ok can we just talk about girls for a minute I mean come on
•smell nice
•soft hair
•lips ??? so soft and kissable ???¿?
•girls in general bc damn all of them are absolute goddesses ??
and people wonder why I’m so gay ??

( hannah.): okay but guys
narnia au where each musketeer is a royal guard for each sibling
athos is with peter
d'art is with susan
aramis is with lucy ( imAGINE THE CUTE )
porthos is with edmund ( imAGINE HIM ROUGH-HOUSING W/ EDMUND )
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: Ok that killed me
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: Don’t hit on my Lucy feels
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: Or Narnia
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: Aramis giving her piggy back rides
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: Aramis following her around picking flowers when she can’t reach them and is in a fancy dress
( hannah.): the musketeers becoming more like brothers/father figures to the siblings than people tasked to protect them
( hannah.): i’m okay :))))
 napoleon soslow: lol
 napoleon soslow: bye
 ( hannah.): ( peter is ur d'art for this verse athos )
 napoleon soslow: yaaaaaaaay more pain
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: aramis is lucys bitch.
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: just sayn.
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: small beautiful daughter he always wanted.
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: protect her with his life p. much.
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: the irony of her being the one to always believe in aslan
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: and aramis never giving up his religion >>:
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: emotions thx
napoleon soslow: athos would literally be so tough on peter though oh god
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: aramis secretly sneaking peter treats.
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: just like
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: we were in the kitchen earlier
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: >>:
napoleon soslow: probably wouldn’t actually praise his swordsmanship until he lands a hit on him.
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: have a lemon tart
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: don’t TELL ATHOS.
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: OK.
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: I REPEAT
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: DO NOT TELL ATHOS.
napoleon soslow: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:||||||||||||||||||
napoleon soslow: U R RUINING HIM
napoleon soslow: ARAMIS
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: aramis voice; HE’S GOING TO BE GROWN SOON ENOUGH. LET HIM HAVE A LITTLE JOY.
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: aramis ; nOW GET AWAY FROM MINE BEFORE U MAKE HER SERIOUS.
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: aramis ; picks up smol daughter and runs.
; ( aramoosey ) ; - lydia tbh: aramis; and what good is it to survive if you don’t LIVE.

underrated twenty one pilots/Tyler Joseph songs
  • Air Catcher
  • Be Concerned
  • Before You Start Your Day
  • Blasphemy
  • A Car, A Torch, A Death
  • Drown
  • Hear Me Now,
  • Hole In The Ground
  • Implicit Demand For Proof
  • Isle Of Flightless Birds 
  • Johnny Boy
  • March To The Sea
  • Taken By Sleep
  • Time To Say Goodbye
  • Tonight
  • Actually all of NPI/Self-Titled

Please I just want to see more edits is that too much to ask for okay bye ily

dan’s calling phil an angel bean, phil’s calling him d-slice, 2016 is great and i’m so grateful to who ever sacrificed their soul to make this possible

Reblog if you think Kylo Ren / Ben Solo could potentially be properly redeemed and live to tell the tale.

Tbh i’m pretty bummed on how many people are firm believers that this could never happen, so speak up, fellow Ben Solo apologists!

Joe’s new vlog killed me. Literally

so we have :
→ Joe freaking singing and wearing the MTV tee-shirt that suits him so well and idek
→ Caspar being all “I’m going in 20 minutes” and looking so sad like he isn’t going back in a few day and Joe’s sad little voice they’re gonna miss each other so much and they know it  bye
→ Oli’s little rub on the chin
→ Caspar’s “don’t talk maybe” but which sounds like “baby”
→the “ who am I bloody climb  and exploring with y'know we had such a great time yesterday” and their sad faces again
→ Oli and Caspar hug (Oli got his hug after all) and Joe acting all jealous about him only getting a “fucking high five”
→ But still following Caspar back to the door
→ kicking him out of the house
→ and the “we gonna miss you, LOOK AFTER HIM PLEASE, HE’S PRECIOUS” He’s precious, he. is. precious.  
→ Joe’s precious laugh
→ Joli’s little chase in the house
→ and last but not least Joe in bed, which is probably one of my favorite thing in the world, watching Tintin because he is a “tired Sugg’

I need a break bye


Club Effigy: Stone’s odyssey.


I’m just curious about what will happen.

ok but what absolutely killed me in today’s episode was when hinata was going after the ball and ukai had to move the bench so hinata doesn’t get hurt and fRICKIN TAKEDA WAS STILL SITTING ON IT AND HIS FACE WHEN HE WAS BASICALLY THROWN OFF MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH I COULDN’T COMPOSE MYSELF FOR A GOOD 3 MINUTES

Sometimes I have a thought that because of all the I love you things Jimin has countlessly said to Jungkook ever since they debuted that literally turns Jungkook gay. 

I mean consider someone keeps confessing to you like that (and it even happened during the time you were hitting puberty), fall for them is just a matter of time.

Then it’s your responsibility to take Jimin.

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