The mayor of Oka sent in SWAT teams to make the construction possible.

After chasing off the police and construction workers, members of the tribe use a front-end loader that was left behind to build barricades from the abandoned police vehicles, blockading a highway. Ultimately the stand-off with the police and the Canadian army lasted 78 days, with supporters gathering at the site from all over the Americas.

From this great documentary: [Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance]

So this happened half an hour from where I now type, 25 years ago.

Despite its occurrence at the start of the decade. It’s perhaps the most iconic photo of the 1990′s in Canada.  In brief, when additional land on an already contested golf course sitting on a Mohawk burial site was expropriated to add another 9 holes over the graves and history of many Mohawk ancestors, their community near Montreal decided to fight back, blocking the bridge leading into the city while facing off with federal troops and local police. The extra holes were never built and looking back, it seemed like one of many events that led to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the history of government sponsored persecution of native peoples in Canada.