ok who can say no to that face

how fan girls/boys see Ink:

Ink is so precious and I absolutely adore how innocent he is #sopure

how Ink actually is:

I would sell you to satan for one- what was I saying.

Adult World (Jungkook smut)

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Description: You reveal to your friends that no one except yourself has ever made you cum. Jin in particular finds this interesting and dares you and Jungkook to go to the sex shop down the street and purchase a sex toy, for your own benefit of course.

Pairings: You x Jungkook, You x Taehyung, Jungkook x Taehyung (you know how truth and dare goes)

Basically: Taehyung is a cocky lil shit who features quite a lot. Jin is a mean lil shit and Jungkook is a very helpful lil shit ;)

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff (so much smut, like damn this was hot to write)

This fic includes: A brief boy on boy scene, swearing, alcohol, sex toys, explicit smut

Word count: 6k

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Jin practically howls with laughter, doubling over himself and nearly falling off the couch with laughter. You’re about to tell him off but Jungkook beats you to it.

“Shut up. It’s not that big of a deal.”

Jin sits up straight, looking down at Jungkook, who sits next to you on the floor, opposite Jin. He wipes the tears from his eyes, his laughter finally dying down. “Hey, don’t you think you should talk to me with a bit more respect?” He prods teasingly, but Jungkook doesn’t seem in the mood, his previous lighthearted spirit vanishing upon Jin’s insensitive comment.

Jungkook’s tone is excitingly stern, but not rude, “Yeah, I’ll show more respect when you show more respect to Y/N.”

You laugh, “Don’t worry about me, Jungkook. I don’t think I can take Jin very seriously, not when I highly doubt he’d even know how to make me or any other girl cum.”

The circle of friends in Taehyung and Jungkook’s apartment erupt into comical ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’.

“You got damn burned!” Jimin says, leaning over the bottles in the center of your various seated positions to high five you.

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Going Up

Word Count: 1033

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Daddy Jensen

A/N: Credit to @impala-dreamer for semi inspiring this. At least the bed break part with a story about how she broke a bed with her husband. I’ll say no more. Leave it to your imaginations. 

Constructive feedback always welcome and appreciated

“I’m back!” You made your way into your house, calling out for Jensen and your daughter. “Ellie! Jay!” No answer. You put the grocery bags in the kitchen and looked around, unable to find them anywhere. Thinking that maybe they fell asleep upstairs you ran up the staircase, making your way down the hall, when you heard your daughter’s giggles.

“Again, Daddy!” She giggled. “Again!”

“Ok, come on. Get back on.” You quietly cracked the door of your bedroom open, peeking inside. Jensen was on his knees on the bed, face down in the covers. Ellie was crawling over and climbing on his neck. As soon as she was on he raised up, grabbing her ankles in his hands. She grabbed his head for balance, a huge smile on her face. “Going up.” Jensen chuckled.

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Ashley and Sasha was like ‘Can’t answer that’ .. ‘Right? We can’t’

Troian said ‘You can say what it was like, you just can’t say who it was with’



I’m like ‘Sure, your poker face game is spot on but Shay?? remember??’

and then Sasha answered it

and it’s all okay (Shay have a small smile) until

and Shay was like…

OK. Your poker face is not that good then, Shay.

Coda 12x11

Sam’s trying to keep it together but it isn’t easy with Dean wandering off like a child, nothing even resembling a lead on the witch, and the metaphorical clock ticking so loudly that he can practically hear it. The television kept Dean’s focus for a while, but now he’s restlessly wandering around the motel room, complaining. Racking his brain for a game to pull up on his phone to keep his brother occupied, Sam entreats him to sit back down on the bed, but Dean shakes his head.

“I wanna go outside,” he says again.

“I need to keep working so we can get you…better,” Sam says, with a false note of confidence. “If you could just give me some time to research—“

“I wanna go outside,” Dean insists, like a child who wants to play. Sam’s trying not to snap at him when Dean’s suddenly present again with a pained lucidity in his eyes that Sam hasn’t seen for the past few hours.  “It’s too much being cooped up in here, Sammy, waiting for whatever I’m gonna lose next. I need some fresh air. I need to see the sky.”

Sam’s on his feet in an instant. It’s bad enough when Dean lets Sam lead him around, happy to be along for the ride and pleased with whatever simplistic answers Sam gives him. But at least in those moments Sam can pretend it’s a stranger wearing his brother’s body. These flashes of awareness are exponentially worse and Sam is determined to give him whatever he needs.

“Ok, Dean,” he suggests. “How about this?” He moves a chair into the motel doorway, propping the door open with it. It will leave him close enough to get a signal while he keeps one eye on Dean outside. The Impala is parked right at the curb and he leads Dean to it, hoping that the familiar sun-warmed feel of the hood will comfort him in a way that words can’t. Dean climbs onto the hood with his eyes trained on the clear blue sky. As Sam watches, Dean begins to relax, leaning back against the windshield. “You want your sunglasses?”

Dean doesn’t answer, just shakes his head no. Sam gets back to work.

The calm lasts about a half hour until clouds begin to move in, marring the blue with a promise of rain.

Dean clambers awkwardly down from Baby and comes to stand before Sam. “The ocean,” he says with no preamble.

Sam blinks up at him. “What about it?”

“I want to go see the ocean.”

“Dean.” Sam tries to keep his voice calm and gentle. “We’re in Arkansas. There’s no ocean here.”

“But I want to see it.”

“I’m sorry, Dean. That’s not something we can do right now.” Dean’s face begins to crumple, so Sam quickly adds. “I have an idea,” and that’s enough to elicit Dean’s interest. Back inside the room, Sam takes out Dean’s laptop and types ocean into Google image search. “How about you look at pictures of oceans and tell me which one you want to go see when we’re all done here?”

Dean’s already fixated on the blues and greens filling the screen and he reaches for the computer.

“Just click right here to make each one bigger.” Sam points to the trackpad and he’s treated to an eye roll from his brother that he finds equal parts jarring and reassuring.

“I’m not an idiot, Sam.”

You forgot your own name, Sam wants to say, but there’s no point in burdening Dean with that.

