SKAM S04E04 Clip 4 - The Best Of Islam

NOORA: What is this again? We’re here for my sake?
SANA: Yes, of course we’re here for your sake.
NOORA: Just to look at muslim boys and stuff.
SANA: Aren’t you tired of white boys now? I thought we had to get out, meet new types of people, see that there’s plenty of fish in the sea. You know what I mean?
NOORA: But you said muslim boys just use Norwegian girls.
SANA: It’s good that you’re converting to Islam, then.
NOORA: Don’t turn around now, okay? But are those boys looking at us?
SANA: How shouldl I see if they’re looking at us if I can’t turn around?
NOORA: Oh my God, they’re coming over!
SANA: Stay cool.
NOORA: Stay cool? I’m really fuckign cool! Hi there!
BOY1: Can we sit here?
SANA AND NOORA: Yes, of course.
JONAS: It’s okay? Great!
SANA: Sit down!
NOORA: Hi! Yes, hi.
ALI: Ali.
NOORA: Noora.
ALI: Nice to meet you.
NOORA: Noora, it’s a pleasure.
SANA: Sana, it’s a pleasure.
ALI: Ali, it’s a pleasure.
JONAS: Jonas. It was sana?
SANA: Yes.

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THAT’S NOT MY SPACE DAD (A conspiracy post to support that Shorty McTuft isn’t OUR Shiro)

If you haven’t watched Season 3 of voltron, I suggest you turn back unless you want spoilers.

ALRIGHT, LISTEN UP. Amidst all the conspiracy posts saying that the Shiro Keith found floating in the middle of fucking nowhere is a clone, it is possible with the signs through out S3E5 and onwards. The Black Lion rejecting him, his hair getting too long at a short amount of time, the flashbacks. The words are all there. 

But with all the posts I’ve read about that, there’s something I noticed while writing this heartbreaking fanfic about fake Shiro that made me remember that scene where he cauterized his leg. Then I noticed something, a detail that I’ve never read on the conspiracy posts floating around. 

It’s this motherfucker right here:

THAT’S RIGHT. HIS GALRA HAND/ARM. (PS: sorry for the toggles and shiz, I dont know how remove that. But that’s okay. Use it as ref to scan the eps.) As we all know, this sweet lil weapon of destruction Shiro’s #1 detail. And the Galra, being diabolically clever as they are, missed one little, itsy bitsy detail on the Shiro they decided to throw in a photocopying machine. 

OUR Shiro’s Galra arm, when activated, looks like THIS:

EXHIBIT A: Shiro Vs. Sendak, Season 1

The hand glows, YES? What else do you notice? IT GLOWS RIGHT UNTIL THE BEND OF HIS ARM. In short, his whole FOREARM glows 

EXHIBIT B: Pidge and Shiro, Season 1:

Here we see our Pidgeon using Shiro’s Galra arm to power up a dead Galra ship and download info about Matt and Sam. As you could see, even if it’s not destroying the shit out of something/someone, it still glows up until the forearm when activated. 

EXHIBIT C: Shiro Vs. Ulaz, Season 2:

The glowy shit still covering the whole of his Shiro’s forearm, right until his elbow. 

Readers: But Fairy, you’ve only shown Space Dad wearing his paladin armor!

Me: Yeah well, what about this?

Originally posted by voltronlover

STILL GLOWS UNTIL THE ELBOW (sorry, I couldnt get a good screenshot because these BAMFs move so fast)

SO MOVING ON. And How does Season 3 Shiro’s Galra hand look like? This:

EXHIBIT D: Shiro, escaping, Season 3:

If you would notice, his hand glows UNTIL THE WRIST only.There is no depiction of any light past that joint. At first I thought that this was an animation error like how how the animators sometimes forget to draw his scar. Then I scanned through the episode further. 

EXHIBIT E: Shiro, cauterizing his leg wound, Season 3: 

Whoops, forgot to let the title fade before i took the shot. BUT LOOK, it still until his writ. Scanned further to this scene.

EXHIBIT F: Shiro Vs. Freedom Fighters, Season 3:

This has got to be the best view we can have. Still, it only glows until his wrist.

ANYWAY. The last time I checked, that arm is connected to Shiro’s brain and as it is deemed to be advanced alien technology mixed with Druid magic, it is permanent on him. That little detail isn’t consistent between Shiro and and this hobo in a floating tin can that Keith picked up from God-knows-where. 

With those being said, I would like to conclude my hypothesis that this mofo here ain’t Space Dad. 

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The Haha Musume Donburi Oppai girls

Ah yes, a modern classic as far as the lewd ova scene is concerned, and for good reason! This OVA is undoubtedly on of the best softcore hentai animations to ever be made, better that 80-90% percent of any hentai ova/series out, and that’s including the good ones, without any genital penetration! It it’s pretty much what all hentai should be striving for in terms of quality, consistency, and weight in animation. It certainly helps that it
was animated with the help of the fantastical Kaneko Hiraku(kirin999) Animator of Victoria Maid Maria no Hoshi, and Hoods Entertainment, the premier animation company in the best bouncing boobs in the ecchi-hentai industry. You migth remember them from such hits as Manyuu Hikenchou
(there’s a show i need to discuss), Seikon no Qwaser and Kagaku na Yatsura. In short, this guy knows his curves, and he knows
that foreplay can sometimes be a main dish for greater.
But enough about the the more technical side, let’s get to what you fools are here for!

As the saying goes, age before beauty, let’s start with Sakie.

A mom with a lot going on, she a definitive! She definitely fits the bill, her dream-state like eyes give of a sort of gentleness, a passiveness from years of nurturing. The cool blue helps with this, as it is a calming color. Her nose is well defined and sharp, contrast with her daughter’s more moe-esque nose to pull of an increased sense of age and maturity. Her hair is the perfect for her character, being too long would give off a sort of youth that she isn’t meant to inspire, it remains short and yet elegant, framing her face very well. Her lips are emphasized as full and with a sort of lip-gloss to bring out their natural color, making them seem softer. She has a slight chub going on showing she has some age on her, she’s put on a few pounds. You might actually recognize some of her designs beats from another mom I discussed.

Not a coincidence!

Her clothes are nice, warm, pastel colors to hone in on her motherly nature which makes her seem soft and inviting, there’s a relaxing effect similar to drinking warm soup.

Compare it to her underwear, which is a dark purple and lacy, showing a more sensual side to her, more sultry, more naughty. Excellent juxtaposition of color! Pay attention to her expressions as well, notice a common theme?

She maintains a soft, almost apologetic expression at all times, like a doting mom who is doing her best. She does and let you do to her whatever is needed, even if it might be a bit much for her, just for your benefit, that the feeling you get from just looking at her. I’ll be honest, I only thought she was okay before doing this analysis, high-mid tier, but all these little details to capturing this motherly nature she’s meant to invoke definitely give me a new appreciation for her. There was a lot put into her(and a lot i want to put into her), and it’s masterfully accomplishes what she set’s out to do!

Now to move onto Imouto-san.

Rumi is quite clearly Onii-chan bait, from her girly-girl dress, pigtails, big moe eyes and small moe nose. 

And she does her job well.

Her mom is just as guilty for serving a certain demographic, but it’s far more noticeable in Rumi’s design, especially when compared to her mothers, the pigtails are a dead give away. That said, that doesn’t mean it’s bad as a design, not as strong as her mother’s however.

Plus her clothes are quite clearly made for a girl much younger than herself. Sakie’s design is a more subtle while still getting the point across quite well of what she is and what she’s like. Rumi’s does so as well, but it’s a bit more on the nose, so to speak. I also don’t think blue was the best color for her first outfit, i mean it helps contrast with her mother, but her dress baby-blue dress doesn’t convey the sort of light-tsudere imouto-san she is. I would have opted for a more light red/pinkish or stuck with the yellow she would get later on instead, it could also help build a color-associative relationship, showing that mother and daughter were connect just by looking at them. 

This yellow and orange underwear suits her much better, probably why she wears it for longer in the Ova. In communicates a similar warmness to her mother, but more energy and personality thanks to the dark orange marks, but underneath it, she’s really soft and innocent with the light orange bows and white flap on the panties. While her design might be lacking at times, her personality helps make her more attractive to the viewer.

There’s more eb and flow with her, being the little sister type with a dash of tsundere qualities, just enough to make her reluctant and not be able to totally handle her emotions, tripping over herself a bit, making cute, willing, girly and off-guard moments all the more attractive because it’s like she opening up to us.

In short these girls are 10/10 each thanks to careful character design and enjoyably troped personalities.

Feel free to send in more requests of anime/anime-esque girls you want me to talk about!

Painful Beauty (Mark x FemReader) FLUFF

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(( gif not mine - ah I love Ethan omg ))

(A/n): lmao so I just decided that this was pretty cute. I was reading through the prompt’s that I reblogged and I got inspired by number 23. I hate you

Summary: Mark, Ethan and Tyler do a video with you where they do your makeup with things they find in the kitchen.

Warnings: If I said there wasn’t any swearing and fluff, I’d be lying.


“Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and this is the kitchen face challenge!”

The introduction was cheery as per-usual. From the camera’s view, Ethan and Tyler stood on the right of (Y/n); with Mark speaking on the left.

The four were stationed in Mark’s studio, right in front of a large flat screen T.V that showcased a tranquil forest setting.

“Yayy….” (Y/n) uttered manageably, her enthusiasm forced and dry.

Ethen shared (Y/n)’s look of discomfort from beside her, shifting uncomfortably on his heels and giving the camera a cringy smile.

Ouchh,” Mark laughed along with Tyler before Tyler began to explain.

“So basically,” he took a glance at both you and Ethan “Mark is going to do (Y/n)’s full face and I’m going to do Ethan’s and at the end, who’s ever looks the best?” he drawed out and looked to Mark “Wins??”

“Exactly it Tyler.” Mark confirmed. “SO LET’S DO THIS. CAN WE GET 506,000,000 LIKES FOR HOT SAUCE EYESHADOW?!”

The camera zoomed in on Tyler’s face in silence.

They all laughed and broke apart.

“I’ll go get the tarps, yeah?” Tyler asked

“Yes, thanks Ty. (Y/n), you and Ethen go get your chairs that you will be sitting on,” asked Mark “and I will go get the tools~!” he finished in a manic, silly voice.

“Mark,” (Y/n) sighed and she turned to walk with Ethan “I hope you make me look fucking beautiful!”

❆  ❆  ❆

“Okay so I know you are my boyfriend and I should trust you,” (Y/n) began, leaning back in her chair “but I don’t.” she finished.

“NooOOooOoooOoooo…!” Mark whined “I trust me, so you should too.”

Tyler laughed and grabbed his phone.

“Alright, we each have exactly three minutes.” he said

“Ohh god.” groaned Ethen “(Y/n), let’s survive together, okay?” he held out a hand to said girl.

“Alright. You are my anchor.” she replied, dramatically grabbing his hand.

“CRANK(Y/N) CONFIRMED!” Mark and Tyler both shouted at the same time, causing you all to laugh once again.

“I guess I shouldn’t be saying that, because we are dating,” Mark chuckled “so, Ethen! Stay away from my woman, ya’ little blue bastard!”

Everyone laughed more.

“Okay, one… twothreego!” Tyler said quickly, hastily shoving his phone to the side.

“Oh, oh, okay!” Mark sputtered and looked at all the kitchen condiments below him, on the tarp.

“Way ahead of you.” Tyler stated, shoving some flour onto Ethen’s cheeks. “Beauty!” he said in some accent.

“LORDY, I cAN’T SEE!” Ethen wailed, beginning to paw at his eyes.

“DETAILS, DETAILS!” Tyler laughed loudly.

(Y/n) turned slowly to Mark and mouthed ‘please no’, the camera zoomed in on her face.

“Classic red lips is what I’m up for!” Mark said back, a goof smile on his face.

He took some Red Hot and dabbed a bit on his finger tip, being gentle when spreading it upon the girl’s lips. Tipping some also on her cheeks for extra measure.

“It burns.” she hissed, squinting her eyes.

“Beauty is pain, beauty is pain…” Mark repeated, continuing to scour the tarp. The brunette suddenly turned and winked in the direction of the lens. “That’s why it pains me to look at (Y/n) sometimes, because she is so damn pretty.”

“Awe~” she drawled. The Red Hot covered her actual blush.

“Well it pains me to look at you too Mark,” Ethan snickered “because you are so damn ugly.” and then he groaned again “That and this fucking flour makes it hurt when I open my eyes…”

Everyone laughed along with him.

“How much time we got?” Mark questioned.

“Thirty seconds.” Tyler replied. He was finishing up added a coco-powder beard to Ethen.

“Ah, balls!” Mark cried and at last minute snatched the vegemite. “Can someone say eyeshadow? Because I sure can.” he chuckled.

“I fucking can’t.” (Y/n) laughed as Mark applied the heavy spread to her eye lids.

“Time!” Tyler called.

Mark and (Y/n) both couldn’t stop laughing.

“I hate you.” (Y/n) sighed and didn’t even bother to open her eyes.

