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What if a human and borrower grow up together in an orphanage and love each other like sibs! The borrower's been having a bad week, so the human tries to steal some of their favorite food to make them feel better. They get caught though by the shop owner, who calls for the guards, and the giant is taken away while their tiny friend is waiting for them back at the orphanage. Once the tiny learns what happens, it's up to them leave the safety of the orphanage and go save their friend.

Oh wow, that sounds like an excellent plot for an adventure story- a borrower traversing the big world to rescue their human friend!

But also I love the idea of the borrower finally rescuing the human and the human expects them to be all “omg are you ok???”
But the borrower just storms over and yells “you could have just given me some of your food, you dingus!!! I literally eat crumbs, why did you steal an ENTIRE cake!”

“B-because it was carrot cake….and that’s your favourite…”

“WHAT!? WHA- ahhh actually that’s…that’s real cute. Thanks. Don’t ever scare me like this again though because I will destroy you.”

Much affection follows I’m sure, because the borrowers probably really touched by the thoughtful if not dangerous act of kindness.
But they make sure the human never steals again- well, never gets caught at least….

Fast PSA

    I’ll say it just so i don’t seem much of an ass or that i am making people less. When i make a starter call most preferentially it’s for those who i have NO INTERACTION with yet ( mutuals only )  if we already HAVE A THREAD &&. you want ANOTHER ONE, i would rather PLOT. ( memes ARE accepted though )  Y’see it’s not that i am denying to make you a starter but i simply CAN’T be pulling ideas in random situations &&. really not know WHAT to do or WHERE to go  , because that becomes tedious , you might not like it &&. for courtesy you will say that it’s ok. but then it seems like an obligation even from my own part to answer it &&. i honestly DO.NOT. wish for that. 

   So where am i getting to ? if we already have threads &&. you like a starter call i might rather prefer to have a plot or an idea from your side since i believe our muses might have got already some interaction &&. something to work with.  is not that you CAN’T ask for more, i simply want to make it easier for both &&. not a boring one sided random thread.

Descendants 2 Thing

Ok so we all really REALLY don’t want there to be a love triangle with Mal/Ben/Random Villain b/c it would be stupid, pointless, and generally a terrible plot. But this IS a Disney Original Movie, so the last point is all but guaranteed.

Anywho, I was thinking on what a plot could be, and here’s a short list of ideas I got;

* We have stupid love triangle, but only because Mal got love potion’d

*Large majority of the movie is Evie trying to find the counter-potion, Jay keeping Mal from flying off with whoever love potion’d her, and Carlos goes between helping the two of them

*Bonus points if Carlos builds a tracking device in case Mal gets away at one point (she does)

*Maleficent is shown to have somehow escaped and has disappeared, mild panic

*They have to go to the island because part of the counter-potion is there/the counter-potion is there/Mal is dragged there by Big Bad for some reason/etc

*Climax is fighting for the counter-potion (obviously)

*Three Possible Endings;
- They Get the Counter-Potion, Mal is pissed, ass is kicked
- The bottle falls onto the floor & shatters, spilling the ~only~ Counter-Potion/it’d take years to get another/etc (you know the cliches)
- Wrong Counter-Potion/It Doesn’t Work

For the last two;
- Maleficent shows up in human form (not as tall as she used to be, but not small lizard either)
- “Not my daughter you bitch” moment
- she uses a counter-spell to snap Mal out of it
- “what you shrunk my body not my magic power”
- Leaves

* Ben/Mal “reunion” / Lovey Dovey cliche-ness

Bonus Points;
* Backstory/Isle of the Lost references
* Character development for the children characters PLEASE
* Jaylos (Sorry I’m a sinning shipper & if you don’t ship it you gotta admit they have their moments in the movie)
* Basically any shipping moments really sorry I’m a sinner
* Core Four/Parent face-off with Jay&Jafar, Carlos&Cruella, and/or Evie&Evil Queen

TBH this is probably super bad & I’m on mobile so no cut sorrryyyyyyy


ok so i was just at the used book store and i found what i think is the greatest comic of all time?? its like the ultimate horse girl fantasy??? i have no idea what the plot is other than this girl dies like 3 times or something and horse tears bring her back so she saves the horses in return and it appears to be part of a series call horse angel comics

Oh jeez. Robo Knight, who is Charlie’s favorite for what by now should be obvious reasons, just sacrificed himself for the MegaForce Rangers and Charlie is not OK with this plot development.