“Ok, Dean. Find the one you like best.”

Sam gets back to his research as Dean takes his assignment to heart. There’s a steady stream of clicking and muttering as Dean opens and then rejects photo after photo. Finally, he stands and brings the laptop over to Sam.

“This one.”

Sam smiles at him and takes a look to be polite. It’s a beach in French Polynesia with tropical waters as deep and blue as…

“Good job, Dean. I’m gonna call Cas, ok?”

Dean nods, never taking his eyes away from the screen.


On his way to meet Rowena, Sam pauses in the doorway. “I’ll be back as soon as I can,” he tells Cas, who is sitting on one of the beds.

Calmer than he’s been all day, Dean lies with his head in Cas’s lap. When Cas turns to say goodbye to Sam, Dean reaches out a hand to Cas’s cheek, angling his face so he can continue to stare up into his eyes.


minsuswag  asked:

HELLO! I just found your blog and i can 100% say that im in love with your art they are the greatest thing ever! Also i hope you dont mind but i stalked you and probably saved all your arts. Dont worry though i wont repost or use it for bad purposes. AND (yes there is more) can you please give me some tips on drawing faces bcs ive been trying to draw bangtan for who knows how long but i still mess up their faces. I mean, like how do you make it so that it will resemble them? OK IM DONE THANK YOU

I apologize in advance for the people who will have to scroll past this (read more doesn’t really work on phone)
These are most of the things I keep in mind when I’m drawing them. There are some more but I can’t really explain them.
This is very much a sketch and I suck at explaining but hope it helps you.

In random order





JK (I struggle with his face too so this might not be very helpful):


Hairstyles and clothes also help make them recognizable. For example Hobi and Tae often have their hair parted in the middle and Jin has those pink hoodies.

Use references. Lots of references. They help a lot.

You can see the difference in the amount of explanation between Jin and the rest lmao. It’s because I started with him

So I rewatched part 2 of The Get Down this week-end and I wanted to write down some thoughts about episode 3 and THAT scene between Dizzee and Thor. 

First of all, when Thor shows Dizzee the drawing they have this little exchange “It’s a picture? “Is it?”. It’s like Dizzee is asking himself if he really has feelings for Thor? Are those feelings real? Is he in love? 

In the animated scene, Thor says he knows the way to the opera and tells Rumi to follow him. We know the opera can be, in this case, a metaphor for same sex relationship. And Thor seems to be very comfortable with his sexuality and that shows Dizzee that it’s ok, being bisexual is ok. 

But remember in part 1, when Dizzee first talked about Rumi, this alien who wants to go to the opera but could get killed for it. 

Going to the opera is about accepting his same sex attraction and his feelings for Thor. And it scares him.

But Rumi, Dizzee’s alter ego, finally faces his fears and is on his way to the opera with Thor. He’s free. 

“We’ve decoded it Thor. The thousand-year-old secret. We’re free!”

Now that Rumi has overcome his fears, we’re back to Dizzee in the club. 

He confesses that he is in love with Thor (“it hasn’t” 💕) but he’s still afraid. He’s not sure he’s ready to “wake up” and live as his true self in the real world. 

Let’s not forget that all this happens in Dizzee’s head, and it ends with Thor smiling and saying “I’ll keep you safe”. Dizzee trusts him enough to keep him safe and be his true self around him (which we can see later in the painting scene).  

Dizzee might have suspected his bisexuality before, but meeting Thor has pushed him to deal with this part of himself. 

Dizzee is on a perpetual quest for freedom, both artistic and personal, and this scene is a big step in his journey to achieve it. 

anxiety-pidgeon-deactivated2017  asked:

ok ok for the langst thing, lance is having a bad day or something and someone (you can decide who) gives him a hug and he jus breaks down sobbing because it reminds him of his mom (going off of the moment at the party when he says he misses his moms hugs) sorry this is badly written bYE

*folds hands nicely* thank you for your ask


- Lets start with the leader of the group and space dad, shiro. He finds Lance sulking in the observatory with a look on his face Shiro hasn’t seen on the blue paladin before. He looks tired, but not just tired, exhausted. In every meaning of the word. Shiro himself is used to the feeling but seeing it on such a carefree positive soul hurts his heart. He walks over to Lance and sits down next to him, hesitant to put his hand on Lance’s shoulder, and only then does the blue paladin come out of his homesick trance.

With a quick plastered on smile and tired eyes, he greets Shiro and though his voice holds no annoyance, Shiro can tell Lance doesn’t want him there. Doesn’t want to burden him, or worry him with his own stupid problems. The ache in Shiro’s heart grows and he hesitates to get closer, he doesn’t know Lance that well but he knows he needs someone and its Shiro’s job and a leader and family member to reassure him. (Also Lance staring out into space reminded Shiro of a heartbroken puppy, needing love and affection)

He pulls Lance into a slightly awkward hug. But once he hears the paladin sob and bury his face in his shoulder, it becomes bone-crushing. Lance then clutches back and weeps while weakly trying to tell Shiro about everything, his homesickness, his insecurities, his feelings. Shiro can’t understand but he just rubs Lance’s back and shushes him. Promising everything would be okay and never letting him go.

- Next is Hunk, the yellow paladin had woken up early from a bad dream he cant even remember and decided he should just have breakfast early instead of uselessly trying to go back to sleep.

A giant empty castle is not only lonely but creepy too, so naturally, he decides to wake up Lance. They were close enough that Hunk wouldn’t be anxious about bothering him and he could make it up to him by cooking something if he really disturbed his friend’s beauty sleep. When he gets to his room he doesn’t waste his time knocking, knowing his friend would have Pidge’s headphones on to help him sleep. He opens the door and almost does a double take on what he sees.

Lance sitting up with his pillow crushed in his embrace, weeping into the fabric and shaking violently. Hunk assumes Lance had the same problem as him and had a nightmare and immediately acts. Grabbing a pillow with one hand and stroking Lance’s hair with the other, the yellow paladin had his friend in his arms, one arm cradling his back whilst the other still stroked his hair comfortingly.

