ok yeah i deleted the original

i really wanna do a plot like there’s a boy band ok and muse a is the gf of one of the guys in the band, but the thing is their relationship is fake, something the managers cooked up for publicity, so they’re not actually dating but they are good friends. Enter muse b, who is another bandmember and then one night muse a & muse b end up spending a lot of time together and find out they have a lot in common. As time goes by, they begin to fall for each other but they can’t just announce to the public that they’re dating for obvious reasons. Also everyone kinda suspects that something is going on between the two. Like she falls down on stage once and muse b is the first one to run to her, really worried and all. Oh and also the managers now want muse a and her bf to constantly kiss in front of the cameras too, how will muse b react?? how long could a relationship that exists only behind closed doors last??

idk like we can come up with a lot of simple headcanons to get the plot going too, and muse a may be famous or not idc, please give me this and let me shower you with hugs and cookies!

I went on httyd tag and WHAT IS THAT????????????????? 

theartofhttyd how dare you do this? Ok reposted it but you put a watermark……… There are a lot of reposters but this is the third time in here where I see someone put on my edit watermark(ok maybe stupid edit idk spent 3 hours anyway) Do you have a BRAIN? I am so dissapointed of such people… this is the worst than repost! I can’t anymore.. yeah really I didn’t put a watermak I do understand it but I had no idea people put their own.. Original guys is here ..  i go to support of tumblr to ask to delete this shit I just wanted to tell don’t do this, please.

✕ hello guys, it’s me. i used to be sir-wonwoo ✕

before the actual follow forever, i just want to tell this again ( well you don’t have to read this part though. skip skip skip. )

i’m sorry if i’m worrying you guys?  i have this habit to erase/leave all of my social media accounts whenever i have a breakdown. it sounds really weird but i kind of want to erase my existence temporarily whenever i feel sad or insecure. okay, again, that sounds weird but yeah - that’s the fact. i’m not leaving, i’m just re-branding. now i’m beamies. people used to call me vis ( derived from the shorten ver of my middle name’s original stylization ), but feel free to call me checa, my first name. ( pronounce it as che-ka ok? ) 

let’s move on to the ff part. i’ll probably forget many people, since i deleted all of my posts including my first follow forever. i want to make a ff when i hit 1k, but then, it’ll took forever and i’ll be too busy in the future. ☞


svteditors : ( is this self-promoting ) well, firstly, i want to thank h5nsol for offering her help when i was planning svteditors and being a great co-admin and hoshi-eating for being a helpful co-admin. you guys are the best and i’m forever thankful ( sorry i’m not that active anymore! ). and thank you for all the members ( yo 50+ members i can’t mention all of you! ) because only with all of your support, svte is one step closer to our long-time goals. 

wonwoo-net : thank you for accepting me as one of your members!

people who left

i will always include wunwu because she’s my first tumblr friend ( I MISS YOU LILLY ) and seokminsbf-deactivated20150815 ( ah momo i regretted not messaging you sooner… ) 

in alphabetical order

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