ok i just love him


jasper jordan + being appreciated and loved by many, probably for the first time in his young life, for risking his own life to save maya

Just saying Stiles has liked Lydia since the third grade and it’s been confirmed that he still does. That’s ten years of him liking her. He’s kissed other girls, is in a relationship currently, if he still likes Lydia after all this time and even after being with other people, he’s never going to stop. Stydia is endgame.


Little brother pestering big bother because of reason

Oh my, I miss Ace so much…

doodle 4 a comic ill never finish

Vaughan had decided to take a walk, though it hadn’t lasted long, he’d barely got into the gardens before his little kitten- closer to cat now- came plodding over from a flower bed with all sorts of dust and dirty clinging to his fur. He’d clearly been on another one of his adventures. Rather reluctantly Vaughan had ended up picking a spot on the grass, settling down with Bingley on his lap, and began combing his fingers through the fur in the hope to clean the silly thing. He hummed softly to himself as he worked, not even noticing the person walking by until their shadow brushed over him and he looked up with a smile. “Good morning.”


Kim Namjoon, the 20-year-Old Man

Dear Dr. Chilton,

Your resilience and courage are an inspiration. I am so glad you’re still with us. The world needs men like you. And personally I cannot wait for your next brilliant book.

Wishing you lots of strength during your recovery!

(For the Get Well Chilton initiative.)

cha hakyeon is literally the sweetest angel supporting vixx lr (not the mention he’s like the starlight president), giving slogans and stickers to starlights, even bought an album, cheering together with the starlights and so much more like seriously how can u not love this man;;;;

story time

so I had my first day back at school today. and i fucking swear the gods have it out for me. i walked into second hour, and who was sitting directly in front of the only open seat in class? the boy i’d completely obsessed over last semester. the odds that we’d have this class together are so small that i can hardly even believe it. 

he didn’t have his hat on, and his hair was wild. 

i’ll admit that i didnt pay attention to american government today.