Nick: “Do you feel comfortable my sweetheart?”

Judy: “Mmm..yes honey. And you?”

Nick: “Oh yes i love sleep when you are next to me..

           And i have to say that you are so cute when you sleep..<3″

Judy: “Aww Nicky stop!!! “

Nick: “Why? I’m saying the only truth Carrots,i would never lie to you.

Judy: “You always make me blush,you Romeo <3”

Nick: “That’s because i like when you blush and i love you ;) “

Judy: “Awww..<3 Now please do you wanna sleep with me or you just

         want to compliment me until tomorrow?”

Nick: “Aahah ok Carrots..Goodnight my love <3″

Judy: “Goodnight darling <3″

[Text by me,picture by ORitta ‘n’ Tush on Pinterest (i’m sorry if i wrote it wrong)]