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What Are The Odds? - Part 1

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 936

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

“I refuse to let my daughter look like Avril Lavigne on the first day of school!” You say at the end of your rope. 

Of course you end up with a kid who’s just as stubborn as you. And her father. 

“Why do you keep saying that? I don’t know who that is and she has a weird name!” Your daughter Kelsey says crossing her arms.

Ok, calm down. You need a different approach. 

“Sweetheart. I love that you want to wear fun outfits and put extensions in your hair but you are only 8 years old. You need to compromise, ok?” 

“Ok, fine. I want to wear makeup then.” 

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yours is the light | you are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars. — e.e. cummings | an oisuga fanmix

1. I love you by akdong musician; 2. some (썸) by soyu x junggigo feat. lil boi; 3. heaven’s door (천국의 문) by eric nam; 4. joah (좋아) by jay park; 5. day 1 by k.will; 6. best place (내 곁에만 있어) by shinee; 7. kiss kiss by kim hyunjoong; 8. yes, you (그래 너) by standing egg; 9. love love love by roy kim;

[listen] [art by the wonderful @paltita-sketch​]

I really wanted to write delinquent au. And I also really wanted to beat certain someone up. (It’s not described but there is some blood - reminds me of one of the asks I got today.)

Yamaguchi transfers in the middle of school year and ends up in the school full of delinquents. When some senpais try to take his money, someone saves Yamaguchi. But is Tsukishima really helping him?

SFW, TsukiYama, delinquent au
Words: 2782
Also on ao3.

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