“Ya’ love me.” Mark said back, laughed his funny laugh, and leaned down to the girl’s face to give her a kiss.

(Y/n) could feel Mark in front of her and knew what he was looking for, so she gave it to him.

A sweet, Red Hot kiss.

“Oh my god, I hate you!” Mark cries dramatically, laughing quaintly “It. BURNS.”

“Beauty is pain.” the rest of them said in unison, bellowing with laughter.


(A/n): Ah this one is cute though. I really do like this one, even though it’s pretty short?? Oh well. It’s great.

4 AM

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jared Padalecki, Jason (OMC), Rose (OMC)

Pairing: Jason (OMC) x Reader, Jared x Reader

Warnings: Postpartum Depression, Depression, Anxiety attacks, Dickbag husband, Cheating (not Jared), Horrible childhood, Lousy In-Laws      

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N: This is my entry for @luci-in-trenchcoats 2K Follower Challenge where my prompt was: “You’re gonna tell me everything”

It is also 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: It Comes Back To You

Thanks so much to amazing sweet (yet slightly grumpy) @mysupernaturalfics for betaing angst for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You felt as if there was a hole inside of you. The hole was nothing new. It had been there for days, weeks, months, even the depths of it wasn’t new. You had felt the deep dark nothingness inside, that threatened to swallow you once before and it scared the crap out of you. The feeling of being completely and utterly alone had never been more profound though and this time you knew it was true.

You had been the poor girl in the neighborhood growing up. The girl that everyone felt sorry for because her mom was a drunk and her dad was never around. You had never wanted people’s pity. It had infuriated you. You didn’t want people to feel sorry for you. You wanted them to see past your circumstances and see you. You didn’t want them to only give you the time a day because they felt bad for the girl in the holed shoes and size too small clothes that came from a thrift store.

You had been very young when you had decided you never wanted people to feel sorry for you ever again. You wanted a different life for yourself. You wanted a life, a big house, a husband and kids. You wanted all the things you never had growing up and you had fought tooth and nail to get it.

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The Mysterious Girl (Loki Laufeyson x Reader)

Request: Hi can a request a fluffy Loki x reader fic where the reader is in a situation where she cannot talk often (maybe her voice causes glass to crack and shatter and people to fall unconscious) instead she uses actions to convey her feelings. when Loki arrives with his brother for redemption he tries to get her to talk by annoying her to no avail. They’re alone one time and the reader snaps telling him to stop; he falls unconscious and she cares for him until he comes to. Please and thank you!!

Requested By: Anonymous

Word Count: 1, 988

Warnings: None (I think)

A/N: First Loki imagine, wooo! I hope you all enjoy, especially all you Loki fans out there. It was a refreshing change to write about him, so I’m glad I got the chance! If you would like to be added to my Tag List for all future updates, just let me know! FYI, (Y/E/C) means ‘your eye color.’ Enjoy!

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Loki was not happy. Not happy at all. Why wasn’t he happy? Because he was on Midguard. And what was wrong with being on Midguard? Thor, his brother was there. And he was stuck with him.

“Brother, do not worry. I’m sure that my comrades will not hate you. That much,” Thor comforted, slapping his brother on the back.

Stumbling forward, Loki looked back at his brother and scowled. “Oh, yes. I’m sure those mortals just love me after all that I did.”

Sighing, Thor looked at his brother. “You knew not what you were doing. Besides, you are repentant.”

“Am I?” Loki sassed back, earning a disapproving look from the ‘better’ sibling.

“Well, you will be. At least once they are through with you.”

Rolling his eyes, Loki trudged along beside his brother, looking up at the building. Sure, it was impressive for Midguard standards, but not for Asgard. If that was even his home anymore.

“Welcome, to the Avengers,” Thor announced, pushing open the glass doors with ease.

This will be just great, Loki thought to himself as he followed his oaf of a brother inside.

Well, could be going a lot worse, Loki thought as his brother’s teammates glared down at him.

“Why do we have to keep him here again?” Clint asked through gritted teeth, glaring at Loki. Hand tight on his bow, he never removed his eyes from the god.

“Look, I’m not excited about reindeer games being here either,” Tony grumbled.

“But there is no other option, apparently,” Nat finished the sentence, remembering all too well what she had to do to her best friend to get him out of his head.

“He is my brother,” Thor started, looking them all down. “You will be courteous to him, even if he is deserving of your hatred and spite.”

“He destroyed New York with an alien army,” Steve said, glaring at Loki.

“And tried to take over the world,” Bruce added.

“He’s adopted,” Thor said sheepishly, to which Loki rolled his eyes. Bored, Loki began to look over his foes- allies. Most of them Loki remembered. Some, were new. Like the man with the metal arm, the red man, the girl with glowing-red eyes, and many more. As Loki skimmed over his subjects- friends, his eyes landed on one girl in particular. She was odd, but not in the bad sense. She was odd in the sense that she was quiet, odd in the sense that she distanced herself from others. Curious, Loki continued to look at her, until she noticed and began blushing prominently. Her eyes darted towards Clint, and he saw immediately.

“You stay away from her,” Clint almost growled, moving in front of the odd girl. Loki did not care though. He was intrigued by this girl and wanted to know more. Wanted to know what she liked and disliked, why she was here. One way or another, Loki was going to know that girl.

Two months have passed since Loki arrived at the Avengers compound, and things were a little better. The others were talking to him now, and Loki wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. The company was nice from time to time, when they weren’t glaring at him. Loki always brushed them off though. Some people just don’t understand that he had changed.

Mainly, for her.

Loki had tried everything to talk to the girl. Anytime that he nearly got close to even saying hello, the mother hen swooped in between them.

“No way,” Clint growled one day, standing in front of the girl once more.

“I just want to talk to her, I’m not bad anymore,” Loki had pleaded.

Laughing, Clint shook his head. “Yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it. And good luck talking to her anyway, she-”

But before the mother hen could even finish his sentence, the girl had tapped on his shoulder. The girl had obviously communicated to the arrow man, Loki just did not understand how. She didn’t move her lips, but rather her hands. When Loki first saw this, he thought she was doing magic.

“Are you a sorceress?” Loki had asked in amazement, to which Clint glared him down, offended.

“Out.” He demanded, and Loki quickly made his way out, not wanting to find out what would happen to him if mother hen got any angrier.

So Loki’s quest to talk to the mysterious girl continued, always trying to get close to her. Over the two months that he had been there, he had learned three things about the beautiful and mysterious girl:

1) She did not like mornings. Her face scrunched up in the cutest of ways whenever she was woken up before 9 a.m.

2) Her favorite color was green, or so Loki assumed. She always wore some article of green, whether it be the oversized green sweatshirt she stole from the man with the metal arm or her green shoes, which she wore everywhere. 

3) She loved movies, more than life itself apparently. Whenever Loki was looking for her to talk to her (before mother hen showed up), she was sitting in the room with the screen, a different movie on it each time he saw her. Some days it would be little cartoons dancing and singing across the screen, others it would be miniature people falling in love. Without fail though, Loki noticed that every Friday night she watched the same movie, over and over. One with a half fish-half human hybrid and her colorful fish friends.

With each new little tidbit of information about the girl, Loki grew more and more interested. Loki not only thought about her all day, but even dreamed about being able to talk to the beautiful girl, face to face. Just when Loki was about to give up on all hope of ever speaking to the girl, a bit of luck was finally in Loki’s favor.

The heroic team was heading off on a mission, one where they needed almost every member, except for the mysterious girl. Loki, jumping at the opportunity to speak with her, helped pack everyone’s bags that night. To the team, he seemed just a bit too happy.

“Are you sure we can leave him here, Thor?” Steve had asked, glancing at Loki.

“Believe it or not, he is acting a lot better,” Thor commented as he put everyone’s luggage onto the quinjet.

“Yes, but he will be here all alone,” Tony added. The girl, apparently did not like that for she stomped her foot in defiance.

Thor had saw her little foot stomp and smiled. “He will not be alone, (Y/N) will be here.”

Aha! Her name! Loki thought, adding another piece to the puzzle.

Laughing, Clint put his supplies in the quinjet. “Yeah, if anyone can handle him, it's  (Y/N).”

This seemed to have made (Y/N) happy, for she nodded her head in triumph.

“I’ll be good,” Loki started, causing everyone to look at him. “Promise.”

“We shall see, brother,” Thor said, clapping his hand on his brother’s shoulder, causing Loki to lose his footing for a moment. “If not, well, you’ll be in for a shock. (Y/N), take care of him for me. Don’t let him get into too much mischief.”

(Y/N) smiled and nodded at Thor, waving the team goodbye.

“That’s no fair,” Loki grumbled to himself. “I’m the god of mischief. It’s literally what I do.”

As soon as the quinjet had disappeared over the horizon, (Y/N) had went back into the compound. Not wanting to lose her in the maze of halls and corridors, Loki followed right after her.

“So,” Loki started, falling into step with her. “Just you and me.”

All she did was quirk up an eyebrow at him before continuing on her way.

“Right. Silent treatment. Well, that has never stopped me before,” Loki continued as he followed her into the room with the screen. Lighting up at the opportunity, Loki walked over to the shelves full of discs.

“Shall we watch one?” Loki asked, digging through the movies. “I’ve never actually seen one of these ‘movies.’ What do you recommend?”

He was met with silence. Smile faltering a bit, because literally the girl of his dreams would not talk to him, he turned back to the shelf. Finding something somewhat familiar, Loki held out the case to her. “How about this?”

Looking back, her whole face lit up and she nodded enthusiastically, causing Loki to smile. “Okay,” Loki said, looking at the title before putting the disc into the strange contraption. “The Little Mermaid it is.”

Moving towards the couch, Loki sat down next to her. Trying to control his breathing, he constantly found himself looking at (Y/N) throughout the movie, committing every detail of her to memory. Loki did this so often that he ended up missing the movie.

“Wait, why is the fish-girl having problems with her father?” Loki asked. No answer.

“Why is the crab singing to her? Life is not better down where it’s wetter. You’re wet all the time. Plus there are sharks, nasty little creatures. Worst than bildshnipe, I hear. Or at least Thor tells me.” No answer.

“OH NO, A SHARK!” No answer.

“Don’t go near the evil squid lady. Why would you go near the evil squid lady?” No answer.

All this time, (Y/N) never answered. She did seem to be getting more and more annoyed, though.

“Wait, why does she need to kiss the Prince? To get her voice back? That is highly unlikely, magic does not work like-”

“WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP ALREADY?!” The girl shouted. A ringing noise sounded through the room, and before Loki even knew it, he was out cold.

Blinking away the black spots in his vision, Loki was met with a pounding headache. Staring up at the ceiling, Loki started to feel alarmed until he felt something moving through his hair. Looking around, Loki was soon met with the most beautiful pair of (Y/E/C) eyes he had ever seen. What made them even more beautiful was that they were your eyes.

“What happened?” Loki groaned, trying to sit up. He was soon pushed back down by (Y/N) so that his head lay on her lap. She held up a finger as if to say ‘one moment’ and grabbed the nearest notebook and pen she could find. Sprawling out her message with one hand and combing through his hair with the other, she finally had written out her message:

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to knock you out. I’m an enhanced and my voice knocks people out, especially when I yell. I didn’t mean to make you pass out.’

Reading the message, Loki began to smile. “It’s alright, Love. You didn’t mean to. I’m just glad that we are finally communicating.”

Blushing at his words, she began to write out another message.

‘I get that, now. I mean, who talks during a movie?’

It was Loki’s turn to blush now as he read your note. “Sorry, I am not familiar with proper movie etiquette. But I’d love to learn.”

Smiling, she wrote down her next message.

'I’d love to teach you, if you gave me a chance. Then you can ask all the questions you want, whether about me or the movie.’

“Sounds absolutely, perfect, Love,” Loki said with a smile. The pounding in his head had finally stopped, and Loki was able to sit up now, but he didn’t want to leave her gentle caresses just yet.

'Can you sit back up yet?’ She wrote out, quirking another eyebrow up at him.

“No,” Loki lied. “Not yet. Still hurts.” She nodded at his answer and continued to card her fingers through his black hair, leaving Loki in a bliss. Well, he was the god of mischief, after all. What else was he going to do, except lie a little to stay with the girl of his dreams?

No Regrets (Part 9)

So I woke up in a very creative mood today - lot’s of writing, lots of coffee. Hope you like it?

Summary: When the reader finally coughs up the courage to ask Bucky out, it turns out, he’s not that interested. Or is he?

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 3.7k

Warnings: some swearing, angst, thunder?

Catch up: No Regrets Masterlist

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It was like huge weight was lifted off your shoulders. The cat and mouse chase between you and Bucky has built up frustrations inside you, you didn’t know you were capable off. Over the course of past few weeks you found yourself feeling worthless and unwanted, rejected and used, then vulnerable and useless following the emotional rollercoaster, courtesy of James Bucky Barnes.

