ok hate is a strong word

ok but for the suggested posts, the little x button that lets you get rid of them? why does it have to use such strong language? like nah bruh, i don’t “hate it” or want it “out of my face”. i just don’t want to see it 10 billion more times?

stop putting words in my mouth tungle

It’s not normal to feel like you don’t belong,
It’s not normal to live in your house like it’s not a permanent home,
It’s not normal to struggle to get out of bed everday,
It’s not normal to have a anxiety attack over something as small as struggling to open your water bottle,
It’s not normal to escape to the restroom to cry for 5 seconds then go about your day like nothing happened,
It’s not normal to feel like your alone and no one cares,
It’s not normal to self-harm,
It’s not normal to say “I’m ok” or “I’m fine” and not mean it,
It’s not normal to hate yourself so much that you want to die,
It’s not normal …
And yet it’s seems normal to me…

– does it really matter

Stronger- Theo imagine

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Can you do a teen wolf imagine where the reader gets bullied and Theo defends her and turns her into a chimera?

A/N: Currently catching up with teen wolf and have fallen for Theo all over again xx

Words: 1731

“I’ve really enjoyed tonight, I hope you also had a good time” dean spoke softly, his fingers running across your cheek bone down to your lips. You blushed and nodded your head shyly in response. Dean was one of the ‘populars’ and also part of a group of people who seemingly hated you. He had the choice of any girl in beacon hills high, yet he had chosen to go out with you. You were flattered and a tad hesitant but the fact someone like him could like you, gave you confidence in yourself.

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airmom. tumblr. com/post/159215839296 is the mars post I was talking about you doing for the rest of the signs. it's simple, to the point, and informative. I like it a lot. lol.

ooo hehehe ok sure

Aries Mars:
-anger e over everything
- 1, 2, 3 action! (cannot handle laziness)
-loves competition, either gym rat or athlete monstr
-hates waiting 
-angr e sex could be a strong desire
-strong risk-takers, u either try or die trying
-loves the chase
-actions speak louder than words!!!
-str8 to the point
-wants to play basketball w ur feelings probably
-wants to live their life to fullest

Taurus Mars:
-likes to touch rather than talk
-process things slowly and steadily (not saying they’re slow, I meant by approach)
-takes patience to understand them heh
-might b a sugar daddy/sugar baby
-obsessed with their things, so don’t b surprised how protective they can b abt u
-so calm, so hard to read
-keeps sexual activity like a secret, sh
-might forget that sex is abt creating a bond, bc they are so focused on their own pleasure oopz

Gemini Mars:
-so unpredictable omgknjvnsjvnd
-like to makes things abt themselves sometimes
-likes to learn, hit them with that new math problem u learned at school
-double-texters imo
-want someone to keep up w them
-so easily distracted, and scattered o no
-have a way w words oo la la
-likes to talk over the phone, might have a phone sex kink (shrug)
-prefers variety and to keep their options open
-needs their space, does not like to rush into things

Cancer Mars:
-will talk about having children
-cute girls > hot girls
-huge homebody oo co zee
-most likely to come off really cute!!! cute energy!!!
-v smart, will make the effort to the things they want to achieve
-hides in their shell, so ppl don’t see their true intentions
-takes a while to get with these bad bois (eas e peas e? ya u tHouGht)
-likes to observe the ones they like
-might give u a quiz, n will see where the relationship is going from there (might make platonic or romantic move on u, and see ur response to it)
-might come off harsh if they feel trapped 
-want to feel secure!!

Leo Mars:
-anger e over everything pt 2
-lazy but are very goal-oriented
-confident over the person they r trying to pursue (might not always b the case)
-need to learn to slow their roll, 100/100 likely to go straight into flirting
-likes attention n affection hehe
-when they aren’t trying to seek a partner, they r busy doing something artistic
-loves everything art
-wants to make themselves n the ppl around them proud!!!
-super stubborn grrr
-loves the adrenaline they get when they r in love ahh, thats y they like falling love
-enthusiastic, and warm makes them v cute partners
-pretty much a top

Virgo Mars:
-keeps it one hunneh
-likes to pursue things n not make a big deal out of it, they know they did good
-strives 4 success
-polite conversations > flirting
-calm, and quick-minded
-dont get in their way bc they’ll just push u aside
-has sharp-tongue (b careful when u french kiss them o no)
-can turn calm into detached, ya theres a difference
-hit them with that correct grammar and that advanced english
-old-skool loverz
-they remind me of….office sex
-another earth mars that keeps things secret sh
-prefer to do things thru experience 

Libra Mars:
-another air sign that has a way w words oo la la
-commitment is not in their dictionary (ehehe jokes)
-most likely to win ur heart (fUcK)
-so charming, alluring, and kno how to grab ur attention
-dont kno what they want 
-decisions r so frusTurAtInG
-when they become weak when they are being pressured (sorry I’m exposing u like this)
-struggles to be fair, what other ppl want and what they want
-want to have fun, so rushing things will b ur downfall heh
-like to b complimented and shown any type of attention
-likes dirty talk probably, sexting may b?

Scorpio Mars:
-hates losing, losing is not an option
-prefer to have a few goals, so they can b focused in order to achieve them easily
-possessive & controlling 
-will sit back n think whether u r worth the effort
-digs deep into things
-probably a stalker (love to research and find out things for themselves but that doesn’t mean u should b dishonest w them)
-very hard to befriend 
-takes a while to gain their trust, lots of patience pls
-pls proceed w caution
-very good healers, very strong fighters
-fascinated w occults, death, dangers, and things that r unanswered

Sagittarius Mars:
-adventure seekers
-change their wants everyday probably
-always coming up w ideas
-likes someone who keeps them entertained
-not a cheesy/corny lover
-fun > emotions
-quick-witted, and r very fun to have a conversation w
-funny!!!!! so funny!!!!
-they r so spontaneous 
-always going thru new experiences, wisdom is key!!!
-can never finish projects bc a new idea always pops up o no!!
-will dip when things get 2 serious 2 soon

Capricorn Mars:
-sorry but reality is harsh and so are Cappys
-goals come first
-very serious & straight-forward, lets cut to the chase
-work-oriented, especially when they r pursuing someone!!!
-can b cold when u c their bad side, move aside, they want to achieve
-love and sex is a slow-burning pleasure yummy
-they strive for success like the other earth signs
-can control their anger
-old-skool as heck
-plans for the future!!!
-make great spouses tbh
-dry dark sense of humor ):<

Aquarius Mars:
-rules? never heard of her
-r not obvious lovers
-prefer to b ur friend first!!!
-they think instead of express, they r an air sign not a water (ahem)
-can be very detached, anything expressive or physical can give them discomfort
-reasonable, and calm
-kink e
-they like to experiment ((((;
-idealists, they know what they abt to do to u 
-logic & reasoning, logic & reasoning
-have a very headstrong approach to everythinnnnnnng
-independent!!! quirky!!!!
-”me, myself, and ego”

Pisces Mars:
-things change their moods v easily n they won’t notice!!!
-goes thru things unconsciously
-will like u one day then won’t answer ur texts the next (wauw)
-so indirect
-if they want to pursue something they need to b emotionally committed ):<
-never know where their feelings r coming from when they express them (y r they sad? tHey DOnT KnOW)
-things like money, power, security, etc will not tempt them
-they r v soothing, feels like u r rocking in the ocean when they hug u (try it)
-patience pls for this water sign (aside Cancer & Scorpio)
-difficult, u r in for a ride!!!!
-should meditate when angered

+ I got some lil understandings from this site

OK! So, I finally got this done! Well, more like I kept going and here I am with another monster. sooooo enjoy?

