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what’s going on 👀

  • *cbx in japan, 1am hotel room*
  • baekhyun: wanna hear a rap
  • minseok: no
  • baekhyun: ok here we go
  • jongdae: *laying down a sweet beat immediately*
  • baekhyun: getting myself comfy in bed for those fresh sleeps, got my 15 pillows all pluffy, got my good warm duvet, got my cat curled up on my head purring, got my 50 swords cradled in my arms
  • minseok: that's just unrealistic no one cares about duvet covers anymore
  • baekhyun: excuse you i am not waking up to a thick layer of frost encrusting my body , get outta here with yuor warm climate privilege im 50% bisexual 50% duvet cover and 100% warm and snuggly all year

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Kagami: "Thank you for saving my butt so many times, Kuroko." Kuroko: "Well, I have to save it from everyone else if I want to be able to destroy it myself."

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just wanted to let you all know that there’s going to be no update this week. see the tags for more info, thanks for following and for your support so far!

Riverdale 1x09

Okay y’all so im typing this from the grave because I think the episode actually killed me.

We got a whole lot of drama and action in a small amount of time, the episodes are really picking up the pace and its leaving me feeling like I’m about to have a stroke and I love it


So we all knew something was up with this family but this takes things to a whole other level. Like the freaking maple tapping ceremony and banquet…. like who does all of this for fricken maple syrup?? they are nuts man. And don’t get me started on Cheryl at the end, what the actual hell? Polly you better get outta there fast girl.

2. Archie

my guy, my dude, you just gotta chill out. take a break stop getting involved in absolutely everything. I know you’re heart is in the right place but sometimes you just gotta take a seat. ( and he totally deserved Val dumping his ass he was a terrible boyfriend)

3. Veronica, you sweet angel. I just wanted to crawl through the screen and give her a hug she is so pure. 

4. also nice seeing Betty be there for her I love their friendship so much


6. seriously though I think mama cooper has something going on like betty and thats where betty’s problems come from. 

7. like when mama cooper threw the brick you saw her whole persona and body language change much like Dark Betty with Chuck.

8. yo i don’t trust Ethel, idk why but I don’t. she seems shady


we were so BLESSED fam. The first scene on her bed had me screaming cause I wasn’t expecting bughead so soon in the episode…but there they were about to have a makeout session at like 7 am until mama coper ruined all their fun;) and then we get protective boyfriend Juggie while talking to Cheryl which had me squealing. Then their scene with Betty freaking out and jughead comforting her and basically being the best boyfriend ever. and the collar grab and the HUG. honestly I swooned more at that hug than any of their kisses because it was so pure. I actually died and got resurrected. And then the two of them inviting mama cooper to write at the blue and gold I can’t handle this.

10. guys my heart can’t handle this.

11. also the fact that mama cooper is just so cool the juggie makes me so happy

12. and bughead once again show how a couple should be. supportive and loving and everything good in the world.

so that ends my rant because I need to remember how to breathe and function as a normal human being again. I probably missed a bunch of stuff but I can’t be bothered to remember. BUT BUGHEAD IS STILL SAILING AND BEING PURE AND HEALTHY SO MY HEART IS SMILING!<33

wanna chat? pt.21

on ao3
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yo whats up. before we start, a few things:

yes, adrien and nino’s kiss was before dark cupidyes, adrien knows that him and marinette kissed during dark cupid. marinette told him in ch15even if it wasn’t i doubt adrien would count dark cupid as his first kiss, seeing that he doesn’t remember it

now that thats done, warning for discussions of like…murder in this chapter? they dont actually kill anyone but theyre just like…casually discussing how you would kill someone with x or y. its mostly just ridiculous but there are a few parts that could be considered kind of gross so, tread carefully if needed. (conversation creds to @agrestenoir​, @breeeliss​, @reyxa​ and a few cameos from @chassecroise​ because i basically stole that wild ride of a conversation we were on)



nino: im pretty sure chat noir was just flirting with me

ladybugfan2020: get it boy
would u break up with me for chat?

yeah probably

ladybugfan2020: cool same

nino: im glad were on the same page

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HEEEEEELLP ok so I've been lookin for these pics with Mitch and Jonas where they're like by the pool? And the other is Mitch with a switchblade and I think I might have been hallucinating cuz I can't find them?? Please tell me I'm crazy so I can get over it


was it this and this ?? theyre in a locker room in that one not by a pool tho…..

shit tho if there’s somehow mitch and jonas art out there i haven’t seen yet it better be on my desk first thing in the morning that’s for Dang sure

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“we’re best friends… this shouldn’t be that hard, right?”