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Hi there,sorry if this is too much but can u make a drawing tutorial on how to make a face maybe? Thank you

Take into account that I am self taught, all of this is something that helps me sometimes when I don’t know how to reach the angle I’m looking for so, First of all draw the lines that will place your character’s features on the right angle. The pink lines for the eyes, nose and mouth. (you can draw the shape of the head before or after making the lines. I already had them here but that’s not okay, these lines should guide you in the process of drawing the head too)

Now it’s a lot easier to have all in the right place. What I do next is a quick line art to see how it goes so far… (look I added the eyebrows in the next pic, it is what will give your character the expression you are aiming for… can you see the it? how eyebrows are so important.

It seems everything goes right so what’s next is to go for a serious lineart, add details… play with expressions. Also don’t hesitate to correct weird shapes or little things that don’t look quite right.

On Your Skin

Simon finally gets his soulmate mark and Baz can’t believe his luck.

As always amany thanks to @eroticgropefest for being an amazing beta <3

I’ve always known that Snow was my soulmate, even before his name appeared on my chest.

And now, as he enters our bedroom in a rush, panicked expression on his face, throwing his jacket and tie to the floor whilst trying to undo the buttons of his shirt, I know that the day I was dreading to come is finally here. The name of his soulmate is appearing, I just know it.

With a few curse words he gives up and starts stumbling to the bathroom whilst taking his shirt off from his head. I can hear the shirt hitting the floor as he finally takes it off.

He doesn’t close the door so I can’t help myself as I stand up to follow him. I need to see who his soulmate is. Of course it will appear someone else’s name, and then I’ll know that he was never meant to be with me. Maybe then I can try and forget him – no I will never forget him; I tried for years, and it doesn’t work like that.

I try to act as cool as possible when I rest against the doorframe–I can’t let him see how this is freaking me out. He’s waiting, grabbing the mirror with both hands, still panting from running up the stairs like a maniac.

I know what’s happening. He’s feeling the letters being carved into his skin – it’s not exactly painful but it feels like your skin is almost burning.

I hear him gasp then. It must be starting to appear.

Then he stays very still, focusing on the mirror and all I want to do is reach for him so that I can read it myself, but I don’t. Instead I stay where I am and wait for him to react.

I’m expecting some kind of reaction but Snow closes his eyes, manages to put the mirror back on it’s place and stays still, holding onto the counter. I’m not sure what’s happening; I just want to make him tell me that it isn’t my name in his chest so that I can go to the catacombs and drink until I forget all about him.

Then he turns his head into my direction, looking pissed. And I really want to know what’s going on on his head, so I raise my eyebrow (which usually is enough to start a fight between us).

He still doesn’t say a word, and storms off out of the bathroom and out of the bedroom. Shoving my shoulder on the way out. But I was too stunned to react to that because while he was passing by me on the door, I saw my name on his chest.


I start to chase him down the stairs. He has my name on his chest. How is this possible? I need to see it more closely; I must have imagined it Yes that must be it. My mind must be playing tricks on me, because there’s no fucking way that I’m his soulmate.

It’s not hard to know where he is; I just have to follow the scent of his magic.

I find him in the Wavering Wood sitting against a tree with his arms around him, still shirtless, of course he didn’t think of putting something on before getting off the room.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have followed him, but I need to see it. I need to make sure I’m not fucking dreaming.

He notices me then–watching him. He puts his arms around him more closely like he’s shielding himself. (And covering his soulmate name.)

“Leave me alone,” he tells me, not even looking in my direction.

“No.” I won’t leave until I see it.

I feel his magic humming in the air, even stronger than it already was. So I add more softly as I step closer to him, “let me see it, Simon.”

When he turns around and focus on me I feel myself getting drunk on his magic.

“Fuck off, Baz,” he spits as he walks into my direction and shoves me away.

He’s strong, but I’m stronger so I only take one step back. “Not today,” I tell him as I step towards him. And I put my hands on his arms to stop him from moving away.

He wasn’t expecting me to actually touch him so he stays still, long enough for me to clearly read my name written on his chest.

Crowley, I feel like I can’t breathe. It really is my name on his chest. My heart is beating so fast and everything is becoming a blur around me. Except for him; his blue eyes looking unsure at me, his face starting to get flustered, all I can do is stare.

Suddenly he grabs my wrists to shove me away, but I just throw myself at him. And I kiss him.

He stiffens but I don’t stop kissing him, I bring myself closer to his body until there’s no space between us. He doesn’t kiss me back, not until I put my hand on his hair–I’ve never kissed anyone so I’m not sure what to do with my hands, but I’ve always wanted to know what his hair felt like so that’s where I decide to put them. I must have done the right thing because Simon seems to wake up, he puts a hand on my neck and the other around my back and opens his mouth, allowing me to deepen the kiss.

Aleister Crowley, I’m kissing Simon. I’m kissing my soulmate, and he’s kissing me back.

We’re both panting, trying to catch our breath when he finally speaks, “did you just – why did you do that?”

“You kissed me back,” I remind him.

He blushes and looks down, putting his arms around himself again, so I take my jacket and give it to him. He accepts it without looking at me and puts it on. It’s a little big for him because I have broader shoulders, but he doesn’t seem to mind it.

“Who is yours?” he asks, as he frowns and looks at my shirt, “Is it me?”

Of course it’s you. Bloody idiot.

“Maybe,” I answer. (I just like to mess with him.)

Then he grabs my shirt and yanks it open.

“For Crowley’s sake, Snow, we’re not savages!” I yelI as I feel myself start to blush. I can’t believe he just did that.

He stares at my chest.“Why didn’t you just say you had my name?” He lightly traces his name on my chest and his touch feels like it’s setting me on fire. “You’re such a prick.”

“Have you ever thought about me being your soulmate?”

“I have a list of things for me not to think about.”

“Am I on your list?”

“No…” he gives me a small smile before continuing, ”not thinking of you is like not thinking about an elephant that is standing on my chest…” he pauses and looks at my chest again. “But I never really thought about my soulmate.”

“Then why aren’t you freaking out about this?” I ask.

“Because as soon I saw your name, all these little details about you started to be clearer. I suddenly noticed things that I tried not to pay attention to before.” He blushes then.

“So you’re okay with this? Us being soulmates?”

“I just need a moment to try and figure this out. What this means… Us.”

“Of course, I say in a low tone as I start to turn around to leave.

“Wait…don’t leave,” he sighs. “Can you uhm… just sit down with me?”

He sits down where he was before and looks nervously at me. When I sit down next to him, I notice his shoulders relaxing.

I wait for him to talk, to let him sort out everything in his head. He hasn’t punched me and told me to fucking leave him alone, so it’s something.

I freeze when I feel him tugging softly on my sleeve. He must have been talking and I wasn’t listening. So I turn my head towards him.

He’s looking unsure, never meeting my eyes, “I was asking, how are you okay with this? I mean–well… you hate me.”

“I don’t hate you.” I really don’t.

“Oh.” Then he looks down at his hands and adds, “I don’t hate you either. Never have,” he huffs before he continues, “but you’ve been such a prick to me; that it’s a bit hard to believe that.”

“You’re not a saint either Snow… but fuck I know I’m–”

“Don’t, let’s uhm…” he runs a hand through his hair, thinking about what he’s going to say, ” let’s just carry on, okay?”

“How do you propose we do that?”

He suddenly gets up. “Let’s go on a date.”

“You want to go on a date with me?” I say with a surprised tone. Crowley, I must be dreaming.

“Yeah… I wanna go on a date with my soulmate.” he says, grinning as he starts to walk.

I’m not sure what he’s planning because it’s late and we can’t leave the school but I get up and follow him anyway.

I’d follow him anywhere.


As we enter the kitchen he immediately grabs a plate of sandwiches and I can’t help but roll my eyes. “You just wanted an excuse to shove some food on your mouth.”

He shrugs as he puts the plate on the small table at the far end of the kitchen. I look around to see what else there is to eat.

I open the fridge and there’s banana loaf and some other things on a plate, so I bring it all to the table.

He looks surprised for the amount of food in front of him. “You sure we can take all of this?”

“Of course.” Then a thought just occurs to me as I turn around to grab the kettle. I sit down and make the water hot for tea. Then as I pass him a mug I quietly add, “happy birthday, Simon.”

He gives me a small smile, and I think my heart skips a beat.

I’d never thought I’d get this; that I’d get him. But he’s here, pressing his leg against mine. And we’re both blushing, so I feel like maybe we’ll be alright. That we can carry on. Together.

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A star shines but your light is the brightest 🌟

I am around - Zach Dempsey

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Request: Can I please request a Zach imagine where he is your boyfriend and he has to protect you from a drunk guy at a party who tries to force himself upon you? Thank you!

A/N: this is soo bad i’m so sorry but i’ve been letting you guys wait so long already :( please forgive me

Word count: 1282

“Babe where are you?” you heard your boyfriend, Zach, shout from your room. You were going to a party together and Zach insisted on picking you up on his way there. You and Zach were Liberty High’s powercouple. You knew each other since you could remember. Your parents had a business diner with his and from then the two of you did everything together and now so many years later he was the star basketball player and you were cheer captain kicking it of as a great couple. Sometimes it looked like the two of you walked straight out on of those cheesy high school movies. For tonight you planned on being ready in time, you really did, but you just got swept away with the music  so as usual it took you longer than expected.

“I’m almost done just another 5 minutes!” you shouted back from the bathroom while you were zipping up the dress you chose to wear. It was a little red dress with half long sleeves that made your body look amazing but wasn’t too tight so it didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. You checked your hair and make up a last time, worked on the last details and went to your room where Zach was sitting on the bed waiting for you.

“I’m almost done! Sorry sorry sorry sorry!” You said almost running into your room diving in your closet looking for your black heels.

“They have to be here, oooor okay no got them!” you said while almost falling back out of your closet because of all the shoes you didn’t want to throw away.

“Wow babe you look incredible!” Zach says  making you blush a little. You closed the last belt buckle from your heel and leaned over to give him a kiss.

“I’m ready to go!” you said while taking Zach’s hand and pulling him up from the bed. When he got up he spun you around and pulled you in for a kiss at the end. Being the romantic he is. You and Zach walked out to his car. The party as at Montgomery de la Cruz’s house.  His place wasn’t that far away from yours and you could have easily walked there but Zach liked showing of his Audi so you went with it and not walking meant not killing your feet in advance so you would be able to dance more at the party. Zach parked his car and the two of you got out the car and Zach threw his arm around your shoulder before entering. When you entered you said hello to a couple people, did a little small talk and walked over to the kitchen. You were fixing your drink when Zach said:

“I’m going over to the guys babe, see you later?” followed by a kiss on the top of your head since he was waaay taller. You were almost done with your drink when you felt a someone squeeze your butt. when you turned around to see who it was you only saw a group of guys you had never seen before smirking weirdly at you and some of them winking or looking at you from head to toe. It creeped you out so you decided to get out of that kitchen as fast as possible. You walked over to Jess.

“Have you ever seen those guys?” you asked looking over to them making Jess follow your gaze.

“Nope never saw them in my life, they’re probably just some friends of Monty.”

“Yeah probably.” You said still feeling a little creeped out by them. You decided to just let go of what happened and enjoy your night. You had been dancing with your friends, hanging a little with Zach and refilling your cups too many times when you felt you really needed to go to the toilet. You were making your way upstairs when someone who was walking the opposite direction walked into you.

“Oh I’m so sorry.” You said. When you looked up you froze a little. You had bumped into one of the creepy guys you walked, more like ran, away from earlier. Only thing scaring you more was that he looked way drunker right now.

“How are you going to fix this honey?” he said while pulling at his shirt showing how it got all wet from the liquor that had been spilled on it. You were stuttering a little when he started to get closer to you.

“I really just want to go to the toilet, can you let me pass?” you tried to ask friendly but it obviously wasn’t working. You felt his hand grip around your waist pulling you closer, you turned your face so you weren’t facing him directly and he couldn’t get to you.

“Maybe you should take this shirt of of me?”

“Or not, I have a boyfriend. Just let go of me.”

“But sweetheart where’s the fun in that and by the way I don’t see him around?” He said while trying to turn your face. His grip was strong on you and you were getting fed up with all of this. You weren’t going to let him treat you like thise. You were ready to kick of some drama when you heard a deep familiar voice behind you.

“Actually I am around.” You were so happy to finally hear Zach’s voice. He pulled the guy of you and pulled you behind him.

“You are so lucky I have an important game this weekend or I would have smashed your face dude. That’s not how you treat girls and most definitely not my girl.” He said while standing almost forehead to forehead with the other guy. You saw how clenched Zach’s fists were. In all these years that you have known him you have never seen him this angry. The guy seemed a little intrigued by how tall and strong Zach was. Montgomery saw what was going on and stood between Zach and the boy.

“Guys what’s going on?”

“That little idiot there thought it was a good idea to force himself on my girlfriend.” Zach said while pointing. You saw Montgomery turn around and hold the other boy by his collar

“You will never step foot in my house again. Get out.” Monty said while turning to his friend. He started to stutter and apologize like a little kid before walking out looking really ashamed. You felt surprised by how serious they were all taking this. Zach took your hand and walked outside with you to the chairs in Monty’s backyard. He sat himself down and pulled you down on his lap holding you tightly.

