ok you two enough

*They’re playing the game where whoever blushes first loses when the other person says I like you*

Mini: I like you Tyler

Wildcat: Please I know that. It’s my turn now

Wildcat: I love you Craig Thompson

Mini, blushing furiously: This is….. so unfair…omg


Cartoonz: Ohm I li-

Ohm: Stop

Cartoonz: But I really li-

Ohm: No.

Cartoonz: Then you start! Say you li-

Ohm: Impossible

Cartoonz: C'mon, I know you like m-

Ohm: Just-

Ohm, blushing: I just can’t say I love you, you asshole!

Cartoonz, with finger guns: You lost


Terroriser: I love you Moo Moo

Moo: What did you just-

Terroriser: I said I loooooove you, sweetie

Moo: I hate you

Terroriser: Oh yeah you just can’t play this game

Moo: Okay then, I’ll play your game

Moo, really close to Terroriser: I love you Brian.

Terroriser: Okay I give up. My lost. Now, stop.


Basically: Man, I like you

Scotty: Actually, I love you

Basically: I’m so fucking in love with you too

Scotty: I love your eyes

Basically: I would kiss you right now

Scotty: Did I say you have a nice ass?

Basically: I just love your abs, so hot

Scotty: Dude just marry me already

Basically: Of course. Can we skip the wedding thing and go to the honeymoon

Scotty, getting irritated: Sure I’ll show you something you’ll never forget

Basically, also irritated: You. Me. Bed. Now.


//Sweetie is ready for the prom!! Penny won’t participate this year because she’s an antisocial asshole but this sweet lady will totally be there with her date!!

friend of mine raised an important point: king has orange hair and blushes constantly, what if he also had freckles

let's try it • zach dempsey

a/n: someone pls get me all of the holy water in the world

warnings: the beginning is major fluff, and then sin, siN, S I N

you look in the mirror, giving yourself a final once over and twirling. today was your 2 year anniversary with your boyfriend, zach dempsey, and he was taking you out for the night. 

 you’re still posing in your mirror when you hear the doorbell ring. the excitement rises in your chest as you bolt down the stairs. 

 "i’ll get it!“ you yell on the top of your lungs, but your mother has already opened the door.

 "hi zachary, you look very handsome tonight. have my daughter home by 2 am.” she says with a wink. your mother loves zach, and she knows how much you love him. 

 you stand next to her and playfully roll your eyes, feeling your face heat up from her embarrassing you.

 "thank you, ms. y/l/n.“ zach blushes before he pulls a bouquet of your favorite flowers from behind his back and holds them forward to you.

 "for me? you shouldn’t have!” your mom says to zach, laughing before taking the flowers to go put in water. 

 you giggle at her actions and zach pulls you in to a hug, kissing you on the forehead. 

 "you look so beautiful.“ he says while intertwining his fingers with yours. you swing your hands back and forth and smile.

 "and you look beautiful, too.” you say to him while giggling. he rolls his eyes and laughs, squeezing your side to make you laugh too.

 "bye mom, we’re heading out!“ you say, almost out the door. 

 "wait! let me get a few pictures first!” she exclaims from the kitchen. you groan and turn to pose with zach while your mom snaps pictures and random candids of you guys.

 "ok now get out of here lovebirds, i’ve had enough of you two.“ your mom says with a smirk. she kisses you on the cheek and you guys head out to zach’s audi.

 he opens your door for you, and then closes it once you get in, jogging to his side of the car.

 zach starts the car and drives you guys to your destination. the ride is mostly quiet, nothing but the soft music playing from the radio. he holds your hand the whole way there, and you admire him while he drives. 

 when you get to your destination, he stops the car, turns it off, and hands you a blind fold.

 "zach, what is this for?” you question him, feeling kind of worried. “just trust me, it’s a surprise. i promise i won’t let you get hurt baby.” he tells you. 

 he guides you along your way until he gets to the final place. you remove the blind fold from your eyes to find that you’re in the park. there’s a table set up in the gazebo with fairy lights all around. zach is holding a picnic basket and your heart starts swelling. it’s cute and thoughtful, and you stand there wondering what you did to deserve this angelic boy. 

 when zach realizes that you haven’t reacted yet, he becomes nervous. 