He began to reassure Lance that they all had nightmares and it was okay to talk to him. He started listing the blurry details of the dream he had before Lance coughed out a sob, weeping hard enough to struggle breathing. Hunk tries to soothe him for a while and after a few minutes Lance’s sobbing calmed down to gasping breaths. His grip on Hunk’s shoulders turn harsh and tells him it wasn’t a dream. Hunk freezes and asks what it was that made him cry. Lance whispers, “Myself.”

- Now we have Pidge, working hard on her computer whilst everyone is sleeping. Or should be. After a few hours when Pidge’s eyes start to sting from staring at a screen for so long, the mice come to her acting more frantic then usual. She asks them whats wrong (as if they could answer) before she realizes two of them are missing. Assuming the worst, she gets up and asks the remaining mice to guide her to the others. They run off into the dark halls and Pidge certainly didn’t expect what she found.

Lance, curled up with tears in his eyes, quietly venting to the mice on his shoulder and in his hair (seemingly trying to comfort him) Pidge listens in to hear him crying over his family, and the way he talks of his siblings reminds her of her own. She realizes how much of a brother Lance has been to him over their time in space and clutches her sweatshirt as he begins to speak about his flaws and insecurities. She listens and listens and knows she shouldn’t but she can’t help but eavesdrop and let guilt fill her as she hadn’t been a good little sister to the blue paladin as he was to her.

At one point she cant listen anymore and practically collapses onto Lance, frantically apologizing and sympathizing with his longing for his family. She rambles and rambles, afraid when she stops Lance will yell at her for listening to things that weren’t her business. But sometime through her rant, Lance’s hand comes up to stroke her hair and she stops instantly. Looking up at the boy she saw tears pouring from his eyes, seemingly not affecting the growing smile on his face. A smile that showed…relief. They continue to vent to each other, crying in each others arms.

- And last but not least, Keith. Going off to the training room as he did everyday, he noticed something off, the sounds of metal clanging and laser shots came from within. Once he opened the door, he saw Lance training, but he wasn’t the same as the goofy paladin he argued with that morning. That paladin always had a smile on his face, tries to find a joke in every situation to lighten the mood but this paladin was not him. This paladin, let out an aura of frustration. His everything just screamed with anger, lack of patience, and spite.

Keith was snapped out of it when the gladiator landed a nasty kick to Lance’s side and watched his paladin fly back with a yelp of pain. He flinched when the blue paladin yelled out with frustration and practically growled, “End the simulation.” Keith was about to step in when Lance grabbed his bayard only to throw it against the wall with a shout.

Keith coughed in an attempt to grab his attention but it went unnoticed as his teammate picked his bayard back up and ordered the simulation to start again. Keith crossed his arms and waited, watched Lance hastily aim all around his enemy but only landing two shots. Usually the paladin kept his cool, was patient when aiming for the right shot but here he was, well, a lot more like Keith. Right before the gladiator landed another nasty hit, Keith took action.

“End simulation!”

Lance whipped around and saw Keith, arms crossed with an angry look on his face. Well, he almost always looked angry but here he was obviously thinking. Hard.

Probably judging how awful Lance was at fighting. And after a solid minute of silence, Lance couldn’t take it anymore.

“Don’t just stand there! Go on! Tell me what a fuck up i am!”

Keith’s expression dropped.

“When will I be good enough for you?! For anyone!” His voice wavered as he yelled at the ground. Then he gave up, and let the tears fall. Keith slowly walked towards his friend before letting a few tears of his own fall.

“You always were.” And he pulled Lance into a hug that was instantly returned.

fluffilyangsty  asked:

I love your blog sm omg. Would you mind making a neighbor!jackson au?

find jinyoung (here) & mark + jaebum (here) 

