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Okie dokie! So this post is a long time coming but it’s finally done! ^_^

As some of you may know @princetenjolras pushes a lot for nb content and proposed having nb day be on Bastille Day! (which I am very very excited about) You can find more info abt that here.

I’ve been thinking of this for a while (and I’ve talked with some of you about it) and I decided that nb day would be a good day to finally do it. I’m starting a nb blog! @localnbcuties (there’s nothing there yet and it’s going to go through a bunch of changes hopefully.)
The only public place I’ve tossed around ideas is here

Stuff the blog will be for

  • Mainly discussion about experiences being nb, whether it’s related to dysphoria, coming out, passing, relation to the binary, language for ourselves (eg: dionysian), transitioning, gender presentation, representation, erasure, history, acknowledging intersectionality, etc.
  • Positivity of course!
  • Promotion of nb specific content creators, projects, organizations, blogs, news, artists, and resources
  • Lowkey advice. But only lowkey. I want this to primarily be an open place where people can share and learn and foster a sense of community that I haven’t seen with nb people. So I can’t have it overrun by advice asks (though I will figure out a good tagging system for references)

Stuff I’m still considering

  • Whether or not to make it a network. (leaning towards yes)
  • Whether or not fandom content would be reblogged. Cause I am mainly in the les mis fandom as well as most of the people that I know are interested. I don’t want fandom content to turn people away from the blog though. Maybe les mis nb content can be directed @noncislesmis. But yeah! Tell me what you think abt that. (I might just like promo ppl that create a lot of nb fandom content so that people can check them out?) Feedback on this would be appreciated.
  • If ppl should be mods so they can post on the blog (and like do a – name thing at the end and ppl could tag them if they reblogged and added) or if it should be a post on your personal and tag the blog so an admin can queue it type of thing (idk what works best for discussion based)
  • If I want another admin (hmu if you’re interested but keep in mind I reserve the right to turn you down if I’m not sure)

So you know I have never ever run a blog with other people before or a network and I know tumblr is a bit of a hard platform to successfully make it be discussion based

I know that there’s some people that might be interested so I’m going to tag you guys! (some of you I’ve talked with abt this and some I haven’t so sorry if you aren’t actually interested and I hope haven’t overstepped by tagging you!)  @stopcallingmeapollo , @superenjolras, @punkjoly@queershakespear, @nitevale, @permets-tu-not-permettez-vous, @winterspirit-13, @apollowned@butchcap, @boobonic-plague, @courf, @jehanproudaisy, @non-binarygrantaire, @jeffreymarsh, and @scumbugg.

Please give me suggestions or feedback on content and how I can make this work relatively smoothly.
Please reblog this and tag friends, fellow nb people, anyone who might be  interested, also message me if you’re interested in modding or being an admin and I’ll consider it!

IMPORTANT: I am a minor (and on the younger side of tumblr) so people would only be allowed to be mods, admins, or in the network if they are under 24 years old. Everyone would be allowed to respectfully interact with us though. However, if anyone’s being creepy or transphobic or just nasty and making it not a safe space they’ll be blocked.

That’s it for now, I’ll probably add more in later days and I’m going to tag stuff as nb blog ideas if you want to read them!