ok u get the point

you just close your eyes, and count to ten / breath in twice, and open them

you know where to go you have been there before in your heart

rb (me talking under cut)

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little things I love about Kim Yugyeom
  • the little hairy happy trail on his tummy 
  • his passion for dancing
  • how hard he worked to get to where he is now (and how hard he still works to continue improving)
  • the way he smiles when he gets embarrassed 
  • the way he claps when he laughs
  • the mole under his right eye
  • how he ALWAYS rolls up the bottom of his jeans  so that you can see his white socks
  • the contrast between his cute voice and masculine appearance 
  • the fact that he watches dramas and gets excited over them
  • his random aegyo attacks
  • the way he gazes with his mouth slightly open when he is paying close attention to something
  • how much he cares about fans
  • that he is always willing to help people
  • his love for dogs and the way his face lights up when he sees one
  • that he is ALWAYS laughing and smiling and just being a positive ray of sunshine
  • his airport fashion
  • the pouty face he sometimes makes
  • his unique vocals and how beautiful they sound alongside the other vocals in GOT7
  • how easily he gets excited 
  • the amount of love that he has for each member which is obvious just from the way he looks at them and interacts with them
  • the speed at which he can switch from adorable squishy ball of fluff to hottest sex god on the planet
  • how good he looks in yellow

brain: you know you wouldn’t have all these problems piling up and ruining your life if you weren’t so mentally ill

me: yeah well whose fault is that

stevetony ‘space pirate soulmates’ au

tony stark defects from the army rather than continuing to fight in & design weapons for a senseless intergalactic war; gets caught and imprisoned somewhere in the far reaches of outer space 

captain steve rogers, who’s never met his soulmate, hears his name during the highly publicized trial. he decides to throw all caution to the wind, stages the unauthorized POW rescue mission he’d been fighting to get approved for months, and then flees. makes his way to where they’re keeping tony. cue team-up and jail break. 

tony’s never wanted a soulmate – he won’t let some fate-and-destiny bullshit make his choices for him – but steve’s not giving up on him that easily. he persuades tony to trade in their getaway ship for a bigger ride, complete with a crew. they travel across the galaxy, dodging the many ppl trying to arrest them, undermining the corrupt government, smuggling supplies to some of the planets most devastated by the war– while tony tries and fails to not fall in love w steve  

space. pirate. soulmates.


© ~Emma Han~

anonymous asked:

ok but real talk why do you like animal crossing so much. not judging like im genuinely curious

i have avpd and its a Fantastic way of removing myself from reality and putting myself into another reality that i enjoy a lot more. it’s just. a whole space i create myself?? its only got 10 other people in it, you aren’t obligated to talk to any of them, but if you don’t talk to them for a week they send you letters asking where you’ve been, they ask you where you’ve been, and they tell you they miss you, and that they care about you, and they don’t ever want you to leave. and they all tell you that you’re doing a great job even if you aren’t doing anything at all, or even if it’s just one thing you did a few months ago. there’s no real responsibility, you just fill your museum because it’s pretty to look at, and you shop to upgrade your stores, but also to give things to your villagers to make them happy, and so they give you things in return, and to build up your own house. it’s like a little reality full of people that really genuinely like you, who throw you birthday parties every year with cake, who mail you presents and who come over with presents just to say hello, and who bring you gifts because they made them think of you, and who give you nicknames to show that they’re getting closer to you, lil people who give you a picture of themselves when they decide you’re their best friend.
you get to listen into their conversations, drink coffee with them, talk to the people who work in the stores to learn little bits and pieces about them once you talk to them enough.
you just like. get to build up your whole little world however you want to, however many times you want to, you can go to their birthday parties for themselves, and you can participate in holidays to get special furniture and you can watch auroras and meteor showers and get clothes for all the different types of weather
and theres s o many different villagers to meet and to talk to, and endless combos for furniture for all your rooms and layouts for your town with flowers and trees and bushes and public work’s projects and town ordinances and even if you have the game for Years you can just take everything out and start over again and your villagers don’t even complain about it they just plant new flowers with you, and they’ll say different things based on the weather and the temperature and how close to you they are, and you can learn about past towns they lived in, and things they like and styles and music and things like that

plus wild world was the first video game i ever played in general so i feel lightly nostalgic about that, but i like acww for the same reasons as acnl but i find that acww is more aesthetically pleasing just from the tininess of it, and the music. accf was bad, there’s. no getting around that, but i still played it until acnl came out
basically i hate reality and animal crossing gives me an escape from it where you never get judged and everyone loves you and wants you to be happy


“there was controversy regarding his qualifications”  ©