Customer calls me to inquire where her package is as she hasn’t received them. I look up the order and find that it’s at the post office after a failed delivery attempt. She goes “ok so what do we do?” I say, “well you can go to the post office to pick it up!” And this lady FLIPS OUT. “I don’t have time to go to the post office! I’ve never been asked to go to the post office!!! Im a CEO I PAY people to go to the post office!!!” The entitlement…..

Did I mention I was fortunate enough to be able to order a commission from @ineffablewitch~?

I seriously recommend checking out her work, she’s extremely talented, and really nice and pleasant to work with! :D
Really, anyone who’re able to keep up with me and my inability to language properly when ordering something are definitely worth checking out.
You can find her commission info here, if interested. uwu

Image posted with permission - Thank you again ~

from-spookyraypalmer  asked:

i'm too asdkljfhas to send any headcanons but i'd love to hear about jewish snibs

this is for u and the anon who asked for the same thing: jewish snibs

  • len’s mother is jewish, and he doesn’t know about lisa’s but he wants to be able to give her something so 7-year-old len runs with his newborn baby sister in his arms to temple beth shalom and meets non other than sort of rabbi martin stein
  • “how can i make my sister jewish” “um. write her a speech? then we give her a bath.” “ok lets do it”
  • len forces lisa to go to hebrew school when he’s out on heists because he has this mentality of “if she’s doing something wholesome that works out for me, right?”
  • the reason why len is so morally gray and believes that it’s okay to be bad is because judaism is such a beautiful religion where doing bad things doesn’t make you a bad person and being a bad person doesn’t make you bad and there is no hell
  • so lisa is spending all her free time at hebrew school, guess who can speak hebrew fluently? lisa
  • so who gives a fuck how dc comic geography works because gotham is nyc, metropolis is chicago, and central city is philadelphia so they live in center city philadelphia which is a very jewish area
  • len goes to juvie for a year stealing lisa’s tuition to jewish sleep away camp, hoping she’ll decide to be a rabbi or something
  • she gets back and (she’s 11) tells him to stories about all the boys she kissed and how she stole food from the chadar ochel (mess hall) and snuck out of the bunk in the middle of the night with her friends and len is like oh. oh no
  • len gets kosher meals in prison
  • lisa of course needs no man (or woman) but she is a sucker for a nice jewish boy or girl that’s the only time she catches feelings
  • everyone you ship lisa with? jewish
  • len has the same affliction tbh
  • when he’s on the wave rider he, stein, and ray have this really complex system of making sure they can track the moon cycles to celebrate holidays
  • lisa enjoys getting the rogues drunk on manischevitz bc only goys get drunk on manischevitz
  • “it’s sooooo sweet!!!!!” “I KNOW”
  • len gets into a huge altercation with rip about a xmas party because, as it turns out, len dislikes celebrating christmas. he wins by proving a christian minority on the ship (len, stein, and ray are all jewish, after so much time in pakistan and with the league sara mostly follows islam, mick rory is a hard atheist, kendra has been reading up on ancient egyptain gods, so like, she’s doing that) and they have a channukah party
  • ray: leonard channukah isn’t even an important holiday
  • len: it’s the principal of the thing
  • rip: i respect that you’re right mr. snart, i just wanted to celebrate christmas because it was an important time of year for me and my recently departed family
  • len: show me where i asked

jackdevaler  asked:

Hi, i rly like this blog. I just wanted to say that I'm kinda pissed. I have rly light blonde hair but I cut it short n dyed it black. It's been like this for maybe 3 years and so many people still tell me i was prettier with long blonde hair. Like get over it it's not your fucking job to tell me what to do. But as a girl it seems like you always have to please the demands of other people to get respect. I hope my english is okay, I'm german. 🎃💕

right?! those comments make it feel like you’re only supposed to exist to be beautiful or pleasing to THEM. like ok?? let me do what I enjoy since it’s on mySELF??? it’s also like ok well my hair isn’t like that anymore so stop saying I’m less pretty when it’s not coming back for awhile cause I can’t change it anyway: sometimes that can be a self esteem killer ya know?

I used to have hair down to my hips and when I cut it to my shoulders, the reaction from people was like yours, so I get pissy just thinking about it.

and your English is perfect💗

i-am-a-wip  asked:

Hi Dunia! Could you enlighten me with some memorization techniques/stuff that works? I have trouble with memorizing textbook info and I kinda sorta forgot how I used to do it in highschool 😤😤

Ok so I am gonna do a masterpost on this, but here are some quick tips.: 

  • Say it out loud. After reading a chapter try to word it with your own words out loud. Do this a couple of times. First by looking at your notes and then once you have a explanation ready try to say it without looking.
  • Make sense of what you study. If you understand the concept of what you read, meaning lets say that you are studying the anatomy of the abdomen, if you understand why the compenents are named the way they are, if you know their primary functions, memorizing them will be much easier. 
  • Write it down on a board. So I do this at school, because I dont have my own whiteboard at home, but, this is such a great way to memorize things. When you write on a whiteboard you try to create an overview. Try to do this with little to no help from your notes, see what it is that you cannot figure out and then try to write that on the board with help from your notes, delete it, and then write it again with no help from notes

I know that this seems like ALOT but memorizing does require for you to get the things over and over again. I really dont believe that anyone memorizes the things from the get go, so be patient and just work hard and I promise you will get there



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Am I the only one like... slightly disturbed by Kidd wanting to take down Shanks. Like, what are the reasons? Is Shanks actually like, tyrannical like the rest of the Yonkos? And if he's not then ???? Whyyyyyy V: I just have random bad feelings about what's gonna come for the Red-Haired Pirates and it makes me anxious because I want to know more about Shanks and his crew, and yet I feel like to get those answers it's going to be emotional genocide.

ok but do u really think kidd can take down shanks bc I highly doubt it considering how kaidou completely wrecked him