We’re best friends,” Richie says softly, knees pulled up to his chest tightly, head turned toward Eddie thoughtfully. Eddie stares back at him, lips pursed, thoughts remorseful. They are in Eddie’s bedroom, sitting on the floor at the foot of his twin bed. They feel his silky bedsheets at their backsides, a gentle tickle, and there is a candle burning on Eddie’s bedside table, the one painted white. A low hum of music breathes from his record player. Part of Eddie thought the calm atmosphere would make the mood lighter–make the conversation they are having easier. But it doesn’t, it hasn’t, and Eddie feels stupid for even trying to materialize this fantasy. “This shouldn’t be that hard, right?

This shouldn’t be that hard, Richie says. This. This. Eddie is wondering what this is, and what this always has been, because he feels as though he is under the wrong impression now, and he would hate for Richie to realize it, what with his guard down and vulnerabilities loose. Eddie sighs, he drags a hand through his hair. He admits, “I don’t know what you want me to say.” Richie blinks, he licks his lips and furrows his eyebrows. A teardrop swells up in the corner of his eye, and it storms down his cheek in his sudden sadness. Eddie hates that it has to be like this. And there it is again, that word: This. “I don’t know what this is.”

“It’s us,” Richie says, and he almost looks offended, almost sounds it, his lips twisted in a disturbed fashion, his glasses crooked and black hair askew. “It’s not gonna be hard, you know?” Eddie nods, holding back a choked sob. “We’re best friends. We’ve faked it this long, so… let’s just…” As Richie trails off, Eddie can’t help it; he breaks. Coughs out the cry that has been lodged in his throat. Lets the tears fall.

But then Richie’s arms are around him in an instant, and they are holding each other, and Eddie wishes it could be like this, wishes he could always know the comfort of Richie’s embrace, wishes he did not have to focus his energy on memorizing the feel of Richie’s face in the crook of his neck.

Eddie always thought it was embarrassing to cry in front of Richie. Eddie never has been much of a crier. He only ever cries when his mother is mean to him, or when he fails a test, yet he only does so in his bedroom. Richie is easily targeted by his emotions; he hides behind smiles and witty remarks. He cries to Eddie sometimes, after Henry has broken his glasses or when his father screams at him. They are different criers, different people. They have their own sensitivities. But this is different. It’s different because now they are crying for the same reason.

“I don’t want to fake it,” Eddie says suddenly, moving away from Richie’s arms so he can look at his best friend’s face, which is splotchy and puffy and all wet. “I want to be with you.” And Eddie thinks that is the most heart wrenching thing he will ever have to say. He thinks it is the most heartbreaking thing Richie will ever have to hear. 

“You will be with me,” Richie replies, lip quivering. Eddie wants to believe it. But he wants so many things. When will he get to have? “Just…” There is no need for Richie to finish. Just not now. Just not when the world is so destructive of what we feel. Not when our parents could kick us out or when we could be killed. “I want to be with you so bad. But Eddie…” Richie shakes his head, closing his eyes. Perhaps he wishes this were a terrible dream, too. “Eddie, I don’t want to get used to having you.”

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Does Deku become more aggressive when in heat? can Kacchan handle him when he's in heat?

When I read this I instantly thought of neko!Deku. xD So that’s what I’m going with here. ♥

Imagine Izuku with cute ears sticking out of his curly hair, and they’re the same deep green color as his hair. His tail too.

When Katsuki finds him though, Izuku isn’t in a human form. He’s in the form of a small cat, and despite Katsuki’s aggressive nature, he can’t just leave the cat sitting outside. The weather was starting to get cold, and the thing didn’t look like it was wearing a collar… 

It must be a stray..

So Katsuki scooped up the small cat in his arms and took it home. He was living on his own anyhow, so he could afford company. It would kill the loneliness, and personally, he enjoyed cats. 

