ok look i love this moment so much bc its such a thing between them? like?


Pairing: Jared x (Murphy) reader

Request: Murphy!Reader (Zoe’s Twin) has Jared over for the weekend bc parents are away, Conner is at Evan’s, & Zoe is at Alana’s. They spend the weekend getting freaky. Next Monday, Conner and Zoe see she’s wearing one of Jared’s shirts and flannels, has hickies, & looks very pleased with herself. She shuts down their scolding by saying “Neither of you can judge me Bc after seeing Evan & Alana in chemistry, as well as both your necks, I can say for a fact no Murphy child was a saint this weekend.

Warnings: centres around the idea of sex

I’m all for jokes between Murphy siblings. And the idea that their relationships comprise of healthy, loving sex. 

Also this was a bit rushed but I wanted to get a fic out for you guys today, so I hope you enjoy it


You sat up, ready to face the day, and looked over to your boyfriend who was gathering up his clothes. His haired was messed up in that gorgeous way and the hickeys that trailed down his chest and stomach where they dipped under the waistband of the underwear he was just tugging on reminding you of your weekend of bliss.  

Your parents had been away for the weekend and both of your siblings had been out, so you and your boyfriend had used this rare occasion of an empty Murphy house to your advantage. You’d tried different things, different positions - some of them successful, some of them not so much - and you both felt well and truly satisfied.

“We’re going to be late” you warned as he started kissing you again, trying to re-live some of your intimate moments before you had to go to school. 

“Well you’re the one who couldn’t get enough of this” he said wiggling his eyebrows and dancing with his shoulders, “all weekend. You want me. Bad” he said in a matter of fact way.

“True, but that,” you laughed motioning to his movements, “is not a turn on”. 

“You wasn’t saying that last night. As I recall it was more like ‘Oh Jared, oh kiss me Jared, take me, hold me in your big strong arms’” he mocked in a high-pitched voice, laughing. 

“I do not talk like that!” you said throwing a pillow at him before walking into your ensuite bathroom. 

“Shit, I’m going to need a while to cover all of these” you breathed, looking at the hickeys that formed a beautiful, abstract canvas for Jared’s art from your neck down. From your room, you heard Jared suggest that you could just skip today and stay in bed. You considered it until he burst into the bathroom to show you a meme he’d found which really killed the mood. 

You were the first one home after a rather uneventful day at school. You’d removed your makeup and the little patches, which showed you were claimed by Jared, were bared to the world, and you couldn’t be happier about it. 

You were making a drink in the kitchen, dressed in one of Jared’s graphic tees and his flannel pyjama pants, when your brother walked in. You hadn’t seen him or your sister all weekend as you were engaged with a very busy schedule which comprised purely of your boyfriend. He noticed you with a smirk. 

“Didn’t think you’d be back yet - thought you couldn’t get enough of Kleinman. All you two do is have sex. You know I can see your hickeys right?” He said pointing to your neck. At least he couldn’t see the ones which trailed down your breasts and stomach. And that one between your thighs. And the bruises to match. “It would be less obvious if you had written ‘I’ve had sex with Jared’ on your forehead” he laughed. You rolled your eyes, used to your brothers teasing. 

“Its not like you’re any better. I could practically hear Evan whimpering from here” you mocked, knowing your brother’s activities this weekend hadn’t differed much from your own, even if you couldn’t see the physical evidence of it. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Connor spat back, his smile falling. 

Zoe walked in, and placed her backpack and guitar case on the floor. “Whats going on?” She questioned, but neither of you answered her. 

“Oh don’t lie to me. I saw him in Chemistry, his polo buttoned up all the way to the top, but unfortunately not quite covering those hickeys you’d left. I know what you two get up when you say you’re at the orchard - no one is that obsessed with trees” You smiled. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Zoe smirk as she poured herself a drink. 

“Fuck off! At least I can walk without looking like I’ve spend the whole weekend getting laid - you’ve been walking funny all day” he shot back. Your mouth hung open. You might have been a bit sore down there (Jared was very well-endowed, ok) but you had definitely made sure to hide it. It must have been a lucky guess on your brother’s behalf. 

Zoe laughed into her drink as Connor looked far too pleased with his joke. 

“Excuse me, like you can talk, Alana looked worse than Evan. She was wearing a turtle neck in the middle of summer! And I walked in on her trying to conceal her neck in the bathroom - why would she be doing that if you’re little miss innocent?” You asked turning your attention to your sister whose cheeks were tinged with pink. “I’d take a look in the mirror before you try criticising me” you scold, the hickeys across your sister’s collarbone becoming visible as she moved. 

“I’m surprised you can even talk that much considering how you’ve probably been choking on Jared’s dick this whole weekend” she blurted out. 

“Why THE FUCK did you say that?” Connor shouted, horrified at the thought. You just stood there stunned, Zoe not normally the one to say something so brash. 

“I mean he’s probably upstairs right now isn’t he?” Zoe teased. 

“No” you snapped. “Maybe” you admitted with a whisper.

Your voices got louder as the three of you threw insults at one another, but not one of you heard the door open or your parents come walking in, back from their weekend break. Nor did you hear a half-naked Jared, intrigued by the shouting, walk down the stairs to unexpectedly meet your parents with more hickeys than either Cynthia or Larry had ever hoped to see. 

“Oh hi Mr and Mrs Murphy, how was your trip?” Jared smiled, at the same time you screamed from the kitchen “We like to have sex, whats so bad about that?”

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Person a tripping in the street and person b whomst is a stranger to them catches them and accidentally dips them ( like the dance thing u know)

Justin Oluransi likes to walk, and being in this city so far has been nothing but walking.

Walking from the subway to the hotel to the pharmacy back to the hotel, then to the hospital in the morning for his interview and from there to the deli for an early lunch then back to the hotel and then just - out to explore midtown.

New York City is all. walking. all. the. time. And it’s beautiful clear weather on a breezy spring midmorning.

He loves it.

It’s like a dance, weaving between the many pedestrians, pausing for cars in the street but not waiting for the signal to turn green, picking up the pace to get away from the creepy dude following too closely, and then slowing down to enjoy the atmosphere - suddenly halting to catch his breath when he turns a corner and sees the Empire State Building.

What a sight, what a rush, what a thrill! The only thing missing would be a -


A man bumps into him from behind so hard he’s twisted around and Justin’s glad he’s got quick reflexes because otherwise the man would have hit the concrete with the back of his head.

Instead, Justin has an arm under his shoulders and the other hand gripping the man’s waist tight to keep him cradled against his chest.

Wide green eyes stare up at him, and for a moment Justin can’t think. Those eyes are mesmerizing - they’re beautiful, soft, sweet. Justin’s lost in them.

It takes a moment for him to register that the other man’s hands are both gripping his arm tight, fingers digging into the light fabric of his favorite salmon hoodie, and he realizes he should help the man back to his feet.

“Sorry,” Justin says, pulling him into an upright position and letting his hands linger on the other man’s biceps for a moment to make sure he can support his own weight just fine.

“Chyeah, no, please, I’m sorry, I just, uh -” The other man is fumbling for words, running his hands over himself and then reaching up to right the cap on his head. “My legs don’t always send letters of intent to my brain, so sometimes my body wants to keep a pace and my legs just like - bolt for no apparent reason and I tumble over myself like a newborn fawn and it’s not - uh..”

He finally looks up and meets Justin’s gaze and for a moment Justin thinks he might lose himself in those beautiful eyes again, but the other man seems to suddenly regain control of himself upon catching sight of him. He straightens and stands taller, pulling at the hem of his t-shirt and licking his lips.

Justin does,, not follow the movement. Nope.

The other man clears his throat. “That wasn’t very chill of me.”

Justin laughs and the other man smiles softly in response.

“That’s ok,” Justin says. And then, because this man is really beautiful and Justin has never passed up an opportunity to flirt with beautiful people, he says “I was just thinking about how walking around here is like dancing, and then you waltzed into my arms for one heck of a grand finale.”

That gets a surprised laugh and a hint of a blush creeping on his cheeks, Justin can tell.

God, this man is beautiful.

“I’m Justin,” he says, extending his hand forward.

“Derek,” the other man - Derek - says.

When their palms meet Justin has to will himself not to stare at the way they fit in each other so well, or how they look clasped like that, or how long Derek’s fingers are.

“So uh,” Derek says, pulling his hand away but letting his fingers trail along Justin’s just slightly. “You pick up dance partners on 6th Av often?”

“Shit, is that the street this is? I thought I was on Broadway?”

He has to look around for a second, because if he got lost he has no idea how he’s gonna get back to the hotel and he cant handle being lost right now.

But Derek’s easy laugh flows over him, as does his gentle touch on his shoulder to draw Justin’s attention back to him.

“Yeah, Broadway’s right here. It just intersects here, see.” He’s pointing out all the street signs around them. “You probably just walked one block this way without realizing.”

“God, I’m such a tourist.”

Derek laughs again, and Justin loves how it sounds. “That’s alright, so’s everyone else.”

“You’re not from here either?”

“Oh no, I was born and raised on the Upper East Side. But everyone’s a tourist in this city bro, even the locals. Tourism is a state of mind.”

Justin lets that hover in the air for a moment. He watches Derek’s face and the way he seems so much more collected now, so much more in control and - chill.

“I’d love to have a five hour conversation with you about that one sentence.”

“No shit?”

“No shit.” Justin revels in the curious look adorning Derek’s face and asks “Where can we get coffee and talk into the sunset?”

Derek smirks and Justin can feel in his bones that he is not going to make the flight home tonight.