“Get up Robo Knight! Get up!”

Heart breaking yes. But even more telling is when he sunk back down into the comfy couch and pouted, uttering under his breath venomously “bah, Red Ranger…”

Charlie LOVES the Red Rangers - except the MegaForce Red Ranger. I have no idea why. He is pretty much like every other Red Ranger, but Charlie can’t stand the guy. Pretty sure he is blaming him for Robo Knights death somehow, even though the Red Ranger is shown to be the most affected by it.

“First Leelee over in Mystic Force now this, huh? Rough stuff buddy.”

Charlie merely shrugged with the weight of a seasoned viewer accustomed to dealing with poor show running bullshit.

I will NOT be sharing with him that Mommy actually likes these developments. Maybe one day I’ll tell him, when I feel like he won’t bar me from watching with him because of my crazy opinions. I can’t be barred! I’m invested too!

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OH MAN i love these! ok i'ma ask a bunch: 3, 12, 26, 27, 29, 28, 41, 43, 48, 51, 54, 67, 79, 82, 91, 100

  • 3) What was your last text message?
  • i have neither turned my phone on nor paid my phone bill for at least four weeks so…
  • 12) Your favorite pair of shoes?
  • maroon-burgundy boots with rainbow embroidery!
  • 26) Your idea of a perfect first date?
  • oh man, i haven’t been on a Date Proper since high school, probably smuggling several flasks into a museum or a movie theater and discussing a pre-determined subject matter, e.g. content of an exhibition, plot of a film
  • 27) What is something most people don’t know about you?
  • i can break a board with my head
  • 29) What store do you shop at most often?
  • tesco express because i am too lazy to walk the 45 minutes to morrisons and too cheap to take the bus there for 90 pence
  • 28) What makes you feel the happiest?
  • music, alcohol, russian, social interaction, when you are sick and a cat specially seeks you out and sits on the section of your body that hurts
  • 41) Do you like dancing?
  • already anwered!
  • 43) What is your favorite cartoon character?
  • also already answered!
  • 48) Why do you think your followers follow you?
  • Personal Posts ™, sharing common interests, acquaintances spanning half a decade
  • 51) If you had a friend that spoke to you the same way you speak to yourself, how long would you be friends?
  • it would depend on the day!
  • 54) What big lesson could people learn from your life?
  • you do not have to experience everything firsthand, you do not have to Try Everything Once to prove a point
  • 67) What’s your favorite form of exercise?
  • chest pressing more weight than the man who used the chest press machine before you while making unwavering eye contact with him
  • 79) Talk about an embarrassing moment?
  • passing out in a public restroom while crying to diana arbenina then being bounced from the club in which said restroom was located for passing out while crying to diana arbenina
  • 82) Favorite day of the week?
  • настройся на пятницууу!
  • 91) What is your favorite word?
  • it varies tremendously! right now i am stuck on the phrase аж дух захватывает because it is onamatopoeic 
  • 100) What are some words that you live by? Why?
  • live small, die never

okay hi !!  i’m chanel !! ok anyways !! here’s a little bit about my baby raine. if u haven’t seen dawson’s creek you’ll probably have a hard time understanding where i got my muse, but yeah she’s pretty much a huge mix of joey potter, along with a little bit of elena gilbert, and blair waldorf!!!! && if u guys wanna plot,,, hmu on aim!! my aim is jstnbicbr. also i’ll be updating my plots page, just to give you guys an idea on what i’d like to see!! but if u have any ideas that would fit along with how raine is,,, man feel free to hmu!

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I'm just hoping that the last chapter of AnY would be... 1. Yona, Hak and Soo Won reconcile. 2. Dragon's curse lifted. 3. Zeno living peacefully till old age and went to heaven to see Kaya. 4. Kouka achieving developed kingdom status.

1) That is a plot that ought to have a resolution, and I’m sure it won’t leave us hanging. Nothing buddy-buddy but 

2) Seeing what becomes of these warriors in particular if their powers are taken away from them is something I’m hopeful to see. I know typically once the power is taken away they die, but that was the past. it was the past without yona ok

3.) I have the idea that Kaya’s soul will be reincarnated before Zeno passes on. If Kusanagi is kind, maybe Zeno will have the chance to be in that person’s life, too.

