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Stan: *loses Bill in a crowd*

Stan: ok this calls for drastic measures. IT’S SUMMER


So you want to interact with a fanfiction author

Great! I’m glad you want to reach out and start a conversation with the many creative, giving people who take time out of their busy lives to pen the stories that have captured your imagination. This post is going to cover leaving reviews, giving constructive criticism, and a few do’s and don’t’s.

If you like a fic, leave a review! You can do this a couple different ways.

Reblogging with tags. Every single creative person I know, be they writer or artist or musician, religiously stalks the tags when people reblog their work. Tags are an amazing way to communicate with a creative, especially if you’re shy about sending them a message directly or are afraid your comment will go unnoticed in their inbox.

Don’t know what to say in the tags? Think about the moment you decided you were going to reblog this piece instead of just hitting the “Like” button. Was it a particularly well done piece of dialogue? A description that made you feel like you were a part of the story instead of just reading it? A scenario you’d never considered before but changed the way you thought about [character a, situation b, or fandom c]? There’s a reason you’re taking time to reblog instead of like, so let them know why! Not every reblog needs to be a tag flail.

Alternatively, you can send the author a message. Fanmail if you’re shy and don’t want your adoration made public. Sometimes, if I don’t have time to tag a fic the way I want for whatever reason, I’ll like the piece and then shoot the author a fanmail or an ask telling them what I liked. This is also acceptable. Who doesn’t like getting mail? Crazy people who don’t use social media, that’s who.

Ok, but wait. What if you DON’T like what the author has done with their fic? What then? Yes, there are options.

Option #1: You ignore the fic. You neither like nor reblog the story. You and the author both move on with your lives. You may choose this option at any time. It is not necessary to let the author or anyone else know you have chosen this option.

Option #2: Ask the author why they chose to go that route. Politely. We’ll go over what that means later.

Option #3: Give constructive criticism. Now. Be careful with this one. Creatives are sensitive people. Make sure the author is open to it before you go barrelling into their ask box. If you message me, even on anon, saying, “Hey, I just read your latest fic and I have some concrit I wanted to run by you. Is that ok?” that is perfectly fine. If my answer is yes, go for it. If not, see Option #1.

What is concrit? Glad you asked.

This is concrit: “I totally get the vibe you were going for with that scene, but I was a little confused about the angles of the body parts. I don’t think you meant for them to be doing xyz there. It just took me out of the moment a little.”

This is NOT concrit: “You’re actually not very good at writing smut. You should probably just let [other person] write it and stick to what you’re good at. Which is not smut.”

What’s the difference? In the first one, you acknowledge what you think the author was going for. You explain what has you confused. You explain how you interpreted it. And then you leave a way for the author to contact you to respond to the concrit. You could be right. Maybe the author’s beta was having an off day and missed that awkward elbow maneuver. Maybe they don’t have a beta.  Or maybe it’s you that’s missed something. The second example is rude. This criticism is not designed to help the author. It is designed to tear them down and discourage them.

Some people adore concrit. Some people only want it before they publish a piece. Some don’t want it at all. None of these are wrong.

SIDE NOTE FOR AUTHORS: If you ask for concrit, do not be upset, offended, or throw a tantrum when someone sends you a respectful message. You did not want concrit. You wanted to ask for concrit and revel when no one sent you anything. Those are not the same things. Concrit, when given correctly, is designed to make you, the author, a better writer.

Ok, let’s go back to Option #2 now. Where you liked the piece overall, but the characters are acting a little wonky. Something’s not quite right, you think. You don’t really have any concrit, but you want to say something. Here’s what you can do, especially if the author is posting a work in progress.

Acceptable: “Hey! I just read the latest chapter of [amazing story you’ve been following since day one]. I’m enjoying the story so far, but this last one has me a little confused. Why did [character a] do [this]? I feel they would have done [that]. Am I missing something?”

Not acceptable: “Your latest chapter was a big disappointment. I feel like you just don’t know the characters anymore. There’s no way in hell [characters a and b] would be [doing xyz]. I’m sorry, I’m unfollowing you.”