This is for @thatonefromthatthing as my second place winner!! And it’s only the first part ^^; I overwrote once again and the second art will be out by the end of the month, if not early April. So the fluff isn’t over till this is done basically xD

Summary: Keith always wanted to join the circus - something that most kids wouldn’t dream of, but for him, it was all he thought about. Going to a circus when he was younger was his drive, but it hadn’t been any kind of circus. It had been the Legendary Voltron Circus. Now that he was out of the foster system, he set to finding it, tracking it down to a small town in the middle of nowhere. After one show, it was all it took to rekindle the flame inside of him and make him join. He accomplished his dream, but he hadn’t counted on falling for the acrobat in blue along the way.

Word Count: 6388 (no comment)


[Part 1]

Keith adjusted the strap on his bag and took the key from the hotel hostess. This was his third town in a month and after driving all day, he was exhausted. For the past few years now, he’s been skipping from one town to the next, looking for a place to belong. But when you have some crazy interests that no one really gets, it makes it hard. He was still going, though, so that counts.

He mumbled a quick thanks and headed off to his room.

To tell the truth, he was only in this town for one reason, and if it weren’t for that, he would have skipped his town entirely. There was something here that caught his interest.

The Legendary Voltron Circus.

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It’s a long time that I want to speak about it, without know really how… But tonight seeing the post of Jared Leto Brasil on Twitter (x) I just wanted to write a long text about it after…

First I don’t blame anyone, It’s just a general feeling! I am nobody to tell to someone to act this way or another, or tell this or this is good or bad! I AM NOBODY! Be happy the way you want, that all I wish us all! I will just express my feelings and open a debate maybe, but we can maybe not share the same view and respect each others right?? So if you have questions or answers to my post it’s ok, even if you are not agree, but please just stay respectful! In this post It concern each sex. Thank you to everyone who will read! 

We all know that we live in a society where there are a lot of “it’s good & better to be this way, or this way….physically or in any other contest” We have a lot of sexual teasing in movies, commercials ect… A lot of artists, like actors for exemple, can have explicit love scenes, being naked… We can see for exemple with Jake for ‘Everest’ promotion (I still laugh about it) using a naked scene of him in the trailer, not used in the movie, make a big part of the promo with him for 10minutes on screen you know what I mean?? Hollywood can act this way, we know it!
We are a big part in this world, to have or had a (celebrity or not) crush right?? And we for a big part again, we can have fantasies (sexual or not) with a celebrity crush or a person whoever the person is, or about something in life like having kids or not, getting married or not, travel a lot…! We can see life in a very different way, that the person next to us and it’s ok! Sometimes these fantasies especially in a sexual way, can be very different to a person, to another, I have no problem with any, if everyone is agree and happy with the way they have chosen, GREAT, AMAZING! I have friends with different sexualities, differents cultures, differents views than me! It’s interesting to share, to have conversations, to listen others!
After there are these how call them?? “society rules” who are absolutly not to my heart, to be skinny, or follow this road of life, to have kids and getting married or ect….. I think it’s everyone choice! You want to take care of how you eat and be the most skinny you can, do it, you want to live without kid or have them at 50 do it! You want to eat pizzas and not fruit do it, you want to wears tight clothing, but everyone say that you are too fat for it, f*ck and DO IT! Nobody can’t stop you if you are happy this way! If they are not happy with you….it’s not people for you and it will not always be easy cause even when we are like “I don’t care” we will not lie, it can be hurtful to see people judging you!

We all live these judgments and it’s so bad, and hard sometimes. Some people called artists (singer,actors,director ect…) live it in front of thousand, millions of people each days! By paparazzis pictures everyone judge them physically (like beach pictures for exemple “oh fat” “oh too skinny” “oh too or not enough this or this”), about their choices (love life,what they wear, their projects,their actions good or not,women after their pregnancy…), or on social media we can see a thousand insults and mean comments each days! Even source/fan account can receive some of them! But them live it in front of the world! When I see already without the spotlight side, how it can be hard (and please stay strong!!) I can’t even imagine in front of the world! We will not lie again, we all once maybe had a too fast and bad judgments at some points! But there are people who will respect others and keep their judgments inside, live their lives and just let other live their lives too and another category with their insults and mean comments ect…  

To be back at the sexual art aspect, or I don’t know how call it, some artists can be more provocative than others, more naked in movies than others… but it’s choices to make it! It’s their videoclip, or it’s a scene! We can love it, or hate it…but it doesn’t mean than 24h/7d their are this “sexual” image we have of them on this moment! Some can watch it 10000 for their pleasure and cool for you! Sometimes there are sensual photoshoots, sexy photoshoots of some idols we can have! We have eyes so why not enjoy it right? And enjoy it if you want! But when I see all the sexual comments even harassment sometimes, yes it’s a strong word but seriously sometimes it’s how it’s called, cyber harassment that they can receive on social media ect…. seriously, ok some have fantaisies with them,and it’s not the problem, have if it’s make you happy,it’s personal and it’s your right! The problem is the respect to have and consent of human being that you don’t even know personally and even if you do,respect is a very important thing! Like this tweet at the beginning of my post, the event was a chat with their idol, how cool right?? It can’t even stay a normal chat! After some make directly sexual accounts at least you know that if you don’t want to see these style of things, you don’t go on these accounts….
I will take an exemple of some post I made on my Jake account instagram, but look at general accounts it’s the same! In one, I spoke about an important message to my heart (not even a sexy picture posted, a very simple one) 99.9% of the comments was “he is hot” “I want him” and some emojis suggesting I will let you guess what…. ok there are worst in life…..but it’s tiring! Being horny ok….but when we speak about an Humanitarian cause or an important action or do an event for speaking about a important project to our heart….excuse me?? I am for the freedom of expression but choose the right place,moment to give your message! There are place for everything and everyone! Find a fanfiction,sexual site or something you know! 