“I’m so sorry I let that happen to you babe.”

“What no? it wasn’t your fault that idiot should have behaved himself.” You said while looking Zach straight in the eyes. You didn’t want him to feel guilty at all.

“But I should have been there.”

“You were!” you said while standing up and pulling Zach with you.

“Look it happened and luckily you were there otherwise I must have started to scream and make all this stupid drama and humiliate the guy even more.”  You joked making a smile form on Zach’s face. You wrapped your hands around his neck to pull him closer so you could kiss him.

“Let’s just enjoy the rest of our night, okay? And maybe I’ll give you a little extra later because of your help.” You said winking making Zach smile even more and with that the two of you went back inside and had the best night of your lives with Zach not leaving your side for a second. 

anonymous asked:

more about Vito (& Carmela) please?

okay… i have a tiny detail that i love and want to talk about :

at the beginning, when you look at the very first scenes of Vito’ & Carmela’s life in Little Italy, Vito doesn’t wear a ring. They were a young couple with not enough money to be spent on such unecessary thing, particularly for a man. Indeed, wedding rings for men were not the standard AT ALL back then (1910′s/1920′s)!!!
So Carmela was the only one wearing a ring. It was the norm back then: only women wore rings.

(( A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY: the wearing of wedding rings by brides has been traced back to ancient Egypt. And, it is only in the beginning of the 20th century that a very small minority of bridegrooms began doing the same. Only 15% of married men during the Great Depression (1929) decided to wear a ring. WW2 is considered a pivotal point, as many Western men fighting overseas chose to wear wedding rings as a comforting reminder of their families back home.The mid-20th Century is when it becomes mainstream.
Now, about the specific sicilian world : again, it was traditionaly something for wives but not husbands (it was not until the 1950s that the Roman Catholic Church altered its liturgical ring-blessing language to reflect the exchange of two rings). Up to the time of the Second World War, for the great majority of Sicilians, like most were poor, it was unknown for husbands to wear wedding bands. it was the “Italian Miracle” of the early 1960s, a period of economic growth, that found more working-class Italian men wearing gaudy trinkets like necklaces and bracelets, and of course, wedding rings. (x) ))

…let’s go back to Vito…
as said previously, wearing a wedding ring was not the norm at all for men, particularly for Italian men before WW2. BUT, *oh surprise*, we see a golden band at Vito’s left hand and left finger during the scenes in Sicily, when he comes back for his little vendetta in 1922.
Again, a ring at this finger for a man was very unsual back then.

it could be argued that his ring was a symbol of connection with the mafia. indeed, the first appearance of this ring coincide with Vito’s new wealth, so we can imagine it as an exterior sign of sucess and money. But then, why wearing it at the Left Ring Finger (the finger for promises/heart) ?
when you look at the other members of the mob in the three movies, a pinky ring is worn on the little finger, a clear sign of mafia connections and sign of success (same in the tv-show The Sopranos). For example:

  • Don Fanucci : a pinky ring during the 1910′s & 1920′s - it shows us that the tradition of a golden band on the little finger for members of the ‘cosa nostra’ is old and known in Italy. So definitely something Vito was aware of.
  • Sonny Corleone : a pinky ring again, the 1940′s - interesting to notice that Sonny is a married man at this moment but is not wearing a ring at his left finger. Sonny prefers to show his devotion to the ‘family business’ than to his wife (and indeed, we know about it…)
  • Michael Corleone : a pinky ring, the 1970′s/80′s - Michael at the end of life as Don, an old man, just like was Vito in PART I. (Michael did wear wedding ring, before his divorce, but during the 40′s/50′s when it was more mainstream)

ANYWAY, no pinky ring for Vito.
we can assume that he decided knowingly to not wear a ring at his little finger. Maybe he didn’t want to externalize his connection with the mafia, but lbh, everybody knows who he was and what was his business in Little Italy and in NewYork. No need of ring or symbol to show where he comes from, or to express some kind of pride.
From his youth to his last years, this golden ring has always been the only ring at his hand and Vito would wear it until his death.

the only explantion : it is a wedding ring. Clear and simple. A ring likely bought in 1921/1922, before the travel in Sicily and during the rise to power of Vito –so, more money to spend. A little golden band symbolizing his bond and fidelity to a woman (let’s not forget that in italian a wedding band is named “fede”, literally “faith”). Just like Carmela’s ring is an evidence of her fidelity to Vito. Loyalty and faithfulness are probably the two greatest values Vito admire the most in his family and in his friends. He expects loyalty from them so it would be normal for him to express his own loyalty & to be an example of faithfulness. What a better way to start than a wedding ring?
It is quite remarkable tho, because Vito is known as being a very traditional Sicilian man –however, a man wearing a wedding ring during the 1920′s is something exceptional.
This ring was as well a display of wealth. A beautiful golden band but an unecessary piece of jewellery for a man back then… People probably thought when they spotted the ring: “This man is cleary married and displays it, look at his finger. AND DUDE! LOOK AT THIS HUGE GOLDEN RING??!!!!”

tl; dr:Vito, aka the most traditional Sicilian man ever, wore a wedding ring during 20′s, against the standards of the era, because he was a devoted man and wanted to show it… and because lbh, gold looked nice on him :))

Boss - Yoongi l 04

genre : mafiaAU, smut, angst
words : 4,7k
01 l 02 l 03 l 04 l 05

“Nice to meet you”, Lee Tae Hwan said solemnly, bowing slowly before you. You gulped, returning the words sternly, looking at Yoongi who stood behind him. So here he was, your new body guard, the one that you boyfriend assigned to protect and defend you. Apparently, you couldn’t take care of yourself on your own, even with all the training you’ve followed with Yoongi and Hoseok, even with all the weapon you’ve triggered, even with all the hits you’ve received; you couldn’t, according to him. Hence the necessity of a bodyguard.

You should have been fine with this, it was for your safety, for your security. But when you laid your eyes on him, you had a different feeling as you felt the strange aura that wafted from him, and the look you witnessed in his eyes didn’t help your resentment. However, that was the gaze Yoongi, and all the other members you were close to, had when they had an important mission; and you were his important mission. Besides, you knew that he had to be serious in front of his boss, maybe he would relax a bit more when he’d be with you only. “I’ll be with you almost all the time from now on”, he alleged, his jet black irises finally meeting yours as he rose his back to stand straight.

His voice woke you up from your reverie, and you nearly jumped when he broke the heavy silence of the room. You offered him a small and shy smile, but he didn’t give you one back and kept neutral features on. Your eyes fell on your boyfriend’s frame, gazing him, silently asking him to speak up or actually do something to ease the awkward atmosphere. You sighed in relief when he began to take a few steps towards you, to eventually stand next to you.

“He will be by your side all the time; from the moment you leave this house to the moment you come back. He will drive you to college, take the same classes, eat with you, drive you back. Do you have questions?”, he avowed as he put his warm hand on your lower back, the small gesture aiming to mollify you.

“He needs to be registered in the university book to assist to the classes, how will he do that?”, you asked, your eyebrows frowned questioningly. “You do not need to worry about such details.”, he answered, giving you a one-second apology look. You replied with a little “okay”, knowing you would be able to ask all you needed to wanted and have the proper answers the night, when you’d be alone with your boyfriend.

“Also, when I won’t be home, he will guard the house, either outside or inside. He will have to call me beforehand and I will tell him where to be. That’s pretty much all, so you can go to school now if you don’t have any more questions.”. You unconsciously clenched your jaw. You didn’t like the idea, but throwing a fit here wouldn’t help anything because you knew he wouldn’t concede to anything you would ask here, so you’d have to wait, again.

Lately, it seemed that all you did was wait for Yoongi, but you couldn’t complain, you had chosen this way of living, you could only blame yourself for this.

You sighed at the thought, your eyes on the floor, not looking at him and directing yourself to the main door. “Does he really even has to eat with me?”, you scoffed as you stopped in your tracks and looked back at your boyfriend, eyes flicking with hope. “Yes. I’ll see you tonight”, he said loud and clear, yet kind of softly, enough for all the people (which could be resumed to you, Tae Hwan, Yoongi and two of his men) to hear. You looked at him over your shoulder, giving him a sad smile through pouty lips. “Yeah, see you tonight”, you replied in a whisper, exiting the large house.

You eyed your new bodyguard, who was walking beside you down the path that lead you to the road, “Do we take my car?”, you asked quietly, hoping for a positive reply. You noticed how his eyebrows frowned, as if he wasn’t really understanding your question.

“The Boss said that I should drive you to college, and he told me that I should use one of our cars in case something bad happens. He said you would understand”, he told you as he opened the door of the black Audi A4 for you. “Yeah of course, thanks”, you sighed, entering the car. He gave you a small smile, before slamming the door shut. You, once again, let yourself get lost in your own thoughts as your chauffeur started to drive out of the calm road, leading the both of you to your university.

However, a light buzz in your coat’s pocket distracted you. You raised an eyebrow, taking your phone out to see who would even try to contact you at such an hour in the morning.

[7:19] Yoon’ 👀💞 : Send me a message when you’re in class, and when you’re home, please.

[7:19] Yoon’ 👀💞 : Sorry for putting you in this position.

[7:20] Yoon’ 👀💞 : I love you.

A small smile adorned you lips at the sight of the last text, and you chuckled lightly to yourself, your cheeks blushing a bit. You weren’t feeling especially good when you left the house, but these messages warmed your heart, knowing your boyfriend would do anything for you (and even break the “I don’t send messages with hearts or ‘I love yous’ Y/N” rule that he set himself, as if he needed to fit with his whole Boss image with you).

[7:21] You : Okay. It’s alright, this way I’m safe, right?

[7:21] You : I love you too Yoongi

For the first time in a long time, you were in advance for class. You easily found a seat in the large room, nearly empty of students at this hour in the morning –it was only 7:38 in the morning on your watch, and students didn’t desire to arrive just yet and patient here. After sending a reassuring message to your boyfriend, you looked around you, trying to find some familiar faces, but of course the few friends you had wouldn’t be there. There were only this group of stoners in the back of the room on the far left, and some persons dispersed around the room. You sighed at the fact before you: today was going to be a long day.

“Are you alright?”, Tae Hwan asked, yet not looking at you.

“Yes, yes. What about you?”, you replied, eyeing him from the corner of your eye and observing what he was doing; which was mainly scrolling through his phone. You frowned when you realised that he wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings, you could notice that he wasn’t even aware of your sight; nor noticing your suspicious eyes.

“Yes”. His brief and almost cold response made you raise your eyebrows, just a bit, wondering if this kind of behaviour was linked to his personality or the actual situation he was in. He could just have been his usual self, but something in the back of your mind made you doubt it.

“How long how you been working for Yoongi?”, you questioned, eyes still turned to his face, lips pursed. You were focused on his facial features, trying to read his mind through them. However, at the sound of your question, you didn’t see any change, any muscle contract, any blink of an eye; nothing. “For about 2 years now”, he said, finally turning his head to you, diving his eyes in yours. Goosebumps creeped up under the skin of your arm, making your body hair lift a bit, when you saw how dark and cold his sight was, and you gulped, not daring to look away. “Why?”, he asked, leaning towards you a bit, his arm brushing past yours.

“I was just wondering”, you noted, drifting your eyes to the front of the class.

“Are you scared of me?”

“No”, you replied instantly. This time, you were the one to have hard traits on. You waited a few seconds before looking back at him in the eyes, and you both stared at each other for a while, not speaking, just observing the other in the blank of their eyes. “I am not afraid of you”, you began, nearly startled by your own boldness, “I just don’t trust you”, you established impassively, not backing away.

“Why? Don’t you trust Yoongi?”, he questioned, tilting his head to the side with a sly smirk plastered on his lips.

“I do trust him, but I don’t trust anyone else”, you said as you frowned your eyebrows. He should have known you’d replied something similar to this, because right after you spoke up, a mocking chuckle filled up the now-not-so-empty room. “You’re cute”, he blatantly said, earning wide eyes from you. Before you could say anything back, he decided to speak again, “I can trust me, you have no reason not to, I can assure you that”, he stated as if it was the most obvious thing on the planet.

“I have every reason not to trust you. I have death threats against me. I can only trust myself or the people I’ve known for a long time”, you vouched, eyes collectedly planted in his own. He simply chuckled again, his head dramatically falling backwards. You could see how his Adam apple slowly moving as he laughed, and for an unknown reason, it pissed you off. “Why are you laughing about?”.

“Do you remember what happened 2 years ago? It was in October, and when you were on your way to the H.Q., alone, and some crazy crackheads tried to mug you. You screamed really loudly, and even more when one of them tried to attack you with a bladed weapon”, he narrated, smirking at your frowned eyebrows. “The one who came and shot them, it was me”. He flashed you a cheeky smile, the disclosure leaving you eyes wide open, mouth agape.

“I- I can’t believe this”

“You should though”, he continued as he turned his face to the main board in front of you, “Ever since then, I’ve been especially trained to security detail, to know how to react as a bodyguard; under Yoongi’s specific orders. It seems like he has planned from a long time to keep you secured”.

