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omg, i never want you to stop writing!!! your scenarios are so good <3 could i request a neighbor wonho au?!

it was his birthday and im a bit late,,,but here take this neighbor au as my apology monbebe’s ;;~

  • such a good, wholehearted person that like recycles and cleans up trash around the apartment complex and makes sure that kids don’t cross the street on a red light if they’re not with their parents
  • has the heart of a soft angel but the muscles,,,,,,of like an champion athlete but that makes it even better instead of a friendly giant he’s a friendly,,,,,,,,strong person LOL
  • the older ladies are always so shocked to see wonho at the neighborhood farmers market on the weekends but there he is. buying some organic lettuce and honey or something,,,,,maybe a new potted plant for his kitchen
  • his apartment is really pretty,,,,like he keeps it really clean and he has this light blue color scheme going on
  • but also,,,,,,,,has like a liquor cabinet and if he rolls up his sleeves you’ll be shocked to see tattoos covering his arm,,,,,pretty flowers and hangul quotes,,,,,,things like that
  • isn’t it amazing how he’s own like fifty pound weights but also mason jars full of four-leaf clovers he’s found like what???? a great mix 
  • and you don’t really talk to him or know much about him, aside from the fact that you once thought his tattoos were cool from afar 
  • so when you end up outside of your apartment building late at night, you’re actually trying to wash some graffiti off the side of the building 
  • you’re shocked when you hear someones voice fo “oh, let me help!”
  • and you turn to see wonho there, who looks like he’s just coming home from the gym. he drops his bag and takes on of the rolls of paper towel you have with you
  • and you’re like,,,,,,well you’re like “oh you don’t have to help-”
  • but he smiles, and you see how handsome he is up close with straight white teeth and sparkling eyes
  • and he’s like “good neighbors should keep the apartments clean together!!”
  • but see the problem isn’t actually that he’s helping you the problem is,,,,the reason you’re cleaning off the graffiti isn’t because you wanted to do your part in society,,,,,,,,,
  • it’s because that was an old piece of yours and now you wanted to draw over it
  • so it’s a bit awkward standing there with this prince-like neighbor of yours happily scrubbing away your art and,,,,,when you’re both done he goes “let me help you carry all of this back to your apartment!!” 
  • and you panic a bit because he goes for your backpack (which is ofc, full of spray paint cans) and you’re like wAIt,,,but it’s too late because wonho picks up the bag and
  • out comes the cans, tumbling to his feet out of the open bag and you’re like “um - u m”
  • and wonho looks at them, then you, then the clean wall and it clicks in his head and you’re like
  • “listen - i never said i was cleaning it as a service to the neighborhood-”
  • but wonho puts up his hand and he’s like “it’s ok,,,,,,” and you’re like “well im just going to take-” and you reach out for the bag
  • but suddenly it’s dangling over your head as wonho holds it up and you’re like UM HOW ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD THAT IN ONE HAND WHAT THE-
  • and he’s like “ill return it, but first you need to promise me something”
  • and you’re like what in the world is he going on about but when you try to jump up for your bag wonho is like “nope, promise me first”
  • and you’re like Fine ok WHAT and he’s like “whatever you graffiti, it isn’t going to be offensive ok?” and you look at him and you’re like,,,,,i wasn’t planning on making it offensive
  • and wonho is like “i know,,,,,but please don’t make it vulgar either kids in the neighborhood shouldn’t have to-”
  • and you laugh a little because you’re like he really is one of those people that’s always looking out for others and wonho pouts because hey, he’s being serious
  • and you’re like “i would never graffiti something like that, my speciality is drawing animals,,,,i was thinking to do like a wolf or something!” and wonho is like “a scary wolf?” and you’re like no LOL a cartoony one im not a serious artist or anything
  • and wonho hands you back your bag and he’s grinning now because hey,,,,a cartoon is ok,,,,that sounds cute
  • and you’re like “you can stay and watch just in case” and you’re half-joking
  • but somehow he does stay and he’s actually kind of even interesting in how graffiti works and you’re like “well first is your outline, and then you color it in!” and you even pass him a can so he can help you out
  • and when you’re done it’s like a cute wolf cub sitting in some flowers 
  • and wonho is like “it’s so,,,,cute,,,” and you’re like “see, graffiti isn’t all that bad” and wonho is like “no, it’s fun!!! you really showed me a new side to it”
  • and you both go back inside the building but as you’re in the elevator wonho is like he looks down at his spray-stained hands and he’s like “not to annoy you anymore, but ,,,,,how do i get this off?”
  • and you giggle and you’re like “i know a method”
  • and you invite wonho over to your place and for someone so handsome and strong he becomes really shy and polite being in your house and it’s so adorable how he stands with his hands in front of him like a kid
  • and when you tell him to give you his hands so you can run them under the water first,,,,you notice his ears go red
  • and you’re like ???? he’S THE ONE THAt’s acting shY??? with a face and a body like that????
  • but it warms your heart tbh,,,,and once you get his hands all clean wonho thanks you with a bow and you’re like
  • as you walk him out into the hall you’re like “if i need help cleaning again, should i be ok with finding you?”
  • and wonho seems surprised at how forward you are, but then a smile settles in on his face and he’s like “yes!! today was fun but,,,,,,”
  • and you tilt your head in anticipation and wonho’s like “,,,,but you can also just find me to,,,,,hang out a bit more,,,,,,,,,and you know not graffiti in the middle of the night bUT only if you want!!” 
  • and you grin and are like “are you saying i could ask you out?” and wonho,,,,,at the word date just blushes again but shrugs his shoulders and is like “,,,,yes?”
  • and it’s cute you’re like “ill think about it!~” with a wink and wonho feels like someone just shot an arrow through his chest,,,,,,,,,,how are you doing this to him????? 