We can speak too about all this pressure, exemple with a lot of famous persons, but right now one I have is mind is,Leonardo Dicaprio! “Wow he has still no kid, oh he is fat now! He is not like Titanic anymore, he is old now! Again a model, too young for him” I mean we all grow up, and fortunately he is not like Titanic anymore! After that you love his talent or not, it’s not a problem, but why are we obliged to have kid?? He can’t just be a actor working in projetcs he loves and enjoying life as he wants to?? Why love has a age? A lot of people I see saying “This girl is too young for him are often, even younger than the woman herself and say I want him to *censored*” So he has to love you & you are in love with him but in reality he has to have a girl his age?? Why?? Why true love can’t be with 10years of difference (younger or older)?? The most important for fans is not that their idols are happy?? After you can on the moment have a time of acceptance, cause we don’t accept and appreciate things the same way at same time but, it’s his life, the most important is not to support people and to be happy if they are happy?? And the most important giving us amazing projects that we love and are related to?? In music or in cinema, photography ect…

Edit: It’s like when I see a famous person (especially men arround women…) The poor woman if she touch his arm or hug him or just spend time with him, she is a b*tch. Really?? I mean appreciate someone is for me too, respecting people arround him! We are not obliged to appreciate them, we can be jealous but at least respect them! If not for ourselves at least for the artist we love. With Jake again & Maggie (his sister) I saw some very horrible things (sexual or not) yes you read right! I mean if some don’t even respect Jake’s family or friends or just someone with who he has a moment with… It’s like Ariana Grande tweet recently about what comments her boyfriend received on her by a man in streets. WTF?? I know my post will change nothing but… I needed to let it out! We are all fan our way,we are all in love our way, we are all with some preference about a lot of things and the way you are is right to you, be free and happy with it! Why others if they don’t have the same view can’t be happy their way? If for you being fan its having all the posters magazines, have them! If for you it’s listening their music all day, do it! If it’s speaking about their quotes, and inspiration they give to you, it’s great,do it! I just feel with all this body shaming ect… we lost the first and real reason to be a fan at the beginning. I mean the talent and work of people we admire! Of course we can find them beautiful, but I see a lot of people now it’s means or good comments about their body,their personal life, or please like my page… but their work?? 

When I see all the hate it’s make me sad!  They (the famous person or not that receive hate) are humans like you and me! If you do this, cause you are not happy in your life I am sorry for you and I hope you will find help very soon and feel better fast if you read this!
You see this man on these pictures from my post?? He is a human like you, like each famous person, like each person in this world! And NOBODY deserve hate or body shaming (cause I saw some comments about his body on the last paparazzis pictures for exemple) or sexual comments all the two seconds! He has feelings, he has a heart, he has maybe some wounds, complex and a lot of others things we can’t even imagine,like ALL EACH OF US! His public image and what we see of him (or any other person) doesn’t mean we know him! We know a part of him…but not himself really for sure! Even when celebrity are more sharing about their private life, sharing about their kids ect… doesn’t mean we have all the right and we can take the right to be rude or speak to them like we know them!  
If you are one of these people, can you please explain me how you would feel if it was you receiving all this??

If you read all this, thank you! Again I am nobody to tell you what to do! It just a feeling I have since a lonnnng time and I needed to write about it! You are free to do the same, love & peace to all! Be happy your way and let nobody make you ashamed you of who you are or break your dreams, or your life cause they are not agree with your choices please!! Love who you want to love, eat what you want to eat, wear what you want to wear ect be free, we have one life and time goes fast! xo


I Don’t Know

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SPN S12 Countdown Writing Challenge

Prompt: “This shouldn’t be possible”

Pairing: Castiel x Y/n

Warnings:  Swearing, sort of angst, arguments, scared reader

Summary: An argument reveals something both Castiel and Y/n never thought to be possible

Word count: 535

A/N: Angstish. I tried to stick to the little themes of magic. Hope it was good for y’all.

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“I’m sorry y/n, I must do this” Cas said.

They’d been arguing for the past 20 minutes now. Castiel had apparently gotten a prayer from Hannah. Y/n didn’t like Hannah at all. She wasn’t a completely evil angel like most, but she was blatantly in love with Castiel. The blue eyed angel didn’t see it at all thought. He just thought she was being a good friend the clueless idiot.

“Why, she’s a fucking angel herself. She has so many others at her command. Why is it you who has to go?” he said, annoyed now that Cas was so willing to just up and leave for the bitch. Ok, bitch is a strong word, but in this moment, y/n hated Hannah.

Castiel didn’t understand what the big problem was. Y/n knew what it meant to be dating an angel. They’d been together for over a year now. He should know the importance of this.

“She needs my help. I’m going. I’m sorry but I have to do this. I promise I’ll be back” he vowed.

As Castiel was about to disappear like he always did, y/n snapped.

“CASTIEL, SHUT THE FUCK UP. DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE LEAVE RIGHT NOW!” he yelled. Cas stopped. ‘Wow he actually listened’ y/n thought. Cas usually just up and left. He’d come back after the damn mission and apologise. But this time he actually stopped.

“Thank you, just please listen to me. She always needs you. But why does it have to be you. I just want to spend time together. She always seems to have some mission whenever it’s supposed to be just the two of us. Doesn’t that seem slightly suspicious to you?” the human asked.

Castiel said nothing. He just stood, back turned to y/n.

“Really Cas, you’re gonna completely ignore me? How mature” y/n said, getting pissed now. Still Castiel stayed silent. Y/n walked in front of Castiel to see the angel’s eyes wide and panicky, his mouth completely shut.

“Cas, what the hell is going on?” y/n asked, getting scared now that his angel wasn’t speaking. Cas simply stood there, unable to move or speak.

“CASTIEL MOVE! SAY SOMETHING DAMN IT!” y/n screamed, now getting terrified his angel was dying or something. Castiel suddenly fell forward, able to move now, catching himself in time before he could fall.

“What the hell was that? What just happened Cas?” y/n questioned.

“I don’t-This shouldn’t be possible” Cas muttered, mostly to himself. He then looked at y/n, still eager to understand what was going on.

“You just did that. You told me to shut up and not leave and I couldn’t”.

Y/n just stared at Cas, not understanding what the hell he was saying. ‘What did he mean I just did that? How did I just do that? What the hell is going on?’ So many questions were running through his mind right now when he finally spoke up.

“What am I Cas?” he asked in a quiet whisper.

Castiel stepped forward and wrapped his arms and wings around his boyfriend, placing his lips against y/n’s temple.

“I don’t know my little honeybee. I don’t know” he said, his words muffled, promising to himself he’d find out.

Hope it was good. It seems a bit rushed at the end to me but i think it was ok

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Needed Me Pt. 8

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 

“What about them? What about her? All I want is you”
“I need you, Y/N”

Theo cupped your face and grazed his lips against yours.
It was smooth like butter, soft like satin.
Arousal coursed through your veins.
Theo was acting more like himself.
More in control.
His fiery fingertips scorched your bare skin as he pushed you up against a table.
Theo’s skin burned with desire.
Your hands ran up his shirt.
Feeling the outline of his toned abs.
The room began to heat.
The tension rising like dough.
You pulled back to stare into his eyes.
Lust was a common factor.
You were used to it.
But that’s not what you saw.
You only saw it once in your whole life.
He gripped your hips.
“What’s wrong?”
“In your weak state, having sex would kill you instantly.”
“Wouldn’t want that. So what do we do?”
“I leave”

You were expecting sadness but that’s not what he reflected.
He pecked you on the lips and took a step back.
“I’ll follow you home. Make sure you’re safe”
Theo didn’t give you much time to debate.
He followed you home just as he said he would.
After a few small kisses, you ran a thumb along his lips.
“So are we good? You’re not mad at me anymore?”
“No, I’m still mad”
Theo groaned.
“But, if you come inside, I’ll be partially upset”
“Hm, tempting but, I have to get back to work”

Theo took a step back from you and smiled.
“Yeah, a sociopathic asshole who you hate”
You laughed.
He chuckled along with you.
“Hate is too strong of a word, dislike would be more appropriate”
“Good. I don’t want you to hate me.”