In the first example, you let the author know you like their work. You are making an attempt to understand their vision. You give them a specific example of what’s bothering you. You acknowledge that there may be things coming that you aren’t aware of yet. In the second, you’re an asshat who is wasting bandwidth. The tone has shifted from commenting on the story to commenting on the author.

And here are a few general DO’s and DON’T’S:

DO tell an author you are excited to read the next chapter.

DON’T send an author a message saying only “update soon” less than five minutes after the new chapter was posted.

DO speculate on what’s going to happen next.

DON’T tell the author how to write their story.

DO ask your author how the writing process is going.

DON’T ask your author why they haven’t updated yet.

DO send your author love.

DON’T send your author anon hate.

THERE ARE NO PROFESSIONAL FANFICTION AUTHORS. (We’re not gonna talk about she-who-must-not-be-named of the fifty shade variety). Every single fic author has a job, family, friends, school, religion, other hobbies, or sleep equally vying for their attention. Respect their time, respect their work, respect them as human beings, and we’ll all get along fine.


I made a Twitter thread a while ago about applying for jobs and I also got an ask about some of the specifics about how I wound up here, so in spite of the fact that this video makes me C R I N G E, I’m gonna share it and we’re gonna do some STORY TIME. Mostly this is me sharing the specifics of my own, personal story but maybe there’s some broadly useful stuff in here, idk.

Also, a fair warning that my ~*story time*~ got away from me, so I’m putting it under a cut. The tl;dr version that’s more broadly useful is:

  1. job applications are learning opportunities and you should make sure you’re learning things as you go about it
  2. your application should be a tailored narrative of your career trajectory
  3. don’t sell yourself short or forget that you hold cards in the process as well
  4. the goal is a good fit for everybody, and that includes you; not every job is going to be that good fit for you

but then, I’m not a hiring manager so, really, wtf do I know

(seriously, take everything I say for the anecdotal nonsense that it is)

I found the listing for my job here on Tumblr. At the time I was freelancing and mostly pretty happy with it, but since I wrote my MA thesis on Nerdfighteria and had always kind of wanted to get into video, this looked like a really cool opportunity to work on great stuff & learn a lot.

The application asked for a reel, which I did not have, since I was mostly doing Virtual Assistant work at that time.

A huge part of why I applied was because I thought the application process itself would be a great learning opportunity.

I really didn’t expect to get the job. I can’t stress this part enough. Like, really didn’t even think I’d get an interview.

The whole thing, to me, was just a good exercise. It had been a while since I had applied for anything (I was freelancing on referrals from the get-go) and mostly I was eager to see what, exactly, I could put together in lieu of a reel.

I spent a week working my way through some Lynda lessons on After Effects (this wasn’t my first time using it, but I had only used it for suuuuper basic stuff). Much of what is happening in this video is stuff I figured out how to do while I was making it. That was, again, the point.

I bought a shit ton of green fabric. I rounded up all the lamps I could find. I had a vague knowledge of the fact that shadows = bad for keying, but really knew fuck all about lights. (tbh, lighting is still kind of a mysterious magic trick to me.) I spent probably an hour moving the lamps around, standing in front of them, recording it, and then looking at it until I could find what looked the least shadow-y.

I also watched a SciShow video on the slowest speed setting so that I could try to reverse engineer the basics of what was happening. I was literally just looking at it to see, “ok, but can I do that?” (Answer: not really, but A for effort.)

I wrote a very silly script that was a very carefully selected understanding of how I had been spending my time. This part is super important and broadly applicable whenever you are applying for a job: a huge part of applying for a job is creating a narrative. 

(Important note: this does not mean lying.)

Obviously your life has (probably) not actually been a series of carefully chosen moments leading you to this ONE. JOB. But it’s important to find ways to talk about the things you’ve done that highlight how/why they are relevant. In my experience, humans have a pretty natural tendency to do this narrative reframing of their past as having led them clearly to their future. Use that. What is the version of your trajectory that most sounds like you’ve been gearing up for this job all along, acquiring skills both obvious and unexpected that would be useful here.

That’s the guiding principle of everything I’m saying in this video.

It’s also worth noting, though, that I laid my cards on the table. That is, I wasn’t trying to lie about anything and I was up front about where I was at. It wouldn’t have served anybody to try to be misleading about that fact.

