POCs are not obligated to include white people.

  • Me:*follows a blog that auto followed back*
  • Me:Hey I can understand if you auto followed but can you read my links please?? You're suppose to byf!!
  • Them:*gets off topic, complaining about wanting to see all the content blogs have to offer for some reason and how that somehow affects taking less than 5 mins to read links*
  • Me::) buddy....pal...

salmonking asked:

Hey Nat! I think what the previous asker was saying is that for some reason, whenever you go to an individual post on your blog rather than your blog's main page, there is no longer an option to reblog or like the post -- the Twitter-style menu doesn't show up. This is something that puzzled me for a long time about your layout too, heh :'| I'm glad to hear you can reblog and like from the main page though! At least that's one workaround.

OOHHHHHHH ok ye ah that makes more sense

wow yikes there really isn’t a way to do that is there :o i should see if there’s a way to fix that cos im fond of this theme

fullmetalnation asked:

so like in the anime it said kuroha possessed konoha bc he had a strong body and he could use that strength to kill everyone??? i think so anyway, i haven't watched it in a couple months

OH OK that makes sense. alright. one question answered. good shit

i havent watched the anime since it ended in some summer month in 2014 so im really out of the loop (haha im funny //shot)

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Mettaton was previously referred to as "they" because ghosts are genderless beings in Undertale. There's nothing that suggests he's binary, just that he identifies as male in some respect. Headcanoning him as genderfluid is fine as long as he's referred to by he him pronouns, since those are the ones he picked out for himself.

Oh, ok. That makes sense. 

— mod Thomas

anonymous asked:

How is hillary more qualified? Bernie has way more experience. He has been way more consistent on his views. How was George Washington qualified to be president? He was a general in the revolutionary war, and a coward.

OH. MY. GOD. ANON. Please check my blog under the hillary clinton or bernie sanders tag, seeing as how I already answered the first question. Still not sure what you think Bernie has WAYY more experience in, unless it’s trying to pass a healthcare bill nine times and failing nine times, in which case yes, Senator Sanders is definitely more experienced. Of all the arguments for Sanders that’s the one that makes least sense, OK. Also, quality > quantity. There’s a HUGE difference between Vladimir Putin knowing who you are, and some random senator knowing who you are.

Consistency in opinion is great, okay? But it’s also irrelevant when choosing a presidential candidate. I’m not gonna make Sanders my commander in chief just because he’s a nice guy ok. I want him to actually get shit done– and his policies are too lacking to promise that. Please actually read them sometime.

Oh, and what do you have against General Washington ?!? LMAO seriously. He’s dead anyways lol. Also, let me know the next time you lead an REAL American revolution. No offense, but that revolution beats out Sanders’ unfortunately fantasy revolution any day.

Read this (”Why I Put Some Ice On That Bern”). It’s a good read lol. Also, pls don’t debate me on Washington as that is one president I’d rather leave alone haha. Like, no offense but i literally dont care about washington, leave him and his rotting horse teeth as is in the ground ok pls

Don't you dislike it when

Angry people feel the need to comment on your post about feminism? Makes meh cri, y'all. Just give them positivity and they’ll be filled with kindness and joy and flowers! :D


hello, it’s me. (just kidding *bad pun, bad pun*)

so, i just deleted my old tumblr, and now this is the new one.


does that make sense?


im bad at this.

so yeah

just mind me if you want and dont if you dont.

*ugh redundancy*



*whispers* can we be friends?

this is me being drunk, but i think a part of me will always love you and it makes me sad. i am not in love with you, this i know. i was at some point in my life, this i am one thousand percent sure of. i have always loved you, i really did. i never thought it was possible to love two people in my lifetime, and i have not made it to the second but i am eager to. and it makes me cry to think that it’s not you, because i always wanted it to be. and i know you did too. and i can’t describe the feeling of falling out of love but wishing i were in it. i never thought it was possible, but i wish it were you. i wish it were you. i want to love you, but i don’t. and that’s ok. one day it will all make sense. i just wish it would make sense with you.

Ok but one thing that DOES NOT make sense to me is everytime i talk about Lily Rabe or even Keira Knightley everyone’s try to cast them as one of my fave dc characters and I’m?????
Why you doing that
I LIKE THEM SO MUCH IT LITERALLY PAINS ME but that doesn’t even mean necessarily I want them on super hero movies?? Next time someone says Lily could totally play Poison Ivy I’ll pee on their cereal

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Miraculous Ladybug is currently ongoing while One Punch Man is waiting on season 2 so you could probably finish One Punch Man in no time. So probably start with OPM :D I say start ML if you want more shipping in your life (because once you get into it you WILL start shipping them), and start One Punch Man if you want badass, comedic characters. I love both and I haven't seen the other two.

Hmm, ok that makes sense!

Maybe I should read the shorter ones first and then save ML for last because apparently it’s an utter shipping hell lmao