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Life lessons Pt 4

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“Ah, no I don’t.” he told her, which was technically true. Just then Izzy came into the room and strode over to stand with her brother. She was looking down at the girls who seemed to of lost some of their boldness now she was there.“People, I want to introduce you to Isabelle. Isabelle Lightwood, my sister. She will be taking you out in the field occasionally. She specialises in fighting with the electrum whip. And something you ladies might be interested in, fighting in five inch high heels.” Alec told them. Izzy allowed the whip to uncurl from her arm and facing away from group flicked it out making it snap loudly. All the recruits jumped but then gave her a round of enthusiastic applause.  She allowed the whip to snake back up her arm once more and turned back to give them a bow.“Oh and just for the record, Isabelle is taken. And if any of you guys think you might have a chance to win her over just know that her boyfriend is actually the second in command of the head Vampire clan of New York.” A surprised murmur went round the room once more.“Does that mean……….” Someone started to ask.“Yes, he’s a vampire. A very special one who can withstand daylight. Simon? Do you want to come in?” Izzy called towards the door and Simon came up to her in a blur, using his super speed. He had borrowed one of Raphael’s suits again, the dark material making his pale skin whiter. He put an arm around Izzy’s waist and kissed her lightly.  The recruits gasped a little. Alec gave them a smile. He almost felt sorry for them. It was a lot to take in. The New York Institute was the first one to allow stronger relations with Down Worlders mostly because of the attack on the Institute but partly because of Alec’s relationship with Magnus and Izzy’s with Simon and Clary’s with Luke.“Just before we finish, there’s one more person you need to meet. Luke, can you come in please?” Alec called. Luke came in through the door and came up to join them.“This is Luke Garraway, Alpha of the head werewolf pack here.“Once again, a murmur went around the crowd. All of them had shocked expressions on their faces. None of them had ever seen a vampire, a werewolf, a warlock and Nephilim all in the same room together before let alone being friendly with each other. Clary and Jace came over and joined them in front.“The session is officially over but if you would like to ask Magnus, Simon or Luke anything, within reason of course, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind answering  few questions.” Some of the recruits got brave enough and came towards them. Alec couldn’t  help but smile as he saw Simon baring  his fangs at the boy who had gotten up the courage to ask about them, making him and his friends jump back. It was the same every year. He just hopped no one asked Luke if he could get fleas like someone had the previous year. As Alec watched, the four girls slowly worked their way around to Magnus, giggling. He had spotted them coming and had given Alec a knowing smile. It seemed that his boyfriend was the centre of their attention for now.“We just wanted to say thank you for the roses.” the bolder one said, eyelashes fluttering.“You’re very welcome my dear.” Magnus replied.“Can I ask you something? I heard that Warlocks can be hundreds of years old, is that true?”“Why yes it is. I will have my 443rd birthday very soon.” The girls gasped.“Do you have a girlfriend?” the brave one asked, smiling sweetly back at him. Magnus smiled back at her and gave a small glance over to Alec to let him know the question they had been waiting for had been asked.“Well no I don’t actually. Is there a reason you wanted to know that?’ he asked, faking interest.“I was just wondering if , maybe you know um, you would like to get a cup of coffee some time”. Then she added quickly, ”Warlocks drink coffee don’t they?” Magnus laughed and turned towards Alec who had just come to stand next to him.“Well, Magnus don’t be shy. Answer the young lady.” he encouraged.“Yes, my dear warlocks drink coffee and I thank you for the kind invitation but I don’t think my boyfriend would approve.” Magnus told her. She gasped a little and looked to her friends who were all staring up at Magnus.“You…..you have a boyfriend?’ she stammered.“Yes, he does. A very jealous one.” Alec grabbed one of Magnus’ hands and pulled him into him, before wrapping his arms around his waist. Magnus did the same thing to him before leaning in to lightly kiss him. The girls looked back in utter shock. Mouths open eyes huge as did the rest of the recruits.“Everyone. I just wanted to add something. We know the rumours that surround the Institute about us and yes most of them are true. We think it only fair to put them to rest. Yes, Jace and Clary are together. No they were never brother and sister. It was a lie told to them by Valentine. Yes, Jace did die by Valentine’s hand but Clary asked the Angel Razeil to bring him back to her. To us. Jace is and always will be my parabatai. Hopefully you will discover this special bond for yourselves with someone one day. Yes Isabelle and myself are with Down Worlders and our relationships with them are no  different than jace has with Clary. And if you think that being gay makes me weaker in any way,  I suggest you come and try your luck with me in combat training any time. We feel that the old ways of thinking need to change and that it shouldn’t matter who you want to be with as long as it’s a safe, happy relationship. Over the coming months we encourage you to ask questions and learn from us and perhaps you might come away a little wiser and more tolerant. To know that people aren’t always who or what they seem no matter what world they are from. It just might come in handy to you one day out in the field. That’s all for today, thank you for attending.” A round of applause went around the room and Alec gave a nod of thanks as the recruits started to file out of the room. The four girls looked thoroughly embarrassed by their behaviour and left with the others. Not turning back once.They watched them leave and Magnus grabbed Alec in for a proper kiss, his hands either side of his face.“You looked so hot up there today, my love.’ he said. “I almost felt sorry for those poor girls. Are you jealous that I got asked out and you didn’t?” he joked.“I was a little, yes. I had it in the bag until my super sexy warlock showed up. How was I going to compete with all this?” he said, gesturing to Magnus’ elaborate clothes before kissing him again. “Ok, ok, they’ve gone now you two can stop being all cute.” Jace said, his arm around Clary.“Stop calling us cute.” Alec frowned at him.“Do you think we got to ‘em?” Izzy asked, hugging Simon.“Are you kidding me? Didn’t you see their faces? Now let’s just hope it has the positive effect we need it to have.” Alec said.“yeah, cause I don’t want to have to pretend to smooch with my  brother again. But I kinda liked kissing Clary, that was fun.” Izzy said,  giving  her a grin. Clary gave her a playful thump on the arm while Simon just gave her a confused look.“You did what to Clary?” he asked. Izzy laughed and kissed him.“Come on, let’s go, we have recruits to torture.” Jace said, and they all headed for the door.  



