ok i just love him


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Hey I was wondering how you got backstage passes to see Stevie cause I'm dying to meet her. 😭😭 please if you know any way to help let me know ☺️

i didnt have backstage passes, there is no way you can buy passes to meet her nowadays. you have to know someone, sorry. 

I am s o  c l o s e to beating twilight princess but horse ganon is kicking my ass bc zelda despite being seconds earlier endowed with the power to banish darkness will not use said power for whatever reason and i’m like zelda hun… i’m dying. pls. ganon is two feet away from you.

HEREE take this lil bby callin for his mOM

And nooo that’s not his mom’s name (duuuh) it’s how you say mom in the language I made

ok but the thing i love most about emre is the heart on his sleeve when literally anyone scores, doesnt matter who it is but he’ll be there fucking screaming his head off, and he’s always riling the team up in the tunnel, and maybe he aint a perfect player but i love the way he is w the team, his place in this lineup aint even secure but he still works hard for it and he proved people wrong when he had a bit of dip in form and i just want him to stay around forever, cus he could be really important 

how is he real honestly


Weirdly enough the only solo endeavor that hasn’t made me even more upset on zayn’s behalf has been hazza.