ok trolling

Witness my descent into madness:

Hmmmmm… I think I’m going to watch this new thing. I’m sure it’ll be fine. I mean, I love all of Guillermo Del Toro’s work! How bad could it be?

OOOOOH look at that cast! I’m totally gonna love this show! Just look at all the trolls!

And these two are part of the main cast!!!!! 


oh no





I’m really intrigued about whats going on with Mark Sheppard and spn. You know at first I was like, I’m not gonna take notice of what he says because he could easily just be trying to make us believe he’s not coming back so it will be even better when he does. But looking at the stuff he’s saying, he seems really bitter and angry.
“Suprise suprise, it was cut.” - talking about his line.
He also said he wasn’t appearing at any CREATION conventions. 🤔 I really hope he’s able to tell his story. I can tell it’ll be good.


a daily that’s a little different than usual - delving into my headcanon that troll pupils will dilate or constrict, especially as an emotional response.

Of course, for them to not be blinded in the brighter settings they encounter this is to be an expected function, but the idea that huge pupils happens with their quadrantmates is just too cute to me. 

I decided to have Nepeta be the example for this bc of course cat stereotypes as well as wanting to establish it could happen with either of the flushed quadrants at least, and she had the least messy moirallegiance out of all of them. 

I might rewrite this to be more concise later but Aradia Megido’s entire character arc was centered around a girl who had been controlled her entire life both by societal standards, other people, and supernatural forces/fate itself, and then was manipulated by said forces into being a harbringer of the end of her world along with her friends, MASSIVELY HARMING HER PERSONALLY AND HER RELATIONSHIPS WITH HER FRIENDS IN THE PROCESS.

But even through this she STILL ends up finding personal agency, being completely solely Herself in control of her own destiny, as well as learning to be kind and turning to a life centered around simply Helping People because she Wants To even when paradox space forgets them.

the fact that she is flanderized so much by the fandom into ‘that creepy girl who wants her friends to die’ or as Sollux’s arm candy (a boy she NEVER WAS IN A CONFIRMED RELATIONSHIP WITH IN THE FIRST PLACE) ESPECIALLY when she’s such a hopeful character is frankly, awful, especially as a character who has been shown to now only want to do good and keep her independence through being alive just Please Let Her Be Herself.



Ok so me and my best friend were talking about what might happen in Trolls 2 and found some clips from the first trailer and found Poppy on one of those bugs that r used as skateboards (There is a word for them but I just can’t rmbr 😖) . Anyways, I also noticed there was a figure of Branch riding on the same bug with a helmet and knee pads.
So it got me wondering, what if Branch decided to take an interest in this sport and does it with Poppy for a fun thing they do together? I mean, it can be possible! And this is both canon (the doll and scene itself).

I can imagine them like-
B: Poppy, I told you that we need to be more safe around here! Especially when we’re doing this! *Wears Helmet*
P: and I told you to have a good time.
B: *sighs* okay.
P: Y A Y! *claps hands*

Then they start to do it and at first Branch is like “POPPY THIS ISN’T SAFE U LIED TO ME!” And Poppy’s like “O CMON BRANCH! YOU JUST GOTTA LOOSEN UP A LITTLE AND HAVE SOME FUN!” So then Branch tried to do it and HE NAILED IT and THEN THESE TWO JUST GO THROUGH THESE OBSTACLES AND STUFF AS CSTF IS PLAYING OR SOME OTHER SONG AND THEY FELL ON THE GRASS AND BRANCH IS LIKE “Now THAT, was fun!” And Poppy’s like “*Laughs* See? What’d I tell ya?”

@dreamworksanimation I swear I’m normal-

(I also want Branch to do hair stunts since it’s canon in the game
- My best friend)

John and Jane get sick of their birthday being overshadowed by everyone’s trauma anniversary, so they decide they’re celebrating their birthdays on December 2 from now on. It Just Makes Sense.


im sleepy and my rinto model glitched an issue that i think might be pretty super common amongst editors/modellers so i did a quick sleep-deprived tutorial to teach u how to fix this dumb glitch 

this hack is 100% real trust me, i know it sounds bizarre and incredibly stupid and silly and idek how i managed to solve it but don’t kill me until u try it bc i can guarantee that in 9/10 instances it works (trust me i have conducted a survey with myself as the only surveyee)

edit: perhaps i am the only person that gets this issue but who knows