4) I am interested to see what Kouka develops into, too. I can’t possibly see it having the same old by the end. 

ok so i have this idea for a chris evans muse who’s in his early thirties and he just found out he’s a dad and the mom leaves the kid with him and the kid is only like 5 months old and chris is like a big time lawyer who has no idea how to take care of a child so he hires a nanny in their early-mid twenties and yeah the plot can flourish from there depending on what we decide :~) but like fr u should like this or IM me if ur interested in playing the nanny

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Ahhh, that's awesome! All of your projects have really vibrant imagery and distinct atmosphere? I can really get a feel for them just through the tags/blogs. Do you have any suggestions for refining or solidifying ideas for projects? For finding that atmosphere? Thank you so much for being a huge writing inspiration.

Oh boy Im uh, Im not sure?

Im a very visual person, very very very visual. So for me collecting images and inspirations is very important early on in the development phase and never ever becomes irrelevant, haha. 

Ok but as far as refining and solidifying ideas its uh, oh man, its different per project and per creative process. I would say when STARTING a project its important to know what your themes/message/point of the story is. I was just talking about this last night actually, you need to make a sort of ‘mission statement’ for what the story is that you can always fall back to when plotting/world building/writing. Like I can tell you the one we have for GREY, I cant go into DETAIL obvs but its the title. “GREY” as in grey areas, grey morality, nothing being in black and white. Everything was decided based at least partially based on that. 

On one of my projects the mission statement is something not fully defined about “becoming one with your demons”, and Im working on the IDEA around that small small concept. This is totally what will define your story’s structure, the ending (the most important part tbh) and everything else. 

As far as solidfying ideas/characters/stories past that uh…. research, writing excerises, making vision boards (or tumblr tags), making playlists of music for it, and then just writing and writing and plotting and plotting and putting together to pull it back appart and over and over and over and I dont know how to answer this uh

same goes for atomsphere. I mean, there is the TONE and the FEEL of a story that should reflect your mission statement and do what it needs to fit the genre/story/plot/actions/location/etcetc. As far as aesthetically or visually, like, man I dunno, start collecting things that visually remind you or inspire you for that project. See what the common themes are. See what sticks out and looks bad. Or else do what I did with Necro and take a visual theme and build the story completely on its back.


theres no easy answers k 

ok so in my sickly delirium i have devised a subplot for Lady Montilyet’s Impressions that may or may not involve gay!cassandra

we’ll see if it happens. i’ll plot it out and see what i think. i don’t want to detract from the generally narrow focus of the fic (which is obv about josephine’s changing perspectives of the inquisitor over time). but also the idea i had was a fun one idk, and josephine’s reaction to it might be a good time?? also part of my efforts in the fic have been to pay more homage to josephine’s background and life experiences, so the next chapter will focus a lot on that. hopefully people won’t find it too boring

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And yet on every my assumption your answer has to be exception to the rule. Look, I’m not offering some holy knowledge, I have no idea what is really going on behind closed door nor do you. I’m just stating that there are lot holes in plot known as official story and you overseeing all of them. You just point out things and yell “crazy”. It’s OK if you are passive observer of whole situation but you trying to debunk someone’s credibility here. You have to do much better job to succeed in that.

Listen to me. Briana isn’t an exception. For those in the back: BRIANA ISN’T AN EXCEPTION.  She is one of many women who experience these things. I Always link back to forums where women who are pregnant or have recently been pregnant discuss these things. I ask once again are these women’s experiences invalid? How come they don’t count? Are they lying? Could they all be Syco plants? Just answer these questions for me and I’ll wave a white flag and admit you’re right. 

+ Where have I ever mentioned anyone being crazy. Don’t put words in my mouth.

I’m sorry if Mr. Butterfield is so sloppy that all it takes for me to “debunk” his credibility is a few screen capped tweets. That’s not my fault.

And I get my thoughts across just fine, thank you.

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Hello! What do you think about OC/canon character fanfiction? Like I have this one idea of an Anakin/OC fanfiction to fill all the plot holes the movies left and I kinda lack motivation to write it because I'm afraid either no one would read it or hate my OC.

ok i might sound REAL stupid rn but i see people mentioning OC all the time and i have no idea of what it stands for :( if u could explain maybe i could try to help?