You Belong With Me- Part 3 (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: yes

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

word count: 1,677

a/n: this may totally suck, but here’s finally a part 3. please tell me what you think and what you want to see more of. thank you guys for staying on top of me about this lol ;) 

part one / part two

“You two slept together?” your best friend repeats back to you, her voice carrying out a little too loudly for the confined space of the local coffee shop the two of you met in that afternoon. 

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When Mercy has a really bad day…

psa about turf wars

Please DO NOT reblog or spread posts with content from the Turf Wars Korrasami leak. the team and ESPECIALLY the artist behind the comic is really really upset that their hard work was leaked online, not to mention some fans are really upset about the spoilers! if you’ve already spread it around, the very least you can do to show your support is by removing it from your blog and buying the comic! It’s only $8 on amazon! Thank you!

im not lying when i say the first time i ever started to ‘get better’ in reference to my mental disorders is when i started to own up to the nasty shit that it made me do to myself and other people. i had to own that and apologise for it and as soon as i started to do that, i started to improve

all the time i spent justifying the way i acted and pretending it was okay or ‘out of my control’ i just got worse and worse and worse.