ok um bye

there’s nothing in canon to support this but i love love thinking that shadowclan cats have over time bred so much and have tried to breed specific traits thru their line that they just have very loose neck muscles and can turn their head round in ways similar to owls

like not all the way around, but like one time firepaw said hey to yellowfang while she was in the medicine cat den, and she just twisted her head like RIGHT at him and looked at him with those huge orange eyes

and firepaw was so scared he just went “um ok bye see u later” without getting any herbs for graypaw’s bellyache. shadowclan cats r freaky.

wow i sent an anon message to basically say “hope you feel better soon” to someone who said they were having a bad time

and they publicly responded with a sarcastic, passive aggressive message along the lines of ‘wow it means SO much to me!! to hear that from someone i don’t know or care about!! you’re too kind’

The signs responding to anon hate
  • Aries: "I dare u to come off anon and fight me irl u bitchass coward"
  • Taurus: "ok chill bruh"
  • Gemini: "Anything else sweetie?"
  • Cancer: "Did you have a bad day? Can I help you? I'm sorry."
  • Leo: "um ok bye"
  • Virgo: "can I maybe help you with some therapy? I'm very good at analyzing the minds of butthurt people"
  • Libra: "is this what fame is like? *looks into mirror* fame changed you"
  • Scorpio: "...??? I don't" understand??? "I'm fab???"
  • Sagittarius: "LOL TRUUU"
  • Capricorn: "ok"
  • Aquarius: "but why???? Maybe we can talk this through???"
  • Pisces: "I bet u expected me to cry but really I couldn't care less"