ok watching a movie and then knocking out


If Sherlock was the cuddle/Affectionate drunk-

I should not have let John take him out drinking but “oh no (Y/N) he can watch himself.”


I pause my movie and start to walk to the door, opening it i didnt expect to see a exasperated John and a……ok what the hell am i even seeing.

“Hey (Y/N)”

“Hey John…..what ha-”

“he kinda drank too much and is kinda drunk….by kinda i mean alot and he wont stop huging me and people are looking at us weirdly and he refused to go home so i brought him here.” John says with in one breath. I can tell he doesnt know what to do, especialy when Sherlock is hangong off his arm giggling….giggling? “people are definantly gonna think things about this” i thought while giggling.

“ Alight lay him on the couch.”

“Thank you (Y/n)” says John as he lays Sherlock down, and trying to get his arm from his drunken friends grip.

“No problem.”

“if things get out of hand you have my number. He says while heading out the door. After i shut it i look back at the giggly Sherlock sitting on my couch. "What am i going to do with you Sherlock.” i think as i sit on the floor next to the couch and un pause my movie.

“W-what are you wat-watching.” Asks a drunken sherlock who was trying to sit up but fell back down.

“The Avengers:Age of Ultron.”

“Whats it about?”

“Tony gave Siri a body and it got its period for the first time”


It was silent for a while, untill i felt a hand grab my arm. I look up to see sherlock trying to pull me on the couch.

“sit with me.”

“i can’t.

"but why” he whined….he whined??

“your taking up the whole couch by laying on it Sherl.”

“then lay with me.” He says making me blush.

Startled i was unable to form words and he decided to take advantage of that and pull me up with him. I was tryign to get out of his arms but he just held on tighter, i was close enough to smell the alchohol on his breath.

“thats better.”

“Sherl why.”

“I wanted cuddles” he says as he nuzzles his face into my hair. Well im already here so screw it, Sherlock wins. And with that i fell asleep next to a drunk sherlock who seems too really want affection when drunk.

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Can you do something like where the reader is depressed and has anxiety or has like a moment of weakness and Jared comforts her and stuff after her breakdown. Like just reallllly fluffy! 💗 You are great!

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I hope this is what you meant & you enjoy, love.

We had been downstairs watching a movie, I had been shutting Jared out for the past few days and I could tell he started to notice.
Those dark thoughts came over me like a storm once he asked me if I was ok for the fourth time today.
They started screaming so loud I could barley hear the movie. I sprang up from the couch and Jared flinched from my movement, I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.

After about ten minutes Jared started knocking on the door, tying to talk me out of the bathroom and trying to pry out what’s wrong with me.
I stay silent.

“Please, let me in.” I hear Jared slide down the other side of the bathroom door.

I sit in the empty tub, curled up in one end of it, trying to push his voice out of my head.
I knew this would eventually come to light, I knew I couldn’t hide it forever but I wanted to and I still wanted to.
The voices that screamed at me inside my mind were not my own, I tried to remind myself of that but tonight was a little more difficult.
I felt he was angry at me.
Embarrassed of me.
Dying to get rid of me.
His soft voice was being drowned out. I curled my knees closer into me and my chest ached like I was being beaten from inside. The tears burned as they fell down my cheeks.

“You don’t have to do this alone. I’m right here.” His words should feel comforting but they left my chest with more stinging heart ache, like I’m disappointing him.

My nails digging to my skin aren’t enough of a release, I try and take a deep breath but the crying has me inhale sharply and the strength to hold back my sobs is gone.
Jared hears me and the handle shakes violently but the door doesn’t budge.
I brace myself because I know he’s not going to let me sit in here much longer.
I barley flinch as the bathroom door slams against the wall behind it and Jared flings onto the sink.
He doesn’t address his own hurt, he quickly comes and sits behind me in the bathtub.
He tries to pull me back into his chest but I stay tense, he doesn’t force it. Instead he wraps his arms around me and he leans against my back, his warm body against mine has me taking in deeper breaths of him.

“You’re ok. It’s ok.” He repeats into my hair as a soft whisper.

My shoulders start to relax, my hands move to grab the outside of his and he begins to hum a soft melody and he rocks us back and forth. My tears stop and I’m left sniffling with my head against my knees.
The voices in my head are replaced with the soft sound of his melody, my chest hurts less and my body begins to relax against him.
He pulls me back as he lays down, my head falls against his chest and he keeps his arms tightly wrapped around me. I keep my knees bent as the rest against one side of tub, I close my eyes and nuzzle the side of my face into his shirt.

“I’m always here. I will always be here. You don’t need to hide from me.” His voice fades from a low whisper as we fall asleep in the porcelain tub.