 "i’m sorry if you don’t like it, i- i can always take you to rosie’s an-“ he begins to ramble, but you throw your arms around him into a tight hug. "like it? i love it! how can i not? this is so sweet, zach.” you say, feeling yourself tear up. you were overjoyed. 

 "don’t cry baby, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet!“ zach tells you, trying to make you smile. 

 you laugh and sniffle, walking to the table with him. he pulls out your chair for you and then pushes you in, making sure you’re all set before he sits down. 

 zach opens the picnic basket before pausing.

"i’m sorry, i’m not a chef baby, and the fact that my mom & sister are out of town didn’t help, so, we’re eating sandwiches, the dempsey special.” he says. 

 "i’m fine with dempsey special, you know i love your sandwiches, baby.“ you say to him with a big smile. 

 zach starts to dig in and you guys talk about anything, and everything. there’s never a dull moment around him. he can always brighten your day. 

 you guys get up from the table after eating to take a walk around the pond. it’s a beautiful sight. the moon is shining on the water, and there are little pink flower petals falling off of the trees and scattering everywhere. zach stops, holding your hand in his while staring into your eyes. 

 "i’m so in love with you.” he says. “you know that, right?” you squeeze zach’s hand. 

“and i’m in love with you.” you say to him while grinning. 

 he pulls a long velvet box out of his pocket. you gasp and cover your mouth as he reveals what’s inside. there’s a silver charm bracelet with 2 charms already on it. the letter ‘z’, and a rose. 

 "zach, it’s beautiful!“ you exclaim.

 "only the best for my baby.” he tells you with a cocky grin. he puts it on your wrist and you guys walk to the car, ready to end your night. 

once you arrive to zach’s house, you run out of the car and then open the front door, laughing wildly and hiding from him in the dark. 

 he comes in and calls out to you. “y/n? baby? where are you?” he asks. 

you walk over to where he’s standing, only being able to see his silhouette due to the street lights streaming in though the windows. you pull him closer by his collar and plant a firm kiss to his lips. he lifts you up, pushing you against the wall as he groans into the kiss. you tangle your hands in his hair and tug on his roots, eliciting a growl from his throat. 

 he breaks the kiss for air and leans down to trail kisses down your neck, causing you to moan. he makes his way towards the couch and sits down, still holding you. you place your legs on either side of his hips. you place your hands on his chest while grinding down teasingly on his growing erection. 

 zach grips your hips and presses you down harder on his crotch, causing you to gasp and then moan against his neck. being in this position sparked an idea inside of you. 

you kissed zach on the lips. “i want to try something new, baby.” you say innocently, looking him in the eyes. the streetlights stream in and you can see his expression flash into a curious one. 

 "oh yeah?“ he smirks. "what is it?” you bite down on your lip and stand up. 

 "let me show you.“ you say, taking off your shoes and underwear slowly. you walk over to him, pulling your dress over your head. as you got closer, zach parted his legs slightly, moving closer to the edge of the couch with anticipation, making you smirk. 

 you sit down, placing your legs on either side of his thigh, moaning and throwing your head back when you feeling your exposed clit come in contact with the denim. 

 you place your hands on zach’s shoulders, rocking yourself back and forth slowly, your arousal seeping onto his jeans. 

 "oh my fucking god.” zach breathes out, watching you with lust blown eyes. you smile and roll your hips faster, creating a delicious friction that brings you closer to your orgasm. 

 he admires you, the glint of the thin layer of sweat on your skin illuminated by the streetlights. the little sounds you make, the pants and gasps as you use him to get yourself off.  he flexes his thigh and it sends a jolt to your core, causing you to cry out. 

zach reaches out to knead your left breast in one hand, and guide your hips on his thigh faster with the other. 