Theo hopped in his truck and drove off.
Once you were inside you turned on your phone.
32 Missed Calls
48 New Texts
About 75% belonged to Stiles.
You read his last text and headed out to his place.

As soon as you got there, Stiles ran up to you and hugged you.
He said no words.
That was until he let go.
Where the hell were you?
Why weren’t you picking up your phone?
Are you ok?
“I should beat you up for scaring me like that”
You rubbed your shoulder in shame.
“I know and I’m really sorry, I just couldn’t see any more of you guys get hurt”
Kira smiled and touched your shoulder.
“It’s okay, we totally get it”
“Do we? You were with him weren’t you, Theo?”

Liam looked up at you with sad eyes.
What happened to Hayden sucked but it wasn’t your fault.
“I was but not in that way. I have to gain his trust, see what he’s up to next”
Scott scoffed.
“Oh really? You were the one who warned me about him, yet you’re still sleeping with the enemy”
Anger boiled inside of you.
How dare he?
He was blind so now he wants to blame you?
No way.

Stiles: Scott don’t start
Scott: No Stiles, you guys were right, Theo couldn’t be trusted. So if she’s still with him then how can we trust her
Y/N: At least I can tell the difference between a friend and a foe
Scott: Is he your friend now?
Y/N: A hell of a lot better than you are
Kira: Guys–
Scott: I took you in when you had no one else! I made you a part of this pack and now you betray us
Stiles: Scott
Y/N: Yeah well everyone else trusted this traitor more than you. I was there when Donovan attacked Stiles, I was there when Malia had flashbacks of her mother, I was there when Stiles’ dad was in the hospital when Liam couldn’t control the wolf under a full moon, when he lost Hayden! Where the hell were you, Scott?! Don’t tell me that I betrayed you, because I was here every fucking step of the way!

The room fell silent.
You’re hidden feelings began to surface.
Now he knew what you felt.
What you did for the pack that you didn’t consider your own.
“I’m going to help you guys save Lydia but only because she’s my friend and I care about her”
After reviewing the plan, it was time to go.

“So this was your plan?”
Theo sighed.
“I want the power of the first chimera, and the only way to that is to kill it”
“Is power all that you care about?”
“It’s the only thing I think about”

“I can’t let you do this Theo”
“Then don’t”

A sharp sting in your neck made you wince.
Tracy walked past you and smiled.
“Goodbye Y/N”
Goodbye indeed.

The ten minutes I had to reflect on my life made you think.
It was not in your nature to be weak.
To be walked all over like a doormat.
You were a strong woman with ideals and an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.
Yet you sunk into something Scott wanted to mold.
Not anymore.
You were going to act like the succubus you were.
First, you needed to feed after being paralyzed by Tracy.
Who’s an easy target?
You stepped out from the side of the building and saw Josh headed for his car.
You smile devilishly and skipped your way over to him.
Before you could say hey, Josh lit up with electric sparks and wheeled around his heel.
“What do you want?”

Josh scoffed, “What? Theo’s not giving you enough attention?”
“No, you seem delicious to me”

Skipping to the juicy part, you pulled him down to your lips and kissed him.
A spark snapped on your lips making your body feel good.
Not even fighting it, Josh fell under your spell and pushed you up against the car door.
His sexual energy poured into your skin making you swoon with desire.
Josh used to be a hard party goer, always seeking a thrill or a new high.
Tonight he was going to get a taste of something he never did before.
Josh peeled your clothes then his in a quick motion.
You wrapped your thighs around him and moved your crotch until the head of his cock nestled in your opening.
Then without wasting any time, you pulled him hard into you as you both groaned loudly.
Very excited, Josh ripped an electric current through you.
It seemed like his dick was the perfect size for your cunt.
You squeezed him like a hand which made him moan uncontrollably.
From the outside of the car, one would think a light show was happening in the car.
His energy fed you well.
Josh soon began to charge currents around his dick, pulsating through your vagina, hitting you in places you didn’t know existed.
With a big smile on his face, he used a charged thumb to play with you clit.
You could feel yourself being brought to the deep end.
An electrical charge shot up his spinal cord when he came.
At the same time, all the electricity gave you an orgasm so dangerously good you moan in absolute pleasure.
Your eyes rolled in the back of your head becoming delirious from the intensity of his orgasm and the huge one you experienced at the same time.
Without a thought, you climbed off of him and slipped on your clothes.

Now that you were properly fed, it was time for payback.
Watch out Raeken, Y/N’s coming for you.

When Someone Thinks Their Child Isn’t Theirs Because Their S/O Is a Foreigner (EXO)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

SUHO: It would make him really upset because it made his daughter really upset. He’d want to snap on that person so bad but he wouldn’t want his precious pure child to hear such foul language

CHANYEOL: It would make him mad as fuck that someone had the audacity to make such a comment about his son (and right in front of him too) But I think he’d be like Suho and stop himself from yelling at that rude ass person

KYUNGSOO: Slappy-soo would almost come out. His son was his literal sun so the second anyone even started to make an off-hand comment about his child’s ethnicity, he’d give them the satan stare and snap at em so fast (careful not to swear in front of his kid though)

BAEKHYUN: He wouldn’t let it affect him so that his daughter knew it shouldn’t affect her either. Baek would want her to be proud of her parentage, to wear it as a badge of honor, and to disregard anyone who said otherwise. 

JONGIN: He’s not really a confrontational person so I don’t think he’d respond to the comment, instead focusing on his son and distracting him from becoming upset (this angel)

SEHUN: He would put on his ‘really bitch’ face and walk straight away, taking his son with him. He’d be thoroughly fed up with people unwanted comments and wouldn’t have anything to say to them

XIUMIN: He’d be kinda like Baekhyun in the wa that he wouldn’t let it show that it bothered him (it totally would though, he’d be mad as fuck) He wouldn’t want his daughter to see him affected by it, he’d stay stong (and classy) for her sake

CHEN: The big smile he had while playing with his son at the park would disappear and he’d just shoot a real cold look that persons way (prob some snobby suburban mom or something). He wouldn’t make a scene, but he’d quietly share some unpleasant parting words with that person

YIXING: I don’t think he’d really know how to respond, being a non-confrontational guy, to be honest. I think maybe he’d just default to politeness but would later tell his daughter not to let comments like that get her down, and to stand strong but also be curteous (idk)


KRIS: ‘UM EXCUSE ME DON’T EVEN LOOK AT MY SON’ Papakris don’t play around when it comes to his kids, He’d hate it anytime someone would think it was ok to say some shit about his sons ethnicity and he’d make it clearly know that he hates it

