System Things

-have you eaten today? Have I eaten today? has ANYONE eaten today?

-Listen dude I’m not married I’m glad that you are but wearing your wedding ring is strange

-I have no idea what I’ve done today so I’m going to assume that I did my homework

-I can’t reach that shelf because my arms should be three inches longer

-Did someone water the plants?

-listen please stop unfollowing people you dislike that I am friends with

-Well I didn’t start this conversation but I sure as hell have to finish it

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If no one has been so kind as to send it fishwolf. If that's been done perhaps Orinkuu?

im screaming. thank you for allowing me to ramble about kagewaka

who’s the cuddler:

both of them!! holy shit they both love to cuddle a lot. both of them are super cuddly and they snuggle up next to each other all the damn time i swear

who makes the bed:

god ok so this implies a living situation in which wakasagihime would be able to sleep in the same bed as kagerou, which means that she’d either have legs or get around in a wheelchair. but whichever it is i feel like kagerou would, since i kind of have a headcanon that she gets bored and tidies up things a lot

who wakes up first:

wakasagihime, probably. kagerou might have problems sleeping at night from time to time so wakasagihime lets her sleep in if she ever needs to. 

who has the weird taste in music:

tbh.. both of them. they can both belt out moment 4 life together with waka on nicki’s part and kag on drake’s part

who is more protective:

kagerou, definitely, absolutely, without a doubt. wakasagihime is more than capable of protecting herself, of course, but kagerou cares about her so much that she’ll do anything she can to keep anyone or anything from harming her. you wanna pick on the small fish?? you’re gonna have to get past her huge wolf gf first good luck buddy

who sings in the shower:

wakasagihime, obviously! she sings a lot no matter where she is, so she sings in the shower pretty often too! however on occasion she’ll catch kagerou singing in the shower a little too and playfully tease her about it later

who cries during movies:

both of them. wakasagihime cries a little more easily, but kagerou tears up over sappy emotional stuff a lot too.

who spends the most while out shopping:

hmm… i’d say wakasagihime. kagerou is a lot more reserved with her money but since i headcanon wakasagihime as being a princess she tends to splurge every once in a while

who kisses more roughly:

*sweating* k.. kagerou, i guess……..

who is more dominate:

*more sweating* ……….kag

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 500. i’m in hell

Am I going to be OK? [Closed rp with @toriel-the-exqueen]


* The Sanctuary of Toriel’s home over the past 9 years of growing up with her meant the world to Frisk. Ever since appearing in the Underground as a Baby, the child has done everything he could to help Toriel around the house. The safe and security of her home, let alone her educational teaching’s have helped Frisk become quite the intelligent child.

* Though a certain event in the child’s life has caused quite a change in the child’s life…

*Today was approaching the afternoon, Frisk would peep around the corner, seeing Toriel by her armchair, reading her usual books. Their heart began to race, fearing toriel’s reaction for the news they were going to tell her. But they had to, they owed her that much at least.

* Slowly but surely, Frisk would approach Toriel with quite the worried look on their face, but with the fortune of their DETERMINATION, they would gain the WILLPOWER to speak. 

“M-Mom…Can we talk for a moment?”

I feel like I only make mental health posts when I’m falling apart, so this is an attempt to do something different.  

I’ve been better this last week.  Partly it’s because I’m done being sick and can exercise again, but the other part is because I’m finally doing an OK job of consciously fighting back my isolation.

Today is worse again because I fucked up my sleep last night and am having unexpected Meniere’s symptoms.  (Thanks ears, I love you too.)  But I made myself a to-do list of things that I can get done today without much investment of mental energy, and those are things that I then won’t have to deal with later in the week.

This is a reminder to myself that there are in between days and those are OK.

art requests

hello friends I am sick and in bed and I need something to do so I’m gonna do some character requests

send me an ask with fandom character requests (pjo, throne of glass, atla, etc.) and I’ll get a few done today! Obviously no promises that I will get to yours, you guys know the drill. That’s what commissions are for.

ok go for it I’m gonna maybe try and do watercolors if I can muster up the strength to walk to the kitchen and get some paper towels haha

I may…I may have gotten another coworker into kpop…not definite but maybe like mild interest. Since there’s kpop playing now on the work radio poor ppl are forced to listen to it daily…
And she asked me what one of the songs was cuz it had a good beat hahah (it was brown eyed girls kill bill BTW)
Well…I am making rly good progress here slowly taking over this company it seems

I am so fucking done with white people today and I still got another class on the Middle East in the after noon and I know there’s at least two dudes that are going to piss me off in there.