 "baby, don’t stop.“ you tell him as you begin to palm him. zach moans and flexes again, making you cry out, coming undone on his thigh. your legs shake as you ride out your high.

"that. was. so. hot.” zach says as you attempt to stand up to get off his thigh. you smirk, but it quickly turns into a frown once you see the mess that you’ve made.

 "i ruined your jeans.“ you say with a pout. zach turns to you and places a kiss on your lips. 

 "baby, you can ruin all of my jeans if you’re going to do it like that. now where were we?” he says as he picks you up, carrying you to his bedroom to finish the night full of fun ahead of you. 

 a/n: i’m sorry for leaving y'all in the DUST, i just didn’t have any good ideas for the requests u guys sent me, and i wanted to write to the best of my ability instead of just throwing something out there. i promise i’ll try better to write more often 💞

Beverly: Alyssa, I think you know how much I’ve come to depend upon you here. I’ve recommended your promotion because your performance here has been exemplary.
Alyssa: Thank you, Doctor, I appreciate that.
Beverly: But more than that, I’ve come to think of you as a friend, someone I really care about.
Alyssa: It’s nice of you to say that. I feel the same way.

* 3* Anon request for Luna from VLR! Are you all pumped for ZE3!?! I got mine on pre-order, hehehe!!

Girl’s Night

Summary: Nat and Wanda conspire to get you and Bucky together by getting you a little drunk during a girl’s night in.

Prompt(s): @canumoveyourseatup-no: So I looked at the prompt list and thought 4, 12, and 22 would make a hilarious combination with killer B. Or you can just choose one or a combination of two or whatever your heart desires.
4. “I’m too sober for this.”
12. “She’s hiding behind the sofa.”
22. “Did you just hiss at me?”

Warnings: none! This is all fluff and fun. :D Swearing maybe?

Word Count: 2368

Author’s Note: Ok these prompts are adorable. I’m sorry love I could only manage the first two. Hopefully you like it anyway. This was fun. :D

Originally posted by hothothotgg

You sat on the couch with your feet curled up, tangled with Wanda’s, a bowl of popcorn between you both and an enormous pitcher of margaritas on the coffee table in front of you. It had been far too long since you’d had a girl’s night so the two of you took full advantage while most of the Avengers were off shaking hands at some elegant Stark event.

Sam heard your peals of laughter from his room down the hall and came to join the fun. “Margaritas!” he sang with a slight dance, before pouring himself a glass from the pitcher.

“Hey Sam,” Wanda greeted as you tried to stifle your giggling.

“You ladies sound like you’re having fun, mind if I join?”

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can u pls rec royal aus? i've read the most famous ones already rip :(

on it! hopefully here are some you haven’t read yet. but first, check out @theboyfriendstagram​‘s awesome fic recs here & here!


keep me safe, keep me sane, keep me honest by hilourry (8k)
arranged marriage, prince!louis, alpha!harry, omega!louis, smut

Louis is the Prince of England. All past omega princes and princesses have been married and pregnant at age 18, so his parents arrange him to be married to Harry Styles, the royal family’s PR guy.

Not In Nottingham by UserFromPluto (11k)
robin hood!au

“Love him?” The prince repeated, “and does this prisoner return your love?”
Harry did not answer but stood looking at Louis, trembling and heaving breaths. Louis met his gaze, hair falling over his eyes, arms gripped roughly by two guards.
“Harry,” he said simply, “I love you more than life itself.”

Robin Hood au in which Harry and Niall steal the show, Liam’s big heart gets him in trouble, and Zayn and Louis really should stop being arrow magnets.

call it magic, call it true by itswhatitisbutterfly (15k)
university au, prince!louis

Harry Styles loves hockey, art history and speaks Italian. His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Wales is second in line to inherit the British Throne. Their relationship is sometimes a fairytale but occasionally a nightmare.

(Louis is the Prince William to Harry’s Kate Middleton.)