Im never gonna get over the kiss so jot that down but what makes it so much more special than all the other krizi kisses (bc lets be real koke is a touchy mf) is that it was so out of the blue unnecessary??? Like? The boy got fouled, yes but like?? You dont have to kiss him koke hes ok? But also it must have come from somewhere, we know anto was about ti take a pen, which he doesnt have the best history with so he would no doubt have worked a lot on them in training so what if it was a good luck kiss? OR what if it was a “you always score them when i kiss you good luck” kiss??? ANYHOW KILL ME WITH THE SOFTNESS KRIZI

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HOI NEW FREND! I IS NEW FOLLOWER TO U AND I KINDA REALLY LUVS UR ARTS AND STUFF. UR WORK IS SO GUD AND CUTE! I LUV IT ALL! (sry for all caps tho). I really wanna see how s&p is going, cause it's so good! ok bye! (runs into corner with foods and shit cause im nervous)

Oouuh u~ thankiiies ! o(*>ω<*)o

it’s goin’ pretty well. i took a week off after intensely workin’ on Ken’s animations but now it’s almost done ! 

Eeh don’t run !Come back and relax with meh ! we’re chiiill  hon hon~( ‘u’)ノ

sariel can’t remember anything from before he was kicked from heaven but every time he plays the violin he can’t help but cry for hours. he’ll remember the feeling of what happened but not what it was. so he gets incredibly sad.

he’s very good at the violin above although he’s no longer interested in playing. but he’ll reluctantly play if anyone asks. but it will break his heart 

Ok so major vent/fuck coworkers post because I swear if I don’t I’m going to punch this fucker’s teeth in. Its long without a tl;dr so im sorry viewers

There is this slimey mother fucker at my work… lets name him Graig… and he is that insufferable “teacher’s pet” kind of person (read as: the store manager’s bitch), and hes that fuck that will kiss everyone’s ass and act really nice and polite but then actively talks shit and tries to snitch on u for something u may or may not have done the moment ur back is turned. But he talks the most shit on people who are “in his way” (ie: people whi arent managers but are still in a higher position than him) and he actively tries to sabotage blue shirts because he thinks that if the one in front of him is gone they have no choice but to make him a blue shirt. In every case he successfully pisses off a blue shirt to the point they leave, my manager just hires another blue shirt

Here’s a little segway to explain how the heirarchy of Dankin Doodoos works. At the top of a specific store is the manager who wears a red shirt in the middle are the shift leaders who wear blue shirts and at the bottom are the crew who wear white shirts

Now backstory for Graig so this will make sense: at this point he is a White Shirt and hes pissed because he is p much the store’s bitch and all he does is complain about how he doesnt have a Blue shirt, how he deserves a blue shirt even tho he takes waaaaay too many short cuts, actively ignores when Blue shirts ask him to do something or tell him to move to a different station, actively creates and perpetuates rumors to cause discourse, is very rude to customers, didnt know how to do most stuff that ur p much supposed to learn in training, literally fucks up most of his drinks, etc the list goes on and on for why he shouldn’t have one and shouldnt even work here for that matter and we were all even told by our District Manager (a big higher up) he will never have a blue shirt. I came to work at this location after him but as a whole I was an actual manager at my old store so i was immediately put in a blue shirt position. He was not happy about that one fucking bit. I didn’t care. I was nice to him, hoping if i didnt give him anything to bitch about hed eventually fuck off and do his goddamn job.

