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“if you love them go get them! What are you waiting for?”

loosely based on a idea where burr sees john drunk ass after talking to hamilton, john apparently heard parts of their conversation. A huge thanks to  @i-am-mysterical ;)


joshua birthday countdown: d-1

joshua’s lines through the eras [ cr 1. 2. 3. ]


you guys have all most likely seen the video of Stefan dancing with Yo Gabba Gabba in True Jackson– so I took it upon myself to watch the whole episode and I almost CRIED
He steals a ring so he can blackmail them into making a dress for his bratty daughter, and keeps them captive in his GIANT CASTLE where he works being an “INTERNATIONAL FANCYPANTS”
he also has yo gabba gabba captive so that they can teach his daughter to EAT HER VEGETABLES
I swear to god though, he first appears when a hidden bookcase door slides open and he was just tHERE and I SWEAR TO GOD I FELT MY SOUL LEAVE MY BODY.


Ok first ten pages of this comic. I didn’t plan on it getting this long, but I tend to be too….detailed? ^^;; 

Anyways, watching all the cute stuff Nyu and Junky do with lil’ Hamster G made me want to make something with my G!Sans. ^_^ Sorry its crappy. Hopefully I can get started on the rest of it soon! (I’m hoping if I upload what I got done, I’ll be motivated to finish this! XD)

Uh oh! Little Hammie G is getting into the cigarettes!! You know what that means! ;)

Hamster G belongs to @nyublackneko and @junkpilestuff
Gaster!Sans is Borurou’s but this version is mine ^^

Ya sabes lo que dicen, no te enamores de personas como yo..

au where voltron is actually a top secret organisation that people call on when there’s no one to turn to; lance is the #1 sniper, hunk is their weapons developer, pidge is their go-to hacker, keith and shiro are close-combat experts, and of course allura is the brains of the entire operation and regularly seeks out coran, a previous member and an uncle to them all

edit cause i made a fic