Love Is The Answer by i-wanna-be-your-last (15k)
frozen!au, prince!harry

Harry isn’t sure why his sister has spent years ignoring him, but he doesn’t plan to let that bother him on the day of her coronation. Then, Gemma is revealed to have magical powers, and the announcement of Harry and Taylor’s engagement is ruined when Harry has no choice but to chase after her. His focus is on finding his sister, but he doesn’t expect to develop any friendships (and possibly more) along the way.

(i.e. a retelling of Frozen where Harry is Anna, Gemma is Elsa, Louis is Kristoff, and Taylor is Hans. Niall, Liam, and Zayn are there too.)

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doodle 4 a comic ill never finish

The younger Carrick - Auston Matthews

Originally posted by kasperi-kapanen

Request: can u do an auston matthews one where ur connor carrick’s little sister????? and no one knows except connor and he calls you guys out in front of the rest of the team ? so then they know

Authors Note: I’m so sorry that it took so long to do this. i had finals and then i procrastinated. 👏🏾😁😁😁😂 

Warning: none 


You and  Auston  have been close  from the day that you met him. You fell in love with his charm, his awkward way of wearing hats, and his west coast accent that started to sound more Canadian by the day. Either way you liked Auston and  you two were dating for about 6 months; but, only you, Marner’s girlfriend steph, your brother Connor, and of course auston knew that you were dating.   You were on a small vacation from school when you decided to go visit your brother. You were in his apartment unpacking your things when he came into the guessed bedroom.  “ Hey Y/N do you want to come to practice with me today? If you do you can make googly eyes at Matthews” he asked leaning up against the door frame. “ I do not have googly eyes when talking to Auston “you responded. “ Ooooh, im Y/N and I’m in love with Matthews. I’m so deeply in love” he said in a high pitched girly voice. “ I do not sound like that” you protested. “ yeah whatever, I’m leaving in 5 so put some pep in that step” he said turning around to walk down the stairs.  

It only took about 10 minutes to get the arena, so it only took the car ride to admire the beautiful  city of Toronto. Once you got to the arena you and your brother went separate ways. “ I will see you  by the locker room after practice, and remember to keep your eyes in your head  when you see lover boy ok” he said loud enough that only the two of you could hear. You waved goodbye  and went to go take a seat by Marner’s girlfriend Steph. “ Hey Steph” you said with a smile. “Hey I have not seen you in ages, how have you been” she said to you while bringing you into a hug. “ I have been good, school has been good, things with Auston has been great, could not be happier” you said contempt with yourself. “ That is good, but when are you doing to go public with it” Steph asked concerned. “ I don’t know me and austin are taking it slow” you said. Your attention was drawn away from her and onto the ice. All throughout practice you and auston exchanged love glances. Not much later you and steph went back to the locker rooms when instead for being greeted by Conner you were greeted by a smiling Matthews. “ Hey Y/N I missed you so much” Auston said bring you into a hug. As Auston smothered you in a  hug  the room erupted a “awwww”.  You quickly I stepped away from auston “ you told them? I though we going to talk about this” you said looking at auston concerned. The next thing you know your brother walked into the room “ you can thank me for that, how you guys feel about theses two love birds?” your brother said to the rest of the team. “ We are cool with it. Y/N and Matthews sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G" the whole team said together. Auston turned to you and pulled you in close” might as well give them what they asked for” Auston said leaning into kiss you. You spent the rest of the day with Auston. You were proud to say that Auston was yours, it felt like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.


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Arguing about Krykna spiders on Attolon
  • Kanan: Ok...enough arguing you two Im settling this. If you eat it and die its poisonous, if it bites you and you die, it's venomous
  • Sabine: What if it bites me, and then it dies?
  • Ezra: Weren't you listening?Then your poisonous...what if it bites itself and I die?
  • Kanan: Then it's the dark side of the force
  • Sabine: What if it bites me and then someone else dies?
  • Hera: That's correlation, not causation
  • Zeb: What if we bite each other, and neither of us dies?
  • Kallus: Then it's kinky

anonymous asked:

Part 2 of Running Hug: Keith and Lance are having some kind of foot race and Lance is losing. So he up and launches himself at Keith, tackles him to the ground, then pops right back up and crosses the finish line cackling. When Keith confronts him about it he is all haughty innocence. "Cheating? Moi? Dude, you wound me. I was just overcome with sudden affection for you is all. I just wanted to give you a hug and you accuse me of sabotage!" Keith decides this is a perfect opportunity for revenge.