Now onto the reason I say fuck Graig. I used to stream myself playing video games on twitch on my off time from work, which was A) a great stress reliever and B) something I’ve wanted to make a career for a while now. My manager knew I used to do this because I’d gush about how much I loved doing it so much. Id given a lot of my coworkers my twitch url and told them to come watch some time and it was all fun!

But then one day my manager calls me into the office (with, of course Graig pretending to need shit out the office every 5 seconds so he can eavesdrop) and she tells me that someone had sent the url of one of my stored videos on twitch to my the district manager. It would have been all good, because i literally never say anyone’s name and i never say i work for Dankin, it was just a fun stream i did with my friend and honestly my hair was long and i look way different with my hair pulled up so i might not have even been recognised so any of the foul language and dicks and stuff i joked about wouldnt have even mattered. But of course they absolutely had to try and get me with something, so they saw my shirt, which said DankinRonpa (a parody of Danganronpa) on it with a bear on it was close enough to the Dankin Doodoos design that I was representing my location and decided that everything i was doing was inappropriate so I was literally almost fired. And my district manager even made the comment that she had saved the url to my page so that shes going to check in from time to time to make sure im not doing anything inappropriate. Thankfully my manager saved my ass by pointing out it was a first time offense, i didn’t know that my shirt would let people know where i work, promised it wont happen again etc etc

I was so upset i still havent back streaming because im terrified shell keep her promise. So now if i want to continue streaming i have to abandon my current twitch channel (and all 200 followers) and start fresh.

Of course after my shift is over my actual friend that worked there at the time also as a blue shirt let me know that Graig decided he had “had enough of me” and decided to prove that he had “eyes everywhere” and sent the link to my district manager.

And the kicker? The real fucking kicker? He got a job as a assistant manager at a dollar corporal and he had put in his two weeks in the same fucking email he sent my twitch url in. He legitimately had no fucking reason to do it other than to be a petty piece of shit.

Oh and even after he left, he kept calling the store, asking whoever answered the phone how much they were making, then told them they could make more at his dollar corporal like are you fucking serious? And what hes doing is trying to convince people to leave their job here and to come work under him. And from what the other managers say, its because he acts like hes a fucking bigshot and yells at everyone and hes already driven off half the staff.

And wouldnt you know it, because of that they severely cut his hours to the point where he came crawling back this past week. But because right now, my store is so severely understaffed because all the hires have additudes and refuse to come in on time, they damn near handed him a blue shirt.

But he always nags me when i dont let him touch my drawer or count the safe, or let him in drive thru. “Oh why dont you trust people?” And then try to guess why: “is it that rumor i heard about you getting in trouble over youtube?” And honestly that pisses me off even more because he was there when i had the conversation with someone esle i worked with and even asked questions about it, so he knows. And one of these days hes going to catch me when im not in uniform and not in the store and im gonna whoop his fucking ass if he doesnt leave me alone

12X07 "Rock Never Dies" SPOILERS

Dean using the word Twerking

Cas will never be spelled “Cass” I don’t care if it’s canon its Cas.

Cas’ awkward smile while on the phone with his boyfriend

Agent Beyoncé and Jay Z back at it

The dad from K.C Undercover is working for Crowley? …ok cool


Dean holding a whole convo with Sam wearing headphones and lying about listening to Ladyheart and calling it research and getting embarrassed and defensive about it

Reference to Season 2 scary movie episode in LA

“Is Vince Bae, Nae, or Daddy?” im screECHING OH MY GOD THEY KNOW WHAT WE DO


Crowley calling Cas “Feathers”

Crowley’s sunglasses indoors


Crazy fan girl

“Yay.” -The Most Done Angel in the Garrison

Scary Crowley *swoon*

“I’m on keys!” -Cute lil Sammy

Sam and Dean in leather hOLY



While answering his phone Misha had a cut on his hand. UM I WANT ANSWERS? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY??