made in the a.m. // i want to write you a song

“I Want to Write You A Song” is the 12th song on One Direction’s fifth studio album, Made in the A.M. It was cowritten by John Ryan, Julian Bunetta, and Ammar Malik.

Wynfic  head canon part two …ok you can tell me to stop otherwise I am going to be spamming every ones dash with this stuff today …

They spend the night together but it was bittersweet , the ease of which they worked together in the field also translated into their lovemaking . neither wanted to let go afraid the other would vanish.

Soon enough the world crashed into their bubble Nate had to return to Boston and Mike Pendleton , Skype , emails and phonecalls had to keep them going .

Mike still worried that he was not the man for Nate and could not give Nate what he needed and tried several times to tell Nate this, Nate was not having any of it

Mikes deployment did not go well and he returned stateside feeling disheartened and tired, Officers like Encino man and NCOs like Griego were too common.

As soon as he set foot back stateside Mike was on a plane to Boston , he had sent Nate a quick text “I am home “ within minutes his phone had pinged with Nate’s answer “I can be there in a day ?” Mike felt his heart skip and texted back

“No at airport just about to get on fight to you OK?”

Nate’s reply was typical Lt “ Gunny get your arse on that flight and I will see you soon “


According to the teacher, Ohmiya’s “I love you” sounded more like “I rub you”. Oh these two… Please! XD~ - Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014.11.15


and you shine like the brightest star, I often wonder where you are..