But that’s ok, maybe he won’t go home. Maybe he’ll stay in this city, take that position at the hospital, and maybe… maybe he’ll have Derek show him around in the meantime.

my best attempt at a masterlist of every chengsey moment in trk

  • ch. 6: henry calling gansey “richard-man” adj;fdkd
  • the slightly disturbing fact that henry told gansey his tailgate was open because he didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that there was a little girl curled up in the cargo space of the camaro….. like buddy what if gans was kidnapping her. now youre an accomplice.
  • ch. 12: “henry cheng stood before him, all hair and smile, his eyes intense.” 
  • basically the mere fact that henry notices that gansey is having a panic attack/ptsd flashback and goes to help him in the middle of a crowd
  • “once, you got me coffee,” henry said. “when i was losing my mind. consider the favor returned.” 
  • one of the things that helps gansey come out of his attack is making eye contact with henry
  • henry saying “there he is” when gansey calms down
  • ch 17: “both henry and gansey were kings in their respective territories”
  • gansey thinking about litchfield house: “to dine in fairyland was to be forced to stay there forever or to pine for it once you left” literally what the fuck gansey
  • “yo, yo, dick gansey” im so embarrassed for henry
  • “[litchfield house] did not look remotely like a place that might host a party. it looked like a place old ladies might go to die and remain undiscovered until the neighbors noticed a strange smell. it was utterly at odds with what gansey knew of henry.” ok i lied, that’s barely chengsey but i love it anyway.
  • gansey reflecting that he understands henry (more than blue does)
  • gansey reminding blue that henry’s car is electric bc he wants her to like his boyfriend
  • henry is fine with blue being at the toga party even though no other casual acquaintances are invited, just bc gansey vouches for her
  • ch. 29: ok honestly………. the whole chapter
  • BUT for the sake of thoroughness… henry calling gansey “junior”
  • henry: “i tucked in the children [after you left] and read them stories but they kept asking after you” and gansey LAUGHS
  • gansey is cagey about explaining why they left and henry lets it pass
  • “dick three”
  • flirting via knowledge of what happened in 1751
  • and yes this is bc henry knows he’s looking for a “test of mettle”
  • “that feeling of being known. not in a superficial way, but in something deeper and truer.” 
  • gansey: “what is my prize if i pass?” 👀
  • “the prize is your honor, mr. gansey.” doubly known. triply known.
  • gansey doesn’t know how to feel about being “so accurately pegged” 👀
  • “am i being kidnapped now?” oh, gansey. you shameless flirt (with bad timing)
  • “this is ganseylike too, yes?” which part? “secrets.”
  • gansey is “prepared to deploy” any combination of his fake, polite responses to heavy moments, but he understands that henry doesn’t need or want this from him, so he can just respond as his real, genuine self 
  • both deeply traumatized at the age of 10?? is that kind of symmetry romantic?? (no but im including it)
  • “do you trust me?” [gansey’s dramatic ass thinks about how he intuitively knows who to trust] “yes.”
  • THEY HOLD HANDS!!!!!!! for a second when henry scares him with robobee but still!!!!
  • ch. 30: “richardman” again
  • henry telling gansey to breathe while literally cupping gansey’s hands between his
  • “be afraid and happy” the quote that defined a generation
  • henry saying “there he is” when gansey starts breathing again 💖
  • more touching, then “easy, mr. gansey”
  • “robobee, find great hair”
  • henry matching gansey’s dramatic ass like “i think we have to decide if we trust each other or not… i think this is the moment in our young friendship”
  • “are you saying your secrets are to my secrets as an automobile is to a carbonated beverage?” henry !!!!!!
  • “magical artifacts, bro”
  • henry: “are you collapsing? are you fine? i thought we were conversing”
  • gansey reflecting that henry is the closest thing to a soul-twin he’s ever found
  • “Get. Your. Number.” HENRY ASDJFKD;F
  • gansey noticing “henry’s wickedly cut eyebrows”
  • this part made me lose my shit….. gansey thinks that, even after all of the actual magic he’s seen, henry cheng is just as magical as everything else he’s found on this journey god help me
  • “because i’m overfull on secrets and underfed on friends” henry :’(
  • again, gansey bein gay…… thinking “henry’s eyes were lively and ferocious”
  • ch. 37: “[henry] had no real way to explain how he felt about trying to befriend richard gansey…” his love for richard is too big for words guyz
  • when henry’s being kidnapped by mr. gray (also fuck you sir, how dare  you hurt my son’s shoulder), he begs robobee to “tell someone who can make this stop,” and robobee alerts gansey, who calls mr. gray immediately !!!!
  • ch. 38: when he meets henry and mr. gray, gansey’s like, “this wasn’t the next step i wanted to take in our friendship”… ok gans tell us about the ‘next step’ you had been imagining then
  • when gansey confirms that they’re officially friends now: “now something else lit henry’s smile. it was genuine and pleased but also something more, and there were not quite words for it.” im gonna take a wild guess and say one word you might use would be ‘lust.’
  • ch. 49: gansey thinking of henry’s “be afraid and happy” advice when he needs strength to go after glendower…. im crying youre crying we’re all crying
  • ch. 51: robobee is basically a lovebee that tells henry when gansey needs him
  • henry using second person “thee” to refer to gansey 👀
  • henry lets gansey drive his car!!!
  • “i’ll watch for cops. go, go, go.” they’re like thelma and louise
  • henry lets gans drive his car along the steep side of a mountain with no guard rail! he must have been so scared but he let him do it!!!
  • gansey: “however do you drive?” henry: “i don’t. you do.” 
  • henry reacting to gansey’s driving… “yay. also, woo.”
  • ch. 53: henry making a b&e joke but definitely also a sex joke that gansey will probably be up thinking about at 3 am for every night the rest of his life: “let us enter, dick, as i’ve already broken”
  • JEONG!!!!!! “we are friends at once, we would instantly do what friends would do for each other. not just pals. friends. blood brothers. you just feel it. we instead of you and me. that’s jeong.”
  • henry suggests splitting up and doesn’t question gans turning off his flashlight, because he’s PERFECT for gansey (me? dramatic? its more likely than you think)
  • ch. 54: gansey doesn’t ask henry to come with him once they find the tunnel bc he remembers that henry’s biggest fear is a hole in the ground (am i crying?? yes.)
  • henry literally giving gansey the shirt off his back!!!! (the shirt he’ll die in ok…. is it weird that i find it romantic that gansey will die wearing henry’s sweater)
  • henry literally trying to reenact the princess bride with gansey like what the fuck?? “we have such few old treasures left; it would be so careless to let them get destroyed.”
  • gansey: “please. please help me.” henry: “i thought you’d never ask.” wtf why do they do this to me
  • ch. 58: henry tells gansey to pull over after they’re leaving glendower, and says, “stop driving. i know you need to. you’ve needed to since we left. get. out.” so gansey can get out of the car and cry 💖
  • ch. 59: henry casually calling gansey “president” as they’re binding adam’s hands???
  • ch. 64: while gansey’s official last words before dying are “it’ll be okay. i’m ready. blue, kiss me,” his SECOND-TO-LAST words are “thanks for everything, henry. you’re a prince among men.” like hwat hte hell dude….. are you even aware that youre in love.. 
  • ch. 66: henry is the one who demands they find a way to bring gansey back!!!

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So when I watched the "Love Yourself" new video, I scrolled down the comments and saw this one ignorant girl who commented ' I hate the girls. I don't want the love yourself concept i want the youth concept because its better. The girls should never be included in bts mv's. Bighit please change this i dont like it.'. What do you think? Btw love your artstyle it's amazing. Keep it up love you!❤

Thank you so much!💟💟

So this is my opinion so please don’t take it personally;; if we dont agree its alright;;

I think we need to make a difference between the ARMYs who dont like the girls because “they are close to them” and the people who say they dont like the new plot.
I’m waiting to see all the videos to have my final opinion on the matter but for the moment I’m really really confused. Like @atramin told me, I dont want a “if someone loves you, you can love yourself”, and I really hope they wont do that;;;;
I think the reason why a lot of people didn’t really like the video and the new plot, is not because of the girls, but because they dont know what to expect. Its really different from what we used to. You see, the BST & Short Films were really different from HYYH but it really fit the theme. But I feel like this video doesnt really fit, at least for the moment, maybe it will change after. Love is a big part of youth, maybe thats why they wanted to to exploit this subject, but right now with this video, I don’t think it fits well. So I’m really confused.
I believe that some ARMYs didnt like how Big Hit used the roles of the girls, not the girls, but their roles in the story. But I also think we need to wait to until the last video to give our final opinion. I dont hate it, I dont like it, I just want Big Hit to surprise all of us.
Theres one thing that I dont really like about this anymore and its totally personal. What I liked about HYYH, WINGS and YNWA is that we could totally have our own interpretation of the story. “Is this about girls and guys? Guys and guys? Friendships? Love? Who knows” and I think it was one of the biggest charms of the serie. Everyone could identify with the serie at some point, and I dont think its the case for many of us anymore, even for me. But again i dont know what to expect and maybe they will exploit the plot in a good way.

So really its not the girls that I didnt like, they were really amazing, its more about how they used their roles in the serie.
Also if you didnt like the video its totally ok. Its not because you didnt like something that you dont like BTS. We all can have a critical look on everything and I think its way more interresting than the “ i love everything bts does bc its bts”. But again its just my opinion on the matter;; Im pretty sure a lot of ARMYs dont feel this way!

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Can you imagine Isak's face when he finds out about Evan's mums?Something like when Evan opened his locker in that iconic way.And maybe Evan didn't tell him, bc why it's completly normal and ok(and he's kind of bitch and loves teasing him)and when he brings him to a family dinner two sweet women rushed to hug Isak and give him kiss on cheek for greeting and Isak has that"what's happening"face( same when Evan kissed him after meeting the boy squad and "u r so hot Isak" sentence)&Evan is laughing

ok so, i lied. i made this into a (sort of?) fic. so, here’s 3k words of isak finding out even has two moms. i’m sorry.

