heyy since it’s no shame november does this mean i can post my incredibly self indulgent au…….. ok good

ok so in all honesty wild times always reminded me of tiana’s palace and at first it was just for fun but then i got reeeally invested heheeee,,,, (also yes judy is naveen in case you were wondering bppt) hope you enjoy because i might draw more of this

also trish drew this au too so you guys should check that out because it’s a really good drawing


whew! the batch of ml fashion requests, finally! these took so long for me to spill out you can actually see my style change. thank you to everyone who requested, you all have the best ideas i swear. also sidenote: if you don’t see your request here, that’s because i have bigger plans for it >vo+


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]


Ten being a puppy in Born Again

We work in the dark to serve the light.

We are assassins.

And it’s done! Man, I am so sorry this took so long to post. So many details I didn’t think I’d find in the costumes were suddenly coming up in hordes as time went on. I probably even missed a lot of them for sure BUT anywho, this is the last fanart for this month. Thank you so much again for the support! :)

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some wasteland families ft mercedesbenzene’s sole survivor up top and my own down below!

(psst if you want one of your own or something similar or something actually entirely different you should commission me) (please give me an excuse to draw more sole survivors)

Somewhere in My Dreams


Finally!! I want to thank @percyyoulittleshit and @falloutside for doing a great job organizing the big bang. It’s incredible that we can get together and do things like this as a fandom. I also want to thank everyone who participated in the big bang this year! I can’t wait to look through all of the other things that have been posted!

On that note: this is a Percabeth Werewolf AU. This is Part I. There are two more parts that are going to be posted. This AU has been heavily influenced by both Twilight and the Law of the Lycans series by Nicky Charles. I took the aspects of the wolves and packs from both of those series, so if you’re really interested, go forth and check them out! If you have any questions or comments about this AU, just send me a message bc I would love to talk to you! 


Trees blur past as Percy stares out the window. The long, two lane road is near deserted and fully surrounded by thin, tall trees. It’s rare that they pass by any stores or homes other than just a few; even those seem to be quiet. The forest here is thinner than his home, which makes him nervous. He doesn’t like for the trees to be thin. It gives room for secrets to slip out and enemies to slip in.

He shifts his gaze ahead to stare out the windshield of the truck when Jason reaches out and turns the radio down. The atmosphere goes from peaceful and quiet to tense and difficult in one second.

“Hey,” Jason says, voice soft and slow. “We don’t have to do this.”

“What else are we going to do?” he asks tiredly. They’ve been having this same argument for days now. “Start a war?”

Jason shrugs, glancing over at him from where he’s driving. It’s just the two of them. Alpha and Beta. “We would win anyway. You know that the pack would follow you to war if we had to.”

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so @watson-sighs-and-tuts made this gifset and the tags are everything I need in season 3

let’s ignore my non-existent banner skills ok? anyways, after seeing secret santas floating around and y’all seemed to want one for the harry potter fandom so here i am!! *finger guns*


  • You will be assigned a person to send nice anonymous asks to during the holiday period! It can be fun hp trivia, christmas jokes, questions about their day, headcanons, just nice stuff??? Nice anons are always fun after all!
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  • On Christmas Eve / 24th December : you can reveal yourself off anon! 
  • More here on if you woud like to make a lil creation as part of your reveal!
  • Ofc not only will you send asks, you will also receive!! It works both ways! *cue jazz hands and reindeers* 


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