TAO: You know this bitch he wouldn’t hold back. His daughter is his princess and anyone who throws shade at his fabulous little princess is gonna get a clapback so hard it would make the earth rotate twice as fast

LUHAN: I think he’d respond with sassyness instead of straight up snapping. He’d have his daughter on his lap and he’d be like ‘what? what do you mean? look at this beautiful face and look at my beautiful manly face, how do you not see the resemblance?’ tickling his daughter to make her laugh

Second Chances (Rick Flag x Reader)

Ok so this is the first oneshot I’ve ever written and I’m feeling brave enough to publish it. I fell in love with Rick when watching the film a couple of days ago and I’m seriously struggling to survive with the lack of him on this site. So here is my contribution! Feedback would be appreciated seeing as I’m not used to this kind of thing at all! This is completely rushed and probably makes no sense but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Note: the reader has hydrokinesis

Warnings: swearing and some violence, super long because I got excited


The squad decided to raid an abandoned bar after finding out the true nature of their mission. They needed a break. Instead of a simple rescue, they had been tricked into an extremely high risk operation to kill some crazy, old witch, and in doing so, stop the world from being blown to pieces. Fantastic.

Y/n sat at the bar, where Harley was serving drinks, beside Chato and Floyd, not really paying any attention to their conversation. Turning her head to look down the bar, she saw that Boomer had pretty much passed out from all the drink he just downed in the past 3 minutes. Chuckling to herself a little at his ridiculousness, she looked to her right to see Katana sat at one of the tables, quietly cleaning her blade. A couple of tables behind her was Croc, who seemed to be picking something (y/n didn’t want to know what) out of his teeth. Y/n couldn’t help but wonder why they were all in this ridiculously messy situation. Oh, that’s right, it was because they were expendable. Good for nothing criminals. The bad guys.

It was then that y/n noticed the American soldier slipping in through the entrance and taking a seat at one of the far tables. Y/N couldn’t tell if the others had not noticed his arrival or were just choosing to ignore him completely. She didn’t blame them, after all, he had lied and helped mislead them all into this mess. Despite this, y/n couldn’t help but watch in fascination as he took his gun apart and began to clean it before reassembling the parts. His hands worked so swiftly and smoothly. It was no surprise to her that Waller had chosen him for such a mission. His professionalism and strength was unparalleled to any other soldier y/n had the misfortune of meeting. But over the past few days, y/n couldn’t help but admire him. His determination, expertise and devotion to the task in hand - he had the aspects of a true American hero. And also, in a strange, unexplainable way, Rick Flag made y/n feel shielded. Safe. Y/n wasn’t entirely sure what from - whether it was the other criminals or the magic, mutant army - but he made her feel protected.

Y/n’s attention returned to his hands as they worked around the different parts of the gun. Soon she found herself studying his face. She began to take in his features as he concentrated. She noticed that his forehead was creased slightly and his mouth was twisted into a firm, thin line. His auburn eyes were focussed and intense, but still bright enough to be noticeable in the dim lighting of the bar.

Y/n realised that she had apparently stared at him for too long when she heard someone clear their throat beside her. Snapping her head around to face Harley, she was greeted with an incredulous but amused expression. Her eyebrows were raised and a mischievous smirk played on her lips. Y/n’s eyebrows furrowed as she sat up straight, attempting to cover up the fact that she’d just been caught gawking at the man in the corner, ‘what?’

‘Seriously, sweetheart? Him?’

'What? Who?’ y/n shook her head, attempting to appear oblivious.

Harley scoffed, 'don’t act dumb. Mr American Flag over there.’

'Oh? What about him?’

'You got it bad for the boss!’ Harley squealed.

Y/n unconvincingly laughed and rolled her eyes, '1, he isn’t our boss, Waller is, and 2, no. No, I do not.’

Y/n began to take a gulp of her drink to distract her nervous hands as Harley grinned, 'oh, honey. Trust me. I know love when I see it.’

Y/n began to choke on her drink in shock, ’Love?!

Harley giggled as y/n wiped her chin and sighed in defeat, 'OK, fine. Maybe I fancy him a little bit. But love? That’s a strong word, Harley. I don’t think so! Besides, I’m pretty sure he hates me. And even if I did have a serious thing for him, he’s too, well…good.’

Harley watched as y/n looked down at her drink, in which she had formed a small whirlpool, before quietly adding, 'No one could love me.’

There was a solemn moment of silence as the statement hung in the air. There was definitely more to this girl than Harley originally thought. After a little while, Harley took y/n’s hand and reassuringly smiled, 'if someone as screwed up as myself can find love, I’m pretty sure it’s possible for you too.’

From what she had heard, y/n wasn’t sure if she would use the term 'love’ to describe the Joker and Harley’s relationship, but she appreciated the support all the same. She thanked her with a small nod of her head and an appreciating smile as Harley squeezed her hand before letting go.

'Perhaps you should go and talk to him,’ Harley suggested, motioning in Rick’s direction, 'he’s looking pretty lonely and pathetic over there.’

Y/n grinned and nodded, slowly slipping off of her bar stool. Harley watched as she approached him, with a proud grin, before turning back to the bar.

'Rick?’ Y/n called softly as she approached the soldier.

He barely looked up from his gun before grimly demanding, 'what do you want?’

Y/n was taken back by his harsh tone but nevertheless took the seat opposite him. Aware of his seemingly irritated expression, she replied, 'you were looking pretty lonely, so I thought I’d come over and ask if you want to join us for some drinks.’

Y/n waited for Rick to reply as he continued to clean the barrel of his gun, not looking at her, 'I thought you and your friends didn’t like me very much right now.’

Y/n sighed, 'you should have just told us the truth about the mission.’

He scoffed slightly, before finally looking up at her. His eyes were darker than usual as he bitterly replied, 'Yeah? Well, it seems I’m not the only one keeping secrets.’

Y/n realised that he was referring to her for some reason. Her brow furrowed in confusion, 'what the hell is that supposed to mean?’

'I read your file.’

Y/n’s heart immediately sank. There was venom in his voice.

'I know what you did.’

He was angry. She could see the fury in his eyes.

'You’re a murderer, y/n. A fucking murderer,’ he spat.

Y/n shook her head ferociously as she began to panic, 'no. No, you don’t understand. It was an ac-’

'You killed them!’ He roared, throwing down his gun with a violent thud, making y/n flinch and capturing the attention of the others, 'you killed over 30 people! Women, children, families…good, innocent people! You’re a murderer!’

Y/n shrank further into her seat as he stood to tower over her. She refused to let the threatening tears fall, 'please, you don’t underst-’

'I thought you were different! I really did. But you’re just the same as the rest of them!’

He moved closer to her with an aggressive stride. She tried to look away but up close, y/n could see the intensity of his rage and disappointment. He hated her. The one person she had left that she could possibly care for and he hated her.

'You’re a monster.’

That was the final push. The tears began to fall as she slapped him hard across the face. Without looking back, she pushed past him and ran out of the doors. She needed to be alone. She needed to get away.

