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friendly reminder that the li's in the freshman are good people

this is chris powell we’re talking about here. the guy who purposefully told the entire school about his criminal record because he thought it was the honest thing to do. the guy who auditioned for the lead of a play with his girlfriend, and when he didn’t get the lead still super loved his part and played it with charisma to support his girlfriend and his friend. this guy is a good guy.

bad boy? yes, that’s the trope we have to deal with. the guy who risks everything he has to protect the people he cares about. who protected our main character when sebastian outright threatened her. this guy is a good guy.

ok james won my forgiveness back in the last chapter, mainly because he apologized but also because I understand that sometimes you just have to write something when it’s on your mind. this is the same guy that got to know the english professor that everybody else thought to be a cranky old man. the same guy that tried for years to please his parents despite knowing he was meant to be an english major. this guy is a good guy.

i’m not exactly a kaitlyn fan, mainly because she’s problematic in so many ways, but i will acknowledge she has good qualities. this is the same girl who gave up being part of a sorority that she so clearly wanted to be a part of because her two friends didn’t get accepted. this is the same girl who made a point to get to know the main character immediately after they met so that our mc was definitely going to have a friend at school. this girl is a good girl.

people make mistakes, and they always will. i love that this book series shows that. sure, i’m pissed, but i’ve realized that everybody’s being super hard on them when all they’ve done is be overprotective(in zig’s case) and have a little less time for mc. sure, the fights have been crappy but who’s going to read a romance book if the relationship is absolutely perfect??

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Shouting that anyone who doesn't want bi-patch are selfish and doesn't care is... childish. How do you know exactly, huh? We care about you, we care about Scott, we care about Jaal. You realize that Bioware has never changed anything that big in their previous games after release? At best you will get lazy model swap and will be pissed again, and also you will piss off all people who wanted ME3 endings changed. Because they've got only "extension", not changes.

ok sweaty

first: you must not have read my post. i wasn’t yelling at just anyone abt the bi jaal patch, more importantly i wasn’t fucking talking to you since you apparently care so much abt mlm getting shafted four games in a row, so stop crying out the “not all men!!!” spiel and take a seat

(also how do i know exactly? because i browse the forums. i’ve seen the tweets. the replies with the gross prioritizing of straight women over gay men when in regards to jaal’s romance. i researched before i opened my mouth, that’s how i know.)

second: so the citadel dlc, the omega dlc, the dlc that gave us 3 new squadmates with dialogue about the plot and the characters around them, the leviathan dlc, and the dlc that literally edited me3’s terrible ending totally weren’t anything big :/ there’s no way the team can just patch in one single romance for which there was actually some dialogue and plot flags in the code :/ impossible

third: lmfaooo don’t come at me like the people who just want a restoration of code are somehow the reason me3’s ending was shit? that’s edmonton’s fault. it’s also montreal’s fault that they queerbaited the fuck out of their fans.

i would block you but since you were too chickenshit to ask me this off anon how about you just fuck off my blog and don’t come back.

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Is Kinstuck still a thing? If not, than shoot! If yes, who are Meenah and Feferi's fathers and do they even care?

Kinstuck is still a thing in my heart and brain even if I haven’t updated it in a thousand years whoops

I might as well confirm that meenah’s bio-dad is actually GHB… which makes kurloz and gamzee her uncles technically I guess. Feferi’s dad is a dude condy met in college who is not a main cast member, I don’t have a name for him but he’s a sorta goofy ska musician/scuba instructor who lives in cabo. Don’t ask me why I just thought it was fun.

Condy never told them outright who their dad’s were, she’d usually just laugh or play it off when they asked or say stuff like “What? Having the best mom in the world isn’t enough for you?”, but they’re both really smart and resourceful so they eventually did figure it out. But It was more just a sibling-bonding thing and a way to one-up their mom more than something they actually cared about. 

Meenah doesn’t really like GHB, he was basically the main male authority figure in their lives growing up and she thinks he’s a grumpy jerk, so she was sorta bummed out about being related to him and she certainly doesn’t go out of her way to hang out with him. At 17 (the time of the portraits) Feferi has skype called her dad twice and thinks he’s nice enough, but doesn’t really feel a pressing need to get to know him better.

Tfw u just wanna be a part of something but ur like, in bed on a Friday night at 6 depression napping like a motherfucker because who cares and who wants your attention anyway?? not them!! this ain’t a movie where they’re gonna hit you up like “get in binch we’re going _____!” and it wouldn’t take much to entertain me at this point I’d literally be ecstatic if someone wanted to get pizza god fuckin damn

okay honestly we just had this our “gender and sexuality class” for my psych class and i go thru this so much as a psych major and it always leaves me feeling like really gross and bad? like i love myself and i love this community but being talked about like we’re “other” or like some sort of mystical creature makes me feel so sick. and there’s so much shit that is taught and that people say that is just really off, but i always end up feeling just so shaky with anger that i can’t even argue, and even if i did i can’t without outing myself to 30+ strangers, some who are obviously homophobes and i just wish that these classes weren’t taught by straight people (and my prof LEGIT said she’s straight as a disclaimer??? like ok i dont care) who think they now more about us than we do. i dunno. i feel bad todd.

ok, official update on how writing’s going, for those of you who might care

the next chapter of the hamburr superhero au is in the editing stages, should be up this sunday

the handful of prompts in my askbox are…coming. slowly. hopefully i’ll be able to post those over the weekend as well

as for rise up… fuck if i know tbh. i’ve started and restarted the next part so many times… i am screaming into the void… it’ll happen eventually, i just don’t know when. sorry about the wait, but thanks so much for being patient! one of these days i’ll get my shit together i swear


Ok so I have had this AU idea of like…. grumpy hermit gay mess Hanzo who basically looks like his hair is the pelt fur from his lone wolf skin because he could not care any less of how he looks, and he is that one neighbor who’s an asshole and never says hi or anything and lets his hellhound of a pomeranian go to other people’s yards and destroy them or shit on them.