  • is friends with everyone in your building, in the building across the street, in the local grocery store, in the bank, in the park, etc.
  • you must think it’s humanly impossible for someone to remember so many faces, names, and details about others yet somehow jackson??? just ??? does???
  • like he asks the cashier at the grocery about his two kids since he knows one of them just recently turned five, he asks the college student down the hall how her science degree is going, he even remembers that your landlord’s cat recently had surgery and when the landlord said everything was fine jackson was like ‘ill buy mr. fluffy some treats to celebrate his recovery!!!!”
  • and his positivity and smile is contagious, everyone feels better after talking with him
  • and even on your most tired days, when you’re barely alive trying to unlock the door to your apartment
  • if jackson comes by, hands full of organic groceries and sweating a bit because you know he definitely jogged up the stairs, all he needs to do is grin and say “the weathers nice, right?”
  • and it automatically feels like the sun itself has turned to bask on your face,,,,,,,like that is jackson wangs Impact 
  • also lil things about jacksons apartment: badly scribbled notes of recipes from back in hong kong that he got from his mom over the phone, a good amount of weights and a yoga mat and a photo of JYP flexing in the corner of his living room, stacked up on green tea packets, tries to hide chocolate in random parts of the apartment so he won’t binge eat it but he does it anyway, his housewarming gift from mark is a body pillow jackson has to sleep with
  • so yes of course you know jackson, well ,,,, jackson took the initiative to introduce himself the day you moved in. he also insisted on showing you he could do a handstand
  • it was interesting,,,,,but you and him have just been you know,,,,,,, neighbor-friends since then. like you don’t go out of your way to meet up w/ each other but you definitely talk if you bump into each other and things like that
  • and when you come home one afternoon, you kind of don’t understand why all the lights are off in the building ?? and there’s a group of complaining people in the lobby
  • and as you struggle past them you see jackson standing in the doorway to the stairs and??? on his back is the elderly woman from the 7th floor
  • and you’re like “what’s going on?” and he’s like “the powers out, im gonna carry her up first and then come back and get her walker.”
  • and you look around and there’s you know 
  • some young teenagers and perfectly capable adults that could help jackson out, but they’re all too busy complaining and so you tell jackson that you’ll help
  • picking up the grandma’s walker, jackson is like “it’s fine!! two trips is nothing for me!!” and you’re like “start walking the 7th floor is a long way up.”
  • and with a little smile, he listens to you and starts up the stairs
  • and the whole time he’s like “grandma, are you ok? grandma hold on tighter i don’t want you to fall. grandma, if you need to go outside - ill carry you back down!”
  • and it’s so heartwarming,,,,,he’s such a sweet person that even though you’re huffing by the time you guys get the old woman’s apartment you can’t help but put on a brave face in front of jackson who literally just carried a human up all those flights of stairs
  • and the women, after jackson sets her down to get her keys invites the two of you in so she can at least say thanks
  • and you and jackson are like it’s nothing!!! but she’s like ‘c’mon you youngsters i made some sweet tea for my gandkids you can have some!!’
  • and that’s how you find yourself seated at this woman’s dinner table and she’s mumbling about how nice you two are as she sets down the glasses of iced tea,,,,,but then she’s off to go catch her mid-afternoon show
  • and you and jackson sit there,,,,,,until he turns to you and is like “this is going to sound bad, but can you drink my tea for me?” and you’re like ??? why
  • and he leans in so the old woman won’t hear and he’s like “i,,,,,don’t like sugary drinks,,,,,it’s bad for my health.” and you suppress a laugh but jackson is like “heY! it’s true!” and you’re jokingly like “fine ill be your knight and drink both of ours”
  • and after you’re done, you and jackson both bid the woman a goodbye with respectful bows 
  • and once you’re out in the hall jackson is like “since you drank those unhealthy drinks for me, you should come and have some organic green tea to level it out!!!!!”
  • and you’re ,,,,,well you can’t help but blush a bit because you’re like “you’re inviting me,,,,,to your place?”
  • and jackson, who has absolutely no shame, is like “yep!!!” and you’re like um well - but jackson is already taking your wrist and pulling you to the stairs
  • and inside his apartment,,,it’s much cleaner than you expect and you examine the hand-written notes sprawled on the fridge in three different languages and laugh to yourself
  • and then you see an old photo of jackson with his mother,,,,,,and you’re like “she’s so beautiful!” and jackson proudly sticks out his chest and he’s like “she’s the most beautiful woman in the world!”
  • and you grin again,,,,,honestly being with him when are you not smiling or laughing????
  • and as you sit down jackson hands you a glass of the famed organic green tea and you two chat about this and that
  • and before you know a good amount of time has past,,,,,but your tiredness from before is gone and it’s just so mellow and,,,,,,easy flowing with jackson
  • but you need to get home and get started on dinner and jackson walks you all the way to your door (he insists it’s the gentleman thing to do)
  • but before you go in, he goes “i always knew you were a good person.”
  • and he takes your hand in his and it’s warm and you’re not sure what to say to such a straightforward compliment 
  • and for once jackson hears how corny he’s being and he makes a noise and is like “im sorry,,,,,,,,,was i too much?” and you’re shaking your head but also jackson is like “thank you for helping me, is what i meant.”
  • and you feel how he gives your hand a squeeze
  • and maybe it’s the fact that you both finally have gotten closer,,,,,but you exchange numbers 
  • and when you go inside to your apartment, you stare down at your phone and see that in his contact jackson wrote
  • “the handsome neighbor mr. wang~” with a kissing emoji
  • and you roll your eyes but ,,,,,,,,, he’s cute 

ok so what if otabek is that person who complains about a certain food but will still eat it and gets really defensive when ppl call them out on their shit. 

like literally just one type. say he hates jello right.

but he doesn’t really hate it.

he’ll make that scowly face and eat it.

he’ll grimace.

and then he’ll shovel another mouthful in.

and then he’ll grimace again.

and when Yuri tells him to fucking stop, Otabek will (with emphasis) slowly take a spoonful of jello, gently put it into his mouth, and fucking chew it right in front of Yuri’s face. 

A piece of advice for parents of kids whose disabilities are starting to become apparent.

You’re probably going to have to deal with a lot of people who don’t respect your relationship to your child very much. You know a lot about your kid, and you’re probably going to have to deal with a lot of people who treat you like nothing you have to say matters.

You’re also probably going to have to deal with well-meaning people who say things like “you’re the expert on your kid!!!”. This sentiment can be affirming in some ways when people aren’t taking you seriously, but it can also be toxic.

Taken literally, “you’re the expert on your kid” isn’t true — and it doesn’t need to be. Even aside from disability, kids are complicated. No parent understands everything about their kid. Every parent faces confusing situations, and every parent makes mistakes. Parenting kids with disabilities tends to mean being confused more of the time. That’s ok. You don’t need to be a perfect expert on your kid. It’s both impossible and unnecessary.

There will be times when you have absolutely no idea. When your kid is struggling and you don’t know why, and strategies you’re trying aren’t working. When that happens, you’re still your kid’s parent, and the relationship still matters. You’re not going to be an expert on every aspect of your kid at all times, and that’s ok.

Sometimes when you don’t know what to do, others have useful ideas. It’s worth being aware that good strategies tend to get developed in silos. If you’re only looking in one context, it’s worth trying more. For instance, there are things medical/therapy professionals often know, things adult activists living with the same disability often know, things teaches often know, and so on. It can also be worth looking outside of your child’s disability group — resources intended for one disability are often helpful for another, and groups don’t always talk to each other.

(This goes double if your child is autistic. Nothing disabling about autism is completely unique to autism; all of it’s shared with some other disabilities. Resources associated with other conditions are often better (and less behaviorist.).

All that said — you will probably face situations in which none of that helps. Sometimes you’ll seek out all kinds of perspectives and still find that nothing you’re aware of helps enough. When that happens, you may attract people who give you a lot of bad advice loudly. When you’re worried, it can be hard not to believe people who yell at you and tell you that they are experts.

Don’t get psyched out by professionals who try to convince you to stop thinking for yourself. They’re good at sounding right in intimidating ways. They often do not actually know what they are talking about. And ultimately, you are your kid’s parent, and all parents are clueless sometimes, all parents make mistakes, and you and your child are allowed to be human.

