ok well i'm not really in love with him

Inktober day one!! Prompt: fast.

I feel like watching Ponyo ^^


my league of legends biased-challenge! and i know Rush isn’t a current player but i like him and i really hope he’s doing well, ok! BibleThump

btw i used so many beautiful colors KappaPride

thanks to @league-of-brodies for starting this! :3

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an AMAZING lets player is HarshlyCritical! i've been consistantly watching him for three years and he hasn't done anything problematic once. he is well informed abt heteronormativity, homophobia, racism, sexism and mental health. i love him to pieces and as a gay woc with bpd i really appreciate his ability to be entertaining without relying on offensive jokes at all.

ok not 2 be a nerd but i was looking for another lets player bc i’m trying to ……. look for a game but i just looked him up and he’s played the game i want djfghdfkghj so i will def be watching him like. right now!! thank u so much for sending me a recommendation :-D

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ok so what are your thoughts on insecure!stiles? i love it. i feel like a lot of that stems from me being horribly insecure about not only my appearance but also my personality as well and i really love insecure!stiles fics because its all just derek reassuring him how great he is and its such a great concept to me lol BUT also on the flip side, insecure!derek is great too. bc no one expects a guy who looks like that to be insecure but he is and idk i just love it okay bye

*wraps both of them in blankets tbh* i love my insecure boys so much. they just need someone to love them for exactly who they are. and that someone is each other, of course.

like you said, what i love about fics touching on both of these two’s insecurities is all the reassuring that they give each other and the whole journey of accepting themselves because slowly, over time, they learn to love (or maybe not love but not hate either) themselves and all the little things they’re insecure about.

not to say that they’re not still insecure, because insecurities don’t go away just like that, but it just becomes easier and they become happier - which is what they deserve, my poor boys.

for stiles, it’s the constant reassurance that he’s beautiful and gorgeous and handsome just the way he is. long and lean body, moles, pale skin, full body flush and long eyelashes, all included. it’s derek wrapping his arms around his middle, kissing his neck and saying “hello, beautiful” whenever they come across each other.

it’s derek looking at him like he’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and it’s derek listening so intently to whatever he has to say even if all the words coming stumbling out of his mouth don’t even make sense. it’s derek laughing at his bad jokes and challenging him. it’s derek grabbing his face, looking him in the eyes, and telling him he’s perfect just the way he is, flaws and everything.

for derek, it’s the constant reassurance that stiles wants him. not just his body, not just his werewolf status, but him. it’s not that he doesn’t trust stiles, he does. but it’s that derek’s been used in the past, with kate and jennifer and others, and he’s just scared.

it’s the blindingly happy smile and genuine interest stiles shows whenever derek talks about something that he likes and the way stiles will join in the conversation and not just listen. it’s the way stiles isn’t afraid to start arguments and show he’s not afraid of telling derek he’s wrong. it’s the way stiles will kiss him just because, the way he’ll touch him absently just because, the way he’ll look at him and help him get through rough days. it’s the way, being with stiles, makes derek feel loved and wanted for the first time since the fire… or maybe even since paige.

i just love these two helping each other heal and become better and happier with themselves, together.