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OK Stupid question is nitw scary?? like horror or jump scares or more thriller or what i dont like scary things ;o;

No jumpscares really! It might be a bit spooky, but in general, not that bad! It’s got some darker themes, but mostly isn’t that bad. 

  • Me: So killing stalking is a great webtoon/manhwa. It accurate portrays what an abusive relationship is and how it can happen to anyone, whether you are straight or not.
  • Me: You see, I quite like the character Yoonbum because the author did a great job showing how he's slowly succumbing to mental issues by being caged within his kidnapper's house.
  • Me: I also like how the author depicted the kidnapper because she accurate portrays his insanity and how he developed it. His name is
  • Me: *looks at smudged writing on hand*
  • Me: sang moo goes the cow.

Ugh this douche pissed me off a bit with this last message especially but OF COURSE he blocks me before I can respond. “Take a compliment and say thanks”?!?! Yes, because that pathetic message he first sent was a compliment at all, let alone something worthy of a “thanks” 😒😒😒😒😒 fuck this asshole

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I’ve just been hit with a serious case of the early morning feels cuz

I was going through the events of the force awakens and I realised the moment Leia and Rey hug? That’s the first time they ever meet in the film.

Because we first see Leia after Kylo Ren has already captured Rey, and we know she doesn’t get off starkiller base until after it’s been destroyed.

And just. The moment when they hug is such an emotional one and they’re essentially complete strangers, so Leia must have run over to where the falcon was docking, knowing only that Han is dead, killed by their own son and she sees the boy, the ex stormtrooper, being carried off on a fucking stretcher and behind him is this shell-shocked looking girl holding a lightsaber, Luke’s lightsaber and all she really knows about this girl is that Han had soft spot for her and that she somehow faced off Kylo Ren in a one on one fight and came out alive. And Leia is just like “fuck it this kid needs a hug” and god I’m still tearing up over that scene a year later no one fucking look at me. 


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