Similarly, as your child grows up, they will grow apart from you in some ways. That’s how kids are, and that’s part of how maturity works. Teenagers do things that their parents don’t understand. All the more so, adults do things that their parents don’t understand. Even in childhood, no one can really be a complete expert on another human being. Disability doesn’t change that. It’s not going to be possible to be an expert on your kid, and that’s ok. They’re a person, and so are you.

Tl;dr “You are the expert on your kid” is too much pressure. There’s a grain of truth, but it doesn’t reflect reality — and it doesn’t need to. There are a lot of unsolved problems in disability support — and in any case, no human being can really be an expert on someone else.

My theory: Savitar is a warped version of Barry, either corrupted by a force greater than himself, or else from another earth/timeline in which he never had Joe & Iris or otherwise lost them. He wants to strip our Barry of everything he feels he “deserves” before killing him and taking his place. 

Alternately, he is a rando who strongly feels like Barry doesn’t deserve what he has and - again - wants to strip him of it and replace him.

Reasons why from 3.15:

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This is a Tyler Seguin one.  I hope you enjoy it!!

Part 2 can be found here


Originally posted by schneiderforpresident

           Again.  Tyler had stayed out again.  Of course, you understood he wanted to celebrate but you would appreciate a little notice.  If it weren’t for Jamie and Tyler’s snapchat story you would think he were dead in a ditch– not that you cared all that much right now.  Jamie made sure to call you and let you know that they were heading out knowing damn well Tyler would ‘forget’ just like he always did.  

           Tyler had a tendency to get caught up in the moment.  Many times before you had seen his snap story and he had been dancing with a girl, pressed up against her in the way that you wish you were.  You just couldn’t understand why Tyler didn’t ever ask you to celebrate a win with them.  You were friends with his friends, you liked them and as far as you knew they liked you. But just like every other time you were the forgotten about girlfriend, waiting on the couch for a drunken Tyler to walk in.

           Tonight, you didn’t want to check his snap story but you found yourself clicking on it anyways.  You saw exactly what you expected to see, Tyler taking shots, Tyler dancing, Tyler dancing with girls, Tyler being pulled through the crowded club by a beautiful, tall and skinny blonde, then there was a different girl and then you saw something that made your heart plummet, your stomach lurch and every ounce of life you had drain out of you.  Tyler was making out with the beautiful blonde.  The blonde that was everything you aren’t.  You can’t help it but you keep on watching it no matter how much it hurts.

           You don’t even realize it but you’re in your shared bedroom a duffle bag open on the bed. You don’t cry, you’re not entirely surprised but you didn’t expect it.  You knew Tyler liked to have fun before you even agreed to go on your first date with him.  You figured it would be a fling and you were alright with that until it wasn’t just a fling and you were practically living with him.  You still had your own place and that’s where you planned on going, and staying for the rest of eternity.

           You placed the duffle bag on the floor beside the door so you could pick it up and leave after you confronted Tyler.  Even though you aren’t a fan of confrontation or fights you had enough decency and dignity to tell Tyler you were going to leave and you probably wouldn’t be back, Jamie would grab the rest of your stuff for you but then you wouldn’t have any contact with any of the Dallas Stars or their families no matter how much it would hurt you, they were Tyler’s friends first.  

           You waited patiently staring aimlessly at the t.v, the highlights from the games of the night but you couldn’t pay attention. Thinking about what you would say to Tyler seemed pointless, he wouldn’t remember anything in the morning anyways.

           Hearing the latch click is what finally brought tears to your eyes.  The time it took for Tyler to get in the front door and finally notice you felt like a thousand years.  He didn’t seem half as drunk as usual which made you scoff a little in your head thinking that he wasn’t even that drunk when he made out with a girl that wasn’t you.

           “You’re still awake?” he asked walking to the kitchen, “Did you watch the game?”

           “Do I ever miss one?” you ask your voice a lot quieter than you wanted.  Feeling his eyes on you, you turn around and meet his eyes.  His immediately softening, but he still looked confused.

           “What’s wrong, why do you look like your going to cry?” he asks quickly crossing the room to sit on the couch next to you.  

           You didn’t know your reflexes were so quick, the second Tyler tried to touch your hand you stood up and moved towards the door standing next to your bag a look of realization finally crossing over his face. “Did you think I wouldn’t see?”

           “(y/n)” he trails off not knowing what to say “baby… you have to let me explain.”  That horrible nickname makes you sick, it used to bring butterflies into your stomach but now you can’t stand it.

           “Don’t call me baby unless you mean it Tyler” you say sickly “I know you like to have fun, that’s what I agreed to when I agreed to go out with you.  I guess I just assumed I would be included in that fun.”

           Tyler Seguin, the love of your life.  Of course you had never told him that, you would loose him without a doubt but now you’re loosing him anyways.  Loosing him to a perfect blonde.  Who could probably give him a lot more than you ever could dream of.

           “It’s ok, she’s beautiful.  She’s everything I’m not, she’s perfect for you and she’ll give you everything I don’t.”

           The pain flashes across his face and is replaced in a second by anger, you can almost see the steam coming from his ears. “How could you say that?” he yells “How could you say she’s perfect for me?  I need YOU!”

           “How could you say you need me when almost every night you’re out at the club dancing with these amazing girls with perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect body, perfect everything.  Tyler how could you say you need me when you’re never here?” you question quietly, continuing with even less volume “You don’t get to say you need me when you don’t believe it.”

            You stare at each other for what feels like years, for the second time tonight your waiting for him to do something. Realizing he’s not making any effort to do anything you bend down to pick up your bag.  “I’ll ask someone to come over and grab the rest of my stuff, or I might while you’re on the road trip.  I’m sorry I wasn’t enough” you finish quietly not able to meet his eyes anymore.

           You turn your back and leave his apartment, you leave the place that you’ve been calling your home for months.  How did you become ‘that girl’?  The girl with the boyfriend that doesn’t care about her. That’s what you never wanted to become. The lack of Tyler chasing after you only seemed to prove that.  

kaelaweird  asked:

Hi ^-^ Can you write BTS' reactions to seeing a fan at a fan sign/meet and greet with cuts all over her arms?