Keith’s legs pumped, little clouds of dust rising with every footfall.  The desert planet they were on was empty, quiet, and peaceful.  It felt a little like coming home again, only the sunlight here wasn’t quite right and the dust was too red.  Pidge was cheering as he approached the finish line, and he felt himself smirking.  He’d told Lance he was faster, and it was nice to be able to prove it.

Suddenly, something hit the back of his calves, wrapping around his legs so that he fell, hard.  He got his hands underneath him, his wrists stinging with the impact of catching himself, and Lance let go of his legs, scrambling up faster than Keith’s brain could catch up and making it across the finish line before Keith was all the way to his feet.

“Hey!” he shouted, anger welling up in his chest, “That’s cheating!”

“Cheating?” Lance asked, sounding offended, “How dare you!  I would never!  I was just overcome with admiration for your running skills and I had to hug you to congratulate you on them.”

Pidge groaned, rolling her eyes, and Keith remembered that the others were there.  He had to keep a grip on his temper.

“So, I still won, then?” Keith asked, trying to keep the anger out of his voice and hoping Lance would agree to that and he could go off and calm down.  He could still hold onto his pride if they called it a win, and then he could dust himself off and pretend this had never happened.

“What, no!  You definitely lost.  I got prematurely excited.  I should have just waited and hugged you after I won.  Or not at all, ‘cause, like, I won.”

Keith could feel the anger trying to take over, but he wasn’t supposed to be fighting with Lance.  Shiro had specifically asked him to try to fight less with Lance.  This had to be subtle.  And not involve pulling his sword or punching anyone.  He slapped on his best fake smile, with no real illusions that it was actually believable and answered, “Oh, so I should be hugging you, is that it?  Bring it in.”

Lance clearly distrusted him, giving him a pretty heavy sideye, but if there was one thing you could count on with Lance, it was that once he committed to something, he didn’t back down.  "Of course!“ he said nonchalantly, "I’ll always take a congratulatory hug!”

The hug was awkward, Lance trying to keep distance between them before Keith could do anything, but that didn’t matter.  The hug wasn’t the point.  Once Keith had Lance where he wanted him, he turned it into a wrestling move, shoving Lance to the ground hard enough that he could feel the breath being driven out of Lance’s lungs when they landed.

Lance took a deep, startled breath in, one that sounded a little painful, which Keith figured was as good a revenge as any for his still-stinging wrists, and then squawked, “What the hell, Keith!”

Before Keith could answer, Shiro was hauling him off of Lance, and up to his feet.  "Ok, you two, that’s enough.  We’re out here to have fun, not fight with each other.“  Shiro gave Lance a hand up, too, then stared at both of them, eyes narrowed as he calculated something or other.  Keith tried not to look him in the eye and became vaguely aware that Lance wasn’t meeting Shiro’s eyes either.

Then Shiro’s eyes relaxed.  "I think a make-up hug would be ill advised, so you’re just gonna shake hands and put this behind you, right?”

Keith and Lance looked at each other.  Keith wasn’t sure he was ready to let this go, but he was sure he didn’t want Shiro to be disappointed in him.  He and Lance shook hands tentatively, watching each other’s faces warily.  He considered trying to pull Lance over again, but Shiro was watching too closely, so he just shook Lance’s hand and then dropped it again.

Pidge and Hunk got in between them before anything else could start up again, Pidge rambling at Keith about how great he was in the race and Hunk checking Lance over for injuries.  Keith noticed when Pidge pulled him a little ways away from Lance, and he was aware that Hunk was doing the same thing, pushing Lance subtlely away in the other direction, but that was ok.  It just meant they cared.

