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Like ripping a band-aid off an old cut

I’ve wasted so much of my fucking life missing you. Literally fucking longing for you. Please don’t do this to me. Smfh my fucking heart hurts and I’m so pissed at myself. Please!? god fucking damnit. I hate you. I want to hate you man. What are you doing??? Leave me alone, please. You’re a boy who doesn’t want a girlfriend. I know what that means. I’m a big girl now. It hurts but what you don’t understand is even spending that one moment in time with you, like just touching you and kissing you and being held by you one last time is all I’ve prayed for since I can remember and that is so mother fucking pathetic. So even if it’s only one last time its ok. Because I know I don’t deserve you. All of you. Do I ?? And i let you the fuck in. I didn’t even try not to in any way. Literally opened the door and said come on in! Gave you all the power. Please don’t do this to me . You should have just deleted me. Blocked me. Don’t try to lie to me. You should have just left me the fuck alone. Fuck you. Seriously. Fuck you.

ok so i finished s1 of shameless last night and im about to start s2 so here are my rankings 

fiona = veronica > sheila > mandy > kev > ian?? i guess > everyone else > carl >>> tony .>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. fr*nk

We all talk about Selina and the stray cats of Gotham but

Jonathan and the crows of Gotham

  • Jonathan is the unofficial owner of the stray crows in Gotham. Because of this, no one touches any of the crows. Hell, they avoid the ravens as well b/c you never know Jonathan probably adopted all of those too
  • He always finds time to feed them. Middle of a bank heist with Jervis and Edward? Hold up guys its 12 pm – snack time. Incarcerated in Arkham? Let me just get out to the workout field and feeds my birds – it’ll be 10 minutes I swear. Hideout from the Bat? Throws on those sweat pants and fake mustaches cause he’s still committing himself.
  • He keeps extra feed in a small pouch attached to his waist. It blends in with the 12 other pouches of fear toxin he carries, along with all the burlap and needles. Bonus: That pouch is burlap too. Aesthetic.
  • Whenever someone shares a hideout with Jonathan, usually Edward, you’re bound to be woken up early by cawing. Finding feathers in your clothes and having crows sit on your head is also not uncommon. Edward complains, and Jonathan tells him straight up – Here or the streets. Edward usually endures the caws and tiny feet stepping on his food.
  • The same applies to when Jonathan stays with someone else. The crows just seem to follow him??? (Jervis wails about how they keep pecking at his pastries and Edward just begrudgingly accepts that they’re there to stay. Harley, on the other hand, loves them all and encourages Jonathan to stay for ‘maybe another night’ just so she can keep fawning over them)
  • His favorite pet will always be Nightmare the Raven. No one can replace Nightmare as his number one – no crow, raven, vulture, anything. He spoils Nightmare rotten (b/c that’s his bby).
  • He finds a great deal of irony – as do the others who know his backstory – about how much he cares for the birds now, when at one point they were one of the many tormentors of his youth.
  • The crows often bring him back small gifts for his dedication to caring for them. Shiny trinkets, such as an earring or a coin, those are quite significant to Jonathan. He stashes them away in a shoe box labelled ‘Important’, because to him they are.
  • He admires crows a great deal because of their intelligence and dedication to family. Though he himself despises his family, he finds it heartwarming to see young crows returning to parents, or managing to break open a feeder for food for the first time.
  • He finds a lot of peace when he wanders out to feed them in the Gotham morning. When it’s cool, and there’s a mist hanging over the empty Gotham Park (because who would be out at 6 in the morning at a park, in Gotham?) and he can just sit down and relax. With the occasional caw of course. These are the few moments when he doesn’t need to worry about toxin, or batman, or Arkham. These are the moments when he can finally just clear his mind, and be happy.
  • Just Jonathan and Crows, please

one more ok this is the last one i promise

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Good luck with school! Just ignore your ex crush, if they hurt you I’ll fight them. I honestly hope you have a really great first day back!

-Mom 💕

Who hit on the Apple Store guy to get him to take care of my laptop before the others?? Yeah I’m a little ashamed but it worked. I own a functioning laptop. Completely empty. And when I followed the procedure to get my music from my iPod back on iTunes… it just erased everything on my iPod :))))) All my music is gone :))) I managed to get back about 600 from CDs, USB drives etc but my library was more like 6000! So yup. Sad times. Lost my pictures too, but not my personal ones thank goodness. But now dude says my laptop won’t ever ever die, yay! It had already died in January and it wasn’t the first time; 4th time my hard drive dies in 3 years but no they swear there’s nothing wrong! ugh never buy a mac ok maybe it’ll last forever like my 1st one (9 years old, still going except no goddamn web browser still functions on this fossil) or maybe it’ll randomly die every 6 months have fun. Anyway it’s back now! And istg I’ll save everything I have on it every goddamn day.

OK, I’m working on one last picture (it’s featuring Penny and Gumball), and that’s it. I’m starting to burn out, and it’s very late.

Thank you for all your suggestions!

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Could you rate my studyblr? It's @dramafilmaholic. One thing in my bucket list is visiting Iceland, I think I'd fit well up there in all those amazing places! Congrats on 5k!!!

i feel like if i went there i’d totally believe in elves and hobbits and want to be one ahhh

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NO MORE PLS finishing ones in inbox

ok do you like my last edit? should i make one like that for my other ships? (aka sheriarty since i already have the pics)

idk i like the big spacing between the pics and i like putting two characters but not making a shippy edit. i also like the fact that is different from a lot of moodboards i’ve seen!

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The rules (if you wanna do this) are you answer the ten questions, and tag ten people.

last movie you saw: Ghostbusters (2016)
last song you listened to: Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy
last show you watched: Haikyuu!!
last book you read: Golden Son by Pierce Brown
last thing you ate: Mug Cake 
if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: In the future where I have no exams to worry about
where would you time travel to: Ok, since I used time-travelling to the future in the last one, this one I’ll chose going to the past, maybe the Enlightenment or the Industrial Revolution or The Classic Era, idk man
first thing you would do with lottery money: Give my father some good retirement and a well deserved holidays in Cuba
fictional character you would hang out with for a day: WOW. Ok, this is difficult. Percy, Leo, Kuroo, Oikawa, Bokuto, Lavi, Lenalee… THEY ARE SO MANY
time right now: 14:25

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This is it. Today's the day.

My last day as the summer Cat Ambassador Intern at the Cincinnati Zoo.

It hasn’t hit me yet; it probably won’t hit me until I wake up tomorrow and I drive away from Cincinnati, instead of deep sanitizing small cat homes.

I’m really, really sad to be leaving such an amazing city and such a phenomenal program. This summer I have learned so much - I’ve learned the process of training ambassador cheetahs, from only being a few months old to now doing programs like a champ at 5 months. I’ve learned how to release cheetahs for runs - what’s rush it is seeing these animals reach top speeds less than a foot away from you! I learned how to train husbandry behaviors - nail trims for an ocelot, injection training for servals. I’ve learned how to work with animals that are terrified of the world, and give them confidence.

Even for myself, I can tell I’ve grown, not just in my care of animals. This internship has really cemented my passion for animal training. I can’t wait to be in shows myself someday! Here I’ve learned the value of taking constructive criticism to heart, and growing from it. I’ve learned to be an extrovert, or at least to act bubbly and LOUD even though my nature is more reserved. I’ve learned how to stay strong in the face of tragedy and adversity, and how I respond in a worst case scenario. I am a much stronger person, both physically and mentally, after my last summer at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.

I will miss everyone, both human and animal, so, so so much. Thank you for the opportunity.


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THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!! Am I the last one to watch this? ok…