kitty under the weather - it looks like rain - she ok and better - and again - she proves how sweet and gentle - she be - had to do things - offensive to cat dignity - not one claw out - yeah she is a beauty - but thats never been why i love her so dearly


skinny!steve + realizing that he may have made a very bad decision (◡‿◡)

  • Let it go (Cover)
  • Caleb Hyles

I REALLLLLY REALLY like this male cover of Let It Go HAHA SOBS GO LISTEN TO THE YOUTUBE Ver if you haven’t already!!

Somewhat based off the original scene

  • Me:*has bad habit*
  • People:hey thats not healthy you should stop doing that
  • Me, having realized Bad Habit will get me Attention:*does bad habit even more* *only ever talks about bad habit* *centers identity around bad habit*