So that was the application process, for me. It’s a tricky balance of being honest but also a carefully selected kind of honest. And keeping in mind that this is as much about deciding whether a company is actually good fit for you as whether you’re a good fit for them. I remember during my college admissions process, one school that I thought I really wanted to go to had a weird religious essay on the form that caught me off guard and made me reevaluate whether that was a good fit. Likewise, I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the 9-5 thing. Freelancing had lots of great perks that offset some of the overwhelming stress.

Something else that I did, that I recommend with a very cautious asterisk, was googling the people interviewing me. Again, partially this was, “OK, I know these shows they make, and I know vlogbrothers videos, but who are all of the other people who I would spend my days with.”

I had no idea who Nick was before I started, because I never paid much attention to the credits. But he was the one who called me to arrange the interview, so I googled him and found a great interview he did about why Crash Course matters, and there were a few specific things he said that stood out to me as, “yes, this is also why I think this matters and why I want this job.”

The asterisk here is: don’t be creepy. It’s a hard line to walk, but, ya know, don’t talk about your interviewer’s swarm check-ins or whatever.

In my case, I knew that in addition to concentrating on that narrative of how and why I should end up here, I had these other points to hit on in the interview. Again, don’t lie. This isn’t about saying shit solely because you think someone wants to hear it; this was about leveraging a piece of common ground I knew we had.

Lastly, I’d add that it’s good to be careful about how you walk the line between being excited about a company’s work and being a little overzealous. It is, at the end of the day, still a job, and you don’t want to come across as so enthusiastic that maybe you’re missing that point. That’s a really nuanced thing for which I have no easy answers.

A lot of this stuff is just luck. I gave a lot of advice where I could, but, at the same time, there’s also this weird combination of personalities that make a thing work or not. There’s a thing in hiring called the “airport test” which is: “could I be stuck in an airport with this person?” and that is a whole other weird, wholly qualitative element of hiring that ends up making a huge difference.

There’s the official bits and pieces that make up a job application, but then there’s the trickier interpersonal stuff about how that job fits into a team. Something not explicitly stated in my application, but which I’ve since learned mattered is that what I lacked in technical know-how, I made up for in cultural knowledge about YouTube. My manager is a former film school teacher who learned the YouTube stuff on the job; he knew he could teach me anything technical I didn’t know much more easily than he could teach someone the culture in which we create.

IDK. I could legitimately talk about this forever.

Shatt Garrison/Pre-Kerberos Mission Headcanons!

Because this influx of Shatt content has me LIVING. These turned out way longer than expected so more under the cut.

-Alright so originally Shiro and Matt didn’t know each other even though they were in the same year. Matt was a tech specialist, Shiro was a fighter pilot, which for your first year in the Garrison, it was like being in the nerdy friend group and the super popular kid group.

-Matt knew Shiro though. EVERYONE knew Shiro at the Garrison from the moment he stepped into the building. And HELL did Matt have the gayest crush on him ever.

-Matt most definitely doodled “Matt Shirogane <3” and “Takashi Holt” over and over again in his mathematics notebook. Pidge opened it one day out of curiosity, and while Matt was chilling in his room she came in, threw it at him, and said, “I accept you, fool. But please ask this guy out already you are borderline stalker.”

-That’s how Matt came out to his sister.

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murderking: part deux

it’s here my friends, just in time for the release of trr book two, we are about to board the ss conspiracy yet again,, set sail for…. MURDER

