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why did you pick chanyeol as your bias?

oh boy here it goes…

so when i had first got into exo, baekhyun caught my eye first. i then watched the monster mv and noticed a giant with red hair which kind of gave me butterflies, ha cheesy ik. I remember watching the mv and was taken aback at his confidence and charisma and gave me quite the impression of him. so i began to watch their other mvs and this is where it got real (as in i was in too deep lol), after that i had begun to watch interviews (since i didn’t want to pick my bias over mvs) so one of the first videos that chanyeol caught my eye was this one, idk why but when he began to laugh and he was throwing himself everywhere kind of made me go “why is he like this kjfhg” but i still loved it bc i do that too lmao. (also this video is great too) he’s so extra i love it. i also found out that exo did a webdrama called exo next door which i loved, especially this scene:

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