Like I literally had to explain to the group I was in today that ok yes you see America as a relatively peaceful place free of these kinds of tensions because you are not the target of these tensions.

And this other ugly Asa’s white dude kept using a mocking accent when pretending to sound like Arabs and he was talking about Pakistan and this one girl, bless her, called him out on it and I just blurted out afterward that about how he was being fucking racist for the ace the accent and he was like was I really why is this happening so I just said again, it’s cause your fucking white.

I am so done with these people

i’m in a much better place now. i can finally heal, first my mind last week then my body this week. i’m getting my hair done today and my nails done (for the first time). i am getting a massage. i am buying new clothes. i am eating good food. everything is going to be ok, no matter what happens. ok-ness. i am alive and won’t stop being that way for a long time.

why are you reblogging that shitty post abt prom just save the image if you want to keep it

anyway i was at an olympiad today and we wrote … under cameras… not in a school we were s’pposed to be at

and i am fucking ill

coughing every 5 seconds

ok i somehow got over that and started writing the essay i needed

and while i was concluding shit and thinking ‘ooooohhhh yeeeah this shit good’

my pen stopped working

it jst stopped

i was so fucking done i turned the unfinished essay in and left

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I am going to be honest, today's episode was good and a bit emotional. Not really the best but still good. the NH moment was ok, not as good as canon and could have been better, but hey it's filler so I didn't expect it to be well done. But apart from that, it was good. Just saying

Yeah. kinda. hahah. you are right, canon is still better :)

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''THANK YOU I WILL TRY TO DO WELL FOR YOU'' this line is the highlight of my day today,the amount of mushiness in there, okay then after you are done, you better tell me how well you did for me! lol what is this! and no I am telling YOU to eat the peppers so that it will give you superpower to study better,tbh I don't think I will last any longer,am abt to pass out of sleepiness cause I actually exercised today,my body not used to it so dead tired,so next time,sweet bangtan dreams<3,whalien zzzz

I WILL TELL YOU!!! just one more day left until I’m finally done and on break AND I CANNOT WAIT!!!

OOOOOOOH it’s ok I can handle my spice, I put jalapenos on pretty much everything lmao

I hope you slept well and had nice bangtan dreams!!!! 

i went on a ham fic mania today and i feel i am Not Ok bc of it so i must share some of my fav ham fics to the world

basically to all my friends who got my manic and intense messages today like “im goNNeEEee” and “tell my mother i love her” and “i love my homeboy ham so much”

recs, in no particular order, under the cut

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Why I’m grateful-

Today it’s for the simple joys of turning on the PlayStation and getting to stream my favorite shows to my hearts content. It was a lazy day today. And I’m perfectly ok with that.

I didn’t have much of anything to get done. I was able to sleep in. Which was glorious. Especially after the madness of yesterday’s catfishing adventure.

I made myself a yummy mid day meal of coconut shrimp and snuggled into my bed for the day. I did some heavy binging of grey’s anatomy. It was glorious.

For the ability to have a lazy day like that and enjoy the simple pleasure of Netflix, I am grateful.

The weirdest thing I struggle with in relaysh to all of this is my name - it’s a very very western name, I fit in quite well in Britain because of my name, and over here it serves to very obviously identify me as an Indian Christian.

The upside of this - there are certain parts of my history that are totally illegible to people as a result. I appear as a casteless entity and I am! Because a good number of Christians here converted out of hinduism because they saw Christianity as a means of escaping their oppression - and a message that offered them religious hope totally divorced from the spectre of their unfortunate births and professions. So when someone asked me in ninth grade ‘what caste are you’ I could pretty much give them a blank stare and get away with it, she herself filling in with 'ah you’re a catholic’ (I tried explaining I was actually a non-denominational protestant which is a Big Difference but it was apparently too much so.)

