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ok this is really stupid and it may be a cute head canon but what if all the pictures Harry post in color are/remind him of Louis ?? like recently



The one thing about the Gravity Falls fandom that annoys me is this:


Ok, like – not at all. Let’s say it again: Stanley is not the stupid twin, any more than Mabel is the stupid twin. (for the record, there IS no stupid twin, ok)

If anything, he’s actually far more clever than Stanford is, as long as we’re not talking about math or the theory of relativity. Look at the flashbacks where we see Stan taking people to the then-Murder-Hut for the first time. Even when they get mad and just about leave, he’s canny enough to turn the situation around and instead people literally throw their money at him and his bogus shack.

And it’s not like it was a one-time deal. Apparently, he’s managed to keep the Shack up and running for quite a while. He knows what makes people tick, and while he may use that in a somewhat manipulative manner when it comes to getting people to open their wallets, he’s still really good at what he does.

Bottom line: Grunkle Stan is clever and sly and smart and canny and I can’t wait for the twins and Ford to realize this as well.

Side note – I would love it if the culmination of the season and eventually defeating Bill was the four of them using their unique takes on things (a la Irrational Treasure and Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons) to defeat the Big Bad together.

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hey bby, ur right here and its okay. everything will be okay.

no someone just slap me!!!!!!! or kick my ass !!! bc im stupid atm ok

My Online Dating process

Me looking at my Ok Cupid matches

Me looking at my tinder matches before deleting the app for the 3rd time

Me finding an IG crush and setting goals 

Me being magically convinced to actually go out on a date

My date

Me at the beginning of the date

Me midway through date

Right before I leave the date

Me at home in bed alone on my IG Crush’s page

My IG Crush when I comment on that new photo he put up


Borderlands: The Pre-SequelENDING

We’re gonna scorch the freakin’ planet in fire. There’s gonna be screaming… bandits are gonna die left and right…

ashton: where is calum?

michael: idk man this bar is pretty big.

luke: chill mates, i know what to do.

luke: (cracks knuckles) (shakes hands)

luke: cALUM IS DadDY AF!!!!$^#%@^!%@^%#!^

calum: (comes out of nowhere) (pushes through ppl) (stands in front of luke) 

calum: stop

ashton: there he is