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Finest girl I ever met in my whole life, wanna take her home, make her my wife.
Knew she was a freak when she started talking…

Izuku: “I’m going to the store, you want anything?”

Todoroki: “I want a good father”

Izuku: “…”

Todoroki “…”

Izuku “…Ok, I’ll be back in a bit!”


Izuku: “Hey Todoroki, i got what you wanted!”

All Might: “Did you need my assistant, Young Todoroki?”

Todoroki: “This is fine.”

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hello it is test anon and the time to die has come. sadly i will never be able to read your vigilante au or get to know the ending of kic but it has been nice knowing you and reading your fics

SEE IT WASN’T SO BAD??? You can do two more tests!!! I believe in you!!! And ahhh I hope you’ll like the vigilante AU! <3 <3 

reasons I didn’t text you back:

- it was a really tiring day and I don’t have enough energy to communicate
- I’m embarrassed about how late I’m up and I don’t want you to see
- you texted me over 10 messages and that’s overwhelming
- I know that what your text says is emotional and I don’t have the energy for it
- I forget to text back, and after 3 hours and I’m still too embarrassed and I don’t have an excuse as to why I didn’t text you back because I saw the text within 30 seconds of you sending it to me

not reasons I didn’t text back:

- I hate you
- I’m purposefully ignoring you

Shiro: (wants to meme keith)

Shiro:(throws a rock at keiths shack of a house)

Keith:(loads a shot gun) YALL CANT HAVE MY GOD DAMNED CANS- shiro? why are you throwing rocks at my house are with with the desert bandits?

shiro: I have a lot of questions suddenly but I will wait to ask them becouse I need you to hear a song, its the greatest song in the world

Shiro:(rickrolls keith)

Keith: (comes out of house and hugs shiro) Im never gonna give you up either!

Shiro: I- yeah ok that was totally my intention (hugs keith back)

(later, in space)

Keith:(hums never gonna give you up to shiro while sitting with him on the space couch, a small smile on his face)

Lance: is…is that never gonna give you up?

Keith: yup! shiro once played to tell me he wouldnt give me up :)

Lance: (stares accusingly at shiro)


abc thingy

thank you so much for the tag, @cookiemonsterrsims and @marshmallowsims​! <3

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