Isak is maybe, possibly freaking out. Just a little bit. Not actual, full on anxiety that makes him feel like his heart is beating as fast as a hummingbird’s, but. He’s getting there.

Even had said it so naturally too, just what do you say we drop by tomorrow?, and he had actually looked kind of nervous, to his credit, but more about Isak’s answer than actually having him meet his fucking parents.

And of course it’s easy for Even, Isak has never once seen him uncomfortable in a social situation. Even when they were standing in the tram, stealing little glances at each other and smiling nervously, Isak too fucking shy around Even to say anything, Even had managed to smooth his way through it, awesome conversation, though. So it’s understandable he’s not nervous about hanging out with three people he loves. But Isak, he can’t even have lunch with his own parents without feeling incredibly uncomfortable, let alone his boyfriend’s. What would he even say? Hello, Mr and Mrs Næsheim, I sucked your son off in the shower the other day, congrats on the genes!

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rfa + v + saeran reacting to an mc who gift wraps everything personally + perfectly? EVERYTHING is covered in huge bows, glittery and hand wrapped and its ridiculous

kicking off this blog with a holiday post! how sweeet ♡

— — — — — —


  • he doesnt have much money but!! he wants to get you something nice for christmas
  • he probably spends hours agonizing over wrapping it right and covering it with odd-fitting bows
  •  it looks like santa vomited everywhere
  • (its adorable in its own right)
  • when its finally time to exchange gifts, he hands you his gift
  • hes bright red and,, really kind of embarrassed but!!! hes happy when smile at it
  • you meekly hand over your present – 
  • 1,000 Jaws Drop To The Floor
  • its. beautiful. its even and perfect and it looks like its from a magazine??
  • yoosungs name is written in perfect cursive in a cute little card at the top. theres a hand-tied bow made of gold fabric and its STAR THEMED its so cute he is in love
  • he is also INCREDIBLY ashamed. his children will feel this embarrassment 
  • his present looks… Subpar, To Say The Least, compared to yours
  • you have to comfort him HE FEELS SO BAD…
  • its only after you compliment his present by saying - maybe the bow is uneven, maybe the wrapping is tacky, but its so cute and so… yoosung! it reminds you of every cute quirk you adore about him, everything that made you fall in love in the first place
  • you give the present a small kiss and take hold of his hands
  • he practically shrinks into his scarf, his face on fire
  • with his green outfit, red face and gold hair he looks kind of like a christmas tree tbh

— — — — — —

♡  ZEN:

  • he did not give you a wrapped gift! 
  • bc he has something even better planned!
  • (what, did you think he’d just skip out? he is a GENTLEMAN)
  • of course, this fact is VERY hard to explain when he’s met face to face with what must have been wrapped by santa himself
  • it’s beautiful??? and he immediately regrets not getting you a present he can give in a box, even if its something small
  • even if he cant exactly afford it, he should have gotten SOMETHING…
  • you don’t even bring up the fact that he has no (physical) present??
  • he immediately gives up. he is a mess of apologies and yes, of course mc i got you something! its at my place, though, later tonight. no that was not an innuendo 
  • hes a flustered mess of apologies and –
  • you just give him a small kiss and say you’re excited for it
  • (He Has Melted. He is Gone. rip zen)
  • yes, he did have a present, yes it was at his house later that night
  • once again he’s embarrassed later as he pulls out his gift for you - it’s a small envelope (and ofc zen kissed the letter)
  • you delicately open it -
  • two small tickets are inside
  • zen, Still Freaking Out, explains that he got the two of them tickets for the show downtown so they could see the lights and huge christmas tree together! 
  • your face immediately lights up!
  • you explain how excited you are, and even mention in a passing comment that you wish you could have upped your gift game
  • Thus, Begins The ‘Your Gift Was Better’ wars
  • (winner gets a kiss. you let him win)

— — — — — —


  • Now Listen. if you think for a moment that baehee’s presents are not perfect and pristine and wonderful in every way you are WRONG
  • so, how does this go down?
  • with peace and two mugs of coffee, actually!
  • as the designated Gift Wrappers of the rfa, you do all the wrapping for the gifts if (and when) requested! no fighting required
  • 707′s wrapping is such a mess you and jaehee just tear off the paper and re-wrap whatever garbage he sends in
  • every crease is perfect.
  • every bow is handmade.
  • every present smells like peppermint.
  • it takes at least 20 minutes for one present to be unwrapped, theyre locked up so tightly with bows and ribbons
  • each is themed and colored, glittered, taped perfectly, folded to avoid wrinkles
  • im positive at one point in time you two added lights to the gifts. 
  • each year they get more and more elaborate
  • cut to 5 yrs from now. you are wrapping a 10 ft tall present for yoosung.
  • its voice activated and probably shoots fireworks or something
  • please tone it down…
  • NO. NEVER.
  • your entire shop is the epitome of christmas
  • waving santas in the shop windows, twinkling lights above the door, christmas music playing
  • this starts on december first, too

— — — — — —


  • why is there glitter everywhere. mc what are you doing
  • just have someone wrap it?
  • although jumins presents he gives you are wrapped (cg here,) i am positive this man has not wrapped a present in his life.
  • he cant take a picture bc his hands shake so much, do you srsly think he could wrap an elegant bow
  • you explain (after making him turn so he doesnt see his gift,) that wrapping it shows the heart of the person who makes it!
  • he agrees, nods, and leaves the room
  • ok so, he has to teach himself to Wrap Perfectly in like 8 Days???
  • it is a mess
  • the paper is ripped. the glitter is spilled
  • jumin han found dead in his apartment, after accidentally killing himself with a decorative bow
  • after spending forever on it he is finally satisfied
  • he’s kind of psyching himself up as he goes to show you when you gift exhange
  • i’m sure mc probably had trouble too.
  • besides, this looks fine, she’ll love it
  • kind of dies inside when he sees your gift, a mix of violet and gold bows and glitter, tied perfectly and pristinely
  • you can see his eyes narrow a bit, the gears in his head turning
  • there is only one conclusion to be reached:
  • your present makes his look like utter trash
  • you cant help but laugh at his expression, and wrap your arms around him
  • you tell him you love it - its just like him, too. you give him a small kiss and thank him for the gift
  • ‘mc, you havent even opened it yet’

— — — — — —

♡  707:

  • like mentioned earlier 707′s wrapping is a bit abhorrent
  • he has such specific jobs (tinkering, hacking) which require patience and learning, so its not that he doesnt have the skill
  • he just doesnt have the attention span to,, actually wrap it right,
  • when he bothers to wrap something, or can FINISH wrapping it, it looks great! 
  • he just ….. never gets that far, at least not w/ giving up and sending it to jaehee half baked
  • trying to wrap something for saeran? ok ok, going good, going nice - MC JUST BAKED COOKIES
  • he eats a few, talks with mc for a while, maybe watches a movie
  • then he falls asleep.
  • the present is never wrapped
  • thats not to say he doesnt decorate them!! he loves making the designs intricate and personal
  • he just cannot deal with spending 40 minutes taping red paper to a cardboard box, flipping the corners, and tucking the ends 
  • wrapping is always a dual act between you two <3 
  • and because youre both So Extra ™,, its almost a small competition to see who can wrap the most extreme present
  • glitter! bows! voice activated passcodes! ciphers! disco balls! FIRE BREATHING CLIP ON KITTY TRINKETS - ok, no, 707, no fire
  • some years, its ‘longest time to unwrap a present’
  • some years, its ‘best prank’ 
  • some years, its just a free for all
  • saeran gets no rest. 
  • 707 may or may not have gotten a slight scolding for locking your present with ANOTHER arabic password. 
  • by scolding, i mean merciless tickles and kisses until he fessed up the password

— — — — — —

♡  V:

  • hm. hmm. well.
  • ok obviously, he cant,, wrap. too well, so a competition would be out of the question
  • and he cant decorate much better
  • even w. surgery, his vision would be pretty bad!! 
  • fortunately, there is a solution
  • you wrap…. together…..
  • you sit down at your little breakfast nook area and!! v!! helps as much as he can!
  • he lets you use his fingers for bows (granted one time he got stuck but,)
  • he can recognize colors so he helps pick ribbons
  • to make sure he really feels involved!!! you…. hoo boy…
  • *wipes sweat from eyebrow*
  • you put your hands on top of his and guide his fingers to put the bow on, or help wrap
  • this whole time you’re sitting next to or on top of one another - not in any ns.fw way, but just bc hes warm and youre warm and SOMEONE needs to hold his hand sooo…
  • you like to put lots of fun things to feel on his presents! from as easy to think of as curly ribbons to play with, ranging to scratch n sniff
  • the presents you two exchange are very physically stimulating and fun to touch and rub! 
  • the presents arent even the best part tho
  • whats the most fun is the moments once the tree is up, the presents are wrapped and theres nothing much more to do than wait for christmas to come
  • you’ll lazily lay with one another, legs tangled, looking ridiculous in ugly sweaters
  • there’d be hot cocoa and or tea, and holiday music playing
  • you look out the windows down at the snow below, comfortably silent
  • the entire time, though, v is only looking at you

— — — — — —


  • what?
  • why do you need to cover the box in paper and ribbons. just give the box
  • its not that important mc
  • saeran where’s your christmas spirit
  • doesn’t actually change his mind until he sees you wrapping one day
  • watches from around the corner, sees you firmly tape the wrapping, sees you hot glueing bows and bells to the present
  • wordlessly returns to his room and retrieves your present from his closet 
  • its still in the amazon box, and ‘mc’ is sloppily written on the side
  • Panic Ensues.
  • he is up ALL night wrapping this stupid present. he must go through 8 feet of wrapping paper on this one small box 
  • the bells are crushed. he cant figure out how to curl the ribbons using scissors so he just settles for hot glueing confetti to the box
  • its a hot mess by the end, and he tries to replicate all the cool features he saw you do
  • when it’s time to exchange gifts he is a mess of a tsundere
  • tries to postpone the gift giving ‘do we HAVE to do it TODAY?’ yes we do
  • he’s seriously embarrassed. hes gone full tomato
  • he wordlessly hands over his present
  • he’s holding onto it so tight you have to lightly pry it from his hands
  • you promptly gasp, and his face goes from red to white
  • ‘you hate it. you HAVE to hate it’
  • instead you erupt an award winning smile
  • ‘this is so cute! saeran, thank you! it’s got bells and… confetti, it looks like? how pretty…! i love it!’ 
  • your fingers lightly ruffle the frayed ribbon strands
  • he makes a soft rebuttal - no, it looks terrible, but he’s lost his voice when he sees the small flush on your face as you pull the present closer to your chest
  • ‘…honestly, it’s just some paper.’
  • you give a soft smile ‘its not the wrapping i love, saeran. its that you wrapped it for me.’
  • momentary speechlessness. 
  • tomato.exe has crashed
  • ‘s-sure, whatever… just… hand yours over.’