A/N: This was a difficult request because it reminded me of an old friend of mine, along with my past self as I am well versed in this area. Please, to anyone who hurts themselves, try to talk to someone who can get you help or help you. I didn’t try, and I almost stopped existing as a result, but I somehow got myself out of that hell, and I remind myself every day that despite everything, there is still a whole world out there just waiting for me to gobble up its secrets and cultures and traditions and beauty. Life is truly beautiful, and completely worth it. All life. I mean this whole-heartedly.

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Taehyung: Tae, who would immediately hold your hands as you moved up to him, would notice the scars on your wrists and arm, and stare at them for a few moments before looking back up to you with a confused and concerned expression on his face. He’d take your wrists in his large palms and rub over the scars gently so as not to irritate the wounds while he smiles sadly at you. He would lean in close to tell you that everything will be ok, and while cupping your palms together in his own, he’d say “No one should hurt themselves in this way because everyone deserves a chance at a good life. You are beautiful, and you deserve to live out the best life possible.” He’d smile at you, his chin resting on your cupped hands before him, and remind you every so often just how beautiful you are, as the two of you talked about nothing in particular.

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

Jimin: When Jimin notices the cuts along your arm, his eyes would widen in surprise before he looks back up at you with deep sorrow in his eyes. “What would make such a beautiful girl do something so horrible to herself?” He’d ruffle your hair gently with a sad smile on his visage, and let you cry or talk if you needed to, holding your hand, and gently rubbing his thumb over the back of it throughout the entire time you are with him.

Originally posted by joonjuly

Yoongi: Yoongi would be completely shocked, and not be entirely sure of what to do at first. He would probably look as still as a statue for a moment or two before he moves to clasp your hands tightly in his own while looking deeply into your eyes. “I’m sorry for whatever makes you do this to yourself. It will get better. I promise. The first step is to stop yourself every time you think about doing it. Alright? Can you do that for me? There’s so much in this world you still need to see and do. Trust me, it’s worth it.”

Originally posted by jminies

Jin: Jin would probably look the saddest when he sees the cuts, as he would wonder what, or who on earth could make someone feel it was alright to do something so horrible to themselves. He would purse his lips tightly as he thought of what to say before stroking your hair gently and telling you “There is no need for you to do this anymore, alright? You can make it through whatever this is, and I believe in you. You can become stronger through this. Promise me you’ll try. Ok?”

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Jungkook: Jungkook would grit his teeth, angry that something, or someone could make you feel so horrible and insecure about yourself. He’d take your face in his hands and smile his bunny smile at you, reassuring you that you are wonderful, and beautiful, and so, so worth it. He’d tell you that he’s sorry that you feel the need to do this, and would ask you how you are doing. How you are really doing. He’d listen if you wanted to talk, and try to lighten the mood afterwards, trying to make you smile in any way possible, including being goofy.

Originally posted by ksjknj

Namjoon: Namjoon’s eyebrows would scrunch together before looking back up at you in concern. He’d ask “What makes you do this?” If you tell him, he’d willingly listen and reassure you that you are worth it, and that there is no need to do such an act anymore, holding your hand throughout the entire time allotted. But if you decide not to tell him, Namjoon would nod his head in understanding and respect your wishes while still holding your hand.

Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl

Hoseok: Hobi would be really sweet and genial once you moved up to him, saying hello in a friendly manner, and probably wouldn’t notice your scars at first. When he does, he’d stop the conversation to have a talk with you. “Yah,” he’d take your forearm gently, pulling it up slowly to where he can see before looking back at up at you with a question visible on his features. “Why do you do this, hmm? What could possibly make such a beautiful, sweet girl like yourself do this? What’s wrong?” If you snub his question in attempt to move on from the subject, Hobi would respect that, but would remind you before you leave that there is a whole world out there waiting for you to see it, and that he expects to see you again soon. If you decide to tell him anything, he will listen actively, making sure you know that he really does care while interlocking your fingers with his.

Going through the Adam Driver tag, I am curious: Why do people hate him?

Sure, if he did something problematic, I’d get it, but those who hate him complain about his looks and things about him, like being in the military. And I just don’t get it?

Ok, 1, don’t be a jerk about people thinking he is attractive. Some jerks post things that say something akin to, “I hate Adam Driver, he literally looks like a trash can. What a fucking tool.” It is fine that you don’t find him attractive, I have no problem with it, but don’t hate a guy simply because other people do. You can get annoyed with his fans who say and do things that are questionable, but the man himself has never thought of himself as being handsome, has never been got pigheaded after getting fame. 

“I have been told before that I have an unusual face. But my face is my face. I had a whole life before acting, over the years. Lots of things have been said about my face.”

2, people hate him because of him being in the military. That’s it. Not because of his views, not because of anything he did, just that. One person had posted that they hated him because, they “don’t like organized groups and the military is the epitome of organized groups.” Ok? What the fuck does that have to do with Adam Driver? So many people have been in the military, are you going to hate them all? And guess what? The community you live in? That is a organized group. Your workplace? Organized group. Your family? Organized group. Just think about that. 

3, Adam has never forgotten that as a white male he has privilege, and he never has used it over anyone. 

“I’m a straight, white male, and I’ve had more opportunities than other people have, unjustly. And I’ve been lucky on top of that.“

He continued, "It’s so insane to me. That’s why I like being a part of ‘Girls,’ because it’s such a female-driven show. I see so many actors and friends who are so f-king good-but for one reason or another, because they’re female or African American, there aren’t as many opportunities for them. It’s total bullsh-t. My wife is an actress. She’s had to audition for, you know, 'Blonde Girl #3.’ There’s just such sh-ty writing and not as many opportunities.”

He is very aware, and he knows that is partially the reason why he got it, so if you are to be upset with anyone, be upset with the casting directors who ignore other actors who deserve as much, or in some cases, more of chance than him. But Kylo Ren was not simply handed to him. Eddie Redmayne had auditioned for Kylo Ren before Adam Driver was approached, and there may have been others who had auditioned, but JJ Abrams saw him and thought he was perfect. He got this particular part because he is a damn good actor, and I honestly don’t know anyone who could play the part better. 