Once home to his small apartment, Katsuki sets the cat down. He checked it over, seeing it wasn’t in bad shape. He would have to take it to the vet for a check up at some point.. Emphasis on the ‘at some point’
“Ya need a name huh?” He stared at the cat, and it stared back at him, with big cute eyes. “…Uh. Deku.. I guess. It’s kinda cute for a cat like you.” He stood up then, and headed to his room. “Make yourself at home Deku. I’ll get you toys and shit tomorrow.” 

And as the next morning eventually rolled around…
Katsuki was fast asleep in his bed, with a naked Izuku cuddled up beside him, his head resting on Katsuki’s chest.
Ears twitching upon his head at any bit of noise he heard. And his tail wrapped around him snuggly.
When Katsuki’s eyes opened, he felt a weight on top of him.
“What the fuck..” He grumbled, staring at the ceiling for a moment, and when he finally looked down he saw a mess of curly hair. “..what the fuck?!” He yelled then, and shoved Izuku from the bed. “Who the hell are you?! Why’re you naked?!” 

As Izuku fell off the bed, he yelped. He sat up, rubbing the back of his head slowly and he glanced upwards at Katsuki. His green hues large and filled with confusion. 
“..Deku..” He said softly. “..I’m..Deku..” 


No matter what, after that, Katsuki couldn’t shake Izuku. So long story short, he decided to just keep him. He also gave him some clothes to wear, which were much too big but at least Izuku was covered. 

Living with Izuku was fine and dandy! Until he was in heat.. 

Whenever that time came around, Katsuki could tell right away. 
He’d be minding his own business, making the two of them dinner.. and Izuku would come right up next to him. He’d run his tail along Katsuki’s side and lean into him. 

“..Kacchan..” He’d mew softly and start to nuzzle against neck. “..pay attention to me..” 

And Katsuki’s face would get red with a blush but he’d nudge Izuku away. 

“Not now I’m busy Deku.” He’d state firmly, while finishing up the meal.
Izuku pouted then, as he was pushed aside getting annoyed at that. He wanted Katsuki’s attention. No.. he demanded it right now. 

When he was ignored like that, he would wait for the right time, when Katsuki would be distracted by something boring. Something like his college homework… He always looked terribly bored while doing that. 
Izuku would creep up on him and wait for the perfect moment.. then he’d run up and shove the textbook out of Katsuki’s hands and sit right in his lap. 

“Kacchan~ ♥ Pay attention to me!” He’d chime and wiggle his butt against Katsuki’s crotch. Katsuki would tense up at the contact, eyes widening.It was bad enough he didn’t have a relationship, and he didn’t have sex in forever… It was becoming tempting.

“Fucking Deku!” He’d shout.
Izuku would purr happily, and his tail would curl around his owner then. But his blissful moment didn’t last long, because he would be pushed out of Katsuki’s. “I’m busy now! Go play..” 

But that doesn’t work. It’s non stop distractions from then on. Izuku is rubbing his face against Katsuki’s back, or forcing himself into Katsuki’s lap again. He constantly tries to find an opportunity to rub his butt against Katsuki’s crotch, in hopes that his owner realizes what kind of attention he desires. 

Katsuki is constantly trying to deny Izuku, because he has to focus on his studies. (He has tests coming up). But by day two, Izuku isn’t having it. He starts to get more aggressive. 

“Kacchan..” Izuku whines “..Now.. give me attention now! ..” And he’d bite and Katsuki’s neck or hands. 

“Deku- enough!” He’d try to argue back, but when he sees Izuku dressed in nothing but one of his shirts.. and he starts crawling into his lap again. 

“I want you now.. Kacchan..” Izuku would straddle him then. “Now.. now..” He’d cuddle his head under Katsuki’s chin, and grip at his shirt aggressively, as in saying he wasn’t going to let him go. 

Needless to say, Katsuki can’t handle Izuku well, when he’s in heat. Because Izuku does get more forceful if he’s denied the attention he wants. He gets more eager, and he does anything he can to try and arouse Katsuki. Which does work every time, actually. Katsuki is just good at keeping himself controlled.. although he does cave. 

And when he finally does, Izuku is as happy as can be. But when the period of heat is still going on, Izuku wants it daily. And eventually Katsuki just gives in. And he gives it to Izuku at the end of the day. Until he’s finally satisfied, and he’s through his time of heat.  


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