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Ok guys so here's what happened

As most of you know the show at reading was interesting to say the least and highly unpleasant for most involved.
Firstly there was too many people in that tent. I was near the front and was being crushed so that I couldn’t move my arms and had two people crushing my chest at one point. This is when I decided that I had to get out. Security were working so hard to pull people out of the crowd including many small children for who it was their first experience of a TØP show.

Then the show began, if it wasn’t crushy before it sure was then bc I had to get pulled out before the first song had even started. I was terrified and shaking, the worst experience I had ever had.

After a few songs the power on the lights cut out and they made the decision to carry on in the dark with only the projections behind them to light it up. The first few crowd interactions went well with Tyler running people over with his hamster ball and Josh playing on top of them during ride. But then it got to car radio. When Tyler tried to get to the pole in the middle he was pulled in instead of pushed up. I don’t want to know the kind of stuff that crowd were doing but it took him so long to get to he point that he missed the end of car radio and the beginning of the next song. Josh looked worried as heck. When Ty eventually did get to the middle his shirt was torn and most of the front was missing and grimy. He ended the show there and then and didn’t even bow with Josh.

Not every one is to blame here, it’s easy to point the finger at everyone at the show but that’s just not true. The amount of people I saw leaving saying ‘you’re gonna die if you stay at the front’ or being carried out in tears by security was frightening and for all the clique members in the crowd being helpless towards Tyler. The clique wouldn’t do this. We need to have more faith in our fandom bc blaming others is just going to tear us apart and make a toxic community that no one wants. It only takes a few in the crowd who have no respect for the band to turn a show bad and hurt the members. As the clique we understand how much each show means to them an we wouldn’t want to hurt Ty or Josh or treat them like meat.
The general environment at the festival was similar all day and they should have been on main stage to avoid the crushing.

After the show I (and I’m sure many others) just wanted to go up to them and give them a hug apologising for the disgusting way they were treated.
So Tyler and Josh, i am so sorry for the way you were treated because it was completely unacceptable and horrible. I hope you aren’t too put off coming back to the UK in future because it would be a huge loss for the clique but if you don’t want to then it’s completely understandable.

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DBS Manga is actually... good?

Ok, if you guys aren’t following Dragon Ball Super cuz you can’t take the anime for whatever reason, I feel you–but, the manga that’s also coming out, which you can follow on mangastream.com, is actually shaping up to be good. It begins with a quick retelling of Battle of Gods, then branches off, and while the drawing isn’t as strong as Toriyama’s hand, it’s still worth it. And I’m saying this as a surprised, old school, jaded Dragonball fan who can’t even really sit down to watch the series anymore unless it’s TFS style. Give it a shot, and tell me what you think!

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When you take a moment to think that Daryl must still be traumatised and mourning the LVs, will have endured the most debasing and horrific physical and emotional torture under negan, is probably still feeling guilty about Denise and everything else, still injured,no bike, crossbow, vest, AND YET as soon as he finds out where Carol is he GOES STRAIGHT THERE and you know he's only thinking I she's ok this ship is something else

My OTP is so beautiful, I can’t with my feelings right now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

And then people want to compare THIS with Rosita/Jesus and Daryl 2 seconds of screen time, and I just want to laugh until my lungs explode. Like, ok guys, keep trying. If it makes you sleep at night. 

imo a lot of people are too tame when it comes to attempting to sexualize men to achieve gender equality bc they’re like “ok here’s a buff guy with his shirt off. do you like this” and I do like that but it’s just not equal to seeing closeups of a woman vacuum-sealed into a swimsuit. please show me every detail of a guy’s bulge through his swimsuit. only then can the sjws truly win

Why send hate to Sarah J Maas? Wtf people, it’s just a book, if you’ll hate, do that AFTER READING THE BOOK, OK? If you hate bc your ship isn’t canon, sorry guys, you aren’t real fans. I shipped two characters and they aren’t canon, but that doesn’t mean that i’ll stop reading the series and send hate to SJM. Seriously, I don’t get it why ToG fandom is so hateful.

Remember when the ACoMaF spoilers leaked? There was so much hate bc Sarah “destroyed” Feylin and Rhys was an abusive character. Now everyone loves Rhys, our smol feminist bat son and ACoMaF was #1 New York Times Bestseller book.

So calm down!

Saw Merry tonight with Marta and it was so funnnn!!!! It’s so great going to shows with other people esp when they love the band too!! 💖🐑 This show was all singles so there was a big impact. I also live to listen to Gara’s singing MC at the end of shows let me tell you omg serenade me you perfect man


And it’s ok guys, I appreciate you each preparing shaved ice flavors for us even though it was raining all day lol

Tomorrow night is the fanclub show!! What will these lil scamps have in store for us 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑💕 #MERRY (at 下北沢Garden)

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I was playing fallout 4 last night as the character I have based on myself and they were travelling with Hancock… And they found that crashed alien ship.
And I was just thinking between Hancock and my self characters chem habits, would anybody believe them when they told that story?
They swear up and down there was DEFINITELY a crashed UFO and they totally had a close encounter with a little green man…
And everyone is like yeah, ok guys. I think you’ve both had enough jet.

OK im gonna be 100% honest with you guys that if the opportunity arised and delirious could actually be my boyfriend ™ id go for it but literally nobody else in the world is like delirious and he is the only exception

Ok Voltron is pretty good you guys.

I never watched the original show so I don’t know how it differs or if it’s a continuation of a story or what. But one episode in and I’m into it. Perfect Saturday morning cartoon.


It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

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The paladins as dogs

so ok luckily for you guys i went through a dog phase in elementary school so clearly im qualified to do this 

Shiro- Alaskan Malamute 



-pack dog, needs a squad

-gentle but protective 

-tough but not agressive 

Keith- Karelian bear dog

- Agressive 

-not trusting of outsiders 

-fiercely loyal if you gain its trust 


-stubborn, once it starts fighting a bitch it aint gonna stop

Hunk- Leonberger

-gets along with everyone

-quickly adapts to whatever situation theyre in


-smart socially and situationally 


Pidge- Border collie 

-The smartest™

- cautious 

-protective, dont mess with their toys

- tenacious 

- alert

Lance- whatever the fuck my dog is 

-tries to act chill even tho everyone knows they’re not chill 

- sleeps a lot

-short attention span

-is annoying but its ok we still love them

- a lil bit weird 


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