— — — — — —

i hope you all enjoyed this first post and will continue to enjoy the posts this blog makes! 

thisisdeadpleaseleave  asked:

dating lee daehwi scenarios please? thank you

daehwi,,my son yes bless u 

Originally posted by peach-somi

i love him look at him 

- dating this cutie would be an adventure

- the type of person that wants to try everything together

- ‘’aaaaaaAAAA lets go on that rollercoaster!!’’ 

- ‘’how about that new bbq place that just opened up?’’ 

- ‘’karaoke w the boys??’’ 

- ‘’game night!!’’ 

- the list goes on but its wILD 

- the type to hype u up no matter what 

- singing?? dancing?? rapping??  enter a cooking contest? how about drawing?

- daehwi the type to hype the EFF out of u

- banners, posters, yelling ur name 

- hes ur #1 supporter 

- bless this soul

- get urself a man like this LMAO 

- vvvv affectionate

- likes to at least be touching one another

- as in holding hands, or leaning on ur shoulder, or sitting close by, ect

- even being in ur company is enough for him 

- lots and lots of skinship also 

- clings on to ur hands or arms when hes needy or wants attention 

- ‘’jaaaaaaggiyaaaaaa’’ 

- expect that all day every day it isn’t going to stop 

- he loves u too much for that to stop

- loves to snuggle a lot!! 

- he likes to be curled up next to you or spooning you!! 

- hums a lot before going to bed and it soothes you every time 

- the two of u basically live together LMFAO 

- half of his stuff is already in ur closet and he might as well move in the rest of his stuff to complete it 

- dates are usually spent at home or going out to explore around seoul 

- as much as he likes to stay home and cook together (with the cost of zero $$$ being spent) he also likes to go around the city and sight see 

- the type to spoil you because he loves u lots!! and that his #1 (besides his mom) deserves the best

- ‘’aa ur so pretty i fall in love with you all over again’’ 

- the type to say cheesy things just to get a reaction out of u 

- cafe dates!! 

- cafe hunting to see where u can find the best cafes in korea 

- loves hugs!!

- back hugs especially 

- loves to tackle u with hugs and smooches 

- because he misses u lots!! and can’t wait to hold you once more 

- selfies 

- tons of them

- u don’t mind at all bc it meant spending time w daehwi and you wouldn’t trade it for the world

- ok but in all seriousness, if u were ever sad or something is bothering you, daehwi would find out right away

- the type to figure out what ur feeling the moment he sees the expression on ur face

- expect lots of cuddling 

- ‘’yahh, if ur ever feeling sad, talk to me okay? even if u don’t want to talk to me, im here whenever u need me to be.’’ 

- sometimes, he’s so caught up in taking care of u, that he will forget about himself

- hides his inner struggles quite well that no one really expects anything

- except you,,you can see right through him and won’t hesitate to confront him about it

- even if he tries to be strong, the inevitable will happen and he will break down

- but its okay bc you are there and u comfort him like he does for u 

- u two basically are two puzzle pieces that fit together nicely and so sososo wholesome and pure 

- fights are rare between the two of you, only because you can see through each other’s emotions quite well and catch on early enough to confront it 

- but if u do fight, it’s usually because of not enough communication or distance

- daehwi will usually apologize first bc he hates fighting and he hates seeing u cry bc he knows that he is the one making you cry and hates himself bc of that

- cuddles the whole night when u two reunite bc he doesn’t want to go through the pain of being alone again 

-  everyone adores u two 

- especially the pd101 trainees 

- they think the two of u are so pure and must be protected at all costs

- basically will fight anyone who threatens ur relationship LMAO 

Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 5 (ok whats happening ive gotten so far)

a/n: HIIIII *nervously sweats and smiles* i cant believe im writing another part with 600 followers, this is insane! i love you all so much. so this part is like… idk they talk and such. i just got this idea. btw, it’s immediately after the last part, immediately, okay? and oh, the joker has two bathrooms - one with a bath and the other has been mentioned before. oh the picture isnt mine - its not the best joker edit cause he has eyebrows here and his eyes arent dark but i will forgive the person :D

characters: why do i bother but JOKER and READER

warnings: nudity, smut once in a while, bathing together (idk is that a warning? :D)

J stood up from the bed, looking at me. The emotions in his eyes were changing. It looked like he was trying to resist something. With a growl, he placed his hands on my sides and lifted me off the bed, placing me on my feet. He reached out his hand and I looked at it. I was still a bit afraid of him, he could kill me too. Any moment. J then took my hand in his, not caring about the way I looked at it. He never took my hand, either home or in public, and it felt weird, different. He dragged me to the door of his bigger bathroom and faced me.

“Stay here.” J said, pointing his finger at me. I nodded. He opened the door and went into the room. I sighed. Couldn’t I just go to sleep? I was so tired… How wasn’t he? All day out, business, sex, and he could still ran around the world. How is that possible? 

What was he doing in the bathroom? He never did anything by himself except killing people. 

J returned shortly after I started wondering about his actions and he pulled me into the room, closing the door after. He had turned on the lights, and I heard the water running in the bath. There were towels on the floor next to it. He had prepared a bath for me? For us?

I looked at him, he seemed calm. He walked me to the bath - it was in the size to fit four people next to each other on the small side, but ten people next to each other on the longer side. He again placed his hands on my sides and placed me into the bath full of warm water. 

J got in himself and laid down, so only his shoulders and head were out of the water. His hand stretched out for me and I hesitantly gave him my hand. J pulled me down, so I was laying on him and moved us up in a sitting position. I was sitting between his legs, mine around his waist, my back against the side of the bath. We were in such position that there was no way he didn’t like to show that he was in charge. Joker turned off the water and turned back around to me. His one hand on my cheek, and the other one on the back of my thigh, J looked me deep in the eyes.

“I feel like…” he looked up, in thought, then looked back at me. “There is something bothering you, angel.” He stated. “You haven’t spoken much, you act a little different. Can you tell me what’s going on?”

I took in a deep breath and exhaled, looking down, avoiding his gaze. I have to tell him, even if he’ll think I’m vulnerable and weak. If he wants to know, he will.

“I-I’m afraid..” I finally said.

“Afraid?” His non-existent eyebrows furrowed above his eyes and he lifts my chin up to him. “Of what?”

“I-I, it’s-”

“Is it my men? I can-”

“No, it’s not them.”

“Who is it then? Have you got somebody outside our home you’re afraid of? Your family? Friends?”

“No, J, it’s….” I sighed out a shaky breath. 

“Go on, tell me what you’re afraid of.”

“I’m.. afraid of you.” I said, looking him in the eyes.

“Me?” His face was a mix of several emotions. He drew back just a little bit. “Why? Did I…” his face hit the sight of realisation, “Oh..” J was looking down while a few tears escaped my eyes. “Why does me killing a man scare you?”

“Why? Why? Maybe because that’s never happened to me.” I gained courage, I spoke, looking him in the eyes. “I have never seen you or anybody else kill someone. You were nice-ish to him and then you just shot him! Makes me think that you could kill me any moment.”

“If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it long ago and you know that, doll.” His face was close to mine again, his hands on both sides of my neck on the bath’s edge. “But.. since you’re loyal and I enjoy your company, I’m not going to kill you. I like you too much to kill you.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that I’m scared of you! You terrified me tonight. You shot a man in the head and didn’t change a shade. How can a person do that?…”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, sweets, but… I’m not a regular person. Am I even a person? Who knows?” J chuckled. “But you don’t have to be afraid of me. Or anything else. I will protect you at all costs, my dear angel.” His hand stroked my cheek, placing his thumb in between my lips. “Does that ease your mind at any way?” He asked and I nodded. 

J moved his lips down to mine and kissed them roughly as his hand slid down my body and stopped at my heat, placing his hand over it. I inhaled a sharp breath and kissed him back, reaching my arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into me. As his tongue entered my mouth, his fingers teased my entrance, making me whimper into his mouth. J pulled back suddenly.

“Do you want to touch me, baby doll?”

“What?” His words took me by surprise. 

“I said, do you want to touch me?” He repeated. “Can you touch me, doll? You’ve never touched me.” He spoke in my ear, stopping the actions of his fingers.

“Well, I-I..” I stuttered. “I don’t have much experience.” I admitted.

“Oh, I can teach you, baby.” He smirked. “Do you want me to?”

“Y-yes,” I replied, “If you do.”