Rick flinched as he heard the doors slam behind her. After that, silence flooded the bar as the squad tried to process everything that had just happened.

'Nice one, mate,’ Boomerang, who seemed to have been woken by the confrontation, sarcastically spat at him before turning back to his drink.

The others watched as Rick shrunk back into his seat, slightly rubbing the cheek where he had been slapped. He then shut his eyes and held his head between his hands. He regretted it.

Harley slowly made her way over to him and sat on the table. He looked up slightly as she began to talk, 'just so you know, you aren’t fooling anyone. Especially me. I mean, I did used to be a psychiatrist, ya know. I read people.’

'What are you talking about?’ he grumbled, massaging the tensions in his forehead.

'The way you look at her. It’s the way I wish Mister J would look at me sometimes.’

Rick shook his head as Harley continued, 'just because we’re bad guys, it doesn’t mean we don’t feel anything. You need to talk to her.’

She was right. She was damn right about all of it. But first, he needed a drink.

Once the squad had left the bar, Rick immediately began searching for y/n. As he looked up and down the deserted street he could see no sign of her. He started to feel uneasy. Where was she?

He heard Katana shout for them further down the street and quickly paced to find out what she had found. The warrior pointed to the building in front of them and looked up. Rick followed her eye-line. His heart sank at what he saw. Y/n. She was on the roof.

Without thinking, Rick threw down his gun and bolted for the stairwell.

As y/n looked out at the city’s skyline, she was almost completely unaware of the presence behind her until she heard them call her name.  She flinched at the voice. It was him. What was he doing here?

Turning around in bewilderment, she saw him standing there with a panicked expression. His eyes were flitting between her and the edge of the roof.

'Y/n. What are you doing?’ He asked, slowly.

'What does it look like?’

He sighed and slightly stretched his hands out, 'come on, just move away from the edge.’

Y/n shook her head as he cautiously began to move closer, but she took another step away from him and closer to the edge. He stopped.

'No. I need to do this. I need it to stop.’

'Please, y/n. Don’t do this.’

Y/n let out a bitter laugh, 'you said it yourself! I’m a murderer! I don’t deserve to live!’

He called her name again but she shook her head, refusing to listen. The tears that had clouded her eyes began to spill.

'No, you don’t understand!’ she yelled.

'Then help me to understand. Talk to me,’ the tenderness and urgency in his voice convinced her that he would listen. She took a deep breath.

'It was an accident. My father died when I was young. It left my mother on her own to care for me and my brother. She couldn’t handle it. We were struggling. A couple of months later, my mother got this boyfriend, Vince. He was alright at first, gave us somewhere to live. It was an apartment in Gotham, right next to the river. But then he turned violent. He’d beat her. She didn’t tell us this was happening, but I got the idea soon enough. And then one day, I saw him. I saw him attack her. And I lost it. I lost control. The next thing I knew, I had flooded the whole block of apartments. Including my mother and brother. They drowned. I killed them.’

Rick watched as she sobbed, reliving the memory. He found it hard to listen to the pain in her voice as she continued, 'so, the next day, I gave myself into Arkham. Now, here I am 7 years later. It was an accident. A fucking accident. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do it. I took the lives of others. I don’t deserve to live.’

Rick didn’t know what to say as he watched this girl crumble in front of him. She was so fragile. He wanted to reach out for her but she continued.

'I thought that maybe if I stayed alive I could do some good. Make up for those mistakes. But people like me don’t get second chances. All it takes is that one mistake. I thought I could live with the guilt, suffer the consequences. But it hurts. It hurts so much. I can’t do it any more.’

Rick stood frozen in shock and contemplation as he listened to every word she said. The tears turned from sorrowful to angry and heated as she freed these built up emotions. She began to yell.

'Did you ever stop to think that the only reason we are branded as bad guys or villains is because normal people like you don’t understand us?,’ she motioned to the squad below who were listening intently, 'We are not freaks, just different. That doesn’t make us bad. Maybe it’s the way that people treat us like monsters that makes us that way! We didn’t choose to be like this!’

When Rick didn’t respond, she took it as an invitation to carry on, 'I thought that maybe I could eventually have something good - hell, have someone good. But I have nothing left. I have no one. I’m alone. I’m so alone.’

Y/n began to weep again. Through her cries, she almost missed Rick speak up.

'You’re not alone,’ he said, softly, 'not any more.’

She looked at him in disbelief through the blurry tears.

'You have the squad. You have me.’

Y/n couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing, but the sincere expression on his face told her to trust him.

'Listen, if I wanted you dead, I could have activated that bomb in your neck at any time. But I need you here. I want you here.’

She found herself just staring at him. She could see his desperation and honesty. He was slowly making his way closer to her. His arms were stretched out, as if reaching for her.

'You’re not a monster, y/n. Not to me.’

Although not entirely convinced, y/n found herself falling into his open arms. He was warm. He held her there for a moment, both taking their time to catch their breaths. He kept murmuring that he was sorry and she just nodded her head from where it rested against his chest. Her tears began to dry. He said that he needed her. The feeling of his embrace around her reassured her that she was safe. She wasn’t alone.

'Now, let’s go save the world,’ she heard him mutter, causing a small smile to stretch across her lips.

The squad had reassembled and were walking down the streets when they were suddenly attacked by the witch’s army. It was chaos.

After hitting one creature over the head, y/n turned to see another ferociously approaching her. Before it was able to reach her, y/n watched as it was hit by bullets and fell to the ground at her feet. She turned in the direction that the bullets came from to find Rick lowering his gun. Y/n quickly nod her head in thanks as he winked at her, before they both turned back to continue fighting. A little while after their exchange, y/n looked around to find him again. When she saw him amidst the pandemonium and felt relieved. However, that relief was cut short when she saw saw a creature running up behind him, ready to attack. He didn’t notice it. He was going to be killed.

She didn’t think. She just ran.

Rick was surprised to hear someone yell his name. He turned to see who it was. He was mortified at the sight that greeted him. Y/n was in front of him, a creature was dead at her feet. She turned to him. A knife was through her stomach. She was screaming. Bleeding.

She looked up and met his eyes, Rick almost had to look away from the pain that he saw there. She began to stumble and almost fell, but Rick ran forward and caught her. He gently lowered her to the ground. Her head rested against his lap. One arm was cradling her neck as the other went straight to the knife. She way crying.

'Shhh,’ Rick tried to calm her, despite being anything but calm himself, 'Listen, I need to remove the knife. OK?’

She nodded slightly as his hand wrapped around the handle of the blade. She whimpered as he readied himself. Her screams as he ripped it out would surely echo in his mind forever. It was excruciating. Throwing the bloodied knife to the side, his hand pressed onto the wound. His other hand began to tenderly stroke her hair as he tried to quite her.

'Come on. You’re OK. You’re gonna be fine, alright? You hear me?’

She just continued to whimper as the tears slipped down her face. He automatically went to wipe them away, softly caressing her cheeks as he did so.

'Why did you do that? What were you thinking!’