In the face of the rest of their friends trying to break the tension, being mad felt a little silly, especially when it really had been just a silly foot race.  After a few moments of listening to Pidge and calming down, the absurdity of the whole thing hit him and he laughed, wrapping an arm casually around her and leaning over for a brief hug while they walked.  "Thanks, Pidge.“  

She rolled her eyes at him, but leaned into his side in response, putting her own arm around him for a moment before she let go.  "Anyway, next time, you should race in the lions.  Then it’s harder to cheat.”  

Keith wasn’t so sure about that, but it did sound fun.  Maybe a rematch would be in order once they’d gotten over this first race.

-In Nathans room-

Max - Ok I got the evidence, time to get back to Chloe…..

‘starts walking to door when Nathan busts in’

Nathan - Max,What are you doing in my room ?!

Max - Uhhhh, well you see’ starts whistling nervously’ 

Nathan -  Snitches get stitches ,bitches !

Max ‘bursts out laughing’ What was THAT ?

Nathan - What are you doing Max ?! This isn’t funny 

Max‘still laughing’  Oh but it is Nathan, it really is 

‘Chloe runs up to the room’

Chloe - Max ! I heard Nathan sneak in, are you ok ?

Max ‘gasping for breath’  Oh it’s ok Chloe, Nathan just said something hella lame 

Chloe - Well don’t just stand there, tell me what he said

‘Max leans forward and whispers in Chloe’s ear’

Chloe‘falls over laughing’ OMG What a nerd ! I can’t believe we were AFRAID of you 

Nathan - ‘yelling in embarrassment ‘ STOP LAUGHING !

‘collapses on floor in shame’

‘Warren comes out of his room’ 

Warren - Ok you two, I heard everything. I think you’ve given Nathan enough trouble for the day….. ‘points the girls to the door’

Max ‘wiping tears from eyes’ Ok Warren, we’ll leave, It was just REALLY funny

‘Max and Chloe leave with the evidence’ 

‘Warren sits down on floor with Nathan, pulling him into a hug’

Nathan - It really was a good line Warren !  ‘crying softly’ 

Warren - I know ‘nods approvingly’

Nathan - Why don’t they fear me ?! Am I not angry enough ? ‘hiccups’

Warren - You’re the scariest person at the entire school ‘pats head’ 

‘Nathan rests head on Warren’s shoulder and falls asleep’

Saross: ouh hello V! i see crosina do you have meet welp… im saross crosinas lil bro and nice to meet you too 

Crosina: *in the background* SHORTY^^

Saross: *inhaled* *exhale* IM NOT SHORT!!!!!!

Crosina: *laugh* XD

Sabrina/me: ok you two its enough^^ ouh hello V awesome to meet you im Sabrina and how ya see thats my kids^^ your rlly cool and powerful *looks on her crack* a crack huh? heh…have actually the…..same but at me …well i have lightning scars…on my copmpletely body and the end on the hand wists, neck, right eye and foots so heh….. someone…….makes experiments on me and eletcro shocked me…. *ekhem* well it was rlly nice to meet ya ….. see ya 


V: well, nice to meet the whole family.

What I Want

* Aaron Burr × Reader
* Modern College AU
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: Can you do a college au where the reader has had a really bad week and they go to a bar with the hamilsquad. The reader gets too drunk and is “FIGHT ME” to everyone and Aaron, our very concerned/responsible dude, has to take the reader home. FLUFFY PLEASE.

A/N: another one done! I’m not sure if I’ll have another one to post today or not. Trying to get caught up on homework…but I hope both the requester and all my other followers enjoy!

Word Count: 1, 548


Your phone pinged and you dragged your eyes from the text book you should’ve been reading.

From Alexander:
Drinks tonight? Whole gang’s coming.

You read the text and paused. Finally you decided to just ask.

To Alexander:
Even Aaron?