“I very much do.” He said, laughing quietly. “Give me your hand.” J said, reaching out his other hand for mine. I put my hand in his and he guided it down between us(a/n: jesus h christ i swear to you i havE NEVER WRITTEN SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN MY LIFE SO IF ITS HORRIBLE IM SORRY IM JUST NOT A FAN OF …. DOING THIS TO A MAN). My breaths were shaky, I had never touched a male in that way before, I was nervous. He placed my hand on his member and started slowly moving it up and down. “Slowly, slowly…” he said and then let go of my hand, leaving it there. I looked at him. “Go on.” J urged and I nodded. Wrapping my fingers around, my hand slowly, gently moved up and down his length. J closed his eyes at the feeling and his hand worked on my intimate area, fingers pressing down, drawing circles. I moaned, my hand wrapping around his cock (a/n: god i hate this word) tighter and J groaned out.

“Oh, J…” I moaned out in a high-pitched voice when he entered me with his fingers. I started moving my hand faster up and down at the pleasure J was giving me.

“Yes, baby girl, just like that…” He sighed into my ear, curling his fingers and I was a moaning mess before him. Our actions continued for a while until we were both moaning and groaning each other’s names, close to our peak. I moved my hand up one last time before I felt him cum in my hand (a/n: ok so maybe this is against some erotic physics bc i’ve heard that a male can only cum once, while women can cum multiple times in a row but you know what? this is an imagine, this is not supposed to be reality so idgaf :)))) ). J’s fingers continued to work on me, he pressed his thumb on my clit and I moaned loudly.

“Cum, baby, come for me..” him whispering into my ear was what it took for me to reach my orgasm. Moans and J’s name left my mouth multiple times and I finally came over my high. I sighed, J taking his fingers out and chuckling. I was so tired, I could fall asleep at any moment. 

“That was wonderful, baby,” Joker spoke, smiling. “You did great.” He complimented, making me smile tiredly at him. He leaned down to my level - at the lack of energy I had, I was leaned back into the bath - and kissed my lips with a growl. 

“That was your first time touching a man, wasn’t it?” He asked and I nodded for a reply. “Your hands seemed so innocent…. As you do. No matter how many times I’ve fucked you and done other dirty things to you, you always look innocent and pure.” J spoke, making me laugh a little. J smiled at me laughing, it was a genuine smile. “Tell me… when I fucked you for the first time, was it… your first time?”

“Well…” I trailed off, sitting up straight so I was in his level, “my first time was with an asshole boyfriend from high school, but he never went all the way in… let’s just say, he didn’t reach my virginity wall so I don’t think it counted. God, that guy was a jerk…”

“Was he really? You know I could-”

“J, it’s alright, he wasn’t abusive or anything, don’t worry.” I stopped him. “He was just really annoying.”

“Well, then…. Do you regret having me take your first time?”

“No, I don’t.” I almost whispered, shaking my head with a smile.

“Flattering.” Joker purrs in my ear, his hands on my sides.

“J, I want to ask you something.”

“Anything, my doll.” He said, placing a kiss on my cheekbone. 

“Who’s Harley? The man mentioned her.”

“And why would anything he said be true? He didn’t do his part of the deal, so why should you take what he said to your head?”

“I saw the way your face changed when he mentioned her name. Tell me about her, I want to know.” I said.

“I’ll tell you, fine. Harley was a… beloved toy of mine for some time. Unfortunately for her, she left me a while ago. Even though she’s strong and knew how to fight, she couldn’t resist me after all. So I just… got rid of her one day.”

“Oh…” I replied. “Do you miss her?”

“No, I don’t. Never did.”

“Did you love her?”

“I don’t like that word, baby doll, never use it again in that context.” He growled. “But I didn’t. I told her I did, but I just used her for business.” As he spoke, i furrowed my brows, listening. “She was strong, naive and in love. Annoying, also. She realised it only after a long time and left.” He finished and there was silence for a while.

“You would… never do that to me, right, J?” I asked, my arms around my legs, knees resting against my bare chest. 

“Of course, not, doll.” J answered, resting his chin on one of my knees. “You’re different than her, better than her. More beautiful, smarter.”

“And how do I know you’re not lying to me now like you lied to Harley?”

“I told you that I would never treat you like her.” He sternly spoke. “But I also know that you’re smarter than her, you know when people are lying and when they’re telling the truth. So,” he traced his finger up my leg, “can you tell if I’m lying when I tell you that I will take care of you, keep you safe, never treat you like Harley… That you’re better, different, beautiful, smarter, attracting… Am I lying to you?” 

I decided to change things up a bit and smirked. I put my hands flat up against his chest and pushed him to the other side of the bath. Closer to the large window, where the moonlight was shining down. J was sat up against the bath’s side and I put my legs around his waist once again, my hand on his cheek.

“You’re not lying to me, I can see that.” I replied. “But have you ever lied to me?”

“I don’t think so, my dear angel.” He said, and rose up a little bit so he was even slightly above me. He hated to be the little one. “Have you ever lied to me?”

“No, J, I haven’t. And I promise I never will.” I said and kissed him on the lips. He felt different now. It felt like he was… in my power. What? Did I really have the Joker… weak? For me… 

He kissed back, trying to regain his power, but I wouldn’t let him. I wanted to take the chance of controlling him. I pushed him down and kissed him again, harder, my hand latching into his hair. I gripped his glowing green hair, tugging tightly on the roots and J let out a groan of pleasure, I think.

“Do you like that now?” I whispered with a smirk. J must’ve caught up with what I was trying to do and pushed me away slightly. He laughed and sat up, taking my wrists in his hands. 

“Nobody can be above me. Nobody can out-power me.” He snarled. “Now, you better apologise to Daddy before he changes his mind about being in a good mood.” He warned. Well, I have learned my lesson to never try that again.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I will never do that again.” I spoke in a more innocent tone that I wanted to. 

“Good.” He said. “Never try it again or Daddy will be very, very angry.” He warned and I nodded. “What do you want to do now, angel face?” His mood immediately changed. “Do you want to continue bathing or do you want to play a little…?” Joker smirked. Was he so turned on all the time? Always in the mood…

“I don’t know..” I trailed off. “What do you want to do?”

“I think Daddy wants to play some more. Would my doll mind?”

“I think your doll would very much enjoy that.” I smiled at him. 

“Why don’t you turn Daddy on a bit more? Could you do that, baby?”

“I could.” I smirked and moved a bit lower on him, right above his member. I moved around it, grinding down on J with my eyes closed. I got myself turned on, moving around his cock to get him hard. My mouth hang open as moans left my mouth, my breasts lowering onto J’s neck every time I went down.

“Alright, doll, that’s enough.” J spoke, holding my hips down to stop my movements. He was looking right into my eyes when he lowered me onto his length, making me moan out. J actually loved it when I was on top of him, he never told me, but he didn’t need to - I could see it, feel it even. He was always watching me intently from below, getting turned on more and more by the sight before him.

By my hips, he guided me up and then down again. He was going painfully slow, but he liked to tease me. I moaned out, eyes closing at the wonderful feeling and mouth agape caused by the moans. 

“P-please go faster, Daddy…” I begged and he moaned out himself. As asked, he picked up his pace to a deviously fast one, pounding in and out of me like there was no tomorrow. I was screaming, moaning, yelping, making very sound possible come out of my mouth. 

J placed one hand on my back and lowered my body down on his, kissing between my breasts. It drove me completely mad. I brought my nails down his chest to get relief somehow, scratching the pale white skin. There would be marks. His grip on my hips tightened so much it was painful, he was controlling my body in every way.

“O-oh, my God…” I moaned out. J whispered encouragements into my ear and I came for the third time tonight, along with him (a/n: damn joker trash back at it again with breaking the erotic physics rules). I fell on top of him once he had pulled out of me and breathed loudly, heavily. 

“Are you tired, baby girl?” J asked. I nodded, unable to speak. “I’ve tired you out, my doll. Rest now, I’ll take care of you.” He said and I rested my head against his chest. I traced over his many tattoos and got an idea.

“Daddy?” I asked with my last energy.


“Can I get a tattoo?”

“Of course, sweets.” I heard him say right before I drifted off into sleep.


anonymous asked:

Could you possibly if it's not too much trouble,write a Fred x reader imagine where the reader is kinda shy and timid and she secretly fancies Fred,and Fred also fancies her? But they don't know they both share their feelings. Maybe George knows this and somehow gets them together? 😊💓

HELL YEAH I CAN LEGGO. I went a little off track but i think it still fits well!!

Fred x Gryffindor Reader

Originally posted by read-eat-sleep-repeat


“I don’t think she likes me.” 

“She fancies you, are you crazy?” George’s voice was surprisingly deadpan for once, as he looked towards his brother in exasperation. If they had to have this conversation again he’d transcribe it all down and beat Fred over the head with it. 

Lovingly of course. 

“She always looks away from me! And she doesn’t talk to me and she gets all quiet when I sit next to her–” 

“Because she likes you.”

“But why–”

“Because she likes you.” 


George cupped his hands around his mouth to form an impromptu megaphone, “BECAUSE SHE LIKES YOU.” 

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even + isak + valentines day

if you haven’t read even’s birthday fic yet read that first! This is the next part. 

8 days before

  • even has been hanging out with the boy squad a lot since the start of the year and today is no different. 
  • isak is very very subtly leaning against him while he tries to kick jonas’ ass at fifa bc even though they’re open with the squad about their relationship they still tease isak relentlessly whenever they see them being close
  • “what do you want for your birthday? what are you even doing? its this weekend right?” magnus asks him and even nudges isak and shrugs “I don’t care as long as its with this one"
  • his words seem to embarrass isak so much he almost drops the controller out of his hands and with some ninja moves isak manages to save it from the ground
  • “what i’m really looking forward to is valentines day” he says only for isaks face to turn even redder than it already was followed by even more teasing from the guys.
  • “oh really? what are you going to do?” magnus asks. even raises his eyebrows “that’s a secret” and then they continue gaming like isak wasn’t just about to turn into a puddle of embarrassment and love.

