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me: no more writing fics until you’ve drafted 5k of your dissertation

me back: ok but what if you wrote a Constantine/Midnight, Texas crossover where Manfred’s ex-boyfriend John comes into town looking for help but it turns out that both Lem and Olivia are ALSO John’s exes and they all meet in the middle of the street like … “yOU!!!!”

Drunk and Disorderly - Imagine

*Y/N’s POV*

It was well after 2am by the time I gave up waiting, shuffling to the bedroom with a defeated sigh, leaving a couple of hall lights on behind me should he arrive home after I’d fallen asleep.

Harry had been out with his friends since 6.30pm, dinner and a few drinks he told me, “Nothing major sweetheart, I’ll be home by 12”.

“12 my arse” I grumbled as I crawled in to bed, shuffling under the duvet and into the cool sheets. I had waited up for him like he asked, but as 12 came and went, and my phone remained void of messages, I gave up. It was unusual of Harry to stay out later than intended and not let me know, and to say his lack of contact had me worried was an understatement.

I settled in to bed, lying flat on my back with my hands resting on my chest and my eyes gazing up at the ceiling, the exhaustion threatening to pull them closed but my concern repeatedly pulling them back open. As 3am drifted past, I finally slipped into an uneasy sleep.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed before I was ripped from my dreams by a loud banging on the front door, but I was faintly aware of a thin band of pale light creeping in between the curtains. A second series of aggressive knocks rattled the front door. I quickly flung myself from the bed and pulled a jumper over my body, dashing down the stairs in my pyjama trousers and socks. As I unlatched the front door, I assumed I would pull it back to find Harry, having lost his keys or too drunk to get them in the lock I wasn’t sure, but I knew it would be him. I was prepared to be relieved to have him in front of me, I was also prepared for the anger that would inevitably follow as he slurred out an excuse for returning during the early hours of the morning. But as I opened the door, everything I expected was replaced with one thing:


Stood before me, silhouetted by the crisp light of the early morning, were two police officers. The two men took no notice of my appearance as one offered me a soft smile.

“Miss Y/L/N?” he asked. By this point, I was too stunned to answer. Every possible reason as to why I was being faced with two police officers at 5 o’clock in the morning flashed through my brain in what must have been no longer than a second, and all of them ended with Harry, arrested, injured or worse. I’ve seen the programmes, the cop dramas and movies, and no good ever comes from having a policeman stood on your doorstep without good reason.

My inner turmoil must have been present on my face as the taller officer, a slender man with a thin beard and moustache, spoke again without waiting for my reply to his earlier question.

“No need to panic love, I can tell what you’re thinking and it’s not that” he said, his words lifting a weight off my heart. But still my brows furrowed in confusion.

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

“Well we are here on behalf of your boyfriend, Mr Styles, yes?” he asked and I nodded.

“Got ‘imself into a bit of trouble last night” the other officer said. He was shorter than his colleague and rounder, his hand stuffed into the front of his vest to brace him against the chill of the morning air.

“What happened? Is he ok?” I rushed.

“He’s fine. He was arrested last night for being drunk and disorderly. Kept him in the cells over night to sober him up. We’ve been sent to request that you come and collect him, there are a few forms that need to be filled out on his behalf” he explained. I was stunned silent. Harry, drunk and disorderly? It didn’t make sense, and it didn’t sit well in my stomach. I was well aware of the fact that Harry, like perhaps anyone else, was more than susceptible to the effects of alcohol, and on more than one occasion I had to pull him away from a fight on a night out, but for Harry to follow through on what I had always assumed were idle threats surprised me.

“Oh, oh right. Um, ok, just let me get dressed and I’ll follow you there in my car?” I suggested.

“Sounds good. We’ll just wait for you in our car, head out when you’re ready” the shorter officer spoke once again before they both turned away and returned to their car which was parked on the road just outside. I shut the door quickly and rushed upstairs, not bothering to change the jumper I had thrown on, but instead opting to switch my flannel pyjama bottoms for a pair of jeans. I stuffed my feet in to a pair of trainers as I grabbed my phone and keys before dashing out the front door again, locking it firmly behind me.

The officers drove slower than was probably necessary as I followed them across town to the local station, making a point to hold back after each junction to make sure that I was behind them. I pulled my car up beside them as we reached the station car park and followed them inside like they said.

“We’ve got Miss Y/L/N ‘ere Sir” the tall officer said, who I learned was called Tom as we hurried across the frozen ground of the car park and in to the welcome head of the station reception.

“Ah yes, thank you Sargent, I’ll deal with it from here”. Both officers gave me a small tip of the hat as they disappeared down one of the many corridors that branched off from the desk I was stood before.