She coughed a little before looking up at him, 'I didn’t want to die a monster.’

Rick had to swallow the lump that was forming in his throat. Neither of them noticed that the others had begun to gather around them.

'You did good, y/n. You did good.’

A ghost of a smile crossed her lips. Y/n wasn’t crying any more and the pain had almost stopped. She felt safe again as he caressed and comforted her. She saved him. She did something good.

Y/n’s hand slowly found its way to his cheek. They continued to look at each other, silently saying words that had been left unsaid. It was undeniable the connection they had. The urge to care for each other. The feeling of having someone care for her was something that y/n had forgotten. It was so long ago when someone had shown her this much affection. She’d been craving this for so long. Rick appreciated her and everything she had said. He had this urge to protect her. He had saved her. She had saved him.

Neither of them knew who leaned in first, but just as their lips began to touch - she was gone. Dead.

Her hand slipped from his face and fell to the ground beside her. The colour in her face had completely drained. Those eyes that once held so much emotion were cold and colourless. He’d lost her.

It started to rain.

Rick did nothing but hold her there, in his arms. He didn’t know what to do. Shed given her life for him. She sacrificed herself for him. He watched as the raindrops gently pattered against her skin. He couldn’t even feel it falling on him. He felt numb.

A hand reach out and touched his shoulder. He turned to see Floyd look down at him. Rick noticed how devastated and sympathetic he looked. He turned to see the others and through the rain, he saw the same expression on their faces. Harley was right, criminals do feel.

'Rick?’ Chato said with his eyes wide.



He motioned to y/n’s body. Floyd took a step back. It was then that Rick felt slight movement in his arms. Snapping his head around, his eyes met with y/n’s.

They were vibrant again and looking right back at him. The colour had returned to her skin. She smiled.

She was alive.

'Y/n!’ Rick whispered in disbelief, 'How?’

She chuckled slightly before looking down to her wound. They watched as the rain washed away the blood - the wound was gone!

Rick looked back at her face in shock. Her smile broadened as she explained, 'hydrokinesis. Water heals me.’

Rick shook his head, 'the rain?’

She nodded. Rick mirrored her smile and brought his hand back to the side of her face, 'You’re alive!’

'I’m alive.’

Without waiting another moment, Rick pulled her face up to meet his. Their lips melded together in a desperate yet delicate kiss. Y/n’s hand found its way to the back of his neck before fisting it into his hair, pulling herself closer to him. Ignorant to the others and deaf to Harley’s squeals of happiness, it was just the two of them. So many emotions coursed through the pair - disbelief, shock, excitement, longing, relief, love. They could feel each other’s hearts beating violently against their chests. This was it. The love y/n had craved for so long. She had been given a second chance.

I’m not saying all Kosaki fans are like this but how come they only see her as an absolute angel who never is in the wrong?


Bruh, ok for the ladies imagine having Onodera as your best friend right and she’s in love with the same exact guy you like but goes ahead and proceeds him anyway. But is lowkey about it and goes behind your back

idk I felt like ranting (I know Chitoge isn’t perfect either but looking at it in a real point of view I wouldn’t associate myself with someone like Onodera) 

Marika and Tsugumi - Chitoge’s true friends 

btw I don’t hate Kosaki (hate is a strong word, but she’s not my favorite) 

anonymous asked:

A lot of people are worried about Dan and Phil because of the shooting in Orlando, are you?

I’m worried about everyone. I’m furious that people are being attacked because of who they are. I’m devastated that people are dying from gun violence all over  this country. I’m worried about everyone.

To answer your question directly. 

Dan and Phil are adults. Sure, I think of them as my baby nerdlings just as much as the rest of you but….

  • Its not like they aren’t capable of making decisions
  • If we’re going to be worried about them, lets also be worried about the theaters full of our own, the staff and crew working their and with them on the road. If we’re going to be worried about them, lets be worried about the principle
  • There is no need to be worried about them directly, they haven’t been threatened, their tour hasn’t been threatened, our phandom has not been threatened. The LGBTQ+ community are the ones that have been threatened, while many of us are part of it, we are not MADE of ONLY Dan and Phil. Even if we joke there are so many other things that we do in all of our lives. So just because many of us are a part of it does not mean that our idols will be targeted.
  • At this point shootings in the US are just plausible as car crashes or fires. If we’re going to be worried about them being shot, lets be worried about them in general and not redirect focus from these precious lost lives back to two very capable adults
  • I heard that a hashtag was started, something like ‘#GetDanAndPhilBackHome’. Please don’t make the guys feel bad for being here. Don’t make them feel like being here FOR US is bad. the amount of visible effort put into this entire thing is more than astounding. Let them be proud of what they have created

1. Christina’s main source of income was her singing career 

‘touring to promote her new EP, “Side A.”’

‘opened for the band Before You Exit’

not youtube and when she was on youtube, she was singing. This girl was a singer through and through, she was not a youtuber the same way our boys are.

2. Christina was performing in a theatre because of her singing career, 

‘Grimmie was signing autographs late Friday after a show at The Plaza Live theater’

her being near theatre did not have any direct link to her channel like the boys tour does.

3. Christina was targeted. Her killer traveled from St. Petersburg to kill her specifically. If a motive is known is has not yet been released to the public, but she wasn’t caught in the cross fire, she was the target. We have no reason to be concerned about that for Dan and Phil

4. Naturally your first instinct is to protect what you love. That is understandable. We adore these nerds and the idea that being here could end up hurting them is hard to think about. However they are at risk everywhere just as we are. Risks are higher in certain places but death is the only certain thing in life, that one day it will end. We can’t stop that. 

Be worried all you want, but don’t be worried because something new happened. If this hadn’t happened no one would have said a word, you can’t just pick a tragedy and decide that this one is bad so you want your faves removed from the vicinity. Do you know how many crimes are committed in Vegas daily? Do you know how at risk we all are by existing? 

Its hard to explain my point here but in the simplest words: They aren’t a minority, so please don’t put focus on them when we should be rallying against our discrimination.

@phanscuddles is a wonderful and sweet human bean, she doesn’t deserve any hate for being worried about our boys. I happen to strongly disagree but I’m sure she feels the same way about me in this particular case. That is ok. We are both Phans, we are both part of fighting community, we are both strong and proud, we both deserve our own opinion. If you can’t handle conflicting views than you have a whole different problem other than just this post.

Thank you for your question anon! I’m so sorry I went into so much detail, I’ve finally calmed down after so many waves of emotions so I wrote a lot more than intended!


anonymous asked:

About Mutsuki and Torso (you are free to ignore the message if you hate the topic and I apologize if it's so) I think what Torso said about Mutsuki's eyes is pretty important. He uses to cut off the victims' heads because as said by Donato and Haise and by Torso himself in his diary he can't feel empathy or read their expressions while he is obsessed by Mutsuki's one. Mutsuki himself while dressed as a woman and during the auction has shown troubles with Others looking at him. (cont)

It’s as if Mutsuki and Torso are foils since both have a hidden fear of Others for different reasons, but while Torso fights his fears by torturing Others and by changing their bodies Mutsuki tries to change and transform himself trying to become stronger (Torso is surprised when he finds Mutsuki stronger). Well, all in all I hope Mutsuki is able to use his kagune and kill Torso but even if he does he is still in a shitty situation since he is stuck on an Island full of Aogiri ghouls :,(

Ahh don’t worry, I think everyone hates this topic because Torso is just so… horrifying? repulsive? (are those words strong enough?) but it’s ok, it’s not going to make me upset talking about it (ok a little upset but only with worry for my poor son Mucchan’s safety T^T). Thankyou for your concern though, I really appreciate it!