2 days before // B-DAY

  • they’re laying in bed and isak is vast asleep beside him and even can’t believe how lucky he is with the boy next to him. the whole day he planned out, the envelopes - the thought of isak serenading him with Gabrielle still gets a shit eating grin on his face -, the signed baz luhrmann dvd… all of it is so much and so kind and so amazing
  • he loves isak so much and its so intense but at the same time it feels so light and as isak digs himself a little deeper into his side in his sleep he wonders how he once thought he loved Sonja the most he could ever love anyone
  • this is literally nothing compared to that
  • he can’t wait to show isak what he has in store for valentines day, but for now he knows he has to sleep so he cuddles up to his boyfriend (that word still sends a current through his body) and closes his eyes.


  • usually even wakes up before isak but when he wakes up that morning isak is already up studying (or more like looking at his notes like they hold some secret)

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anonymous asked:

just out if curiosity, what made you say in the brotp/shipping post that it's better to leave pewdiecry in the past? i'm not super caught up on felix and cry's older videos (back in the earlier youtube days when they did more collabs), so did something happen between them or was there some kind of discourse in the fandom? it's ok if you don't want to talk about it but i was just interested.

//cries// curiosity is the beesst !keep questionin’ urself ! o(*>ω<*)o

Why today, it’s better to leave pewdiecry in the past .

Nothin’ happened between cry and Felix.

Literally nothin’ and that’s the problem. They used to be youtube friends years ago but they eventually both choosed differents paths.

Sad to say, Cry is constantly attached to felix like how their relationship was 6 years ago. Like nothin’ changed and ppl ‘s life were entitled to only one thing they did in their young days.

Which is wrong. ppl and relationship change. I kno’ for sure that Cry doesn’t care anymore about that golden age on youtube. 

Today,Cry has his own crew of friends,they play, streams,joke together.  Felix is now just a old youtube acquaintance . They don’t really talk to each other,they don’t do collaborations anymore ( ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒ except one ,two years ago,for advertising a game and they were paid for playing together )

Just for sayin’ that after all these years, many of us stopped watchin’ Cry BUT kept their nostalgia on Pewdiecry. SO MUCH that i still regularly receive anon hates or comments sayin’ “pewdiecry forever ” . Not bc they still ship it but nostalgia reminds them all the good moments they had while they were younger. Readin’ pewdiecry fanfics and everythin’. The same as Setiplier btw. Even in 5 years, ppl will complain when they see ppl shiping jack or Mark with someone else. 

 Cry is more than “pewdiecry” ,Let’s respect that.Same for mark or Jack, the’re better than the ship we’ve all created . They moved on, let’s do the same.(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚

 It’s better that cling to old memories and harrass other shippers. it’s time to ship responsibly.

If you want to ship fresh new real brotps, i might reconsider you Brotps that still have potential.Regularly filled with feelings/interactions/videos.

Lucky meh, two days ago ,Ken uploaded a new video where he explained how much he loves felix. It feels so good to have a reason to ship ppl we like and i hope all the ships you enjoy are and will be filled with daily fresh feelings.  ヾ(。・ω・)シ

Polygamous Relationship with Taeyong and Jaehyun

anon asked: could you do a scenario where (Y/N) has monogamous polygamous relationship with Taeyong and Jaehyun :) ??

ofc !! I thought this was a cute idea when I saw it, and Jaehyun and Taeyong are my favorites ^^ Sorry if it sucks, though; I dont know much about poly relationships

- the three of you are bffs

- like, the besT OF BEST FRIENDS

- you guys are always together ??

- sometimes youll all pile on the couch and watch anime

- or you and jaehyun drag taeyong into building pillow forts with you guys

- you love cuddling with both of them, so youre always in the middle

- but ofc you all have your alone time

- taeyong likes to take you to nice, romantic places

- and jaehyun likes to chill at home and play video games

- the two of them work together to find presents for you

- you bought everyone matching animal onesies and jaehyun was super excited but taeyong was a little resistant

- until he saw how cute you looked and he was like oK LETS GO

- taeyong cannot. have. anything. messy at home, so he acts like the mom and splits the chores between the three of you

- but taeyong will end up doingmost of the chores anyways bc hes that nice to you guys like youll wake up to see breakfast already on the table and the laundry is in the washer and youre like

- “taeyong, it was me and jaehyuns chores to do the laundry and make breakfast?? you didn’t have to do all this”

- and he’ll just say,“ its fine, it wasnt a big deal, anyways” asdfghjkl

- taeyong is v protective with both of you, always being so kind and caring

- jaehyun will be the light in the house

- when the house is quiet, he drags you two outside to go to the movies or play laser tag or something, so theres never a dull moment

- lots and lots of compliments from jaehyun

- “(Y/N), did I tell you how cute you look today???”

- “yes, you told me 8 times already in the past 15 minutes.”

- both of them can get jealous rather easily, so you dont kiss one of them when the other is around, and you chill with them both together so neither gets lonely

- both boys are sensitive, too, so you have to be careful with some things

- taeyong writes songs and has jaehyun sing them to you :0

- when one person is sad, everyone is sad

- but the two people who arent sad try their hardest to cheer the third person up

- like once when you were feeling stressed, taeyong made an amazing dinner and jaehyun came home with a giant teddy bear

- the two of them planned it out so they could make you as happy as possible

- you all have your own rooms that you sleep, so you dont sleep with each other bc that usually leads to jealously

- but sometimes jaehyun and you will take a nap together or taeyong and you pass out on the couch while watching a movie late at night

- you wear both of their clothes??

- likr theyll come home to see you in taeyongs basketball shorts and jaehyuns tshirt

- but they dont mind bc they both think its cUTE

- being in a poly relationship with taeyong and jaehyun would be fun and cute tbh

aaa, im done !! this was a little hard to accomplish, but i did it ?? i hope you guys like it !!

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Can you explain what you meant when you said the dizzee and thor kiss (almost kiss I couldn't tell?) scene was packed with meaning? I'm an oblivious bitch and subtlety goes over my head I'm not good at picking out deeper meaning in things

ok ok so this is gonna be long (I’m sorry)

Also by scene, I meant the whole scene when they’re at the party. 

1) Dizzee’s character arc. From the moment dizzee enters the party, you can see that something important for Dizzee’s character is about to happen… It’s filmed/edited in a way that showcases that this is a first experience for him. And they’re telling us that this is abt him in relation to the LGBT community. They go from shots of dizzee looking mesmerized to shots of the club displaying various forms of LGBT expression. From the music, to the colours, to “vogueing”, etc. You can clearly see that everyone there is having a good time. You’re hearing cheers all over the place and you’re hearing Thor chuckle along with them. 

2) Safe space and Freedom. So I feel like this scene is running on two main themes: freedom and safe spaces. So, at some point Dizzee asks Thor “what is this place?” and his answer is “this is where free people run free. Just birds singing their bird voice. Doing bird things”. In this moment Dizzee is being told that he can be whoever he wants to be here. And what does he do? He gives Thor the record of “set me free”. I mean idk if I’m reading too much into it but it feels like there’s some symbolism in that action. He’s at a gay club for the first time with a boy he likes and he’s told that he’s in a place where “free people run free” and then he goes ahead and gives that boy he likes a copy of a record that he loves bc he’s stated before that the record “is gonna set so many ppl free” and tells him that it made him think of him. This means he’s been associating freedom with Thor or maybe who he’s allowed to be when he’s with Thor.

3) The whole scene is about lgbt expression. And Dizzee is clearly interested in knowing more about it. He keeps asking questions. And he keeps getting answers that reaffirm that everyone is allowed to be free in this space. I mean that part of the scene where he asks “are they boy or girls” and we get that focus on gender and its relation to being lgbt. And then he keeps asking questions abt everything, he keeps looking mesmerized by everything, and we keep getting explanations abt different aspects of lgbt expression from that era. Vogueing, for instance.

4) Now going back to this being an important moment for Dizzee. So, in the first half of the scene we see Dizzee discovering new things abt lgbt expression and in the second half of the scene we see why they were important for dizzee. It’s all flows so well tbh. As the audience you’re already intrigued by this whole scene. As an lgbt viewer, I’m already excited abt lgbt expression being treated like this and we’re all sensing where it’s going. So, then the girl kissed Dizzee and Thor said “my turn” and as soon as he said it the feel of the scene changed. It feels different bc the lighting changed and they immediately transitioned into playing “telepathy”. So, basically the first half of the scene was preparing him bc he kept being told that he could be who he was here. He kept being told that freedom is welcome in that space. He was being shown that being lgbt is okay. And, in the second half of the scene when Thor says “my turn”, Dizzee gets to have his moment and we (lgbt viewers) get to have one with him.

5) Telepathy. That moment again is laced with meaning and they did it by choosing “telepathy” as their song. That’s a recurring theme for them too. They’re “just two psychic boys” after all. And the way the scene is playing out with the lyrics playing loudly around them. You see different moments between them when the song is playing. I mean, at some point the lyrics go “boy you keep me safe from harm” and the shot goes to Dizzee looking completely mesmerized by everything to Thor smiling at him.

