i’ve gotten so many new amazing mutuals recently thanks to all the follow trains going around PLUS i finally hit my goal of 3k a few days ago, so i decided to celebrate with a follow forever!! (it’s also my “official” 4 month anniversary of joining the 1d/larry fandom today so it’s even more fitting) 

i just wanted to thank everyone for being so welcoming and making me feel so at home in this fandom after such a short amount of time, y’all are stars and make this fandom fun even though one direction is the biggest clusterfuck to ever exist and we all know it lol 

p.s. if you’re not on here but i follow you i definitely still love you but this follow forever is specifically for 1d blogs and i also follow more people than i have in years so i couldn’t put everyone </3 

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I think you’re other Anon must have died, so I’m going to help them out a bit with the Hogwarts AU Manips, if that’s okay.

None of these are mine (!!!) I only found them. Shout out to whoever made them. You did a great job, I’m sure you’re parents are very proud. If not, I promise I am. :P

And I know the next few aren’t wearing their “official” house colors, but they’re still pretty cool so use your imagination a little. :P

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wait.” she’s pushing them
away and turning her head,
her heavy breath seemingly
the only sound she can hear
in the room. her mind is fighting
against her body and it’s so 
very infuriating that she can’t
just give in to her whims. still,
she can’t seem to shake the
thought that god is watching her.
and that’s fucking terrifying.
“i can’t. you know i can’t.”

Oh noooo

I just came across some old emails between me and an old boyfriend abt how I didn’t want to be physical in our relationship and i literally pulled the “bible verse” card on him

oh my god it’s so bad 😂 i was so frkn annoying and high maintenance in seventh grade oh god hahahaha

also I re-discovered my own blog from middle school / freshman year and it’S SO BAD

honestly I was so annoying and in retrospect these old posts are amazing lmfao

The zodiacs at a party
  • Aries:*starts dance circles and pretty much dances the entire time*
  • Taurus:ok becky can you please get your shit together we are at a party rn fuck boys this is our time 2 party ok
  • Gemini:omg thanks for coming 2 my party- ayeeeeeE BITCH WASSUPPPP
  • Cancer:*is on phone the whole time*
  • Leo:haha you got kik? :) just worked out today, want to feel my muscles?
  • Virgo:sure thing bb *feels leo's muscles* wow so strong and manly wow
  • Libra:virgo stop screwing around with fuckboys
  • Scorpio:*sloppily grinds on everyone*
  • Sagittarius:ugh this is so immature i have to go study fUCK SO MUCH TO D0
  • Capricorn:i hope you guys know that the exams are tomorrow haha bye dumb shits *leaves party w/ Sagittarius to study*
  • Aquarius:*does the robot to dubstep* probably is the fucking dj
  • Pisces:*arrives to party looking like fucking beyonce*

anonymous asked:

You look a hella lot like Logan ok omg

You think? I thought about visiting a doctor, but then I remembered that he’s my dad so it’s probably normal.

But I also look like Dave, I mean come on :P I was the first one, so I turned out the best :P

fluffy-knb-scenarios asked:

(1/2) Lets see... Omg ok. So can you imagine blueberry buns filling out one of those future survey things Japanese schools make you do in his 3rd year of middle school and being the lazy shit he is he just draws some boobs and forgets abt it. So come time to turn it in, poor darling Kuroko is in charge of collecting them and when he hits Ahomine's desk the idiot is scrambling around in his bag for it and when he finally finds it he has this stupid smirk on his face and is all like

(2/2) ‘See Tetsu, itys’ and when all he sees is Kurokocchi’s blank stare he glances at the paper and the look of triumph quickly is replaced with horror and Aomine’s just like ‘Oh fuck, I mean-’ trying to spit out excuses and Kuroko’s expression just darkens, avoiding eye contact, and he’s just like: ‘I think this explains you perfectly Aomine-kun.’ And just snatches up the survey and leaves Aomine all flustered before he realizes he’ll have to explain to the teacher if he doesn’t catch Kuroko

This is so Aomine-ish it’s literally physically hurting omfg Miacchi OMFG just picture Kuroko actually giving it to the professor just as Aomine crashes in the Teachers Room yelling IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE IS2G

ps: I saw how you called Aomine “blueberry buns” Miacchi I saw it

Omg! I have so many birthday messages to respond to!!! Thank you all so much!!! TuT

I will respond to each and every one of you when I get up tomorrow. Sadly, I have to go to bed! TnT

In the meantime, please accept this WIP sneak peek of TMBAYDS! Annie. 💗💖💕💗💖💕

I am finally adjusting to a new work schedule, so more art and writing updates soon!

Thank you alm for being so patient with me!!! 💗💖💕💗💖💕

Also shout out to my @lemonorangelime for doodling with me!!! Love you bab! 💗💖💕💗💖💕

omg ok so this is the biggest bs ever, my teacher expects each of his 50-60 students to be able to find a vietnam veteran, write at least 30 complex questions to ask them, set up a time and place to meet and interview them, then write a paper and a presentation about it and have it all done in the next five days, while also AP exams are starting the day it’s due so i’m gonna be studying all week for those. alright then i guess i’m failing this class

anonymous asked:

the other day i had a dream that dan and phil were on tumblr and I was watching from above and they were scrolling through the phan tag and and they loved them and then started crying over them and I woke up ok bye

omg what that’s sweet tbh

rassclaat asked:

You looked so norm-core when you were blonde, I'm loving the brunette on you xx

omg ok but I’m really beautiful either way

thegaycousin asked:

so I dyed my hair tonight (also last night, my hair is 75% dead), and am now thinking about creatures with unnaturally dyed hair (because I have green hair idk if you knew). what colours do you think everyone would have?


okay nice


fuckign kevin would have anime protagonist hair, who are we kidding 

aleks would have like dark purple and im not sure why it just makes sense

jordan’s hair would be… re d ??? he’d make it so u couldnt tell if he was wearing the hat or not. omg

seamus would have rainbow hair because “If I’m dyeing my hair i might as well go all out” like honestly

james would go back to novapolitain. why not (imagine also artist Joe doing something similar. omg) 

ok listen i fucked up now im just thinking of Ze dyeing his hair like the canadian flag and dan having the batman logo. ojh my god.

dex. would.. uh.  yellow. his whole fukign room is yellow and for some reason i associate that giant banana thing with dex idk so yellow