i find it funny that Alex never intended to have the gaming club as an actual club but he still decided to have his volunteers draw the assets and characters for it only to just throw them away to replace it all with something completely stupid 

ok but like in his defense that picture looks like it was drawn in 5 minutes

i hate when straight women w short haircuts come into my salon and start joking about having a lesbian haircut/requesting short hair that “doesn’t make them look like a lesbian LOL”

today a straight woman sat down and showed me the picture of the haircut she wanted and she was like “i showed this picture to my husband and he was like ‘wow are you gonna get a girlfriend now’ haha. i love him he’s so ridiculous”

i never know what to say. it feels weird, because i know they say these things to me under the assumption that i’m straight. i don’t know how i’m supposed to respond. “oh don’t worry, you definitely don’t look like a lesbian!” or “omg don’t worry i won’t give you a LESBIAN looking haircut haha”

i can’t just out myself and play along. i do everything in my power to prevent outing myself to any of my clients.

and it feels like some cruel joke is being played on me, like this is straight humor that women laugh about behind our backs. i mean i know it is. it’s just weird being a part of it. i don’t know how to ask straight women to stop joking about butch lesbian haircuts while they’re in my chair. i don’t know what to do when straight women laugh about looking like a lesbian, i don’t really know how to take that, like if it’s a joke at the expense women like me or just harmless commentary. i don’t know what to say, and i can’t bring myself to laugh along with them.

it’s not a subject i want to talk about. i know that makes me sensitive, but i’ve been through a lot of very traumatic experiences because i’m gay. it’s humiliating to perform a service for straight women who seem to think there’s something funny about people daring to think they might be gay

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Ok I agree it's stupid for ace ppl to liken themselves to things like forest gump, but it's exhausting when everyone shits on them constantly. There's literally no need for it, and I h8 to be the one to break it to ya, but the A in LGBTQA stands for asexual

people mock yall because you have a shitty community and jump on posts that dont belong to you. 

you tried to make the pulse shooting about you. you tried to steal corrective rape and call it aphobia when it was simply misogyny and misderected homophobia. you demand for LGBT organizations to be shut down simply because they didnt include asexuals. you obsessed over Bill Nye’s sexual life simply because he said yall exist. you people support pedophiles and pedophile apologists simply because they say “aces are LGBT”. you spout dangerous idealogy that makes me hope no child ever sees you shitty community. you think you can protect children by over exposing them to sexual things and telling little 6 year old kids that they need to obsess over their sex life. you call dead gay activists “heteromantic asexuals” and lose your shit when someone points out that lol, no one gives a shit if a straight person doesn’t have sex. you try to create a divide between people in the LGBT community for your sick attempt into gaslighting young bi and trans individuals into thinking they’re unwanted. you target lesbians and mock the gay men who suffered from the aids crisis.

and no you fucking dumbass, there was no A in LGBT

You know when someone makes you just a little angry/embarrassed and you start feeling your throat close up, you’re shaking, and you know you’re gonna cry? But not even for a good reason???Which makes you MORE angry and embarrassed and you literally want to kill them for having so much power over you over something stupid?

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Ok maybe I'm just Stupid™ and this is just a Stupid Question™ but in your rhino painting you put down some blue lines for outlining the rhino and for the background, but then they were white! Um, how??? Can you please explain this wizardry to my poor peasant brain?

YES that’s masking fluid! 

Masking fluid is, essentially, liquid rubber. It adheres to the paper and protects an area from watercolour. When the paint dries, you simply remove it. There are different types of masking fluid, like the ones you apply with a brush. But if you’re like me and want to cut the crap with RUINING BRUSHES: look no further. I exclusively use Molotow masking liquid pens now.

You don’t need sacrificial brushes. It’s tinted blue so you can see where the hell it is. The future is here.

Rolls on like a kickass pen

Let it dry, slap on your watercolour

Coax it off with an eraser

Bam look at that. Perfect for those details you want to stay white. Not recommended for application over large areas. Available on Amazon.

Happy painting! 🍺