 And then we have the “it’s okay… Go on. Kiss him” which again is reassuring Dizzee that he’s safe there and that it’s okay for him to have those feelings for Thor. And to add more meaning to this moment… the song suddenly slows down and the lighting changes again. That’s meant to tell us (the audience) that something important is abt to happen so we better pay attention. It’s pulling focus towards Dizzee and Thor. Giving them the spotlight as soon as the song slows down. It makes it seem like they’re alone for a second. That the moment is changing bc not only is Dizzee discovering something abt himself, it’s also meant to show us the attraction between the two characters. So, then they “kiss” and there’s that beautiful shot of their silhouettes as they’re leaning on each other’s foreheads and there’s another transition with the music and lighting. As soon as “set me free” starts playing the feeling of the scene is lighter. Dizzee had his big moment. And now he gets to celebrate. It means a lot that as they’re pulling apart, the beat starts picking up and we see them looking at each other, smiling and dancing. It’s even better bc the song that closes that scene is “set me free”, a song about freedom. It’s like they went full circle with that theme.

So yeah… I just feel like there’s a lot that goes with everything that was done in that scene. It feels like they wanted to convey a message. And it was a good message. A message of freedom and acceptance for the lgbt community. 

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Super just curious, 100% not judging, not trying to debate, really just wanna here your thoughts bc RoyAi thoughts are Good Thoughts and I too don’t think Roy and Riza were Best Friends before Ishval was over: how do you see their relationship having developed in canon??? It’s fun to imagine them being Young and Into Each Other but at the same time they were v formal at the funeral and in Ishval sooooo I often wonder how they *fell* in love (that seems too simple a term for them but anyway...).

MUAHAHA im excited to answer this [and i wanna say someday ill write it out, but lets be real, im mostly a oneshot kinda gal]. and ok it got longer than i intended but i have so much fun writing about them:

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   ok so A Miser Brother’s Christmas has a lot of issues but when thinking about how it could be fixed, a lot of the more obvious things are easier to point out, like snow miser needing a new voice (sorry Juan ur voice just is too. idk… Not Snow Miser.), make the old lady characters actually look like old ladies (mother nature and mrs.claus look like they are 20-30ish), the music needs to be better and less terrible (aside from the snow miser/heat miser jingle, that turned out well!)
   but the main thing is the plot, its godawful and the pacing is very all over the place. having the misers basically not do much of anything until the last like. 10 minutes of the movie just makes no sense.

   i feel like, with the plot given, instead of it focusing primarily on the miser’s making the toys and then learning about how to be brothers from a flashback (through a song sequence with one of the worst singers i have ever heard, which kind of saves the scene because its almost hilariously painful to watch), it should be focusing on them travelling and delivering the presents on christmas eve.  like, think Arthur Christmas, not the best movie but when it comes to a movie surrounding relationships and interactions in said relationships, its very good, and most of it tends to be on the sleigh or in very isolated, dialogue heavy situations.
   that would work wonderfully with the misers, if the movie wanted to give them a reason to start getting along. them trying to handle an entire night isolated on a singular sleigh, getting into shenanigans, while their other EeEeEvil brother (yea they can keep north wind in the remake shrugs) tries to stop them from being successful in their mission, sounds like it would be a fine movie. the isolation allows them to have good dialogue, more puns,, more character building moments than the lame fighting scenes and quips we got in the sequel…

   like it could be this simple.
1. they get in the sleigh to deliver the presents, they bicker and fight and aren’t hppy with their situation
2. situation happens, they reluctantly work together to solve said situation, not realizing until after how well they work together as a Team 
3. they find out they have similarities, they bond.
4. if u wanna get cliche you can throw in them having a misunderstanding, maybe something the villian did to get them to stop bonding and actually be Mad at eachother again
5. they realize the villian is the cause of their current predicament, they dont make up but they work together to defeat the villian
6. fucking Killer fight scene. the sequel just had them being sucked into a vortex… but think of how cool a fight scene between a wind god and a snow and heat god would be. it’d be a wicked light show. villian is Defeated . rip
7. misers make up, realize they are polar opposites but they are still family, even if they are step brothers. they learn the meaning of christmas or some shit.  its an mas special so its gotta have a lot of cheese. very cheesey
8. total conclusion. everything works out in the end. ofc heat and snow miser get back to trying to murder eachother thats just who they are thats just how they Be. but they at least love eachother and  have a more. caring sibling dynamic? they still fight eachother but if someone fucks with their sib they will have to   fuc K WITH THM
9. uhh credits i dont fuckn know
   it’d just be neat to see the typical ‘siblings dont get along because they are step siblings – then proceed to learn that family is more than just a 100% blood relation’ tropee but with two Gods that act like absolute children. they don’t need an explanation for the hate towards eachother (they are naturally opposing forces) but its a better excuse than the ‘misunderstanding’ trop they used in the sequel

   all that will fit within an hour and a half, which is longer than the sequel (which is only 40 minutes), but the quality will be Better. it’ll be more memorable.  if you can’t use stop animation for a full hour and a half then just cgi it up. plenty of cgi can look like stop motion, it rlly only means you gotta be creative with the modelling portion of the cgi, then u cna make it look as stop motion-y as you want with the animation. it would be cheaper.
i feel like no one is reading this but U KNOW JFGDFGHDFGDF whatever its just something i needed to say bc.. we could have had it All

but yeah uhhh… Frank Gets Mad About Cartoons i guess 

title: incomplete without you
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: iwaoisuga
word count: 6930
summary: koushi has never had a soulmate, so he’s gone through life feeling a bone-deep loneliness that never seems to go away. but all of that changes when he’s in his second year of high school, when one day two sets of writing that aren’t his own appears on his skin.

(au where any marks made on your soulmate’s body appears on your own)

here on ao3 and also below the cut!!

part of my haikyuu!! soulmates au!! (ao3 link)

Sugawara Koushi does not have a soulmate.

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Here’s everything I love about the Anastasia Musical (Part One)

So!! I’ve finally collected my thoughts and was able to list out everything I love about this musical (this was supposed to be limited to like 5 songs but I couldn’t pick just a handful bc they’re ALL SO GOOD). Keep in mind, I haven’t seen it live yet, just listened to the album and watched that First Look preview hundreds of times. Pleeease don’t mention any spoilers or anything bc I really wanna go see it for myself some day! Warning: long post lol

The first few notes of Prologue: Once Upon a December gave me chills omg

I love how they really touched on just how much Communism affected everybody. Life was pretty crappy for everyone and it’s important that it’s discussed. Like, the exchange between Anya and Gleb (“I can’t lose this job…”) really highlights to me that they were all hungry, desperate for work, etc. and it not many people had any hopes for a better future…

  • “The skies are grey, the walls have ears and he who argues disappears!”
  • “We’re good and loyal comrades and our favorite color’s red!”
  • “Two cans of beans, comrade?” “… doNE”
  • The collective “SHHH!!”


  • Christy’s voiCE I CANT
  • When I was first listening to this I was like “ohhh boy… I’m already crying on the 3rd song…. this is gonna be an emotional ride”
  • “Call the child anYA”
  • “Is it Pariiiiis? Paris…”
  • “You don’t know what it’s like not to know who you are”
  • “But I still have this faith in the truth of my dreammmms”
  • “I know it all will come baaaaack ONE DAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!”
  • Anya/Christyyyyy you’re breaking my heart stop it just started
  • Honestly the whole song is beautiful

All of Learn to Do It is great too bc wow that’s a mood changer from the last song lol

  • “How do you become the person you’ve forgotten you ever were?”
  • “Am I floating?” “Like a sinking boat”
  • “I never cared for stroganoff!”
  • “I don’t like being contradicted.” “That makes two of us!”
  • “I’ve hAD it!! And I hATE YOU BOTH!”… “Don’t forGET I don’t remember anything! Get OUT and let me be!”
  • She takes a big breath before she lists everything she learned lol

Ramin’s so talented what the heck

  • “I heard the shots…. I heard the screams… but it’s the silence after I remember most.”
  • “A revolution is a siiiimple thiiiiiiiiiing” my guy, my dude, my man,, no…. that is false,,,


  • “Funny when a city is all you know, how even when you hate it something in you loves it sooooo!!”
  • “There’s a boy, growing up, all I’ve been, all I’ll be…”
  • “Funny how a BOY CAN GROOOOWWWW! Funny how a city tells you when it’s time to goooo!”
  • “But tonight, there’s a sky and quite a viewww… welcome tooooooooooo….. My PetersBUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!”

I know that Once Upon a December is exactly the same as the movie but Christy’s voice is so gorgeous so I need to talk about it

  • “Accross my meeemoryyyyyyyy….”
  • The piano rising in a crescendo
  • Christy’s voice at the end my lord
  • The whole orchestra in this song is amazing

OKAY SO. STAY, I PRAY YOU. IS VERY UNDERRATED. LIKE. WHEN I FIRST LISTENED TO IT I WAS JUST SITTING ON MY COUCH WITH TEARS ROLLING DOWN MY CHEEKS AND WAS LIKE “why…. am I crying… about crossing the russian border…. when I’m not even Russian…. what the heck….”

  • And!!! It emphasizes the fact that this is communist Russia. You don’t leave!!
  • Constantine’s voice here is so haunting and The strings are lovelyyyyyy
  • This is like that one song from Sound of Music when they cross the mountains lol
  • Christy’s and Derek’s harmonizing is b e a u t i f u l
  • “How to go wheRE IIIIII HAve never gone befoooorrre…”
  • “Let me have a moment, let me say goodbyyyyyye….”
  • My absolute favorite part is how it slowly fades from the entire cast singing and repeating “iiiii'lll bless my homeland….” to just the trio, to dmitry and Anya, and finally until it’s just Anya left…. “iiii'lll bless my homeland… tillllll I diiiiieeee…” It’s so chillingly beautiful I’m never gonna get used to that

We’ll Go From There is so pure and happy!