Cas thinking Luci is his responsibility makes me sad

Poor Tommy never wanted this

Crowley: The Little Rascal

Sam and Dean are probably the tallest people in this whole crowd

“Step off Dad” -Punk kid to Dean

Jurassic Park reference




Crowley looking a lil bit like Glenn from the Walking Dead

Not the Winchesters, the Slowlylosingchesters

Poor Sammy one of his favorite bands are dead

**Promo Bonus**

The midsession finale is next week already?!


Jay Z and Beyoncé working the case at the coroners office WITH Sam and Dean


fingers crossed we get to use the grenade launcher next week


i haven’t opened tumblr for a while, but i’m doing kickass progress with the reverse big bang!!! UwU have some kidd and law wips (the snipping tool sucks w/ the color red so the quality is nasty)! zoro is a surprise

alsoooo have u read the new chapter. luffy noooo jfc luff.


I’m currently working on some icons ( special thanks to @bite-x-the-x-bullet, ily to bits and appreciate you for what you did except laughing at me XDD ) so once that’s done, I’ll be way more active. Still, not full time or anything because uni is starting but I really want to get back to writing.

So on that note, take care and I hope I’ll get to interact with way more people/followers this coming year!

small brain: cayde used to have a spinny chair in the tower as was standard issue for vanguards but zavala had to take it off him because he got no work done.

big brain: eva levante made cayde a couple of small toys to play with while doing work because being very dexterous is good when fixing weapons or sparrows on the fly in the field but not so much when stuck inside on vanguard duty.

exploding brain: cayde with fidget spinners.

Group photo of the TVD/TO main cast + show runners! 

Commissioned as a gift for @JuliePlec by cadlymack ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

I spent so much freakin time on this might as well post it

Inspired by @chongoblog‘s Dogsongs videos and tutorial

Songs used under the cut

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@singsweetsahrika crap i forgot to mention Jangmi lol. She’d kill me lmao. Shes ok. She has herself a man now, and is back in school ontop of work, so shes too busy for my corny ass lol. We still talk of course,she my fav cousin, but she just doesn’t have the time to obligate herself to anything else right now. Im honestly proud of her. I remember school days, and Im glad im done cause sheesh lmao

Hiding Feelings and Seeking Friendship

Description: A ten year old boy named Phil approaches a similarly aged boy at the swings named Dan, who is afraid of getting hurt and is forbidden to make friends, and pursues friendship with him against all odds.

Warnings: TW for abuse, swearing, and alcohol mentions. (Also some sad)

Word count: 5,624

AN: im back after like FOUr months bC school is TERRible BUT ok this is kid phan and  ive worked hard on this and suffered A LOT of writer’s block bc of this but now it is dONe and i actually like it so i hoPE u enjoy and just cool alright feedback is always appreciated and soRRy if there are any mistakes!!! but yes feedback coOL

HUGE THANK YOU TO phantasticalities AND phansomniac for being the BEST beta’s i could ever have (AND PROBs the fuNNIest) and i rLLy thank them for making me actually LIKE this fic I LOVE THEm and they write amazing fics as well so go read like all of their fics

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sehun: [hanging out w/ tao @ a cafe in china the day b4 he left] hey wht are u writing ? u’ve been working on tht for a while…

tao: oh…. its a new song im working on for our group ..its nothing….. [phone rings] one sec be right back [picks up his papers , walks away n pics up his phone] hey ? yea the lyrics for my solo album are almost done .. i just need to figure out a way 2 get out of this group so i can finally go solo.. ok bye [hangs up n goes back 2 sehun]

sehun: who was it

tao: its my mom dont worry btw i have 2 go to the bathroom 

tao: [runs out of the cafe n never comes back]

ok if you completely negate the fact that the show’s writing and continuity are trash it actually makes sense that puck and quinn end up together. they were the biggest bullies and hot messes out of all the originals, and their entire first storyline was one big disaster. they always had chemistry but it was never the right time because they were always doing the wrong things or dating the wrong people and that’s why their old relationships never worked or lasted very long. the point i’m getting at is that now they’ve grown so much, quinn is at yale, puck is in the air force, overall they’re both kinder people who finally got their shit together, so it makes sense that they would eventually gravitate back to each other in the end


SO I recently moved to Japan, and I’m finally all settled in and just completed my first week of work. So the parents want to send me a care box of things I would like from home. So I sent this email off.