“What do you mean?”; you asked with eyebrows nearly knocked together. You didn’t understand what he was implying. Yoongi has never told you any of the things he was saying, you were positive about this. He wouldn’t have hidden it either, why would he?

“I’m just saying that Boss has organized you a protection the moment he knew you’ve first been assaulted”.

You stared at him, trying to find any kind of expression that would involve him lying. But when you studied his features, you didn’t notice any trace of lie, any suspicion; you found none of them, nothing suspicious. Your eyes flicked from his eyes to his mouth, and back to his black and dark pupils. He didn’t seem to be lying, and that was something that scared you because it could mean two things. Either he was the best liar of all time to lure you into something you didn’t know about –yet-, or Yoongi lied to you, breaking the promises you’ve made –believing in each other no matter what, not lying, for the good of your relationship; and your safety.

After what felt like hours of reflexion, you wanted to ask questions out loud, not just in your head, you wanted answers; about how it has been for him or why you never have seen him before. Though, when you opened your mouth to let out all of your thoughts and worries come to live, your Chinese history professor tap his microphone a few times to silent the room, startling you at the same time. You gulped as you realized that you wouldn’t be able to earn not even one response, Mr. Ling not allowing gabbing in his class.

For the first time, the lessons of your teacher didn’t reach your mind, now impervious to his usually entertaining words. You simply couldn’t focus on the board, or even on transcribing Mr Ling’s speech about how Confucius or Kǒng Fūzǐ if you decided not to use the Latin version, on many aspects, had developed a philosophy that lead the Chinese people –because of his principles- to accept, in the future, Maoism and communism, because of a solid system of structured family and all. But no matter how interesting the class was, you couldn’t focus.

No, you just couldn’t focus at all, you were too taken aback by the revelation your bodyguard told you that you didn’t even want to follow your teacher’s runny words. For the two whole hours, your eyes were barely blinked, fixed a point on the board with a sullen look, letting you think by yourself about the situation you put yourself in. However, that time enabled you to think straight and calmly, not under the pressure of your twisted emotions.

When you saw everyone standing up, realizing that the class was eventually over, your eyes drifted to your right side, staring at the onyx hair man sitting beside you; still browsing through his phone and not paying attention to anything else. A light sigh passed though your lips, and you decided that it was better to get to your feet rather than waiting for him –he would follow anyway. Once you were at the door, patiently waiting in the line to exit the room behind the other students, you felt his presence in your back, way too close to your taste –which made you roll your eyes and clench you jaw discreetly.

“I want to go home, I’m not feeling well”, you stressed when you were finally out of the auditorium, following the path that lead outside, to the parking lot.

“Are you sure? I thought you wanted to keep going to your classes?”, he stammered weirdly, not understanding your sudden change of mind.

“Yes. But I’m not feeling well so I want to go home”, you said, raising your eyes to your left to look at him. You narrowed your eyes when you noticed his frowned eyebrows and annoyed gaze, but you didn’t say anything about it, preferring to walk calmly instead.

“Well Boss told me to escort you to all your classes, I don’t think that it is a good id-“

“I don’t care”, you cut him off straightly, “If I want to go home, I will, and you will bring me back. Yoongi won’t mind, I think he’d rather have me home than here. So we’re going home”, you commanded harshly as you adjust your bag on your shoulder.

“Sure”, he hissed, obviously irritated by your attitude. He probably wasn’t excepting you to be so bold; after all, he’s always seen you kind of quiet, and reserved in the back, behind Yoongi. He sighed loudly –showing you his annoyance- when you stopped by the restrooms, walking inside without warning him. You weren’t going easy on him, and he wasn’t prepared to that. He thought you would be a –maybe blah- lamb. How wrong he was.

You left the lavatory a few minutes after, only to find him run his fingers on his phone, vehemently typing something. He surely didn’t see you, because when you stood by his side, peaking a sight over his shoulder to read what he was so heartedly writing, he flinched, only allowing to see a brief “it won’t be easy” written.

“Who are you texting?”, you asked with one raised eyebrow, letting a flat feeling coming from your eyes.

“None of business”, he quickly replied, messily burying his phone in his pocket. “Let’s go”, he suggested, already walking outside the massive building, not waiting for you. You studied the situation for a moment, weighting up the pros and cons, and running away would be far less safe than letting him drive you home, so you decided to follow him, thinking that it wasn’t an option for the moment –no matter how much you didn’t trust him at all now, if you wanted to put the best luck to your side, you had to go with him.

[10:41] You : I’m home, I wasn’t feeling well. Please come home as soon as you can, I need to talk to you.

You stared at your phone for a few seconds after sending the text, hopelessly waiting for an immediate reply –which you knew you wouldn’t have, so you threw your phone on the bed, laying your head next to it on the cold layers of your duvet. You sighed, contemplating the white ceiling with tired eyes, exhaustedly analysing your current situation. You were basically forced to remain home, at least until things calmed down, and you didn’t like that. But the most annoying part of it was that Tae Hwan guy. Ever since he drove you back home, he had kept a close eye on you, only leaving you alone when you told him that you had to poo, and just thinking about it made you roll your eyes to the back of your head.

However, a light buzz above your ears detached you from your thinking. You smiled the second you understood Yoongi had replied, for once, almost right after your message.

[10:45] Yoon’ 👀💞 : I’ll try. He called me and I told him to stay outside from now on (he told me he followed you inside, but I think you’d rather be alone). Stay safe, and please princess, just do not run away or something like that, please.

[10:45] You : I would never do that

[10:46] Yoon’ 👀💞 : as if you didn’t already think about the idea. Do you think I don’t know you?

You giggled when you saw his reply, shifting on your bed to eventually land of your stomach, your foot still dangling from the edge of the mattress. You smirked as you thought about what he just wrote; he just knew you too well.

[10:47] You : I don’t know what you’re talking about Yoongi.

[10:47] You : anyway, work fast and come home fast please.

[10:49] Yoon’ 👀💞 : Ok. I left some chocolate in the kitchen. See you tonight angel.

[10:50] You : Thank you!! See you tonight Yoon.

You spent your day home, as requested by your boyfriend, and you couldn’t say that you did much –homework, a hundred pages of The Waves by Virginia Woolf and food. And now that it was around seven in the evening, you couldn’t help but be bored in your room, rolling your body on the bed as you tried to find a comfortable position to read the rest of the book you started this afternoon. Yet, unlike earlier in the day, you couldn’t concentrate on the black ink wisely placed on the leaf of the book, too lost in your own thoughts.

Your mind was wandering somewhere else the moment you realized that you haven’t seen Tae Hwan. Yes, he was supposed to wait outside, yes, you didn’t want to see him or talk to him, yes, you were better alone; but he was your bodyguard, wasn’t he supposed to check on you, at least once? You definitely didn’t like him, and your anger was fuelled by your hunger, which made you hate him even more.

Listening to your growling stomach, you decided that you had to eat, and stood beside your bed, stretching your arms as a long yawn passed by your lips. After waking yourself up, you let your feet guide you to the bedroom door, lazily dragging your frame out of the room. But just when you finally opened the door, the small light in your room switched off on its own, without your help. You narrowed your eyes at the lamp, trying to turn on the lights again. Yet, after a few flicks, you realized that there was a power outage; however, it was not possible. Even if there was one, the courant was supposed to come back ten seconds after with the emergency electric generator.

The ten seconds definitely passed; it was probably around 30 seconds now.

You looked at the doorknob, your fingers still wrapped around –ready to pull it down to open the door. You thought about it, something must be on. The power couldn’t be cut this long, you were sure of it. Something was definitely happening. You groaned lightly in the darkness of the room, deciding to eventually lock your door quickly. You rushed to your bed, rapidly unlocking your phone to call Yoongi.

Your phone still against your ear, you ran to your desk, difficultly holding the chair to put it by the door; aiming to block any insider for a moment -if they tried to force themselves in. Just when you walked to your wardrobe, Yoongi voicemail echoed in the speakers of the phone, and you let out another groan as you started to feel some stress growing inside your stomach, forming a painful pit. You put your phone down and took an old backpack, throwing inside a few clothes, and –of course- the secret emergency kit that Yoongi hid, “just in case”.

It wasn’t just a simple emergency kit: inside seated some medicine, plaster and water, but above all a charged gun, 2 charges of weapon supplies and two knifes. You gulped as you took the main weapon in your hands, taking a long breath in before sliding between the skin of your back and the belt you were currently wearing. You throw the rest of the kit inside your bag, zipping it fast before standing on your feet again, putting an old leather jeans jacket on and some very used sneakers. You sighed again, trying to build up some courage.

You took your phone in your hands again, violently tapping your fingers on it as you directed your body to the bathroom adjacent to your bedroom.

[19:23] You: The power went out more than 10 seconds.

[19:23] You: I’m sure something is happening.

In the middle of your third message, your fingers froze on the screen of your phone when you heard some footsteps in the stairs, no matter how lightly they hit the marble steps, making you gasp silently. You covered your mouth with your palm, trying to muffle the noises you weren’t even making in the first place, just to reassure yourself. You felt your heart race incredibly fast, almost trying to get out of your chest. The pit in your stomach felt heavier, and your eyes became watery. You were panicking. Someone was here for you for real, they were here to get you. You had to get out of the room now.

You got a hold of yourself just when the noise reached the corridor. After shaking your head, implicitly waking your mind in the process, and close the bathroom door quietly after entering it in only seconds. Rapidly, you rushed silently to the sinks, opening the cupboards to take some large towels, tying them by the corners. After making sure they were tied and approximatively secured, you walked to the big window that stood right beside your shower, and opened it the most quietly way possible, making sure you made not even a single noise.

You felt the light cold breeze caress the skin of your cheeks and you shivered, both from the cold and the fear of being caught by the kidnappers. You turned your head when you heard the sound of someone trying to open the bedroom door, some groans leaving their mouth when they didn’t manage to –because of the chair you placed here beforehand, and you thanked yourself for this idea.. A shaky sigh left your mouth as you tried to block the improvised rope in the coin of the window, letting the rest of the thread fall down messily along the wall of the house. The sound of the heavy sound of the chair crushing down the floor startled you, and it was all you needed to eventually pass through the hole, tugging at the weak towels to land down on the grass in weak seconds.

You lifted your head up, gazing the window, analysing if you could take the long cord off. However, your reflexion was suddenly stopped in its tracks when you saw a small beam lighting the room, meaning that at least one person managed to break in. Realizing that you probably couldn’t escape from them if you didn’t run right away, you took the gun previously stuck in your jeans and began to run to the back of the garden, knowing there was a hidden door that would lead you on another main road. It was the only solution you could think of.

So you ran, your feet hitting the floor heavily, and your breath coming out puffed and scared as your fingers wrapped themselves tighter around the metallic weapon. Yet, when you finally reach the dreamy spot, after running about ten or so meters with a tumbling body, you froze at the sight before you; a devilishly smirking Tae Hwan with horribly piercing eyes. You eyed him for a few seconds, before weakly holding your revolver up, targeting him with shaking hands –earning an ironic laugh from the devil embodied standing right in front of you.

“What are you doing?”, he asked, the annoying smirk sill plastered on his face that made you want to puke.

“I should ask you the same question”, you stated, shifting your body slightly to the right to have a better sight of him, who was still masked in the darkness provided by the wall, hiding from the moonlight.

“You’re smart enough sweetheart, you know why I’m here”, he chuckled, taking some steps to close some distance between you two, only for you to step back at the same moment, not wanting to condone this very little space.

“I knew I couldn’t trust your fucking ass, dammit”, you hissed, “What are you going to do, asshole?”, you asked, not daring to move your gaze from him to catch each of his future actions. You felt some kind of relief knowing that you were right in the end, but, the pit in your stomach made you want to faint from the stress, fear and insecurity you were currently in.

“I?”, he questioned, pouting his lips and dramatically pointing his index finger at himself as if your question didn’t make sense to him, obviously mocking you. “I am not going to do anything”, he laughed crazily, hitting his knee in the process. You looked at the mad man, dumbfounded at the sight in front of your eyes; he was genuinely laughing at his own reply, and it scared the shit out of you.

“Why are you laughing?”, you asked –more to yourself than to him-, feeling your arms weaken from holding the gun. Your eyes widened when he suddenly stopped, standing straight on his feet again, his facial features weirdly harsh now. “I am not going to do anything, but believe me, you’re going to suffer”.

And just when he finished his sentence, and as you felt a light buzz in your pocket, strong arms locked themselves around you from your behind, making you lose the grip you had on your weapon and forbidding you to make any move. You saw Tae Hwan moving closer, now standing just right in front of you. You witnessed how hard his traits were, how dark his gaze was, and your eyes became watery, tears starting to form in the corner of your eyes. Yet, when something smooth brushed on the skin of your nose and on your lips, your vision becoming blurry, and before everything became black, you could see his lips moved slowly and slyly, and heard his threat.

“Believe me, you’re going to suffer for all the shits your fucking boyfriend did to us”.


© 2016 Wang-banana. All rights reserved.


Warning this contains swearing, rage, excessive amounts of fangirling and tears, you have been warned.