I am not saying that he is a perfect person who had done no wrong, but he isn’t an awful human being that deserves all this crap simply for the reasons listed above. Come to me when he actually does something to deserve hate, and then we will talk. 

Post ACOWAR Fic!- Part 1

Part 2

Basically a continuation of the series, 1 year after the end of ACOWAR. 

And also, Spoilers ahead. Let me know what you think! 

“Beron is dead.” Rhys announced, walking into the townhouse where Mor, Nesta, Cassian, Amren, Azriel, Lucien, Elain, and I were lounging in the living room.

Azriel was up in seconds, nodding to Rhys as he walked out the door and disappeared, probably to go speak with his network of spies and find out the details.

As Rhys came and stood beside me, I turned to look at Lucien, who looked visibly uncomfortable at all the eyes currently on him.

Should we tell him? Rhys asked in my head.

About what, that we made a pact with Eris or that Beron’s not his real father?


I took a deep breath. First let’s deal with Eris. Perhaps when things calm down, we can visit Helion and formally introduce the two.

Rhys nodded. “Eris is going to be making a claim for the throne soon, and from the fact that he personally sent me this letter, it looks like he’s calling on us to hold up our end of the bargain.”

“Cass, get a small force prepped in case this goes sideways. Amren let Varian and Tarquin know what’s happening on the other side of their borders if they haven’t already heard.” I announced, setting down the lukewarm tea in my hand. I felt a slight headache coming on, probably from all the shit that was coming our way.

As Cassian and Amren headed out, I reached over and grabbed Mor’s hand. Elain did the same for Lucien. “I know this is tough, and if things hadn’t been so dire, we never would have made this bargain. But I want you to know that I am here for you, and if you want to step back and stay here throughout all this, we will understand.”

Mor took a deep breath and nodded. Rhys and I had sat down with her after the battle a year ago, when things had finally calmed down and discussed the whole thing. Eris had come to speak with Rhys and I about Beron’s failing health and to remind us of our bargain. But while he was here, he also talked to Mor, to explain his behavior all those years ago. He claimed it was because he had heard about Andromache and realized Mor favored women over men, so he wanted to give her an out and the only way he could do that was by physically rejecting her.

Mor was shocked by his apology, and though neither of us excused Eris for his cruelty, we decided that a potential High Lord who can repent and take responsibility was a far better alternative to the other bloodthirsty heirs in the Autumn Court. But apologies or not, Mor would carry the reminders of her betrothal to Eris for the rest of her life. And I wanted to make sure she was alright.

“I’ll be OK. But I think I’ll watch over Velaris if it comes to that” Mor replied.

I nodded, and turned to look at Lucien. His gold eye whirred as it scanned my face, waiting, watching to hear what I had to say to him. “Stop. Whatever you’re going to say, I don’t want to hear it. Beron was never a father to me, and the only good thing in that hell is my Mother. If it had to be either of my brothers, Eris is the least worst so he can be High Lord if he wants to.

Well, he took it well, Rhys said to me.

“Do you want to go home?”

“No, this is my home now” Lucien said, looking over at Elain and taking her hand in his.

“Very well” Rhys said. “I’ll wait to hear more news from Eris. He’s the oldest son so the title should automatically pass to him, but power struggles can easily get messy.”

With that, Rhys leaned down to give me a soft peck on the cheek before heading back out.

You are perfect. I love you Feyre darling.

Only a kiss to show your appreciation?

I felt Rhys’ warm laugh echo in my head. Tonight, I’ll show you just how much.

Nesta jumped up too and muttered something before heading out the door and winnowing away, likely to join Cass. Their mating bond snapped into place a couple months ago, but they still couldn’t stand being apart for too long.

Then, Elain and Lucien got up, saying they were going to visit the community garden that Elain had created down near the Square.

I nodded my goodbyes and massaged my head.

“What’s wrong?” Mor asked.

“Just a headache, it’s been building all day.”

“Do you want me to get you more tea?”

“No, I can get-” I started to say as I stood up, but the sudden dizziness made me lose my balance and I felt myself falling. I heard Mor say my name as she jumped up to grab me. But I was already under.

I Don't Wanna Waste My Time (Jimin x reader)

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You stared at him sleeping, you don’t know if he still loves you, or why he’s even with you. You heard everything that the boys say, although you ignored the majority of their comments it still really hurt you. Your knees were tucked tightly to your chest, maybe he was only going out with you because he felt bad. You did try very hard to get his attention and to even confess to him, so maybe that’s why he felt bad. Should you leave?

 You shook your head trying to ignore the thought, you didn’t want to waste your time and even his, so what should you do? A small moan escaped his lips as he turned to his side away from you, you swallowed thickly as you reached your hand out to stroke his hair but you stopped yourself. There’s a reason why both of you don’t hug or kiss each other anymore. There’s a reason for everything. You blinked the tears away, you didn’t want to cry at night, you weren’t about that, but something has you really beat up. You gently got up from the bed and walked to the kitchen, careful not to wake anyone. 

Once you were in the kitchen, you grabbed a tub of ice cream and took a spoonful, maybe you were stress eating. You tried not to think of it for too long, or else you would end up feeling guilty. 

“Who is up?” You heard, you turned your face quickly to the voice, finding Hoseok. You then sighed and waved, he looked at you confused but still managed to chuckle. 

“Did I wake you?” You asked, Hoseok nodded while grabbing a spoon himself and started to eat the ice cream with you. 

“I was just beginning to fall asleep too!” He stated as he shoved the spoon into his mouth, you apologized quietly, making him feel bad, “It was a joke, in fact I was wide awake.” You rolled your eyes. 

“And I’m Batman, it’s ok you can say that I woke you up.” You said, Hoseok stayed quiet as he ate the ice cream with you. Maybe it was because it was late at night, or maybe it was because you were dying to know, but you began to talk. 

“Do you hate me?” You asked, Hoseok was taken aback by your question. 

“Do I what?” He asked​, “No, I don’t hate you! How can I hate you?” Hoseok asked, you shrugged while getting up and putting your spoon in the sink.

