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“Well! Not only do I have to clean up after a colleague, this job is outside the scope of my administrative duties… Not to mention I’ve been forced into over a month of night duty unsuitable for a civil servant. Good grief. Still, it all ends tomorrow.

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"I like when you smile." Malisaac.

this ship will sail if i have to man it myself stydiascira


Isaac’s not around the first few times Malia tries to shift. The first time she manages to grow claws, she laughs and dances around the room.

She also nearly takes Stiles’ eyes out, but that’s not a big deal. It’s like, Tuesday, or something, for him.

When she finally manages a full shift, she doesn’t want to change back. She does, for her dad’s sake, but she cuts school and hangs out in the woods, sunbathing on rocks and running her old trails. There are actual mountain lions in the woods which means she has to constantly be on alert, though. They never attack her, or maybe she just never runs into any.

But he’s there, one day, sitting in a tree branch and watching her.

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that moment when

you’re lying around right and you just pinch the side of your boob like between your fingers but it’s a spot with literally no feeling like no pain-receptive nerve endings so you just pinch and pinch and pinch but you feel nothing

She wrote on, filling two, three, four sheets.
Suddenly, she raised her head and hid the sheets in her bodice.
…She seemed to be listening… Raoul also listened…
Whence came that strange sound, that distant rhythm?…A faint singing
seemed to issue from the walls…yes, it was as though
the walls themselves were singing!…The song became plainer
…the words were now distinguishable…he heard a voice,
a very beautiful, very soft, very captivating voice…but,
for all its softness, it remained a male voice…The voice came
nearer and nearer…it came through the wall…it approached
…and now the voice was IN THE ROOM, in front of Christine.
Christine rose and addressed the voice, as though speaking to some one:

“Here I am, Erik,” she said. “I am ready. But you are late.”

Raoul, peeping from behind the curtain, could not believe his eyes,
which showed him nothing. Christine’s face lit up. A smile
of happiness appeared upon her bloodless lips, a smile like that
of sick people when they receive the first hope of recovery.

The voice without a body went on singing; and certainly Raoul had
never in his life heard anything more absolutely and heroically sweet,
more gloriously insidious, more delicate, more powerful, in short,
more irresistibly triumphant. He listened to it in a fever and he
now began to understand how Christine Daae was able to appear
one evening, before the stupefied audience, with accents of a beauty
hitherto unknown, of a superhuman exaltation, while doubtless still
under the influence of the mysterious and invisible master.

The voice was singing the Wedding-night Song from Romeo and Juliet.
Raoul saw Christine stretch out her arms to the voice as she
had done, in Perros churchyard, to the invisible violin playing The
Resurrection of Lazarus. And nothing could describe the passion
with which the voice sang:

“Fate links thee to me for ever and a day!”


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would anyone be interested in (or do these exist already if so pls point me in their direction) wig’s version of star wars and until dawn???????????