And i FucKINg got this BAcK I’m DYING omfg

(D&L is Dan and Lyn (Dad and Mom)) and K would be for the Kuciemba of our last name. AND HE’S A SLOW TYPER OK it took dedication to bang this out. I was crying by the end of this i can’t im done with my father is2g

Also last week I texted 

me: I’m jumping in the shower real quick

Dad: Don’t jump too high or you’ll hurt yourself. Jumping in the shower is dangerous!

100% done he must be stopped

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#32 Scott

“Is it just me or is he ten times hotter now that we’re over?”

Your friend, the infamous Jackie Madia, doesn’t so much as pretend she’s intrigued by anything other than her essay that’s due next period. It’s the reason why you’re crammed in front of one of the library’s computers instead of basking in Beacon Hills’s sunniest day yet for lunch. You’d only agreed to tag along because of the slim to none chance of seeing Scott and his pack. But leave it to an alpha to beat the odds. “It’s just you. Actually,” her electric blue gaze shifts to your ex-boyfriend on the floor above, squints just slightly, “I kinda see it.”

You can’t say you aren’t relieved. Liking people you can no longer have is kind of your forte.

“His jaw’s looking extra crooked today, very cute,” the blonde continues.

“He’s really insecure about it,” you state like you always do when someone compliments what he considers a flaw.

“So I’ve been told. So many. Damn. Times.” She tosses her head back and groans. “Y/N, please type this essay for me! I don’t know a thing about wolves!”

Your heart lurches. “And you think I do?” Panic drips from between plush lips. (Okay, so maybe Scott had good reasoning in wanting to keep you and the supernatural separate, but lying to you — especially involving something so detrimental to your relationship — just wouldn’t do.)

If Jackie notices the higher pitch of your voice, she doesn’t comment. “Yeah, kinda. You took mythology last semester, right?” You aren’t allotted a time to answer. “Whatever, I’ll ask Scott. He probably has this damn thing done anyway.”

You follow your friend’s gaze, contorting your torso in your seat just enough to watch Scott descend the stairs and begin the trek past the array of computers.

He would’ve kept walking.

He would’ve missed you.

But then, the blonde calls out to him and you’re so screwed.

It isn’t that he’ll ignore you, it’s that he won’t. It’s that his lips will curl, and the corners will meet his eyes, and blinding ivories will be put into display as he diverts from his original path over to you. It’s that the best three-week relationship of your life (and you’ve had plenty) was with a werewolf, a werewolf whose very smile is warmth and euphoria and everything good in this ugly, ugly world.

“Hey, Y/N, Jackie. What’s up?” His hands rest on the backs of both of your chairs. You subconsciously slump against your seat.

“You did this essay, right? The one due next period?”

His smile lessens as his eyes grow. Of course he didn’t. He’s too busy saving this ungrateful, shit town from supernatural beings that want to take over the world. (And when did your life become this?) “Uh, I guess I kinda forgot,” he murmurs, elevating a hand to rub at the nape of his neck.

Jackie takes the news seemingly well for someone who spent a good chunk of her lunch period contemplating schemes to get out of class instead of typing her paper. “Fuck it. We’re ditching.”

“I’ll tell Mr. B I saw you at the nurse’s office,” Scott, as loyal as ever, promises.

“No need. You’re coming with us. I’ll be waiting by my car, please don’t take forever.” With the last of her supplies in her purse and a parting simper at the two of you, she saunters toward the exit.

That bitch.

A temporary silence blankets you, one you knew you shouldn’t have grown comfortable with.

“Listen, Y/N, I’m really sorry—”

You’re no good with apologies. A feeling only emphasized when you should be the one apologizing. Scott’s only flaw is trying to protect you — and failing to realize you don’t need protection. The damsel in distress thing is so played out.

“I broke up with you, remember? I’m the one who should be sorry.” And you are, so extremely sorry. “Don’t apologize, alright? Friends don’t apologize to friends.”

He cocks his head, a brow furrow accompanies the gesture. “I don’t think—”

“Shh, friends don’t doubt friends either.” The chair scrapes the floor underneath as you stand, swinging your own bag over your shoulder.

Dimples carve underneath structured cheekbones. “So, we’re still friends?”

“Keep looking at me like that and we’ll be a little more.”

He grins.

You’re back together by the end of lunch.

(Stiles just wants everyone to know that he totally called it.)