ok usa


no trump! no kkk! no fascist usa! germany is with you!

we are strong! we stand together & we will never let an angry old white man ruin the lives of minorities in an entire country! never again! respect everyone’s existence or expect our resistance! 

(Germany, 21 jan 2017)

Do you hear USA sing ?
Singing the song of angry women ?
It is the music of gun control
which will not be the same again !
When the respect and the rights
of LGBT and abortion
will vanish into void just as Immigrants population ~

Will you defend POC ?
Will you be strong and stay aware ?
Beyond the cruelty
And the loss of Obamacare ?

Then join in the fight
That is the anti-trump taaaaag !


Suits Appreciation Week | Day 1: Favorite male character

I am nice, and if that makes me a pussy, so be it.


AU: Mike and Harvey had a brief relationship that ended because Mike wanted more than Harvey was ready to give. Mike begins to spend time with Rachel again and it upsets Harvey who is finally beginning to understand how he really feels.