“Not what you were expecting this morning ay Miss?” the man behind the desk said as he collected some papers from beside him and placing them in front of me along with a pen.

“Em no, not exactly” I said with by best attempt at a chuckle.

“No need to worry, just need you to fill out a couple of things and then your boyfriend will be released without charge, no harm done. Well maybe not for him, I imagine he’ll be getting a bit of an ear bashing from you on the way home, am I right?” he said with a smile.

“You got that right” I snorted as I began filling in the required details on the papers in front of me.

“I’d say he’s got the worst yet to come” he continued and once again I nodded, he had no idea. The paperwork was long and extensive, giving me more than enough time to decide whether I was angry, or relieved that nothing serious had happened to him. It didn’t take me long to decide that I was angry, furious in fact. For Harry, things like these become global news ‘Harry Styles arrested for being drunk and disorderly’, ‘Harry Styles spends night in a cell following arrest’, ‘Harry Styles: global superstar or drunken thug?’. His worldwide influence was growing day by day, his album was number 1 across the world, he himself is number 1 on 2 Billboard charts, and he was marking that achievement, by getting himself arrested. Way to go Harry.

“Done” the man behind the desk said as I signed the last page. “I’ll just head along and get ‘im” he said, before removing himself from his chair and disappearing, the large bunch of keys strapped to his waist jingling as he went. It was only moments before he returned, a tired and rather apprehensive Harry in his wake.

“Good luck Son” the man called as I turned to leave the building, Harry shuffling along behind me. It was silent, neither of us spoke as we hurried across the car park to escape the chill of the morning air. The smell of stale alcohol drifted from him as he slipped into the passenger seat beside me, his hands fidgeting nervously in his lap as I pulled out of the station and began the journey home.

“Sorry” Harry mumbled after several more minutes of thick, tense silence. I snapped.

“What the hell were you thinking?! Drunk and disorderly Harry are you kidding me?! What happened?!” I shouted, the anger in my voice resonating throughout the small confines of my car. Part of me wanted to calm down, to let him explain and to listen to what reasonable excuse he had for behaving in such an uncharacteristic way. But the anger at his carelessness was consuming me, so I pushed the reasonable thoughts aside and continued speaking before he had the chance to reply.

“Do you have any idea what the media are going to make of this?! How could you be so stupid Harry?!”

“Y/N please, let me explain” he signed gently, looking at me with wide, bloodshot eyes. I waved my hand in the air to encourage him to continue.

“I don’t even know what happened, I wasn’t that drunk,” I snorted but he pushed on, “I wasn’t I promise! We were having a couple of drinks after dinner, just like I said and then this guy recognised me, said I was ‘That guy who was in that band’. He knew you though, kept going on about how I had such a ‘pretty girl’ and all this shit. He was off his face Y/N, literally blind drunk, I was surprised he was still on his feet. But he kept going on and on about you, said he’d seen you picture in the papers or something, and he was saying some disgusting things. Kept saying I should share you out, give him and turn for the night, said I could watch if it made me feel better” Harry cringed and I supressed a shudder, the anger dissolving from my body with each word he spoke.

“I lost it after that, I don’t even remember what happened. I must have followed him in to the street or something and attacked him cause the next thing I knew I was pinned to the ground by two police officers and the guy was being lifted into an ambulance. Someone said that they’d seen me follow the guy out of the bar so they arrested me for being drunk and disorderly and took me to the station. I’m sure you know the rest” Harry said with another gentle sigh. I pulled the car up outside the house and killed the engine.

“But they released you without charge, no assault conviction, nothing” I frowned.

“Yeah, a couple of people in the bar heard what was being said, told the police everything and they let me go”.

“I was so worried Harry” I whispered, turning in my seat to face him as he did the same. He sighed and reached over to brush his hand against my cheek, running his thumb along the puffy skin beneath my eyes which had developed from lack of sleep.

“I know baby, I’m sorry. I asked if I could call you but they wouldn’t let me until everything had got sorted out” he said gently, his fingertips brushing down my neck and pushing my hair back behind my shoulder.

“You don’t ever have to do that because some creep is saying something about me you know?” I said and he nods his head gently.

“You didn’t hear what he was saying Y/N, it was so,” I hushed him.

“Harry what people say doesn’t matter, what he was saying would never have happened, you and I both know that. Don’t get yourself into trouble just to protect me” I said gently.

“I’d do anything to protect you, sweetheart” he said, his voice holding the most conviction it had since I picked him up.

“I know” I said, leaning across the centre console to press my lips lightly against his. Neither of us tried to deepen the kiss, simply let the comforting warmth of his lips against mine sooth the stress of the night.

