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ok one last thing before I go to bed. I think the thing that shattered me the most during the Caryl scenes was when Daryl first showed up and he had an apprehensive look on his face and he moved back and forth a little like he wasn’t sure if he should even be there. I looked afraid that Carol would be mad or upset or send him away and my heart can’t take it. I hate seeing that look on Daryl but I also love it because it just shows how important Carol is to him. 

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(the space anon) hey, no problem that once happened to me as well. I'll just give you new ones then :D How about... Orion, Pegasus, Libra, Phoenix, Hydra?

HeY! Thanks for understanding and stuff.

Orion: favorite month?
Hmm probably October, I lov the cold weather and I love fall and h a l l o w e en

Pegasus: favorite place to be?
That’s tough, but I really like this one road by my house when you drive along it at night the moon reflects off the water and it goes across the bay and into the headlands and it’s beautiful.

Also, this ones a little more vague, I loved it in Washington DC, walking around the memorials in the mist.

(Ok sorry one last thing 😬) there’s this one cemetery on a shaded hill somewhere around Santa Cruz, under a lot of oak trees and there’s this whole hidden beautiful graveyard as the hill goes farther back, and it’s all beautiful and green and there’s a giant chessboard and idk but I love it there.

Libra: what’s your favorite color?
Purple 💜

Phoenix: favorite thing to wear? Hmm. Well I like to get dressed up fancy at home sometimes just because, but I’m gonna go with this soft short black dress I have and a big sweater and the little boots I wear with everything Hydra: favorite sound? This is really hard because I have a lot of sounds that are just 👌™ amazing, but I really love when I’m up above the forest a little way from my home and I’m close enough to the ocean that I can hear it and I can hear the wind through the forest and it’s raining a little and I can here the rain hit the road. Lovely. Pinwheel Galaxy: would you date the last person you talked to? … I am. Dating. The last p er son I talk e d to. (Edit- ok wtf if bunched all the last questions together idk maybe it’s because Idk how to Tumblr™, but sorry about that!)

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For 3 asks: What was ur dream jorb as a kid? Has it changed? If u got like a stupidly large sum of money right now, what would u spend it on? What are 3 of ur favorite songs at the moment? With love, Definitely not Rocco

aight megan
1) never rlly had a dream job specifically but i liked the idea of being a singer or an actor, which yep changed bc i wanna be a director
2) MY DREAM HOUSE it sounds silly but i really want my small dream house someplace good and i wanna design it and live there forever, i want a home
3) mm ok Angela by the Lumineers, Super Trooper by ABBA, and The Underdog by Spoon, tho ok the abba song isnt new in terms of my likes but i needed a third thing but Yes


Last Hope - Paramore (acoustic cover)

ok literally one of my all time favorite songs and I FINALLY did it God bless

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That fist photo of the post "5h's on tour" where you said who was Lauren going to look now, represent soooo well Camila's relationships in the group lately. Dinah and Lauren were sad with her decision but still love her despite everything, Ally keep it only professional and Normani never trusted her again to even look at her haha Ok, maybe this last one is a little too much, but you could clearly see that Ally & Normani were just professional with Camila during 2016...

I agree Munchkin…she was closest to Lauren and Dinah…but I don’t think it a any love loss between Ally/Mani/Mila…but I can’t wait to see the girls a couple years from now…just to see how they all interact.

we ended up impulse purchasing this travel bassinet for $40 and having it primed to my MIL’s house and it was the best idea we’ve had all year. naps are totally happening on this trip–not quite as frequently as they do at home because of all the commotion, and a little shorter than they should be–but it is going way better than expected. we basically pop this up in any dark nook, turn on some white noise, put one of my dirty tee shirts over the mattress, and insert baby. last night was OK too, no worse than one of his normal nights at home.

Leo: “Sensei, you’ve been medidating a lot for the past few days, is everything ok?”

Splinter: “My ninja senses are telling me I’m about to die this episode so I need to act as ominous as possible to make seem as this was always meant to be and not just a season finale stinger like the other 2 times.”

“Hopefully nothing stupid happens like your friends acting out the Creation of David painting as they get sucked into a black hole. Seriously, what the hell?”


So I got inspired by @solohux wonderful Kylux Wings AU and @kylo-is-my-bad-bae amazing addition:D

Sorry I wanted it to be done long ago but my computer crashed and was off for a whole week and then i had to re-instal all my logiciels and aaargh plus i draw sloooowly but it’s ok now (despite Kylo’s scar is missing on the last one like idk sorry)

Hope you like it *is kind of nervous now*

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☕️ (ok last one I'm srry) the star wars prequels were bad


iiiii have a feeling so complicated abt the prequels like on one hand i hate them i think they’re awful, but on the other hand i did love the characters and i loved how it just expanded the star wars universe in a major way, the plot itself, the dialogue, the movies themselves were…. mediocre. but the universe that expanded because of it? AWESOME. LOVE IT. 