How to…
Imagine you were dating Calum since a couple of months and let’s just say your relationship was very physical. Physical meaning constant cuddles and make out sessions and let’s face it: a lot of sex. One of you always happened to be horny. Well with a boyfriend as hot as yours, who could judge you really?
So you were casually chilling on the couch with Calum watching a movie since it was raining and you couldn’t go out. It was just one of those lazy days. Cal and you had ordered Chinese and just as Elsa built her snow castle, the doorbell rang and Calum freed himself out of your legs and arms.
The knock came again.
“Alright, alright. Geez, I’m coming ok?”
Soon a familiar voice caught your attention and you sat up quickly grabbing the remote.
“Luke!” Calum let out, but the lanky boy had already let himself inside and headed straight for the living room.
“We were just watching f-”
Calum tried to explain quickly as he stumbled after Luke embarrassed.
“Football.” You finished calums sentence and his eyes went to the tv where actually there was no more disney movie but actually football on. He smirked at you, but you knew he was grateful for protecting his maleness in front of his band member. Calum was the biggest puppy whenever you were together alone, but as soon as one of his band members was around he felt like he had to prove something to them or impress them. You found it quite cute how much he cared about what his bandmates though of him, and that he pretended to be cool, but actually he was just your little dork.
You secretly winked at your dork of a boyfriend, before turning your attention to Luke.
“What do we owe this pleasure, Mr. Hemmings?”
“I … Umm…” Luke was clearly uncomfortable. He scratched the back of his neck, while looking from you to Calum and back again.
“Luke? What’s wrong?”
“I can see this I a bad time. I’ll just leave and we’ll talk later. It’s not that important anyway.”
“You went out while it was pouring and you’re soaked, I’m not convinced it’s not important.” You stated the obvious as Luke looked down at himself. You sighed and turned to Calum.
“Cal, Why don’t you just go get some dry clothes for Luke and a towel maybe?”
Calum nodded quickly and ran up the stairs.
“What happened?”
“It’s not so much what happened, more like what didn’t happen.”
Luke fell down on the couch next to you and you pulled your legs up, before turning to face Luke. You didn’t realize you were only wearing panties and calums shirt until Luke swallowed hard.
“Oh shit! Sorry, Luke.” You said quickly putting a pillow to cover your crotch.
“So last night at the party there was this girl and she wanted to … You know..”
Luke made a gesture with his hand, trailing off while looking at you expectantly.
“Take a picture with you?” You questioned.
“No she wanted me to do something.”
“Follow her on twitter? Luke why don’t you just tell me ..”
“Have sex with her” He blurted and his cheeks reddened immediately.
“Oh!” You chuckled. “Well that’s good isn’t it?”
“Yes, well no. Because we didn’t end up…”
“Having sex?” You questioned again, but this time Luke nodded.
“Why not?” You couldn’t help but ask curiously.
“Because I don’t … I haven’t… I mean I can’t…”
Luke sighed in frustration as he didn’t find the right words. He took in a deep breath before whispering.
“I don’t know how to touch a girl.”
“Come again?”
You heard perfectly well what Luke said, but you must have misheard. Luke Hemmings was shy when it came to sex?
“Please don’t make me say it again.”
You realized he was being serious.
“Oh! Um… What did you do the other times?” You asked unsure of what else to say.
“There hasn’t really been any other time.”
He admitted quietly.
“Are you a virgin?”
“No need to make it sound so pathetic.”
“No, no! Not at all, but you’ve left parties with so many girls.”
“Yeah but I only took them out for something to eat, before I brought them home.”
You couldn’t help but smile at the tall guy, with a lip piercing who was currently wetting your couch.
“You’re laughing at me.”
Luke stated hurt and embarrassed.
“No! I’m not. I’m really not I promise. I think it’s adorable, what you did. I just thought of you differently from what Cal told me.”
“Cal doesn’t know I’m still a virgin. No one knows.”
“Why did you tell me then?”
“I wanted to tell Cal and ask him for advice on how to you know…”
“Luke please just say it.”
“Make a girl orgasm.”
“Are you talking about my girlfriend about orgasms? Why was I not invited to this?”
Calum chuckled as he handed Luke the clothes and the towel, but you got an idea.
“Hey Cal?”
“What’s up baby girl?”
“Luke here just told me he is worried he won’t sexually please his future girlfriend and he came here to ask you for some advice and I just had this great idea. I hope you too are up for it.”
Luke and Calum stared at you in anticipation.
“Why don’t teach Luke a few of your tricks?” You chuckled as both boys swallowed hard, already knowing where this was heading and added cheekily: “On me.”