ok time to bed

ok so hear me out,

the foreshadowing in this is strong ok this is who’s going to win next season; how they’re arranged on the podium.

Yuuri= gold in the middle (ON T O P), Viktor= silver (plAtiNUm), and Yurio= bronze I mean?? like it’s just an idea obviously but WHEN I’M RIGHT O^O BOII i’ll bring this back and it’ll be one of the only things i ever ever got right hopefully maybe 

like this isn’t the only official art they’re in this order either? I know they’ve mixed around some and obviously this is just a natural arrangement bc yuuri is the main character and yadda yadda hOWEVER IT COULD be my bad foreshadowing >-> 

and this post idea has been sitting in my memos for a while now gathering dust (like me in my bedroom gOD) that’s why it’s no good and i’m ….. sorry  uhg

me: [shouts from across the ocean] EPIC SAX GUY IS BAAAACK

i may be 3 hrs late but Happy birthday my son!! 🎂💕🎉

(also thank u @thingsteruwouldwear bc i only found that hat and sweater thanks to ur blog!)

Too tired to do a totally new piece, but @betweenheroesandvillains was talking to me about a dance AU so I  some tried to clean up a pile of old sketches I had floating around for…absolutely no reason whatsoever

hey everyone! :) friendly reminder that AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAajajdlwnemdksnsncodoqueuowyrwuepabBx)!-@?“-@/*93+#))*-;;.,.;.;.;-;–℃{«¿℃¥«¥[¥^¥\¥^¢¡¥^¿°°℃ω℉ω℃®¤®⊙®|}«}«£]¥^{|§{§nNsndksjakakkkkAAAAAA

i’ve been listening to romanian songs again, including that one B)

How to introduce your Xenoverse character; post the most awkward shots of them