Okay to start It all off we go to the castle.

First of all btch is fck you you black knight piece of sht.

Look at how his eye fkng twitched (btch if I knew how to make gif I swear all my takes would be in gifs, well some of it cause some photos need to be stared upon) YOU DON’T GO MESSIN AROUND WITH MAH GIRL FKC YEAH!


FCK. WHAT THE ACTUAL FCK. Btch lemme tell you the story of what happened on this very moment. Look hunty I don’t curse (whaaat?) Yeah, I don’t, like that’s the reason why all my curse words are missing letters or are misspelled but lemme tell you when I fkng saw this shit I whispered to Sofiel and the other gods ‘fuck’ in the most ungraceful manner known to man.

But btch lemme tell you I aint the only one who fckng got shocked by this, my fckng phone refused to listen to Chari’s bullsht that it fkng disconnected my headset from my fkcng phone, and I aint joking btch like at this exact moment my phone decided to fck Chari’s bullsht and disconnected it and it added to my panic and frustration. Like btch I literally jumped out of my bed both cursing Chari and panicking over my headset like that thing cost me a fortune! So when I started playing just music btch it wouldn’t work I was so fkcng stressed that I got my backup headset which was waaaay awful and tried to restart my phone. What happened next? Looks like my phone needed to breath like me because the btch couldn’t handle Charioce’s bullsht that I had to reboot it, fkc if only the same goes for me and then next thing I know it was perfectly fine. Btch I was searching up for my headset’s warranty cause girl I CANNOT afford a new one.

Alright so here we are going back to ye ol episode and fck I still can’t get over Charioce’s bullsht.

So then as if I wasn’t on the verge of killing someone this fkcng a**hole was the first thing I saw and btch I was PISSED. Like fck you btch you fkng a**hole.


When Chari says none Chari says fckng none! (Hold up, Chari looks sad here… oh gods, did you just say that out of professionalism? Kinglinism?)

Oh don’t you back sass me motherfkcer! I swear to Sofiel and the gods I hate you. Dumb piece of sht fck you.

Good Christ I’m sorry, Lord forgive my words because it’s about to get much worse…

Speaking of btches to be fkced fkc you too Gabriel, I know you’re hiding something you piece of sht btch and I aint trusting you! Not one second! You can die for all I care, I wish Michael was the one alive and you died hell make Sofiel the ruler since she cares for others way more than you do! Screw you for what you did to El. You deserve to be run away from.

Break for Rita appreciation time: damn gurl is looking fierce!

We bring you this commercial by Favaro Leone, look at them muscles let’s appreciate that hunk.

Commercial over.

In this scene the gang was all talking sht about Chari (well not really they were discussing this and that oh you fkng know) and YEAH NINA POUT AT EM GIRL, although I still am fkcng pissed about what that Chari said, POUT AT EM.

As you can see my baby girl aint having none of that sht.

In this scene we see Jeanne jumping off of heaven, that sounds weird but okay.

I still lowkey ship it since I highkey ship JeanAzel (although Azazel wasn’t in no how in this episode) but damn look at them, Sofiel as a woman I am VERY JEALOUS of your body.

AWWW!! Nina you look cute in blue hair!! You look fine girl! But still Chari would know you from a mile away.

So Nina went out to search for some intel and I love the scenes where she was running around the place cause it reminded me of the earlier episodes where sht hasn’t gone down and rained upon all of them.

Hmm I wonder where she’s off-



I seriously thought they wouldn’t see each other yet and maybe one episode more but oh my god I am not complaining.


Sneeky sneeky~

A-sneeky sneeky peeky


Hmm this is probably his mother’s grave since most villains start with mommy daddy issues and since his dad’s a dck this is probably his mother’s.

Yaaaaaas Nina, yaaaaaaa!!!! Represent my shock right now and fangirliness at the same fkcng time!

Yaaaaaas Nina, yaaaaaaa!!!! Represent my shock right now and fangirliness at the same fkcng time!

Me: *fangirling*


Me: *laughs like a madman* This is so me rn

Come on, do something!

Yes…. YES.


Sup btch XD what an entrance Nina, bravo!

Nina be like: oh sht

Chari be like: oh yeah.

You two are fkng adorable I swear I would die. I mean I still haven’t completely forgotten what you said Chari but we’re getting there.

I swear Nina no one will take you seriously looking like that I swear to Sofiel. Still though, cute.

My confused little sonofabtch

Look how my confused sonofabtch smiled like ugh my heart, I swear the way he smiled at Nina is so damn precious.

Sure Chari baby go along with her ruse.

It’s his mom, 100 percent sure of it. And thank you Nina for asking the questions we’ve been asking long ago.

I (and a lot of other people too) FKNG CALLED IT!

Why are you so shocked Nina? (I laughed at this moment because of Nina’s shock)


Me: Sure you aint but I called it. BUT LOOK HE’S COMING CLOSER!


Aww… YOU POOR UNFORTUNATE SOUL! //slapped// (I’m willing to bet some of you sang that)

Nina: *cries on the inside*

Me: *at the edge of my seat err bed*

Did she hope that at least YOU would have a great life?

Oh I guess not…

I’m willing to bet an arm, a leg and a brother that he’s planning to revive her, or at least that’s what he wanted from the gods. Like his wish was for her to come back to life.


THAT FKCNG ‘Chari’s special smile for Nina’ smile is getting me holy sht I have a feeling that this episode is gonna ba waaaay better than 6 and 13!

That smile is so precious I cannot.



YAAAASSSSSSS HELLO!!!! Oh sorry, ehem. So his name WAS Chris, aww I didn’t know Chari gave his real name to Nina! Omg that is so ngggghh.

Awww *insert that child wiping a character’s tears from the tv but eplace it with Chari*

Hahaha he’s still playing by her game

Come one, we all know that you both know who each other is.

Me: Yes… And?


I love how Nina is like, oh… okay.

Oh mah gawd my precious children, mi preciozo. This brings back sooooo many memories!!! I love it I can die.

Oh don’t you be so awkward child, I mean I know you have a lot of things going on in that pretty little head of yours but… okay you have all the reason to be awkward.

Yes, yes he does.

He was playing your game, a ruse love.

Look at mah little baby looking at merch as if he was stroling disney land (by this point I’ve forgotten about what he said at the beginning)

So my baby bought something like a charm or whatnot and Nina’s telling him off but then LOOK. HE TOUCHED HER AND SHE WAS LIKE OH OKAY AND DIDN’T TURN INTO A DRAGON. I try to notice every detail when it comes to these two.

See?! Oh… OKAY. Nina’s always on the okay when it comes to her baby king.

Uh oh…

Uh oh, people are staring Chari…

Now what do we have here…

Me: *shrugs*

Me: Little demon babies?

Me: Wait…


Yeah Nina, WHAT?




These demon babies are precious, all children are precious *cries*




Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior what is this perfection? I swear God thank you for this beautiful blessing you have bestowed upon human kind.

Look at him… LOOK AT HIM, OH SO PRECIOUS, OH SO BEAUTIFUL OH SO PRECIOUS *cries for the nth time*

Me: Huehuehue Nina go get em Chari meat


Nine: Don’t fantasize about him, DON’T FANTASIZE ABOUT HIM.

Future dragon babies: Yeah mom! Come join us!

Future dragon babies: Yeah come play with us mom!

Nina: Alright, mom’s coming! *sees the skull*


Future dragon babies: Aww mom broke the skull of daddy’s enemy.

Charioce: Fear not my children, I know how to fix our problem.

Me and Nina: *staring*

Charioce: Let me be hot for a bit so your mom gets turned on.

(I’m laughing at my own stupidity, all hail future dragon babies!)

Charioce: I told you I’ve got this.

Let me point out again that all children are precious <3

Charioce: See? Dad’s bouncy ball is better than before!

Nina: *pouts cause her children went back to playing*

Nina: Really, Chris? Really?

Charioce: It’s okay, look. They’re having fun. *smiles all daddy like*

I swear these two look like a married couple. I swear if this isn’t foreshadowing I swear…

Charioce you sly sonofabtch, cheeky bastard.

We all do Nina, we all do.

I love how Charioce is juat smiling.


Oh my god…

OH MY GOD!!!!!


Charioce: Relax, they’re kids. They should have fun.

Just do it Nina, just fkng kiss already (was my thoughts and then omg)

I love these two to deth no joke.

Ahhh so Chari is being watched…. Well I should’ve know he wouldn’t step out of his castle without any guards following him.

Lemme guess, it’s that black knight piece of sht again, that little a**hole.

No Nina, those are actually us crazy shippers who are secretly stalking and taking photos of you





I really love these two shot, I don’t know why but I love it. Aesthetically pleasing?

I don’t know, but maybe it’s the way Chari pulls Nina that is so cliché animesque but I really love it, all their interactions in general. Hm maybe it’s because it’s this cliché of royalty running away from guards bit? Who knows.

Woah when Charioce said let’s lose them they really did actually loose them (maybe) like this looks waaay away from the place where they were.

Me when this very moment was shown: OMG THIS IS THE PERFECT PLACE FOR A CONFESSION!!!

I laughed at this scene because Charioce is all tired and sht while Nina I just chill wahahahaha

*sexy music plays in the background*

I legit thought Charioce was going to take his shirt off when he started roling his sleeves.

Charioce is hot. Just saying.

Oh my gosh that is so anime, like that sweat effect is so anime XD

Uh oh…

Nina, Imma stop you right there. What is in yo mind girl?

I was legit thinking at this moment that Nina was going to try and steal the bracelet from Chari.

Like look, it looks like she was set to get that bracelet so that was what I thought!

Little I did I know that this would be the start of the best moments in anime history, like I was screaming “CONFESS” in my head while watching this and little did I know what was going to happen.


My inner fangirl was slowly ascending to heaven at this point

And your baby

Yes that was what this whole thing was about

A moment of silence.


*fangirls at the memory*

I felt really sad for Nina at that time because she was so confused and somewhat hurt too by the fact that he’s hated by everyone

This is so sweet, I absolutely love it.

Yeah girl! Be determined! I am so rooting for you!

There’s that moment of silence again.

Chari baby I can feel your inner conflict all the way from here.

Still willing to bet that arm, leg and brother that what he wants to do is ressurect his mother (unless he wants to be all Code Geass and say that he wants the world to unite against one common enemy)


Me: *shuts up for a moment*

Oh no… just what the hell man. That arm, leg and brother bet is still on if you like.

Pretty bad one if I do say so myself.

Me: *silent*

That’s so very kingly.

I’m sorry man but the mommy issues man. Next thing I know they’ll be an alchemy circle there and OMG WHAT IF THE PRICE ISN’T AN ARM, A LEG AND A BROTHER BUT INSTEAD AN EYE, AN ARM AND HIS EMOTIONS? OMGGGG LET’S GET FULL METAL UP IN THIS SHT!

Me: *okay me is silent again*

Oh my god, did he just… OH MY GOD (at that very moment I screamed to the heavens and my mom literally shouted at me to shut up and when I did my head almost exploded)



Oh my god

Oh my god

Oh my god

Oh my god (look at Nina she so pretty in this frame)

Lemme tell you something real quick girl, at this very moment I had to pause because tears were coming down my face for real. I sent a photo to my friend about how much I was crying and when I paused did I only realize that I was holding my breath in. Btch that’s some good sht anime right there.

Even now my breath stops whenever I look at it.

Shocked Chari is shookt (I’m tearing up as I write this)

Don’t think about your inner conflicts Chari, just don’t.

Oh gods

Oh gods, Nina’s crying now I’m crying *cries*

This looks so fkcng perfect that I can’t my heart can’t handle this intensity.


Oh god

Oh god

Oh my lord oh my stars

Jesus Christ this is beautiful, I love these two so much that I would die for them.

All I can say is oh god and smile all tearfully.


That fkng smile *cries*

Oh gods wait, I know where this is going to oh my god oh my god oh my god

Oh god

Oh gods, oh gods

Oh my god you’re both so precious….

Me at the very moment this was shown: *GASP* *pause* oh my god oh my god oh my god *plays*


This is beyond perfection, this is so Romeo and Juliet like, like what the fck a tale of love and ruin oh my god. My heart can’t take this intensity holy sht

Wow just wow, like the way Charioce tightens the hug more as if he doesn’t want to let Nina go oh god wow such amazing detail to everything.

This is beyond amazing, this was so worth the wait… wow just wow oh god wow, I am speechless man just wow.

Fck man that hug… that kiss, like the more you zoom in the more you can feel the intensity

She’s not turning into a dragon *cries in happiness*

See? Even she get shocked!

They’re both so shocked *smiles to the point that my face gets ripped*

The emotions are so raw that I can’t…

Nina? Nina? Where are you going?!

To be honest I was legit thinking she was going to run away thinking that it was wrong and bad that she was doing this with the enemy like those anime cliches and I actually panicked for a bit.

See? Even Chari is confused.

Uh… Nina?

Ninaaaa? (legit confused)


Woah!!!! WOAH!!!



Somewhere deep in Chari’s mind: Was I that bad a kisser?

Woah wait, no way.

