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Musical doodles ~
This week’s classes got me productive !


With thanks to @stuffedart​ who is probably sick of me by now. Although I went much more low-key because I’m a coward  shy (⸝⸝•́દ•̀⸝⸝) I don’t think I’m gonna upload these to dA for exactly that reason.

I also decided to throw in flower language even though it doesn’t really have anything to do with anything.

Oak-Leaved Geranium for Papyrus, which is “True Friendship”
Ox Eyes for Sans which is “Patience”
And Amaryllis for Frisk which is “Determination”

I wasn’t sure what to do for backgrounds…

They’re transparent :)

“I have no qualms about a female Doctor. I just want to get her pregnant, get a show with her son up and running, then kill her off and focus on her much more powerful male replacement. But just to be clear, no qualms at all.”


totally! platonic! coworkers!

I can’t believe how good that episode was, there was just so much in there that I not only wanted to see between them, but that i 100% needed.

They were gonna christen every room.

But Robert couldn’t do it.

Robert told him everything. E V E R Y T H I N G.

Aaron dragged him, he was angry af and I needed that to happen.

Robert confirmed he only told her all that stuff on the night to get him way. CANON CORRECTED thank you Maxine.

Robert poured his actual heart out. He was broken. Devastated by what he’s done. He’d do anything to take it back. He’s never had problems lying before but lying to Aaron ripped his heart out. I’m fine. I’m fine.

Above everything it’s just so obvious Robert wants Aaron, only Aaron. He’s the love of his life.

N O B O D Y 👏 C O M E S 👏 C L O S E

(I just wish they’d addressed the consent issue but they obviously have no intention of going there)