ok, i cleaned the mirror three times


Hey dudes and dudettes and non binary dude-babes; I finally hit 3k followers! To say thank you (and get rid of some of the junk I have lying around) I decided to do a give away!

What you get:

  • Three patches -  hand embroidered, made by me! 
  • A rosary style peace sign necklace and a russian doll necklace (both brand new, i never wear them?)
  • a pair of black titanium 6mm gauge tunnel earrings (only worn a few times, will be sterilised and cleaned for u xx)
  • three stainless steel belly bars - one is missing a ball but u can use the one from one of the other ones u know (also sterilised for u xx)
  • Five lil crystals and a cute bag for them! (my hand is there for scale) Disclaimer: I don’t actually know what the crystals are except for one amethyst and on rose quartz
  • A compact mirror with wee roses on it :+)


  1. must be following me
  2. likes don’t count (ok for bookmark tho!!)
  3. no give away blogs pls
  4. only ONE reblog will be counted so there’s no point spamming it
  5. if you want more of a chance to win, follow my instagram @tashbourbon (you will be entered into the draw a second time!!!)
  6. must be willing to divulge personal info (address, email, etc.) so I can get it to u if u win :^)

For updates or any questions about the giveaway, follow my give away blog HERE 

I’ll draw the winner with a random number generator when this reaches enough notes! a date may be selected in later august, depending on notes.

I know its not much but I wanted to do it anyway. Good luck my angels!! xxx