OK, one last “planning” post

          I’ve been doing a bit more digging, trying to figure out the Jump-on points for DC’s Silver-age Titles, to be used in my journey. I’ve found issues and justifications for most characters and books, and have decided I’ll be doing things piece·meal, with a focus on Earth One heroes, starting from their first appearances. My start dates will be as follows:

·         More Fun Comics #101 January, 1945 – The first appearance of Superboy, and the first appearance of an Earth One hero. The logic here is that it was made very clear in the Golden Age comics that Clark Kent did not become a superhero until he came to metropolis, living a quiet, unassuming life beforehand. Therefore, Superboy was an Earth One hero. As such I’ll be reading the Superboy Stories in More Fun Comics starting here. The rest of the book (it was an anthology series) will be skipped; at least until it features either a first appearance of a character, or it features a character we’ve started reading.

·         Adventure Comics #103 April, 1946 – More Fun Comics shifted to an entirely humor-based comics fairly quickly after Sueprboy. The heroes who were in it shifted to Adventure comics.

·         Superman #47 July ,1947 – This was the first time Superman mentioned his time as Superboy, meaning this is the first story in which we can be certain we’re dealing with the Earth One Superman. I’ll be reading Superman and Action Comics (which was primarily a Superman book) starting here.

·         Strange Adventures #9, June 1951 – The first appearance of Captain Comet, still considered by most to be Earth One, if for no other reason to how close it occurred to Showcase #4.

·         Superman #76 June, 1952 – Batman teams up with Superman, and it’s made clear they were meeting for the first time. Their Earth Two counterparts were teammates on The Justice Society of America; so this is the first issue in which we can be certain we’re dealing with Earth One’s Batman. I’ll be reading Batman and Detective Comics (primarily a Batman book) starting this month.

·         Adventure Comics #218 November 1955 – I’m having a hard time tracking down a rational for this, but I’ve seen a ton of references to this being the first appearance of the Silver Age Green Arrow; so I’ll accept that and begin reading Green Arrow stories here.

·         Showcase #4 October, 1956 – While I’ve listed the first appearances of Earth One heroes that pre-date this issue, this is widely accepted as the beginning of the silver age of comics in general. As such, any new characters or series that are introduced after this point will be added to my journey. The only things that will be skipped at this point is a handful of heroes whose Earth One/silver age debuts are considered to be later, namely the following.

·         Blackhawk #108 January, 1957 – This is the first issue of the series published by DC (it was formerly a Quality comics title). As good a jump-on point as any.

·         Wonder Woman #98 May 1958 -  Wonder Woman is essentially rebooted, getting a new origin. This is generally accepted as the starting point for Earth One WW, so I’ll begin reading her stories here.

·         Adventure Comics #260 May, 1959 – This issue features a new Aquaman origin which significantly varies from the original; leading most people who research such things to accept this as the first appearance of Earth One Aquaman. As such, I’ll begin reading her stories here.

·         Our Fighting Forces #45 May, 1959 – The First appearance of Gunner and Sarge of The Losers. I’ll begin this series here.

·         Mystery in space #53 August, 1959 – This was when Adam Strange began the series regular, and it will be when I begin reading it.

·         Brave and The Bold #25 September, 1959 – The first appearance of the original Suicide Squad. I’ll start reading this series here.

·         Star Spangled War Stories #90 May 1960 – The beginning of “The War That Time Forgot” features. I’ll be starting this series here.

·         G.I. Combat #87 May, 1961 – The first appearance of The Haunted Tank. This is where I will begin reading this series.

·         Brave and The Bold #76 March, 1968 – The first appearance of Earth One’s Plastic Man. The rational here is round-about, but sound. In the letters page of All-Star Squadron #4, Roy Thomas said “The Rod Reilly introduced in ALL-STAR SQUADRON is, of course, not the one from Earth-X who appeared in FREEDOM FIGHTERS, nor is our Plastic Man the same as any other who has appeared in comics since his original title folded in the mid-50’s.” This means that any appearance of Plastic Man during or before his original run was the Earth Two version. Therefore, this story, which features his first appearance since that time, would be his first Earth One appearance. I realize it’s a little convoluted, but that’s one of the many reasons Crisis happened. Therefore, PM stories occurring before this will be ignored.

        So that’s it. That’s the plan. I’ve already read the first appearance of Superboy, and a short write-up of that (short version - it’s just the a re-hash of Superman’s origin) will come within the next couple of days, followed by hopefully more stuff.

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Relationship Status: no

Favorite Colours: green, red

Pets: no. sad. I want a cat.

Last Song I Listened To: one ok rock - break my strings

Favorite TV show: Dr Who, Sherlock

First Fandom: I cannot remember. Maybe Dr. Who?

Hobbies: Drawing

Favorite Book: Ender’s Game. I will always love the Ender Series for changing my world.

Worst Thing I Tasted/Ate: Semolina porridge in school. I.. don’t want to talk about this.

Favorite Place: on earth? st. petersburg.

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