ok 2 am time to rant. yanno what? i want women in movies to be nonsexualized in general but i especially want women supervillian to be completely unsexual. no love interest, they work alone, their costumes dont hug their curves like crazy, theres no seducing of the hero or anything like that. the fact shes a women completely doesnt matter, shes just a badass and shes rad af and happens to be a woman. like i need that. & preferably, as a bonus, her character’s like rlly goofy, kinda jim carrey’s riddler-ish. just the ridiculous aspect. but not too bad, shes still a respectable villian. i need that so bad.

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episode 19

- a small part of me just dies every time places like these gets destroyed. like, actual people spent actual time to actually build these things ok.

“ gentlemen and lady; i think the weirdness has officially begun.” boi the weirdness began about five minutes into the first episode

- i call bullshit at ancient civilizations being able to create handprint-identification.


- lmao false alarm it was just chase being his usual dick self

- that is so neat, tho

- somebody stop this guy pls

tfw when ur stalking children

but dont know that ur actually being stalked too

- look at how perf she looks in her winter coat

- try imagining her having this long, womanly winter coat that nearly drapes on the groun0d and has really long sleeves.

- ok back to the show

- i bet they’re just gonna leave that there and then magically have their suits on when they’re outside again, watch me

- dax control ur blogging habits

- beyal is tired of ur shit

- chASE, wHAT iS tHAT tHING ????



- this fucking nerd

- also why dont u ask how ur son is doing

- liSTEN TO THIS FUCKSHIT ==> http://vocaroo.com/i/s1nVqiGr6YHA



- i feel so bad for beyal bc he’s so happy to be here at the well of life and its just … going to get fucked up just like everywhere else.


- yea, don’t interrupt, jinja, bren was actually listening to what beyal said without any mock this time 


“ugh, so we just let him go ??”

- somebody’s really in the mood for murder today


“commander trey. i did not become commandant marshall of storm because of my winning smile.”

- could’ve fooled me

- ominous 

-these heights don’t make any sense

- can u stop trying to look cool it’s nOT WORKING

- does this count as fusion


- tbh how about u redirect some of that friendliness to one of ur other teammates when thEY need it i.e. beyal

- flirt with ur bae by destroying their monsuno

- bye

- introducing a fourth monsuno upgrade

- i call it monsuno steroids

- “any chance we could just hug this out?”

- lmao would u legit do it if that would’ve solved the problem

- ouch

- also dax have u ever heard of smartphones im p sure u just hit chase with a nokia or some shit

- tbh chase should’ve told his dad to fuck off, he’s been searching for that guy for over a year on almost every location on the planet and now he wants chase to do him a favor without even saying hi first ? 

-  hA, how about no dad, go screw urself

- hey monsuno well of life, it’s for u

- “what have u done ?!?” “what, moi? 

- chase was slightly more of a little shit today

- i wonder if that was the thing that destroyed droog’s planet. i mean, proBABLY NOT, but

- chase’ mom literally only appears to tell him to get out of the cave, as if he fucking didn’t already know. thanks mom

- look at how mad he is

- look at these two losers

- hargrave, dig us a way out of here while i do my evil laugh

ruecian  asked:

ok so quick panera story. this was like 6 months ago. i'm working on line during the big sunday rush, & this guy walks in with a hoodie & sunglasses & demands broccoli cheddar soup WITHOUT ANY BROCCOLI IN IT. my manager calmly tells him that we can try our best but its probably still gonna have little pieces in it. dude flips out & starts recording her & says hes gonna report her to corporate. she handled it really well but i was scared and thought he was gonna pull out a gun or something.

that sounds super scary i’m sorry! i’m glad everyone was ok. we had a lady come in a few times and she wanted the french onion without any onion… like that’s not happening at all lmao

i never know how to feel about unreasonable customer requests bc on one hand, there’s literally no way we can take the broc out of the broccoli cheddar or the onions out of the french onions because all the soup comes frozen and pre-made BUUUT customers think we have like, a team of grandmas working in back of house stirring up fresh pots of soup every 30 min so they don’t understand why we can’t just “whip up a new batch” without the broc…

celluvoid  asked:

ooh man can you tell us more abt lady luna?? where did she come from/where does she live now? what kind of being is she? what are the most important things to know abt her? :0

ok I made Lady Luna a really long time ago so my memory on some details might not be so good

Lady Luna lives in a lake located in this fictional island called Tripol Island. She’s been living there for a really long time, and I think she was born there ,probably? She’s quite the recluse and mostly sticks at the bottom of the lake, only surfacing at night. On full moon nights, she can be found on the surface of the lake reaching out to the moon with the arm on her face. Hence, the name (it’s not even her actual name, that’s just what everyone calls her and she p much just went along with it)

Luna is more of a ghostly creature that can manifest in a corporeal form. She can communicate via telepathy. She may appear quiet and mild-mannered at first but once you break the ice with her she probably won’t shut up (or rather, she won’t stop broadcasting thoughts directly into you head)

Ok well My Fair Lady was splendid. I’m at the same time thrilled and sad that I’m ticking off classic shows that I’ve always wanted to see, because then there’s less to experience for the first time (ok. OK ALRIGHT I HAVE SEEN MY FAIR LADY BEFORE, a production in a park in queens, but that was so many years ago, I have no actual memory of it so come on, doesn’t count entirely)

We got free student tickets. It was free for $0.00.

I never thought I’m Getting Married in the Morning could be such a good time.

Carole Shelley - I reveled in her stage time, her facial expressions and timing and presence - everything v on point

Kelli B@rrett is Eliza and listen… During “England still will be here without you”… I was calm up until this point at which I took a deep fangirling intake of breath. This SONG THO this song is my favorite thing in the world. And show me… So…good. I’ve always loved all five of Eliza’s solo songs.

THE HORSE RACING SCENE. GOOD GOD. My sibling and two people directly behind us. The three of them were in hysterics and I had to sit through that scene with wide eyes and pursed lips with my eyes tearing because the scene *was* funny but this was the funniest thing in the world to these three people which made it hysterical

I interpreted the end to be just Higgins’ subconscious. She was just walking through Higgins’ living room, and reached Freddy at the door. It was dream-like. I liked that interpretation of the scene. He was hunched over the recording scene, on the ground, listening to her voice. It leaned a lot more towards her not actually coming back for him, to me.