She turned back into a human! OMG this just proves what I said before that only Chari has the ability to turn Nina in and out of dragon form!


Huehuehuehue, Also I love how Nina is fangirling over her own kiss. So precious.

What I am concerned about it that this is the second time Charioce has seen you naked, what a winner that man is.

His smile

Oh my god his smile

This is legit the most love filled smile Charioce has ever dawned on his face like if you look at his you can’t even recognize him, that’s how sweet and in love this smile is. (this is how my smile looks for the entire episode, not as good thought but still)

Ladies and gentlemen we all know that Charioce is into scales.

Dragon Nina looks fierce!!!

Somewhere deep in Charioce’s mind: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD

Look, all yall be honesty with me. I aint the only btch who thought AND shouted


Don’t you be lying to be when you didn’t think that up cause I swear you be lyin

Now I have a million photos of Charioce riding Nina *lenny face* but I’ll make a separate post for that cause this sht is long as hell already

I love how happy Charioce looks as he flies with Nina like look at him

This one is my favorite Chari smile next to the one in the cave

People say he looks kinda condescending in this but don’t be fooled honey it’s just his eyebrows.

Ah perfect moonlight

Ugh this again.

Yeah girl! Be assertive!

Here we go again with the next times!


Chari what the fkc, you’re not too deep into the relationship yet and you’re already snapping at her? Not cool man.

See, you’ve given Nina the impression that you’re mad you dumb fck

What? *still pissed*

Why do I feel a bad undertone to this? Like there’s a bad omen somewhere? Is this why you snapped? Because you’re worried about something?

See how much Nina loves you? You snap at her and she fkcng smiles at you you dumb fkc


Charioce you…

You sly sonofabtch you dumb fck so you bought this for her, I take it back you dumb fck.


DAAAAWWWWW (btw I LOVE how you look right now Chari XD)



Woah woah woah woah pause this sht I see that look on you face Chari, what the fck?

Chari why do you look like you’re in pain? What is going on? Why are you frowning? Why are you holding Nina as if it’s the last time you’ll see her? WHATTHE FCK IS WITH THAT FROWN?!

Hmmm should I make something out of this or naw? I’m going to leave this at that for now…

Nina you cute litte dragon lady you oh my god

Daww that nice little charm!

Fanservice plus fangirlservice both in one frame, of course.

HAIL HIT//slapped// I find this very cute shut up

And there she goes, off into the night.

Ah Chari, you must be so happy to have finally


OH MY GOD NO CHARIOCE, DON’T TELL ME YOU’VE PLANNED THIS ENTIRE THING FROM THE VERY NO… No that can’t be, he didn’t know that Nina was a dragon before and then he can’t control her transformation now since Nina can do it on her own then what the fck is with that look what is you deal?! Oh gods no, please don’t be the a** the antis want you to be good god please don’t let this be a pretend for you gods please Chari DON’T BE A DCK! Good god Chari no, please don’t be that!

Chacioce Chris I swear don’t you be an a**! Don’t you be a- oh there’s more in the end…



Dude I would think wrong about Charioce looking like that in the final frame since he just finished being all lovey-dovey with Nina and then he looks like that as if the moments weren’t sincere but since they showed this last part of the gimp and then going back to his eye twitching when this fkcer said he would kill Nina it all makes sense that he would look like that cause his baby girl is in serious deep sht.


Anyway I still don’t know why Chari said kill on sight, maybe, as I said, out  of professionalism where he has to act kingly and not let his emotions take over but dam son if after this day will you still say that you’ll let this fkcng gimp kill her? I can tell why you look pissed as fck since I wouldn’t want that either.

Still I don’t know, I’m confused but my heart is secured that all of it was real and sincere and this is actually Charioce getting mad about that onyx knight wanting to kill Nina. In fact my heart thinks this is him finally making a decision that he would keep Nina safe, that he finally made a conclusion for himself and would take action on it. Yeah because Mappa wouldn’t show us that last clip of gimpy saying Chari is under a spell unless it meant something right? The way he looked back didn’t come off as a ‘I’ve got her in my trap’ kind of look but instead ‘I won’t let anything hurt her’. Yeah, as I rewatch and analyze that’s how it looked like.

There’s a little bit of doubt but my heart is secured on this ship and as I have said before, unless Mappa makes Charioce into the dck antis wanted him to be then I’ll ship it to the ends of the earth and fight for it and if he does turn into a D I’ll start the hate thread.

Anyway anyway, here are my thoughts for this week’s episode. This was intense as sht and I am sorry for all the misspelled words and all the nonsense, this took me HOURS to finish but I’m happy about how it turned out. Again sorry about the errors since I didn’t have enough time to proof read it. Still I hope you enjoyed!

These are my thoughts, feel free to reblog or comment and if you have any questions you’d like my insight on feel free to ask!

I hope you enjoyed and here’s to another week of suffering!

(Kudos to tumblr for taking 200plus photos into one post and kudos to you for finishing this)

Guess who’s back?! HEYYYYY! Normal content will resume, but I just HAD to get this out of system after watching Kingsman, ha! Will get back to requests ASAP.

“She’s just a beautiful person. Inside and out, y'know? When we’re in the same room I can’t take my eyes off of her,” he smiles, looking at the interviewer.
“Sounds like you’ve got it bad,” the interviewer laughs. Taron looks down at his feet, biting his bottom lip as he smiles. “Is it true that she said your real name during a certain scene?”
Taron chuckles at the question, thinking back to when your character said that she loves his for the first time.

You’d looked deep into his eyes, your breath had caught in the back of your throat as he stared straight back at you, then you whispered the words ‘I love you, Taron’. Neither of you had even realised that there was anything wrong until the producer had come over and cleared his throat loudly behind you.
“We need to do that again, you said Taron and not Eggsy,” he smiled.
“I did?” You asked.
“She did?” Taron gasped.
“Yep, wanna see?” He asked, pointing to the cameras.
“Yeah,” Taron nodded. You two then realised you hadn’t loosened your grip on one another, and slowly slid your hands away from each other’s bodies to check the footage. Sure enough, on the screen in front of you, there were two people who looked madly in love, with one confessing their love for the other and saying the wrong name.
“Shit,” you mumbled, frowning to yourself and turning away from everyone.
“It’s okay, we’ll take five, then shoot it again,” the producer said. Everyone dispersed, but you stayed rooted to the spot. Why did you say Taron? Why hadn’t he noticed? You looked back to the screen, Taron’s eyes still fixated on it, not quite believing that the two people he was looking at were you two. There was a softness to your faces, Taron’s eyes were sparkling, looking into yours that were equally as bright. It was like two people seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day, or some other soppy stuff. Taron turned to you, finally tearing himself away from the image, and you looked up to meet his eyes. His mouth opened, wanting to say something, then it turned into that damn smile that made your stomach flip every time he flashed it.
“So you love me?” He smirked playfully. You go to answer, but suddenly can’t find the words to say anything funny back. Your eyes go wide, realisation hitting you like a train, and your breath gets short. His smile drops, seeing your reaction, then he gets hit with the reality that there’s an actual chance you feel the same about him as he does with you. You turn around and start walking away as quickly as you can. This shouldn’t have happened, you never should have got in this deep, he’d never feel the same about you, how stupid could you be to let this happen? You hear footsteps behind you, quickly catching up to you as a tear rolls down your face.
“Hey, (Y/N), don’t walk away, please,” he says, reaching out and gripping onto your arm, stopping you in your tracks. He stands in front of you, both hands on your arms, stroking them gently.
“I’m sorry,” you say, not looking him in the eyes.
“Don’t you dare be sorry. If you hadn’t have said it, I would have,” he smiles. You frown, confused, then look up at his face. That smile, it could kill you one day if you weren’t careful.
“What?” You ask, unsure of what he was saying.
“It was only a matter of time. If I’d have had that line first, I would’ve done the same,” he explains.
“Really,” he nods, kissing your forehead, “I’ve got it bad.”
“Me too,” you admit. The crew start to gather again and you both walk back to the set in silence, your hands intertwined.

“So, what happened?” The interviewer presses, seeing Taron’s reaction to the question.
“It was one of those scenes where you just get lost in each other, and she said my name instead of the character’s. To be fair, if she hadn’t have been saying the line first, I would have done the same,” he says, “neither of us even noticed she’d done it until the producer came over.”
“You didn’t realise she’d said your name?”
“Nah, it just felt right what she was saying, it was weird that it didn’t feel weird, if you know what I mean.”
“Like it was a natural thing?”
“Yeah, like that.”
“And that’s why you two have been inseparable since the film?” The interviewer asks.
“Well, until this press tour, yeah, pretty much,” Taron smiles, his eyes shining brightly at the thought of you.
“True love then?”
“How is it, being apart for these few weeks?”
“Hell,” Taron laughs, “we thought this would be good for us, being as we’d been in each other’s company for so long you know. It’s not good though, I never knew I could miss anyone this much.”
“How is she coping, doing the same thing as you, but not being with you?”
“I think the same really. I don’t know, maybe she’s a bit better at it,” Taron laughs.
“Judging by this clip, I’d say she was feeling the same as you, don’t worry!” The interviewer says, nodding towards a monitor behind him. Up came your face, from a different country, with some of the actors from the film that were new to this one like you. Taron’s face lights up as soon as he sees you, the way you were sitting there, hands in your lap, looking shyly down at your shoes as the others spoke made his heart swell.

“And (Y/N), you are the new love interest of Eggsy. How was it working so closely with Taron?” Your face softened at the sound of his name and you smiled before you spoke.
“It was incredible. He’s such a talented man, I was in awe of him the whole time. You’ll see in most of the scenes me just standing there with my mouth hanging open probably,” you laugh, bringing your hand up to your mouth.
“How is it being apart from him recently? We hear that a romance has blossomed.”
“I miss him terribly. It’s like a part of me has gone away. I know that probably sounds really corny,” you blush.

The clip pauses, staying on your face that now looked slightly sad at the thought of being away from him. Taron wanted to reach out and touch your cheek on the screen, try and feel your warmth against his skin, but he resisted, not wanting to make a fool out of himself on telly.
“How long until you two meet up on the press tour then?” The interviewer asks, snapping Taron out of his daydream and making him turn back to the camera.
“Erm, I think it’s about two weeks now. Not that I’m counting down the days or anything,” he chuckles.
“Oh of course not!” The interviewer laughs, “good luck with the film, Taron, its brilliant, and we’re all hoping for a third one!”
“Thank you, thanks for having me!”

*two weeks later*

“She’s here,” Colin says to his co-star, giving him a nudge. Taron looks up excitedly from his phone, getting up from the chair and throwing the phone down onto the empty seat. You look into the large room, a photo shoot set up inside, Colin and Taron in one corner. He rushes towards you, already on his feet before you’ve got through the doorway. Your bodies crash together, his face landing in the crook of your neck, breathing in your scent, kissing your hair sloppily. Your face rests on his shoulder, nose against his neck as his hands run up and down your body, remembering every curve of it. He gently pulls you out of the room again, away from prying eyes, and looks properly at your face. His hands land on your cheeks, holding your head still as he takes in every detail again, his thumbs stroking the top of your cheeks.
“Fucking hell I’ve missed you so much,” he finally exhales, breaking into a smile from his concerned look, “are you okay? I was told you weren’t well the past few days. You look pale.”
“Taron, stop worrying, I’m fine,” you smile back, “just a little sick, that’s all. I’ve missed you too. How are you?”
“I’m better now you’re here,” he says, finally taking your lips with his. He backs you up against the wall, hands travelling from your face down to your hips, pulling them into his. You slide your arms around him, fingers interlinking at the back of his neck, pulling his face into yours. Colin comes around the corner unknown to you both and coughs a little to get your attention. Taron pulls away from you slowly, then nods to Colin as he goes back into the room, you two following behind hand in hand.
The men are up first, getting into their costumes from the film and having their photos taken together then individually. Then it’s the women’s turn, doing the same, and the separate groups of statesmen and kingsman. There’s a few shots of couples together, then it’s yours and Taron’s turn. He’s dressed in the orange suit, and you come out in a floor length strapless dress that featured in the film. As you walk over to him, he leans in and whispers in your ear.
“You look beautiful.” Your cheeks flush red at his words, and you look down at your feet as you try not to fall over in the heels you’re wearing. He takes your hand, steadying you, and you look into his eyes as his mouth stays open slightly, astounded at how you look. The flash goes off as the photographer takes a candid snap of you both, then you laugh and wait for direction.
“Can you dance? Like what you do in the film? We’ll just go with that and see what happens,” the photographer smiles. You both nod, then turn into each other, one hand of his rests on your waist and the other takes your hand and lifts it up as you both start to move around in a waltz.
“Surprised you remember the steps,” you whisper to him.
“So am I,” he smirks. You keep eye contact with him throughout, laughing at some of the faces he makes as he twirls you around, almost letting go of you. As you spin back into him, he wraps his arms around your body, pulling your back flush against his body, and for a moment it feels like you’re the only people in the room as he leans down and kisses you. Flashes go off around you as the photographer snaps away.
“That’s all guys, perfect!” The photographer says. You thank him and start to walk off with help from Taron. His hand grips your waist tightly as he proudly walks along with you by his side, your arm resting on his back, scrunching the fabric of his jacket in your hand. The smiles on your faces beam across the room as the other cast members stare at you both, so in love and content.


