ok yeah i'll shush now


The call that had come through from an unknown number had caused Jyn to fall to her knees as she listened to the disguised voice taunt her. In the background, she could hear the yelps and cries of pain. She held back a sob and gritted her teeth down the phone, because those sounds, she recognised the voice they belonged to. “I’ll find you and when i do, you’re going to wish you’d never been born.” And with that Jyn had ended the call before using her computer to tap into the phone she’d used, tracing the number and GPS of the cell that whoever had called her. There was a fire burning in her as she looked for the information. When she traced it to a nearby cell tower, she called up Cassian, voice unrelenting as he answered, “They have Deker. I’m ending this and them right now.” And then she ended that call before she began kitting out a duffle bag with weapons. You name it, they were in there.

With her face void of any kind of expression, Jyn moved out to her car and placed the bag of weapons on the passengers seat before she moved around to the drivers side and got in. She had her own navigation in the car and punched in the address that she’d got from her trace. She may have not been on the tech side of this business but she knew a thing or two and there was no way she was leaving Deker to be killed because of her. Breaking up with him had been the safest thing for him. Going back to his place when she’d been injured and starting things up again had been a mistake but she couldn’t deny that she loved him. Even after trying so hard. There was no way. It was clear to see that he loved her and that she loved him. Jyn didn’t know why she deserved such feelings from someone, even after he’d found out what she did. 

She wasn’t going to lose him. She couldn’t. The address was about 40 miles away so, breaking the speed limit to get there quicker was a natural reaction and one piece of the law she couldn’t give a shit about breaking. There was a feeling building in her gut and she knew that she might not come out of this, but as long as she could protect him, then what did it matter? Deker didn’t deserve to die because she was involved with him. He was her weakness. The ride didn’t take long because of her speed and when she found the warehouse where Deker was being held, she took a deep breath and reigned in her focus. She grabbed her bag and set up the weapons inside. This was her job and this was what she had become so, so refined at. These people had no idea what was coming to them. First of all, she took out the two guars on the roof with a gun that housed a silencer because she wanted no one to know she was coming. 

Once they were taken care of, Jyn climbed onto the roof and found a skylight that would allow her to literally drop in. The rest of the weapons she’d need, including two throwing daggers were all in position and with one last deep breath, she dropped down into the middle of the warehouse, taking out one of the kidnappers with a throwing dagger to the throat, which she quickly took back holding it up and her pistol. She could see Dekar on the otherside of the room and her heard clenched tightly but she had to focus. “Now, clearly this is a party and I’m about ready to dance. Who’s up first?” She tilted her head to the side and glanced over at Deker, mouthing ‘Don’t Move’ to him before she jumped into action. Whoever the mastermind of this was, whoever had put these people in this position was mistaken and clearly underestimated her and what she could do. The sound of gunfire eventually died out and Jyn was the only one left standing. She bore some injuries herself but she didn’t care. Dropping the gun she’d had a hold of to the floor, her other weapons dotted all over due to no ammo, she ran to where Deker was bound. There were tears streaming down her face at this point, “I’m so sorry……it’ll be ok, we can get you out of here…..ok?” whether he trusted her after this or wanted anything more to do with her was a question she’d have to ask later on.