“I overhear you all talking, just letting you know.” You stated, Hoseok mentally cursed himself out as he sucked on his spoon nervously. 

“Does Jimin like me?” You asked, you turned around, “Has he ever liked me?” Hoseok sighed as he turned to look at you. 

“__, we all like you-”

“Don’t lie to me. Don’t you dare lie to me!” You yelled, you didn’t care if you woke up some of the boys, you wanted, needed and deserved answers. 

“Tell me so I can stop wasting my time and his!” You said, Taehyung along with Jin walked out of their rooms, wiping their tired eyes. 

“Hoseok? What’s happening?” Jin asked tiredly, he then saw you shaking and crying, “__? What’s wrong? Did he hurt you?” Jin asked, you shook your head while grabbing the tub of ice cream and throwing it in the freezer. You then walked past them and into Jimin’s room, you turned on the light and shoved clothes into a bag. 

“__, where are you going?” Jin whispered, you shook your head while grabbing your toothbrush and slipping on your shoes.

“You all don’t have to pretend to like me anymore! I’m done! I don’t wanna waste my time, I’m done. Goodbye." 

Staying at a cheap hotel was all you could afford, you sighed as you wringed out your hair in a towel and looked down at your phone, 0 messages and 0 calls.  

"I guess I was right.” You sighed, this sucked. There were no other ways to express this situation, it sucked. You felt like crying, but you also felt like ignoring it. Why didn’t you feel sad? How come it’s not bothering you as much as you thought? You only felt like crying, which was odd considering you didn’t feel like you were dying or like your world was going to end. Maybe you weren’t happy in the relationship. 

“Later in the day there will be heavy storms, so bring an umbrella!" 

You ignored the anchorman, and packed your clothes back into your bag and grabbed your hotel key, after dropping off your key and making your way to your car, you decided to go back to the dorms to pick up your belongings and leave. Once you got out of the car, you felt a heaviness in your chest, should you really be showing up? Maybe they would be kind and place all your things outside the door so you wouldn’t even have to look at them. Once you walked through the lobby and caught the elevator, you held your breath. 

"Breathe..” You whispered to yourself, you then saw the familiar door at the end of the hall, you began to shake, your knees felt weak and a lightness fell over your head. “Breathe…” You stated, your legs carried you to the door and your knuckles placed a firm but soft tap. After a few seconds of waiting, the lock turned and Jimin greeted you at the door. 

“We need to talk. Now.” He said, you nodded and walked into the dorm, the boys were sitting on the couch but upon seeing you they scurried into their rooms. You sat at the table and laced your fingers together in worry, Jimin handed you a water bottle in hopes to calm you. 

“Why did you leave?” He asked, you shook your head. 

“I’m here to get my things, then I’ll be leaving.” You said, Jimin then gave you a hard stare. 

“We’ve been together for so long, you’re not leaving.” He said, you shook your head and chuckled. 

“I am leaving, I’m tired of you just tolerating me!” You said, Jimin’s eyebrows knitted together. 

“You think I’m tolerating you? You think of me that lowly?” He asked, you bowed your head in embarrassment, were all the thoughts you were having just propaganda? 

“I do. I’m done talking, I’m going to pack my things now.” You said as you got up, once you shoved everything into a duffel bag, you looked at Jimin sitting down at the table, his stare straight ahead. 

“I’m sorry for not standing up for you.” Jimin stated, but before you could hear, you were out the door. Jimin then buried his face in his hands, “I should’ve cherished you… I’m sorry.." 

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can u write a niall blurb of a sort where ur really nice and hardly ever get mad or mean to anyone, even him and u yell at him and he's shocked cause you're never this mad .. ever but u just feel like he's been using you for granted too much?? thankyou!

Nadine and Niall.  Niall and Nadine.  It had been a joke since grade school that if you saw one, the other wasn’t too far behind.  And just because Niall was now a member of one of the biggest boy bands in history that hadn’t changed.  Nadine accompanied Niall on tour at his behest.

Nadine was Niall’s constant.  The one thing in his life that hadn’t changed since the X Factor.  She was always there, without reservation and she did the best she could to help him out in every aspect.  Regardless of what it was he asked for.

“Hey, can ya grab this for me?”

“Nady, I need ya t’make a run to the drug store for me…yeah?”

“Willie needs some shirts…here’s some cash.”

That’s how conversations usually started between them.  And after six years, Nadine was getting tired.  Tired of always being Niall’s gopher.  She’d spent the last year trying to convince herself she was being selfish with that attitude.  Because of Niall she’d gotten to see the world.  She’d been a part of things most people only dream about.  

But she’d had no life of her own.  She was usually awakened every morning by her phone blaring Niall’s ring tone.  And the rest of her day was spent running around for him.  It wasn’t really his fault.  Niall was forgetful and being that he was who he was a quick trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some toothpaste or deodorant could easily turn into a nightmare when word got out he was there.  So Nadine went to get it for him most of the time.  Along with any food he wanted.  Or clothing.  Or flowers for his mother on Mother’s Day.  Or tickets to a game for his father on Father’s Day.  And on and on and on.

Pretty soon Nadine’s entire day had turned into nothing more than running around for things Niall needed.

As usual she heard Niall before she saw him,

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Perception of a Thing

Rucas Fic Week 2017

Day Three//one exception AU: Everything’s the same except…Lucas is vocally not OK with the yearbook superlatives.

“But we’re like a summer rain.”

“And they’re like fire!” Sarah gushes.

Riley is just starting to contemplate what this means–What’s wrong with what her and Lucas have? Does Maya have more chemistry and potential with Lucas than she does? Do the girls know something about Maya’s feelings for Lucas that she doesn’t? Do they know something about Lucas’ feelings for Maya? Is there some big thing going on that she knows nothing about?–when Lucas jumps into the conversation, putting a halt to her rapidly moving train of thought.

“I’m sorry, but isn’t one of the qualifications for ‘favorite couple’ that the people are actually together?” He asks, making no attempt to hide the annoyance in his voice. “Because Maya and I–,” he gestures broadly between their two desks, “aren’t. We never have been.”

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