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  • relationship status: single
  • lipstick or chapstick: neither; lip gloss/vaseline
  • last song i listened to: fight the night - one ok rock
  • last movie i watched: the martian
  • favorite color: blue
  • top 3 favorite shows: supernatural, buffy the vampire slayer, friends
  • top 5 favorite characters: castiel, dean winchester, chandler bing, buffy summers, kate beckett
  • top 5 favorite ships: deancas x 5

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I hate posting about political stuff but Clinton just said Wikileaks is a product of Russian spies to target America. Wikileaks targets everyone in a position of power ffs! They target people for being stupid in Australia too! That’s some blatant fear mongering bs right there!! But the commentators say Clinton “has it all together” still! Yes trying to brand a public source worldwide shame forum as Russian spy propaganda just because it made you look bad is totally having together! This election is so crooked I’m surprised we’re still considered a first world country!


Ok last one. I can go now. #debatenight

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Ok wow
  • I now have an iPod 4 touch because my last one was smashed . And this shit is only like upgraded to iOS 6 or some shit so I can't get amino or any of my favorite apps because they all fuckking need iOS 7 or 8 so fuck you iOS 6 your ruining my life

like this post if ur interested in becoming mains / exclusives bc im planning on making tags specifically for your blogs because i love a lot of u more than most and we’re basically bros 4 lyf rn. at this point we’re just missing the wedding vows.

also either of jun/e love you more than their own lives so there’s that