  • so lets talk about the coronation and sis there is LOTS to talk about
  • king constantine?? more like…. king constant murders
  • first off, everyone’s favorite ginger bitch
  • if u poor like me and didn’t buy the scene to follow her, let me fill u in with these screenshots i stole from tumblr
  • so her parents were traitors
  • believable enough right?? i mean this family does not have the greatest track record (read: fuckin luther #tbt to the medieval ages)
  • but like….. why tf would anyone try to start a goddamn coup in cordonia
  • first of all the main export here is apples,,, one shitty winter and there goes the GDP
  • pick a better country fam!!! coup the shit out of like sweden or something, idk!!
  • like really tho what was their supposed “plan” here
  • assassinate the king? uhhh fam he got two damn sons
  • the nevrakis not even really that close in relation to the royal family,, they ain’t heirs!!!! how tf they gonna get this damn kingdom to support them after they overthrow a monarchy
  • cordonia really does it By The Books as we have learned from the ridiculous marriage/coronation law so p sure they would have just crowned leo’s teenage ass and wifed him up
  • and if the nevrakis took him out too then u best believe liam’s royal diaper would be sitting on that fuckin throne
  • toddlers & tiaras whoMST
  • cordonia don’t fux with logic!!!! democracy???? no place for it here!!!!
  • there’s no way that traitor shit is true
  • notice how she only says “King” and not queen or monarchy or royalty, etc….. hmmm yes very interesting….
  • oh also forgot to mention this but all this info is delivered by an ANONYMOUS LETTER?????? With PROOF ENCLOSED???
  • who is out here keepin receipts like this!!!
  • not maxwell!! he’s like fuckin three when this shit goin down; a bich out here concerned about potty training or w/e like he aint keeping a burn book
  • not madeleine!!! i mean she an old hoe for all we know (tryna marry liam’s older brother smh) so what she’s maybe like 8 or 9??? old enough to be shady on the playground but not in the damn palace
  • so who do we have with the means to make convincing old ass royal documents proving an assassination attempt/planned coup as well as the motive to get olivia the fuck out the way??????
  • hmMMmMMMmMmmM i wOnDeR wHo it could bE
  • cLEArLy cordonia is ready to bust a nut for the royals ok
  • bust a nut……. OR……. believe a completely implausible assassination story cop-out??? believe that two members of a prominent family (the nevrakis) were ~mysteriously killed~ for some god-knows-what reason, apparently with absolutely no thorough criminal investigation into the matter???????
  • 👀👀👀
  • more likely than u think
  • ok now we get a plot twist: whos the one who has CANONICALLY been keeping this (bull)shit a secret all along?
  • “i don’t know why he did it” ME NEITHER!!! MAKES NO SENSE!!! PROBABLY BECAUSE IT’S A LIE!!!!!!!!
  • maybe a small mercy for the surviving daughter of [the people he goDtDaMN murDeRD]
  • “maybe because revealing the plot would’ve been worse for cordonia’s stability than covering it up” uhhhh OR HE MADE THAT SHIT UP SIS!!! REVEALING THE PLOT GIVES PEOPLE THE CHANCE TO POKE THE DAMN HOLES
  • tbh she right tho i mean revealing the plot (of MURDERKING) would have been v bad for cordonia’s stability so can’t argue with her there
  • literally why this ominous as fuck final line
  • what the fuck u got this king to thank 4 sis
  • what he ever done 4 u
  • nnnnnnnn get in ur rolls royce and GO olivia!!!!!! run ur bich ass all the way to the POLICE
  • ok so now, from the mouth of the man himself
  • a sappy speech for his son?
  • “always hoped”????? ummmmm sir
  • sir did u forget
  • ur son leo
  • he’s here like he’s not on a damn cruise rn he in ur ballroom fuckin watchin u say this shit
  • miss me with that ivanka/tiffany dynamic
  • “it feels as though this outcome was……. inevitable
  • ok so i added that emphasis but don’t even lie,, u totally read it like that didn’t u
  • do i even gotta!!!!!! like what!!!! this some frank underwood type foreshadowing right here
  • reliable??? steady??? sounds like an excellent pawn to me!! let me just house of cards his ass!!!!!!!!!!! (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
  • “you will be the king that cordonia needs”
  • sir…… u really gotta get them speeches PROOFREAD by ur shady ass wife
  • regina be like uhh take out the part where u deadass reveal the plan maybe?
  • meanwhile liam just :)
  • not knowin shit
  • not helpin our ass for shit
  • w/e i got a bone to pick with liam rn like he’s still a Snack but he’s a Messy Snack like one of those nature valley bars out here leavin damn crumbs everywhere
  • tbh i don’t even know where this is going anymore I forgot my thesis time 2 conclude
  • the king that cordonia needs
  • basically murderking knows that liam is the spineless one
  • LOOK ok DO NOT COME FOR ME liam is a sweet bean and a gentle gingersnap but also he whipped out his dicc for madeleine waaaaay too fast if u ask me,, he been Trained
  • idk what olivia’s parents knew,, some shit probably or else they wouldn’t be worm food
  • but it’s pretty clear madeleine is the Chosen One™ 
  • leo fucked it up so now he out
  • liam ABouT to fuck it up,, so the king got rid of option #1 (mc) and option #2 (olivia)
  • and now madeleine is gonna be the queen, liam is gonna be the king, and constantine has… TRIUMPHED?!?!?!
  • stay tuned biches
  • xoxo gossip sarah
It (2017) Losers Club Teen Fancast *-*