“Come on curly,” I said, pulling away just far enough to speak, my lips brushing gently against his, “let’s get you inside and in the shower, you stink of alcohol” I said with a giggle, pulling away completely and reaching for the door handle.

“Fine,” he sighed as I opened the door and stepped out, “but you’re getting in with me” he added as I shut the car door, a small smile spreading across my lips as his words ignited a warmth in my stomach.  

sana-bakkoush  asked:



  • the boys were like what 12 when it first aired? my headcanon is that yousef and elias probably met when they were like 10 and hung out all the time and were inseparable and the rest of the boys they met probably in the first year of middle school and they got along really well since day 1
  • so like once when they were like 13/14 they are all at the bakkoush’s (as always) and they were just skipping through channels to see if there was something cool and mikael stopped in nickelodeon and the show was on and they were all like “mikael change it we’re not seeing that” “shut up elias this seems cool” “that seems like a girly show with a boyband its stupid”
  • jokes on them they started watching it and couldn’t stop 
  • it was probably on s2 and they were so addicted they binged watched s1 in one afternoon 
  • they were lowkey all ashamed for liking it so much it was ridiculous 
  • they got SO addicted to the songs specially 
  • they used to get together at the bakkoush’s to see the new episodes 
  • they cried a lot in the scene where Jo leaves and worldwide starts playing they were all deadass crying their asses off it was embarrassing 
  • some years pass by and like 2/3 years after it ended they were all in last year of high school and it was easter break and they were so bored and decided to rewatch it 
  • they were all so surprised at themselves for still crying in that scene with worldwide 
  • LOOK sana caught them all crying while watching on repeat the scene 
  • sana was laughing SO much like they are fucking 18/19 yo and they are deadass crying because of a boyband it was HILARIOUS (sana didnt really know they liked it because they used to watch it when sana wasnt home because they knew how she was, she liked btr tho but not as much as those 5) 
  • so when she caught them the first time, not that year but like when they were 15 and they were watching the finale and they needed to watch it when it aired on tv and fuck sana was home but they couldn’t do anything so they watched all together and the boys tried their best to not be too hyped about all of it and it was hard v hard
  • when it ended they just stared blankly at the screen like “what do we do now” and sana was like??? wtf get yourselves together 
  • but anyway when sana came home and saw them crying while watching the worldwide scene she was laughing so much the boys were so embarrassed 
  • ONE DAY they were all jamming out to btr in the living room and WHO COMES HOME SUDDENLY? sana. 
  • they were all singing their hearts out and they were in a circle cheering on yousef who was dancing  
  • sana tried to be so quiet so they wouldn’t notice her and she wanted to laugh looking at them so hyped but when she noticed yousef dancing,,,,, boy she was gone,,,,, she didnt even remember what he was actually dancing to,,, she was shook™ because that was the first time she actually saw him dancing and he was so good,,,,, she was so amazed and suddenly yousef sees her and stops on his tracks and looks SO SO SO embarrassed like seriously he just wants to hide and disappear forever all the boys are kinda?? 
  • sana tries to compose herself “you guys are nineteen for gods sake why are you all still jamming out to big time rush what even are you guys” and is now laughing at them
  • yousef wants to hide under a rock even more 
  • the boys are like “wtv sana” and just laugh it out and dont care much 
  • yousef reALLY wants to hide under a rock
  • sana and yousef lock eyes while count in on you is playing and its so so so tense listen they were both looking at each other with so much love and like when it goes “i’ve never been in love before so you gotta go easy on me”  MAN its tense its fucking tense and the boys turn the music off and both of them finally wake up from that and yousef is blushing like hell but smiling so softly at sana and sana just goes “ok guys keep listening to your dear boyband but dont make much noise i need to study” 
  • the boys try to put the music louder 
  • yousef is not having it and turns the music off “sana said she needed to study” “YOUSEF CMON” 
  • sana will always tease elias about that time she caught him and his friends jamming to btr like she will ALWAYS do it but the boys dont even care anymore if shes home or not and jam out anyway (yousef is still scared she will appear any moment bc he doesnt want his crush to think hes lame)
  • anyway at least once a week they have btr jamming session and its amazing 
  • also when they are driving they always put the more upbeat songs (like famous obvs, paralyzed, oh yeah, city is ours(OK BUT CITY IS OURS IS THEIR #1 BOP TO JAM IN THE CAR BECAUSE IT HAS SO MUCH OF THAT VIBE??) windows down, etc etc) AND THEY SING THEIR HEARTS OUT MORE THAN EVER I SWEAR THEY GET SO INTO IT WHEN THEY ARE DRIVING THEY ARE LITERALLY SCREAMING 

and that’s it 

Clingy (CrossMare)[BloodLust pt. 1 1/2]