Aaron was not entirely part of the gang. He showed up for somethings and wasn’t invited to others. You hoped he’d be there. You had a crush on him for a while now. And Alexander knew about it.

From Alexander:
Yeah he’ll be there ;)

You rolled your eyes but slammed the book gratefully. You were studying for your third test of the week. And had just finished your fourth paper. You were annoyed with all your classes this week. You had so many deadlines and all your teachers seemed to be grading harder than usual this week. You grabbed keys and headed to the bar to meet your friends.

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*slams fist on table* ISHIHIME FOR PROMPT 22. JUST FUCK ME UP.


I uh. I hope this fucks you up in another way? i don’t even know 

For @mizulily who requested Ishihime + 22 (”I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice”) from this meme (I’m still up for requests! I don’t even mind if you send in two or three! This is unexpectedly a lot of fun.)

Title: Dinner and Other Such Hazards

Fandom: Bleach

Pairings: Ishihime

Rating: Teen

Warnings: None

Summary:  There are tears in Inoue Orihime’s eyes when she turns to face Uryuu in the small flat that they share.

There are tears in Inoue Orihime’s eyes when she turns to face Uryuu in the small flat that they share.

“It’s okay, Uryuu-kun,” she says in a trembling voice, “I’m fine, truly, you don’t have to pretend—”

Like hell she’s fine, Uryuu thinks, she’s not fine at all, but she’s doing that thing of hers where she scrunches up her face into a semblance of a smile and it only serves to make her look more heartbreaking since, you know, she’s doing it through a veil of tears. Uryuu’s cursing himself internally. He doesn’t even remember the last time he screwed up this badly.

“Orihime, listen—I didn’t mean it, I swear—”

“No, no, Uryuu-kun, I’m not—sniff—not upset—I just—”

“Orihime, please, listen to me—”

“I know—sniff—that I haven’t been the most—the most interesting lately—sniff—and you seemed so busy and tired at work and I just thought—sniff—that maybe something a little differentsniff—might cheer you up a bit—”

“It did, it did, Orihime, you have no idea how much I appreciated it—”

“Don’t—don’t lie to me, Uryuu-kun!” Orihime all but screams, the loudest sound he’s ever heard from his wife in their five years of courtship, and Uryuu flinches. “I—I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice, but I do notice, I do, and—and— you don’t have to lie to me anymore, Uryuu, you just don’t!

Her voice rings for a few seconds in their tiny kitchen, and Uryuu stands there in helpless shock. Part of him is glad at the fact that she’s finally dropped the –kun from his name, but another part of him is warning him that he’s wildly out of his depth here and likely going to be kicked out on his ass. Being a doctor hasn’t prepared him for this. Hell, being a goddamn gynaecologist wouldn’t have prepared him for this.

Orihime rubs soothing circles on her pregnant belly with her hands and looks at him tearfully.

“… You don’t really like my cooking at all, do you, Uryuu-kun?”

“No!” he hastens to answer, “No, of course not, that’s not the case at all! Your cooking is—really—really creative! It’s just what I need after a long day at the hospital, you know what the food there’s like, all really bland and unimaginative—”

Orihime allows herself to be mollified as Uryuu continues to heap similar praise on her cooking, subtly binning the unholy combination of spinach, cereal, mayonnaise and liver that she had called dinner that day. He continues until he’s run out of synonyms for daring and novel and inspired, and then makes some more up until she’s satisfied. She goes to sleep with a small, happy smile on her face, and safe in the dark of their bedroom, Uryuu wipes his brow in relief.

He’ll go to bed hungry today, again. He’ll have to buy breakfast and lunch at the hospital cafeteria tomorrow, too. He’s likely got another five months of this left to go—pregnancy, while suiting Orihime beautifully, has had just one unexpected drawback in that it’s taken her already borderline cooking straight into ‘inedible’ territory.

But, looking down at the rounded figure of his sleeping wife, Uryuu thinks he wouldn’t possibly have it any other way.