tykira45  asked:

How would the suitors react when the princess gets jealous? XD

Just remember too much jealousy can be toxic ;)

Louis - honestly, I think he’s one of the most jealous suitors (story event’s seem to revolve around this theme)… so him seeing you jealous just makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside like, “Oooh she wants me so bad,” *googly-heart eyes* lololol. He doesn’t care if you’re even a little crazy about it.

Sid - as long as you’re pretty controlled about it, I think he thinks it’s cute… but knowing Sid he might egg it on ‘cause he likes to get a rise out of people, until you threaten someone… then he’s like, “Ok, it’s time to chill lady.”

Byron - he probably doesn’t even notice at first, you both know that you have to socialize and even dance with other royals, and have all sorts of business relations. But finally when you’re like, “I don’t like you chatting so much with such-and-such,” he’s kinda flattered about it and promises it’s nothing.

Giles - he’s got a slight jealous side, so he notices that you’re a little edgy when he’s so charming to nobles and royals. He takes you aside and assures you that he is all yours and he loves you deeply, no one can ever take your place.

Albert - he’s like “Uh, what?” At first he goes to chide you for being silly, but he realizes he secretly likes that you’re a little jealous. He doesn’t like your feelings hurt though, so talks to you to make sure that he doesn’t make you feel like that again.

Nico - he’s friendly and flirty without even realizing it and when you point out how all these nobles and royals are fawning over him, he just smiles that innocent angelic smile like “Ya gonna kill someone over me?” ;)

Leo - another natural flirt, he’s gotta be charismatic for work and he basically will talk to anyone. He notices that you’re giving him the side-eye after he’s been in a meeting frivolously giving out compliments to try to get a declaration passed- he’s like, “Awwwe baby, don’t be like that.” And kisses you in front of everyone.

Rayvis - nearly clueless honestly, then he finally notices and he gives you a whole list why you don’t need to be jealous, finally blurting out, “Why would you even think that? I love you more than anything and anyone!” Then he’s all vulnerable and weird.

Robert - he kinda thinks you’re a cute when you’re a little jealous -it feeds his male ego, but he doesn’t like hurting your feelings. He always assure you that you’re the only princess for him and holds no secrets from you.

Alyn - he’s like “Stop being silly,” and flicks you in the forehead, “why are you being so weird?” Then he’s like “OH!” And he chuckles and pulls you close, “It’s ok, I get jealous too. There’s no reason to be.” *snuggles*