Bill Denbrough (Jaiden Lieberher); Dane DeHaan

Stanley Uris (Wyatt Oleff); Alexander Nifong

Beverly March (Sophia Lillis); Jane Levy 

Eddie Kaspbrak (Jack Dylan Grazer); Zachary Gordon 

Richie Tozier (Finn Wolfhard); Ezra Miller

Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs); Donald Glover

Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Taylor); (ok. i seriously reverse searched this image like- everywhere and could not find the model/source? also i know this one sucks. oops aha)


HEADCANON : Dwarven Weddings

Dwarves seldom wedded before the age of ninety or more, and rarely had so many as four children. They took only one husband or wife in their lifetime, and were jealous, as in all matters of their rights. The number of Dwarf-men that married was actually less than a third, for not all the Dwarf-women took husbands; some desired none, some wanted one they could not have and would have no other. Many Dwarf-men did not desire marriage because they were absorbed in their work. -  Adaption of J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, “Durin’s Folk”

        Merriment is a key factor in the lives of dwarves. They understand lives are meant to be lived to fullest, even with lifespans three times longer then that of Men. It is because of the steadfast nature of their abilities which in many ways even shortens their length of despair. Lest one has suffered more than most, Dwarves as individuals keep to cheer more so than anguish. They hold celebrations and banquets for their fallen, cheer to the fighting and acknowledge that even in death they can hold their spirit. This is important to know, as their weddings can be an even grander affair in relation to these moments. 

     Weddings are rare. Ones ( the one who a dwarf is meant to be with ) are not often found, or even wish to be found in their mindsets. Dwarven women are held in high respects as only a third of their entire race is populated by them. When they are also just as committed to one dwarrow as the men are to dwarrowdams, it can lead to less marriages in the span of lifetimes. They do not take the actual ceremony lightly, as it is more than just a vow to uphold. It is a choice of a life partner, one who would in all rights be a part of their soul. Never to walk alone again, dwarves wish to carry on the traditions left down by their forebears, which make the weddings themselves a interminable affair. 

       Weddings can span anywhere between 5 to 7 days. Each day is started with traditional ceremonies, the evenings mixed with gift-giving and banquets. One day is specified for tattooing, which can be lengthy depending on the designs crafted by each other. For the decedents of Durin, they prefer to keep the length to 7 days, to mimic the 7 stars upon Durin’s Crown. The seventh night, there is less celebrations for the actual couple, as they can retire then to their new home. ( Usually, one party involved crafts a home in the months leading up to the Wedding, for the new pairing to live once official. ) In the case of a King, this would mean the royal chambers, design changed, new bed, furnishings, everything picked and crafted as gifts from the guilds of the realm. 

     These days can be changed depending on the factors of food, drink and location, but the week generally flows something along these lines:

     Day One: Preparation of the Couple & Evening Banquet
The involved couple is given a day separated from one another, only
                     to ready themselves for the night banquet. It is for mediation, given
                     thought to what will transpire over the given week and lifetime thereafter.
                     This banquet is closest friends and allies, each to give turn to speak 
                     on the couple and give blessings. After, the couple sleeps separately.
                     They continue to sleep separately for the entirety of the wedding.