Some cashier advice

If you are a cashier, then at some point some one has asked you to change a bill. Always be careful when listening to the request. For example, this guy came up to me and asked me to change a $50 Bill. I give him 2 $20 dollar bills and a $10 bill. He then asks me to change the ten for two fives. This is where they will try to get you, by asking for more change. Be diligent from this point on. So I am looking but we are low on fives and I state this to him and his reply was, well you can give me two tens. Ok stop. Why would I give you two tens if you gave me one ten dollar bill? If a cashier is being rushed or is trying to hurry, this may cause them to not pay attention and then be short because they gave too must change back. I smiled and said, I’m just gonna give you ten singles. Watch out for these types. Ask them before hand what change they want and if they start asking for more, just end it right there. You do not work for a bank. You work in retail.

I want so much background Evak for season 4 and I want them to be that one disgustingly cute couple where everyone’s like “ok can you stop” and “get a room” and “you two are so gross” but secretly envies them so much. I want them holding hands and hugging and kissing in the background and at least one scene where Isak gives the new protagonist relationship advice bc he’s like the world champion in being a good boyfriend now. So Powercouple Evak 2k17 please and thank you ✌

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i was thinking about your post about garnet w sapphire and ruby and couldn't a lot of those headcanons come from the stevonnie episode where it /did/ seem like connie and steven had equal control because you could hear their thought processes? just wanting to have a discussion cause it's an interesting idea that i hadn't thought about that much before

maybe, but I think that’s a fundamental misunderstanding of Stevonnie as well. We’re not hearing Steven and Connie’s individual thought processes, we’re hearing Stevonnie’s thought processes, which are a median of Steven and Connie’s. Stevonnie is talking to themself, similar to how any person would, attempting to reconcile conflicts or questions in their thinking. Stevonnie is made up of the relationship of Steven and Connie and their thoughts and feelings and concern for one another, which I think naturally contributes to a concern for themself.

Stevonnie has a complete unified voice throughout the entire episode, even when having ‘conversations’ with themself, they’re not really two people talking. “Are you OK? We can stop if you…” is not really Steven or Connie speaking to the other but rather Stevonnie speaking to themself (which is why you can’t hear either of them talking, just Stevonnie). Stevonnie constantly switches between first and second person pronouns (I, My vs You, Your) and individual and collective pronounces (I vs We), even within the same sentence, because fusions are more an abstract idea given life rather than something concrete and easily given definition. 

From what we’ve seen, in order for the component Gems of a fusion to exert their will, the needs to be a fracture in the fusion which makes it no longer a unified entity (or in Malachite’s case, not be a unified entity to begin with) and the show expresses this via the fusion’s voice. Most fusions have a unified voice, except for Malachite, and the only other fusions we’ve seen demonstrate individual voices was Alexandrite. But not completely, for most of the episode she had a single unified voice. She only lost her identity when there was an internal conflict significant enough to cause a split (if it weren’t for Garnet trying to keep them together, much like Lapis did with Malachite, I think Alexandrite would’ve immediately split from the conflict). I think its easy to think that Alexandrite trying to eat was due to Amethyst’s direct control, but I don’t think that was the case at all. Alexandrite, being a median of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl has most of their individual traits as native parts of her personality. And since there’s so many components she has a lot of conflicting traits, in this case having both a compulsion to eat as well as a repulsion to eating. Unlike Stevonnie’s conflicts of self, this is an irreconcilable paradox, she both wants to eat and doesn’t and thus being presented with food creates a schism that shatters the unified self and this is demonstrated by her component Gems being able to exert their wills. Essentially, as soon as she was given food she was no longer Alexandrite

I mean, I get the confusion, fusion is an extremely abstract concept without a clear definition. It’s definitely meant to be that way, there are constant contradictions. I’m sure I don’t have it exactly right, if there even is an ‘exactly right’ but the fact remains that fusions are their own people and while component Gems can exert their wills, the show has demonstrated this via the loss of a unified voice. Since Garnet has never lost her unified voice, any potential conflicts of self that might cause a split have been resolved by Garnet before her sense of self splintered into her component Gems. So the idea that any of Garnet’s individual actions were directly caused by either Ruby or Sapphire (rather than those traits behaving been inherited from them) is unlikely, at least in scenes we’ve seen, because Garnet has never lost her unified self.