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cocsa is truly a fucking experience. to have someone who you grew up with and hung out with and trusted hurt you like that is fucking heartbreaking. and i feel like i cant blame you because you were only a year older than me. we were both just kids and you had a shitty home life so its not really your fault, is it? i had to hang out with you after it happened and none of our other friends knew.

sometimes i wonder if you even remember what you did. i cant properly trust any of my friends now, i hate being alone with people, i dont trust anybody because if someone like you that i trusted so much could hurt me like that then no one is really safe, are they

scary podcasts?

anyone have any good recs for scary/creepy/horror podcasts? I’ve listened to Alice Isn’t Dead and I love it a lot! I strongly prefer supernatural horrors like monsters and ghosts and things. But if you have any good ‘real life horror’ podcasts that u like I’ll give em a shot, too!

Brief Australian History - The Eureka Stockade (Gold Rush)

Well! I’m procrastinating, and am going down to Sovereign Hill next week, and knowing it’s been brought up on my feed recently, I felt compelled to educate a little today on the Eureka Stockade. Forgive me as a lot of my knowledge is aged and coming from text books I have from school. But, it’s an interesting thing and if I bore you, I pray you look it up elsewhere and it won’t. The Eureka Stockade is an important part of Australian history, and is strongly symbolised in our pop culture.

// Also, specifically for the Hetalia fandom, the gold rushes were mentioned in the strips with little Australia and Canada. It’s said his character aged drastically due to the gold rushes and wool industry. (Chapter 201 / 202)

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A very done Soul… I doodled him on some notebook paper based off of an AU by @marshofsleep because holy shit it’s my new favorite thing.
I didn’t doodle it in my usual Soul and Maka style which is normally close to the official style but here ya go.
P.S. Go read all of Marsh’s fics
P.P.S. I’m not sorry


° . ☆ Hyakuya Yuichirou | Happy Birthday!  . °

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The Salt(tm)

uh… ok granted idk what’s popular or not popular anymore i mean i could take the easy way out & be like  o i like x character but that’s literally a cop-out so … how about things about ocs ? i know there’s a fuckton of bad rep for ocs related to canon characters, but i think there is a way to do this right. 1. plot it out with someone who writes the canon character that your oc is related to 2. if it’s never said that someone DOESN’T have x relative, or whatnot, have at it. backstory is important, i mean, do your muses justice, but let me tell you, no one ever said anything about 90% of extended family for most canons i know of, save like…. fma, where things are pretty set, but i mean no one ever said there weren’t distant relatives & especially for this fandom that’s a possibility. could i think of like distant cousins for kay, yeah. could i think of aunts & uncles, yeah.

 on my other blog for shinji, could i pull off kids ? no one ever said ubw shinji couldn’t recover enough to maybe have kids or god freakin forbid he takes a kid in & tries to give them a good life because he never got that, u kno. basically the tldr of this is have at it my fam make your ocs, just don’t u kno… make things that make no sense like uh siblings…. unless it’s left open ended…. that’s touchy… but kids, cousins, paRENTS…. let your imagination go wild & whatnot ok.