  • “Some women say I look distinguished this way”
  • “Meet the royal. Mess!”
  • “Why did I say? yes?”
  • Again, Derek and Christy’s harmonizing is amazing how–
  • “Getagripandtakeadeepbreath and soon we’ll know what’s what”
  • “Oh what a lovely ride! And what a lovely dayyyyy! For a totally illegal geeeeetawayyyyy!”
  • “From theeeeeEEeeeeeeEEeeeeerrreeeee! We’ll go from there!!” Bum

Ramin is baaaack with more angst and beautiful vocals in Still!

  • “A son becomes a man! At his faaaaather’s knee…”
  • “But then you see her eyes, and something in them tells you that she ABSOLUTELY LIES


  • It’s so empowering I’m PUMPED like every time I hear it I have to get up and run around like I’m the one performing or making a music video
  • “Peo.ple always say, Life is full of choices, but no one ever mentions. fear…”
  • Home. Love. Faaaamily. There was once a time I must have had them tooooo… Hoooooome, loooooove, faaaamily! I will never be complete until I find youuuuuu!” (Brb crying)
  • I’m always out of breath when this song is over lol

Paris Holds the Key always pumps me up omg

  • “Everything is is avant-garde, or chic!”
  • Dmitry’s part tho…
  • “There’s hope in the aaaair!”
  • The one and only thing I’m kinda bummed about is that they didn’t include that one part from the original where everyone is singing in the final chorus and then it’s just dmitry singing “toooo… Herrrr….” and then the ensemble finishes it off. Idk it’s so heartbreaking but that’s probably my favorite part from the original song and I’m kinda sad they cut that bit (but it’s ok bc DEREK)

Crossing A Bridge is VERY underrated too omg

  • The orchestral part is beautiful and again CHRISTY’S VOICE
  • “Halfway between where I’ve been, and where I’m goiiing…”
  • “Me on the left bank, you on the riiiight!” And then Her voice at “every light is like a promise..”
  • I love how the middle it’s kinda loud and emotional but it ends really soft and quiet

Watching Christy’s “Royal Misfits” vlog made me love Mary Beth Peil bc she kinda reminds me of my Nanna, so Close the Door broke my heart a little

I love the mood of Land of Yesterday bc they’re complaining that they’re no longer rich lol and Lily’s like “well we’re not dead now!” And my favorite: “RUSSIAAAAAA!!!”

IN A CROWD!!! OF THOUSANDS!!!! I SOB EVERY TIME I LISTEN TO IT. The chemistry btwn Christy and Derek is magical (I mean I haven’t seen them but) I can hear them smiling and their harmonizing is just… good lord. And the tension is so real

  • “You’re making me feel I was there too.” “Maybe you were, make it part of your story”
  • I love that you can hear the shift in Christy’s voice from playful and humorous to a dawning, frightening realization (“and I tried not to smile, but I smiiiiled… and then… heeeee bowwwwed…!!!!!” “Um, I didn’t tell you that” “You didn’t have to!! I remember!!!!” And then a heavy pause)
  • “With the sun in my eyes you were gone… but I knew, even then, in a crowd of thousands… I’ll find you… aaaagaaaaain…..” AIGFHGKVNID THEY FOUND EACH OTHER EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO CRY
  • “Your highness…” !???!???? WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING TO MY HEART

Meant to Be is beautiful (especially the orchestra) but I’m gonna skip to QUARTET AT THE BALLET. BC HONESTLY ITS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. The striiiings….

  • “My past and my future so neeeeear…” and then Dmitry breaking my heart again with “next to me this frightened girl, holding tight as the dancers whirl”
  • The whole part where Dmitry and Gleb are singing together omgggg “ITS FATE!! THAT BROUGHT US HEEEEERE”
  • And don’t! Get me started on the part where they’re all singing together it’s so intENSE it’s honestly one of my favorite parts from the whole musical. And!! DMITRY’S PART OMG HE REPRISES JOURNEY TO THE PAST “hooome, looove, faaaamily…. she will have all of it!! I will help her…” AKFJOND HE KEEPS BREAKING MY HEART HE LOVES HER SO MUCH #OTP
  • “Find a wayyyyy…. ANASAAAAAAASIAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!”

Again Dmitry just loves her… Everything to Win messes with my heart. “I didn’t know, she mattered to meee… but now I can see, she doooeees…” (and later Anya says the same thing omg what kind of romantic crap is this, “conman and princess get their wish and fairytales come truuuue!” *clenches fist*) and “with everything to win, the only thing I lose… is youuuuuu…” :(

I love how Gleb interrupts Anya’s pining for dramaaaaaaa. “If you really are Anastasia do you think history wants you to have lived??” “YES, why don’t you!?”

  • “All but one. Finish it, I am my father’s daughter.” “AND I AM MY FATHER’S SON!” ( I can actually hear Anya standing with her chin held high staring at him straight in the eyes, a challenge, a dare) and a gun clicks and omg my heart started racing
  • “Look at their faces in mine, hear their screams, see their BLOOD.” … “Do it! Do it and I will be with my parents and my brothers and sisters in that cellar in Yekaterinburg all over again!!” GOOD LORD ITS SO INTENSE
  • The ending is absolutely perfect… “she was a dream. A beautiful dream.” And then “the case is closed. But still….” and the ENSEMBLE COMES BACK. They didn’t have to go so hard, man

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Hello. Ily. Could you please tell me what Isak and Even's arguments are about? Both teasing and serious

halla!! i love that you differentiate between “arguments” and Arguments. 

So, when they “argue”: 

They “argue” about Even for the life of him not being able to do laundry. It’s about Even not remembering to do the laundry on time. Isak puts on a dark hoodie and (everyone who once forgot dark laundry in his life knows it) scrunches his nose up when the wet-dog smell hits his nose. He scowls at Even and drags out his name in an exasperated but still fond way. Even looks up from the magazine about photography he is currently deep into and gazes quickly from the hoodie to Isak and back. Then he pulls his mouth into a yikes grimace. 

They also “argue” that Isak prevents them from seeing their friends (or leave the flat for that matter). It’s about Isak constantly forgetting their plans. Listen. Isak is a cuddly dude ok? You wouldnt expect it (or well, we would but say, the rest of the squads wouldnt (maybe eskild)) but give him the chance and he stays with sleepy hair and crinkled shirts all day, eyes always half closed (ready at any given second to drift off to sleep) and just so warm! Even swears he is cosiest boy. And I mean, how can Even resist that? So, when he comes into their living/bedroom after doing the dishes (Isak offered his help but then proceeded to give Even kisses every time they crossed paths - which, always since that kitchen was like one square foot - and Even had to ask him to leave to get anything done bc their meant to meet the others) and Isak is laying on his stomach, duvet tangled in between his legs and he mumbles “Evi, come here. I warmed it up for you.” Even can’t really do anything other than slip in there. “Babe we said we would meet Mahdi and Mags.” But Isak just shuffles closer until he only has to lift his chin for their mouths to meet and oh well, friends? Even doesn’t know her. 

There are a lot of other things that they “argue” about, but they only once or twice had an Argument. Arguments are different. With the little daily stuff that sometimes is more annoying than other times, but is mostly just met with fond glances or excused by sweet kisses, they never really feel hurt or really mean it. When Even sighs and jokes about Isak never being the one that cooks, he doesn’t really want that to change. Because he pretty much loves preparing food for Isak (with as he would insist on … even though he only sits there and rewards spice choices with kisses or gets to measure something before it is added). 

But the Arguments they have, are about deeper laying things. They both internalise. They both get frustrated. Even learned to communicate a bit better but he also shys away from confrontation. So they do talk about everything that bothers them or happens to them. But there are a few things they keep for themselves. And when those pile up or they are stressed those rise to the surface. It’s quick and ugly and as soon as the heat of the moment is gone their shoulders slumb, Even looks at the floor and Isak with deer-wide eyes at him. Both incredibly sorry for what they said. Because that’s not how they do things. That’s bc of stress or bc they feel guilty or not worthy. They usually handle it better. And one of them will do the first step. Right before the other is about to run off, one of them will take a step toward the other. 

Closer and closer until their foreheads touch. Eyes closed and finally able to breathe again they will stay like this for a second or two. And then the one that was about to run off will croak “Halla.” And the other will answer “Halla.” in the softest voice. And they know they will be ok. 

They are extra clingy after one of the Arguments with a capital A. But it really just rarely happens. They will make sure the other knows just about 239% more than exaclty how big their love is for the other. And touch all the time. And tell each other everything they love and explain over and over how that argument could happen. And will talk through that thing that they piled up and never voiced before. 

So the banter “arguments” are good to communicate or negatiate in a way that is not heated or mean. The Arguments are tough and few but they always end in them being closer than before. Bc they handled the big stuff. 

(Im so sorry, I can for the life of me not write anything other than fluff. I did write a post-fight oneshot once and had to lay down bc i am not built for that, so i chickened out and did a semi version of what you asked for…. ily and im sorry <3 also im beyond tired so this is probably cheesy as hell and/or full of typos :p god natt peeps)

(also, i could not come up with stuff that annoys them bc my brain was always “oh but they probably adore the shit out of that one” so… if you have something in mind? maybe isak cant iron and ruins evens shirt even tho its his only one and he needs it for this internship interview at this radio station? its not film but its something. And Isak wanted to surprise him. And Even is anxious and nervous and now has nothing to wear. But Isak looks so heartbroken that Even will just melt bc faen he KNOWS Isak wanted to do something nice for him. So he wear the dark grey one from Isak. (And runs late bc Isak practically jumps him bc its a bit too tight on Even. “Babe, you do realise youre getting hot from your own clothes” - “you wearing my clothes always gets me hot” - *muffled giggly kissy sounds as the camera pans away from the scene*)