Nightmares POV
After throwing horror into a box and into UnderLust, we all had our fair share of laughs and accualy hoped that he wouldn’t come back for hours. “Hey, I have a good idea-” Killer started “-How about we sent cross somwhere special~” Cross then became terrified of what they may do to him and hid in my side. I just about cringed but brushed it off since I was pretty used to it. “Oh my god, just leave the kid be.” I said simply. “Ooooh~ NMs actually protecting his new found lover~” “ aww, he cares for once~” they all start to tease, I should have seen it coming. “No, accualy, its NOT that at all. Its just that whenever you guys TEASE him like this, HE STARTS GETTING SUPER DAMN CLINGY!! AND CASE YOU HAVNT NOTICED, ITS STARTING TO PISS ME OFF!!!!” I shouted quite harshly as I ripped my arm away from Cross and went up to my room to ignore reality once more.

Cross POV
NM was accualy starting to scare me a bit as He yanked his arm away from me and stomped up to his room. I honestly felt pretty bed for putting him through that. My thoughts got cut of by Dust and Killer giggling from the background, but I just gave them a glare. “So? Go get yo boyfriend Tiger! Hahaha!!” Killer shouted. “One, that exactly what I’m about to do. And two, he’s not my boyfriend, as much as I wish he was.” I pointed out, whispering the last part. They must of heard because they started laughing there ass’ off immediately. I just rolled my eyes and headed up towards NMs room. I knocked on the door softly and wispered his name before opening the door slightly “NM? Are you ok?” “No. Just go away…” doing the exactly the opposite of what he ordered, I walked in, shut the door, and made my way to his bed. He gave me a glare but let me continue as I sat down next to him. There was a awkward silence “Your bed is comfy” “Yah, don’t get to comfortable…” another silence… “I’m sorry I embarrassed you…”

NightMares POV
He was apologizing again. I honestly didn’t know what to say because I sure as hell wasn’t going to say ‘Its okay’. After a bit of sitting, my back started to ach so I layed myself on the bad and cross layed with me. I honestly didn’t care, as long as he wasn’t anoying me “Hey NightMare,” here it comes “….. You can get made at me all you want, and you can beat and you can hurt me–” “ Where are you going exactly with this???” I ask worryingly. He’s never talked like this “I just………wanted… To try something….?” I thought about it for a second before answering “As long you ain’t trying to have sex with me, sure.” His whole face lit up with an explosion of purple. It almost made me laugh at how cute it was. I sat there for a few seconds waiting for him to do or say what he wanted as he tryed to calm down a bit.

3rd person POV
After calming down from the humiliation, cross turned to the side to look at NightMare. NM looked at him slightly confused. Cross took this as an advantage and wraped his arms behind NMs head and yanked him forward. The two shared a passionate kiss. And even though NightMare struggled a bit, he soon calmed down. The longer he let Cross do it, the more and more he would melt. After a few minuets, the two new found lovers broke for air. “Ok, now get off me. You did what you wanted.” NM quikly said out of embarrassment. Cross just giggled but did what he was told and snuggled into his arm instead. “……….. Fine, fine!! Get over here!” NM quickly said, pulling cross over. Cross just giggled more and hugged and snuggled into NMs side.


Yay! I’m finnished! This took me a few tries since my tablet kept dying on me. This is what going on back at the house, kingdom, palace thingie when BloodLust pt. 1 is happening. Speaking of BloodLust, pt. 2 should be coming out today since I got nothing else to do. Anyways, Later Gater!

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Evie x Ben fic where Evie and Ben comfort each other after having broken up with harry and mal??

- Harry and Evie ends in quite a dramatic turn. He wants to leave Auradon and he does without even a warning. Mal and Ben end up fizzling out. They were a candle that wasn’t meant to burn forever

- it’s 2 am and Evie needs to go somewhere. Her nightmares are back. Without Harry to calm her she’s wide awake and terrified. Ben doesn’t sleep either. Because he dreams of Mal. He can’t hurt himself like that.

- he hears the creaking outside his room and a small knock shortly after. He tries to yell “come in.” But it comes in a hoarse whisper.

- Evie walks in his room. Her hair is a mess and she’s shaking. “I can’t”

- Ben runs to her and wraps her in a hug. She cries on his shoulder. And he cries to. They can feel their hearts beating a thousand miles an hour.

- pain, anger, and confusion lingers in the air.

- “you’ll be ok, Evie.” “What about you” “I don’t need to be ok.”

- Evie pulls out of his grasp and looks in his eyes. It’s dark and you would be able to recognize it’s him.

- “we all need to be ok.”

- “it doesn’t matter if I’m okay or not. I just have to put a smile on my face and pretend it’s ok. The people deserve a good king.”

- “a good king can fall apart.”

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