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Just Friends (part seven)

a/n: PRETTY TRIGGERING CONTENT: (self harm, suicidal thoughts, peaked depression and swearing)

You couldn’t believe yourself.  You couldn’t believe this is what you’ve become, that you’ve become this person.. that you were so weak and pathetic you couldn’t handle a justified beating.  You shook your head, eyes wandering down your bloody arms.

You cut yourself.

The blood smeared along the bruises Jerry had left earlier, and all around making a mess on your bathroom floor.  Choked sobs and sniffles echoed across the walls as you just sat there, pain intensifying the longer you let your wounds go unattended.  But at the same times, it felt numbing.  Numbing everything, your physical pain and your emotional pain.  Don’t hear me wrong, it didn’t feel good, but it did feel better than before.

Until you heard squeaky breaks and the familiar sound of a door slamming shut.

“Y/N!”  You panicked when a rapid knocking rumbled against the front door.  “y/n! I know you’re home come to the door!” Stiles yelled from outside.  “y/n!”

Your body slid closer to the floor, and the pounding and yelling continued.  Your eyes fluttered closed s you pressed your cheek against the cool tile ground.

For a few minutes, the pounding stopped, and you felt that comfortable numbness again.  You were ready to fall asleep, when the knocking came back.  But this time much closer.  

“y/n!” Your eyes opened a little, realizing he was knocking on the bathroom door now.  “y/n, y/n open the door” Stiles breathed heavily, you could hear it from inside.

“Go home Stiles” You whispered.

“y/n if you don’t, then I will” He said.  “And I don’t want to have to do that to you, so please, please just open the door” Tears welled in your eyes.  He would be so disappointed in you in a matter of minutes.

“Go home” You whimpered again.

“I’m opening the door y/n” Stiles said, voice wavering but you knew he would.  “Three” You sucked in a deep breath.  “Two” Your eyes slipped shut as you rested back onto the floor.  “One”

The echo of the doorknob turning and the door itself whipping open seemed to last forever.  You could barely hear Stiles rushing in and sinking to the ground next to you, repeating your name over and over as he cradled your face in his hands.  

“y/n, y/n look at me please” Your heavy eyes lifted to meet his, finding that he was crying.  “Where’s- where do you keep your first aid kit” He asked, licking his lips as his eyes scanned over your arms.

“Third..third drawer” You mumbled, and he wasted no time in whipping around, and retrieving the small box.

“y/n” He said your name softly, and you opened your eyes reluctantly.  You watched him clean up one arm, then placing a big white patch on the cut area.  Staring even as he wrapped gauze to keep it in place, and moved onto the next arm.

“I’m sorry” You cried, but not having any tears left to give him.  Your throat a hot burn as you spoke.  Stiles just shook his head.

“Come ‘mere” He hummed, half standing, and pulling you into his arms, carrying you bridal style down the steps.  Neither of you said anything as he set you on the couch, and sat on the end closest to your feet.  He pulled a small blanket off of the chair next to him, and draped it over your body.  You looked at him with confusion as he got up, running a hand over your forehead and pushing back your hair.  “Just get some rest for now, alright?” You nodded shakily, closing your eyes and pulling the blanket tighter around you.  “I’ll be here, and we’ll talk when you wake up” Stiles promised.

“Okay” Was all you could manage to say.  Stiles leaned forward, pressing warm lips to your forehead in a warm kiss that sparked a ghost of a smile on your lips.  

When you woke up, pain instantly shot through your arms and ran throughout your body.  You shuddered, thoughts of the past three hours flooding your mind.  You sat up slightly, seeing Stiles sitting on the other end of the couch.  Out of instinct, you wrapped your arms around yourself, and his attention turned to you.

“You stayed” You whispered after a long period of silent eye contact.  You moved to sit sideways on the couch, your legs criss cross  under the blanket.  He turned to face you as well.

“Yeah, yeah I wasn’t just going to leave you” You bit the inside of your cheek, and he reached a hesitant hand forward, almost waiting for you to protest as he cupped it around your face, thumb sliding over a dark blue bruise under your eye.  “y/n” He whispered.  “What happened to you?” His eyes looked to yours, but you averted your gaze.

“I’m sorry” Your voice cracked.  

“No, no don’t be sorry just… tell me the whole story okay? I’ll listen” You nodded, taking a few deep breaths.  As though that could ready you.

You told him everything, not leaving out a single detail.  From the sting of Jerry’s hand, to the fear in the way he’d looked at you.  Here and there you’d look up to Stiles, seeing his jaw set and eyes harden, teeth grinding a little the more you told him.

“I… I didn’t want to do it anymore I was tired of all the bad things happening okay? I just… I’m never gonna be normal.  Not like you, your friends.  I’m never going to have that life” You breathed, and wiped your eyes, not wanting to cry anymore.

“What do you mean?” Stiles whispered, caressing your skin again, and you pressed your cheek into the warmth of his palm.  Your fingers played with the strings of his sweatshirt in an absent minded fidget.

“I’m not going to get straight A’s, no matter how hard I study.  I’m not going to meet people who want to stick around and be real friends, no college I could ever be accepted into, could possibly be far enough away from here” You sighed.  “I’m always just going to be here… pathetically crying.  I’m not going to have a boyfriend, I’m not going to make friendly with anyone ever.  I’m just always going to be that quiet girl in the back of the class” You looked down, and Stiles’ other hand came up around your face, cradling you again.

“No you won’t” Stiles murmured.  “y/n, you’re gonna be so successful” He told you.  “You’re smart, you’re persistent, stubborn as fuck, and that’s a good thing” You both let out the smallest of laughs, but it was a start.  “You’re bold, you beat up Jackson Whittemore for crying out loud, and you’re beautiful-” You let out a snort, and he moved your head gently to meet his eyes.  “I’m serious” He said.  “You have a way of making people laugh, and you’re incredibly creative.  So don’t go getting yourself down on things you shouldn’t be” He said.

“I don’t know-”

“Getting into college will be easy for you.  Finding a job will be easy for you.  And… and whenever you’re ready to go do the boyfriend thing again, well I know they’re will be a line of guys just waiting for you” You smiled softly at him, wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning against him in a hug.  You pressed your face into his shirt, and he held you close and tightly, arms secure around you as he buried his face in your hair, trying to memorize your scent in case there would ever come a day where he would forget.  “I’m so glad you’re okay y/n” He said, voice cracking.  “I’m so glad you’re okay” He repeated in a whisper.

“I’m sorry Stiles” You mumbled, leaning up to press your nose and lips into the crook of his neck.

“Just don’t… don’t ever scare me like that again okay?” You nodded.

“I won’t I won’t I won’t” You promised.  The both of you sat for a few moments longer, neither wanting to leave the other’s embrace.  “Stiles”


“How’d you get in the house?”

“Umm… your door was locked so I climbed in through your window” You giggled, pulling back and looking at him.

“You’re quite the strange person Stiles Stilinski” You said, hands lying at the base of his neck.

“Well you’re quite the strange person as well y/n l/n” You smiled softly at him.

“Hug me again” You said, already leaning into him making him grin as he held you again, moving his body side to side in a rocking pattern.  “Let’s be strangers together” You hummed.

“Yeah” Stiles said, a hand tangling into your hair.  “So.. maybe tonight you should come home with me” You raised a brow at him.

“Uhm, like to hang out?”

“No like to stay the night” You cocked your head to the side.  “Well you can’t stay here, and I’m sure my Dad would be okay with you staying” Stiles said.  You blinked, eyes wide and lips parted.  “Want me to call him and ask?” You swallowed, unable to speak so you just jerkily nodded your head.  “Okay, I’m sure he’ll say yes if you want to pack a bag or something?” You nodded again, standing swiftly from the couch and walking around it.  Then turned back, rushing back over to him from behind.  Stiles already had his father’s line ringing.

“Stiles?” He turned to you

“Yep-” and before he could blink you’d quickly pressed your lips to his cheek in a quick kiss.  

“Thank you” You said, then went off on your way up the steps.

When you came back down, a backpack on your shoulder holding two outfits and pajamas.  As well as other necessities like your phone, charger, earbuds, toothbrush, hair brush, deodorant etc.  You found Stiles, standing by the stairway and he smiled at you when he saw you.

“He said yes” Stiles said, and you smiled slowly and softly.  “He also said if I ever skip school again… he’ll handcuff me to Coach’s desk” 

You were curled up and half asleep on the Stilinski couch.  When you and Stiles had arrived you’d both decided watching movies seemed a good way to go for the evening.  You had fallen asleep somewhere along the way, but you were awake now.  Stiles was sitting in a chair next to you, and he seemed to think you were still sleeping so you didn’t want to bother him.  You just stayed comfortably curled up under a blanket.

When you heard the door open, you still didn’t say anything about being awake.

“Dad” Stiles said loudly but in a whisper.  You heard scramble to his feet and walk over to the door.

“Stiles” His father greeted.  “Is uh, is y/n here?” 

“Yeah she’s sleeping on the couch right now” Stiles said.  

“Is she alright?” You heard the Sheriff say with a voice of concern.

“Yeah yeah I think she’s a lot better now but- but Dad she can’t go back-”

“I know” He cut off his son.  “I know I’ve already given the names you told me to Parrish at the station.  We’ll have this all cleaned up in no time”

“Stiles?” You mumbled, sitting up on your elbows.  The boy immediately came over to you, sitting on the side of the sofa, right next to you.

“Hey.. hey how’re you feeling?” He asked, and you just nodded your head a little.

“Okay.  What’s going on?” You sat up further, until you stood up completely from the seat.

“We… well I.. I told my Dad about Jerry” Stiles saw you stiffen.  “And um.. we’re… we’re gonna put him in jail” You licked your lips, glancing between the Sheriff and his son.

“If he’s smart, he’ll plead guilty, and we’ll put him right into prison” You were speechless, just staring at Stiles.

“Are… are you mad?” Stiles asked nervously.  You blinked a few times.  Then jumped up into his arms.  Stiles just grinned, spinning you around and holding the back of your head.

“No no no I’m not mad I’m ecstatic” You said, and let go of him to hug his Dad.  Not as jumpy and a much shorter hug, but just as sweet and it got the message you needed to convey.  “Thank you” You breathed, and the Sheriff smiled at you, patting your back and shoulder as you pulled away.

“It’s late, have you eaten?” You nodded, you and Stiles had swung through Burger King before going to his house.

“If it’s okay, could I change then come back and just stay on the couch for a night-”

“No! No of course not!” You gasped slightly when you jumped at the Sheriff’s loud protest.  “You can stay in Stiles’ bed, he can stay on the couch” You let out a soft sigh of relief.

“Yeah definitely, you can stay in there” Stiles perked up.  

“Alright, well I’ll go change then” You said softly, and excusing yourself to go up to Stiles’ room.

you: would your dad kill you if you came in
stiles: no but he’d give me a ‘stern talking to’ tomorrow morning
you: but i can’t sleep
stiles: i’ll come in an hour but i can’t stay the whole night
you: ok :)

You don’t know how much time had passed since he’d told you an hour.  But you hoped it was soon.  You couldn’t sleep.  Honestly you were scared.  You were scared that you’d go to sleep and have nightmares.  

But your eyes were drifting shut and your body growing heavy with exhaustion.  You hadn’t gotten proper sleep all day, and you really needed it.

Just before you could completely pass out, you heard the door open.

“Stiles?” You called, rolling over as he got into the bed next to you.  You let out a long sigh of content, just having him lay there next to you.

“It’s late y/n and we have school tomorrow” He hummed.  You just nodded, eyes falling shut.  “Hey”


“Give me your hand” Stiles whispered, and you looked down to his open hand.  You smiled softly, filling the spaces between his fingers with yours.

The both of you fell asleep this way.

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Smart Cookies - Part 3 (Jughead x Reader)

Things have been going well for you and your boyfriend Jughead, you’ve been together for almost 6 months. You’re ready to move forward and you both think it’s time to become intimate. However with Jughead living at the Andrews and your parents working from home and an annoying little sister to deal with, the conditions are far from ideal.

Part 1       Part 2

Characters: Jughead x reader, Veronica, Archie, (mentioned) the rest of the gang.

Warnings: Kissing.


Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

For a girl who loved to spill, Veronica Lodge was keeping things very quiet about the plans she had for y/n. Y/n was a little confused as Veronica gave her instructions as they sat at their usual picnic table for lunch, waiting for the others.

‘So my mom’s friend owed us a favour. All you gotta do is go to the address I’ll text you, with Jughead on Friday and all will be revealed.’ V said.

‘Doesn’t sound creepy at all Ronnie.’ y/n replied hesitantly.

‘Just trust me y/n.’ Before y/n could question her further, the rest of the gang joined them. Jughead slid in next to her, she automatically turned and gave him a little peck on the lips. His cheeks flushed a little causing everyone to giggle at him.

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