being old friends with neighbor!luke when you’d come home from university and he’d come home from tour, and you’d kinda just stare at each other in awe because you’d lost touch due to your now busy lives. so luke would just shake off the awkwardness before jogging over to your lawn, giving you a shy smile before opening up his arms wide and pulling you into his chest for a long hug where he sways you back and forth as he buries his face into the crook of your neck. “it’s been so long,” he would whisper after he pulled away, a broken laugh escaping his throat as he coughed to try and cover up his emotional state. you’d give him a small smile before taking his hand and leading him inside of your house, making two cups of hot cocoa like you two always used to do as you both told stories from your lives from the past year. and later that night you’d log onto twitter to see that luke followed you, so you’d go to his page and smile when you read his most recent tweet, “feels so good to be home :)”