He probably works from home and avoids all human contact that’s not necessary, except Genji because he is his lil bro! he only goes out when grocery shopping or to pay bills or hit the gym (look at those guns and pecs )

This Hanzo also sports the piercings he has in the winter comic and more less dresses up with the same style of clothes?? when he goes out that is, most of the time he just wears tshirts and sweatpants.

This becomes a McHanzo AU when Jesse moves in next door and finds Hanzo’s dog digging a hole on his lawn and decides to take it back to its owner and when Hanzo sees him he just “???????????? wow im gay af ??????????” 

Basically this AU is Hanzo being the one smitten by McCree and trying to get close to him but being too socially awkward to do it properly and having like bad timings and freaking out and going back inside his house whenever he feels he has fucked up to which Jesse is oblivious and just thinks Hanzo is an interesting guy. 

Hanzo tries to make it clear how gay he is without saying it by always using his Im gay mug that Genji gave to him as a joke…..just…boy….pls….Genji teases him to no end and as a way to encourage him, Genji says he will go after Jesse if Hanzo doesnt do anything about it which Hanzo is very aware could happen in the blink of an eye knowing how efficient his lil bro is when it comes to flirting with people, the guy has some unreal skills for dating.

but yeah thats all I got….. basically this is me wanting more McHanzo from Hanzo´s point of view, and having him less…uhh…far away and mysterious about his feelings? I want him being an awkward mess.

okay thats all Im sorry.


Lance is attractive

Fucking fight me on this Barbara ok hERE WE GO

- being a girl, who talks to girls, I know that girls don’t giggle unless they like it and are more likely to shoot poisonous glares at strangers who flirt with them
- if a girl giggles at a stranger who flirts with them she’s likely interested
- if she’s interested in a stranger it’s probably because he’s good looking

- the fandom had a fucking carnival with this fact okay there is a scene both in season one and in season two where Lance is wearing a facemask so we all know he’s got flawless skin

- he just does
- everyone knows this
- even 80’s Lance dresses the best

- I don’t remember where I heard this, but apparently some social study drew the conclusion that when men wear blue they are generally received as more good looking

- um she knew him for like a day or two
- made some battle plans with him and then suddenly decided smooching him up was the best course of action
- listen man,, people don’t go kissing other strangers just so show their appreciation, she was definitely at least SOMEWHAT attracted to him

- yeah okay this is probably a stylistic thing but um
- I have more than one screenshot of Lance with a small sparkle on his teeth, usually when he smirks
- those things are pearly white and pretty af

- did you see him in the cryo pod
- muscles are portrayed as attractive by your friendly neighborhood Media™

- also portrayed as attractive by your friendly neighborhood Media™

- guys I only fall in love with attractive people, trust me,,


• bonus Keith is also in love with him so I mean how many people falling in love with him does it take for someone to realize that he is a good looking motherfucker


we are destined to hold two truths:

i love you and i fight you


…would you like some toast and jam, george? your favourite is apricot.

Fandom prefers their mentally ill characters to be like a fairy tale character, cursed to become a monster after spending 100 years with a wicked witch. Fandom loves Bucky Barnes because they see him as this cursed princess. When Bucky shows symptoms they manifest either as Sebastian Stan Looking Sad And Pensive, or as Literally Not In Control of His Own Body.

Tony Stark, a more realistic day-to-day portrayal of mental illness, is pretty widely hated and treated like a villain within the fandom. When Tony displays symptoms, it’s in making poor decisions out of desperation and fear. He goes to extremes. His mistakes made from fear based in his trauma blow up in his face. He displays coping mechanisms by being obsessive and unintentionally endangering people. He uses false arrogance and humor to distance himself, he lingers on his past trauma and it continues to shape his actions, often negatively, years later. He lashes out violently when he is faced with losing the few people he is close to.

Tony’s poor choices should not be excused because of his mental illnesses. He needs to be held responsible. But the way fandom treats Tony versus how they treat Bucky is pretty telling. Fandom doesn’t want mentally ill characters. They want innocent victims who cope in perfectly healthy ways and have never made any mistakes or poor choices as a result of their mental illness or trauma. They want someone they can feel sad about, but not someone with any messy symptoms.

Much of the Goth subculture is so uniform that it’s easy to drift into a bore. Remember:

1. Try different ideas if you so desire. Not every goth has to look like a perfect “Tumblr” deathrock model.

2. Your clothes don’t have to be expensive brand new clothes. There are many alternatives to breaking the bank. You are not a “poser” just because you aren’t some rich kid who can drop $2000 on the perfect wardrobe. In fact - in my opinion that makes you quite the opposite of a poser.

3. It’s ok to be dirty! Eat messy! Dance and get sweaty! Rip the fuck outta your shit! Scuff those shoes! LIVE! Who cares if you have blood, food, booze or grime on your pants.

4. It’s ok to be thicker than Peter Murphy or Siouxsie. Most of us are!

5. HAVE FUN! Stop taking yourself so seriously. Dressing up, tarting up with tons of makeup and hair products and accessories is a blast! Life is too short and everybody poops, so…

Thomas Sanders: *makes lots of funny and relatable vines, is inclusive of PoC and the LGBT community in his videos, is generally a very sweet, positive, and uplifting person*

people: god… Thomas Sanders is so cringeworthy… I wish he’d go away…