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Goal: Tag nine people you want to get to know better

Relationship status: 😏

Favorite color: black

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick is a gOdsend

Last song I listened to: fireflies by owl city (take me back pls)

Last movie I watched: the great mouse detective (10/10 would recommend, one of the best animated disney movies!!!)

Top three TV shows: i don’t really watch tv like that but i like ahs and oitnb and ancient aliens even tho it kinda freaks me out

Top three characters:  umm from tv? books? movies? i love rudy from the book thief no character will eveR compare. also shawn from boy meets world and deok hwa from goblin are a+++ characters

Top three ships: 

taekook, yoonseok, yoonkook

i’m going out on a limb here tagging ppl i’ve never talked to but i tag @gucciknj @mochikotae @thehouseofkpop & idrk who else to tag but if we’re mutuals i probably wanna be ur friend

we cannot build a life out of your stubbed cigarettes,
out of my charcoal-dusted fingertips,
out of the way we lean too close when we stand side by side.

its something like gravity, something like a pull,
something like the time when we were younger
and you told me, excitedly, big hands tracing the air,
about black holes, and all i could think about was
kissing the words right out of your mouth.

am i the black hole? are you?
why are we so determined to suck out each others’ light?
to collapse in on ourselves? to devour?

i catch you looking at the sky like a long-lost lover.
i catch myself stealing glimpses of pale, smooth skin,
the knots in your spine,
the ugly bruise blooming across your chest
that could be a galaxy,
could be a burst of light from a place so far away
that miles turn into minutes, and months, and years.

but its not. its just a bruise,
your body protesting against my fist.
(okay, i’ll admit, it wasn’t my fist, not really,
but it should have been.)

do you dream of the stars?
i dream of curling my body around yours, of holding you down,
and kissing you there, and using all of myself
to keep you on earth.

i wake up, and the bed next to mine is empty,
and it feels like locking a bird in a cage,
it feels like telling icarus
to get his head out of the clouds.

it feels like i’m losing.

(later, years from now, a man will walk on the moon.
but we won’t be there to see it.)
—  a lover for icarus  ★ s.g.
Mowgli's Road
Marina and the Diamonds

Here it is, finally! I recently hit 500 followers on this blog, and I have a mini tradition of celebrating that number. So I drew a song comic centered around my muse, Soranort, and its reflected off most of my headcanons and portrayal for him. Don’t take the lyrics too literally its a metaphor like spoons are not literally spoons, or knives…
Thank you so much for 500 followers, enjoy! ♥