And I agree with you about Mutsuki and Torso having similarities- both seem to have a fear associated with being looked at whether that be judgement from a lover, receiving unwanted attention or feeling the gaze of another on them. We don’t yet know enough about Mutsuki’s backstory to know whether he feels this too, but Torso also fears not being accepted, that his ‘lovers’ will leave him (which is why he chops off the legs- so they can’t run away). For us readers, that is where the similarities end. But for Torso, he feels a connection to Mutsuki and believes them to be kindred spirits, perhaps because he can see that same fears reflected back.

That creepy eye motif that keeps popping up with Mutsuki is definitely important. Torso used to decapitate his previous victims because he couldn’t stand seeing the hate in their eyes directed towards him. But he doesn’t want to do this with Mutsuki as he seems to be fixated with certain aspects of Mutsuki’s face, especially the eyes. It’s a sick kind of irony, considering Mutsuki’s insecurities and how uncomfortable he feels with the gaze of others.

In Chapter 64 Torso says “I could never figure out why I am so drawn to you, it’s those eyes, they’re like mine”. Whatever connection he feels with Mutsuki is because he can see himself reflected in Mutsuki’s eyes. It’s been hinted that Mutsuki has a darker past than we’ve been shown so I really wonder what we’ll learn and whether this will shed any light on why Torso finds a kindred spirit in him. 

The situation looks pretty dire for Mucchan but I also hope he has enough strength left to use his kagune. Before anyone gets the chance to swoop in and save him though, I hope Mutsuki gets the chance to absolutely destroy Torso. It was a good sign that a couple of chapters ago Mutsuki wasn’t using his kagune to save his strength… right? right? *prays for Mucchan*

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Ok, hate is a pretty strong word, but my feelings for this are pretty strong so. I hate when someone chooses one girl. Like wtf? No you're supposed to support and love them all equally. I mean I get it if you have favorites, but if you're lucky enough to meet them, you shouldn't have favorites for the two minutes you'll actually be able to converse with them. There are people who would die to meet the girls, and here some fans are, picking and choosing. Stop. Just stop.


This is gonna be a really long post lol. Sorry. Ok I’m gonna be totally honest. I dislike Red Velvet’s popularity. (I’m not gonna say hate because that’s a strong word. LoL.) Lets be real, it’s not like ALL of the members are amazing singers. (Yes, I know that Wendy and Seulgi can sing, but that’s it. And nobody in the group is really that strong of a dancer.) And it’s not like every member is a goddess / natural beauty. (Don’t deny it.) And their songs? Their songs to be honest were crap. It was just a bunch of sounds mixed together. Have you even listened to Happiness? It was so bad. And the addition of Yeri was the worst media play I’ve ever seen. Let’s be real, guys. Yeri… I’ve listened to ALL Kpop bands MR Removed performances and Yeri had to be the worst. I even listened to their Radio show appearances and Yeri still barely sang at all, even when there was no dancing involved. I can’t stand it when people defend her saying “she’s only 15, give her a chance! Of course she’s nervous.” First of all, age doesn’t matter. She was trained in the company, she should have stage presence, she should’ve performed before on multiple stages while she was a trainee. If she can’t even sing live, why debut her?! And honestly.. Her visuals aren’t really top notch. I’m gonna get so much hate for this but as a Korean, her beauty isn’t the best I’ve seen. Her face isn’t really memorable, it’s a common face if you walk outside on the streets in Korea. When I heard Red Velvet got a new member, I had my hopes up but Yeri let me down TBH. And then there’s their popularity. Look, I know that Red Velvet worked really hard. I know, ok? But their popularity is so unjustified it makes me cringe. Their popularity solely came from their well known company and their sunbaes. What was so good about their debut song? What was so good about Ice Cream Cake? What is so good about their visuals? Most of the groups that are now top stars mainly got popular because of a catchy song they released. (For example: EXO-Growl, SNSD-Gee, Big Bang-Sunset Glow, Haru Haru, etc.) But Happiness was such a bad song I don’t get why Red Velvet is popular. That’s what I wanted to say about Red Velvet. I apologize if you dont agree with me but hey, that’s life. If you do agree with me omfg thank you.

Ok *deep breath* the Pearl hate that I keep seeing is making me mad and I want to defend Pearl.

Let me preface this by saying that Pearl’s snide actions and words towards Greg were not okay, BUT she overreacted based on an overflow of emotions, and those emotions she has, one-sided or not, ARE valid emotions.

Time to elaborate a bit: There is no denying Pearl has feelings for Rose, very strong feelings. Strong feelings about a person, especially love, make people act in stupid, selfish ways when they’re trying to keep the person they love for themself.

Pearl’s love for Rose is frustrating to me as a viewer because of how one-sided it seems to be (especially with how blissfully ignorant Rose seems to be, but that’s another text post), so imagine how it must be for Pearl. Thousands of years she has loved Rose without the same level or reciprocation that we’ve ever seen. This didn’t seem to be a problem for Pearl until Greg came into the picture because Greg was now receiving the kind of affection that Pearl had been yearning after for multiple millennium after only a few short months (and to Gems, months are really really small time periods). How would that make you feel if someone you loved for years suddenly got into the perfect relationship that you dreamt of with someone else in a week? It would suck. It would hurt. It would make you act in selfish and stupid ways.

That is the greatest thing about this show; The characters are so real. They have real emotional phases and have relationships in the most realistic way.

Maybe the reason people are hating on Pearl is because she IS SO REAL and they can relate to her too well at times.

To close, I emphasize that Pearl’s actions towards Greg were NOT okay, but they are so real and add to the complexity of Pearl’s character. She is NOT perfect. She is NOT flawless. Perfect characters are overrated and create unrealistic expectations for kids. Having a character that does wrong and apologizes, as she has done on many occasions, is a good example for kids. She IS flawed, she IS real, and she IS relatable.

Evolution of Connor Walsh

Series Commercial: Wow that guy’s hot

1x1: Wow he’s kinda a jerk

1x2: Wow he’s cocky

1x3: Wow he’s a cocky jerk


1x5: Ok I tried pretending I hated you but wow I give up

1x6: I’m just gonna stay neutral bc you’re still a jerk

1x7: Aw he actually cares about Oliver

1x8: Aw he actually cares about other people’s feelings


1x10: I haven’t stopped thinking about you since the winter finale I’m tingling every time you say something





1x15: NO IM DEAD GOODBYE WORLD - wait when did i become this emotionally attached to you