I wonder sometimes what would’ve happened if my last name had revealed the historical caste which my family belonged to.

And like I wonder about that and about indianizing my name and whether that would make the parts of me which are illegible and not my choice legible and my defining factor. I like my name! I chose to be a Christian! It’s a part of my identity (and I’m deeply connected to my first name for v personal reasons)! I’m really really not attached at all to the historical parts of my identity except insofar as I think about it as a thing of the past & that every time I see an act of caste violence I wonder if my family and I got lucky because we changed our religion, changed our names, got out and got rich.

See if people can’t see you except for what you present, and if they can’t dig and excavate an 'authentic’ you, a stereotyped, created for consumption you, then they’re forced to look at you as you. And idk. The decol and pocol discourse doesn’t really engage with the ramifications of being forced into authenticity and roots that you’re severed from and have hurt you in the past in your history and blah.


Ok, so the schedule thing didn’t work out. Getting sick immediately after starting it, to the point where just focusing was difficult, didn’t allow me to get into a flow of it.

I think I also forgot about a sigil request, so if you requested an anti-anxiety sigil from me, please message me to remind me who you are, because messages aren’t helping me figure it out. I’ll get it done today.

I am currently unemployed, and while I’m looking for real work, I need to pay bills still. So instead of free requests, I’m switching over to commissions. It’s what I need to do.

From now on, I will take on up to seven sigil requests and one ritual or spell request at a time. I will open slots as I finish work. The prices are as follows-

Sigils- $5

Rituals/Spells- $15

I’m also thinking about making lamens, but I need to cost them out. Lamens would be gold on black drawing board, with a black ribbon. When I start doing them, I will offer lamens with custom sigils for a combined cost.

Ok. The super secret project has been done a while but I can’t post pictures or video publicly yet (I plan to as soon as I can because I need help pricing future versions). My plans for today (which were going to be driving to see my Imzadi) fell through cause weather conditions. What mindless craft should I work on while I watch tv? My mom and I are going to invent a new pie recipe tonight but I gotta kill time till then. I’m not really feeling fiber arts right now, but am not really sure what else to go for…

ok i promise i will get this done

so it has been a long time since i had this request and i promise im going to do it, I am going to spend my time today and tomorrow writing this things so i don’t feel bad anymore for not doing it.

~Admin Rin


I was supposed to clean the house today. I haven’t cleaned it in, oh I don’t know, like a month. I mean I’ve vacuumed and done laundry and washed dishes, I’m not a complete slob (ok, yeah I am). I had it all planned out until…

6:15am- Woken up by husband. His truck is dead, meaning I need to help get his truck down the driveway to my car so we can jump it off. No biggie. It’s early, the girls should sleep in a bit. Quite time, coffee, and the morning news? Yes, please!

6:16am- Nope. I do not hear the waking up sounds of my youngest. Just ignore it, she’s repositioning.

6:20am- “Mornin’!” The toddler’s up. Wait, what?! The I-have-to-shake-her-to-get-her-up-before-7 toddler is up?! Well, at least she’ll get to say bye to her dad before he leaves for work.

6:30am- Baby is up, dammit! Husband is off. Toddler is screaming.

6:31am- Fuck it. I’m pouring myself coffee. The kids and the cat can wait a minute.

6:32am- Yeah. That was a mistake. Always feed the cat first.

So, I drink my coffee slowly as the toddler watches cartoons and the baby crawls around. Somehow lunch and naps happen– and the baby just had to be on me to take a nap. No bed or pack n’ play would do. I try to pick up, but baby is on my chest snoozing and there’s a Fixer Upper marathon on HGTV. It’s unusually warm for January, so a wagon ride to the park seems more fun than folding laundry and vacuuming the living room.

Dinner, baths, then a quick trip to the store in pajamas (the kids, not me. I’m not that brave!). Bedtime. Dishwasher unloaded and loaded. Coffee set up for in the morning. Beer (what diet?) and X-Files (finally!). Who needs a clean house?

The cat just puked everywhere.

Anyone know a good cleaning service?