      Day Two & Three: Fighting Match & Weaponry
As a warrior filled people, dwarrows love to have a good match even at
                      weddings. This is also another gift exchange, the couple exchange armor
                      or weapons, whatever the other feels is recommended going into their
                      nuptials. Then, using these, they battle against kin, in a match to claim 
                      a ‘victor’ of the wedding. If someone not being married wins, they are 
                      offered a seat at the head table for the remainder of the week. Another
                      banquet follows each night, this one tends to end in more drunken
                      brawls and involves everyone who had been invited.

    Day Four & Five: Tattooing & Gift Giving
      This can last two days, depending on the tattoo details & what friends
                      and kinsmen have brought as gifts to the wedding. These are also gifts
                      not designed by others - they should be personalized and show the gift
                      giver’s own flare, as many are so in-tune with their crafts. Nightly banquet
                      follows each evening, with plenty of food and ale.

    Day Six: Healing & Private Vows
Tattoos are given time to rest and heal in the first half of the morning.
                       Dwarves are quick to heal, the rest is meant for preparation of the next
                       events. Private vows are those written by the ones to be joined, spoken
                       only to each other as the day ends. This is a private moment, filled with
                       love, spoken support and is sacred to the two involved. Dark names may
                       be exchanged, as a show of faith and trust. Another evening banquet follows.

     Day Seven: Final Vows & Blessings to Mahal
The most sacred of the days is the final, where the public vows are said
                        before all those who attend. The couple exchanges their final gifts to one
                        another; braiding beads into each other’s hair and slipping rings upon 
                        fingers. This is the final sign of wedlock, blessings are given and they are
                        permitted then to join in the final banquet, or retire to their new home. 

        In the case of Dwarven royals, there is one more task given to the couple, and that is to address their realm. This is done before the final banquet, and the two both speak on what it means to them to have the support of their entire kingdom. 

       Attire each day differs. Nothing is worn twice, save for any jewelry and gifts given chosen by the couple. Typically the pair matches in colors each day, mixing their two families emblems in the patterns. The final day they may either choose one family emblem to continue on, or craft a new one for their life together. This is planned ahead of time in secrecy. Every night the banquets are supplied by different parties. Either the families of the couple, friends, allies, or the pair themselves. But the food itself is chosen by the couple. 

       Weddings take months to prepare for, at times even years. As the race does not frown on relations or living together before marriage, it does not hamper the spirit of Ones. It is a strengthener of bonds, making it all the more special once their lives have been set as one. 


In this period even if I should study and hadn’t time to read a lot of ff, I managed to start following some new  (Ok maybe not some… now I’m currently following 60 fanfictions contemporary…but IT IS A DRUG (ι´Д`)ノ)

So I drawn up a compilation of the ones that currently I’m in love with.
I’ve divided them in genres, like I did with my previous post BUT I had chosen only the fanfictions I liked most in these categories.

Let’s start!

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                              POP STAR AND MUSIC AU!

Partner, Let Me Upgrade You Series by cuttlemefish 


(Ongoing)  Words: 42,353 Viktuuri

Composed by:

The main story

Lightning Strikes Every Time (He) Moves

Pop Prince Yuuri Katsuki is everywhere – magazines, television, movies – and now he’s also reuniting with his old bandmates (3XO) to put on an award show tribute to living legend (and Yuuri’s personal musical hero) Viktor Nikiforov. It’s too bad everyone keeps trying to pit them against each other for the title of King of Pop, because Yuuri’s ready to have a panic attack (in a good way?) when Viktor offers him the opportunity of a lifetime: Viktor wants to produce Yuuri’s next album, but that might be harder than Viktor envisioned when he discovers Yuuri has always been too anxious to believe in his own music against the sound the Hit Factory has created for Yuuri since he was fourteen.

and two sequel:

You’re Not Looking Enough (Look More) 




The author is absolutely a genius, they have an amazing sense of humour and a particular irony that will let you smile for hours after reading that.

The kind of smile that will leave you Like WOW I LOVE THESE TWO DORK.
Naturally there will be moments of pure distress and a flew of emotions that will let you breathless crying while eating discount ice cream.
I WILL ABSOLUTELY SUGGEST TO READ IT. I oy have amazing words for it 💙😭😭😭👏

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Dans une expression allant grandissant by canadakhstan (sciencemakedrugtho)

(Completed) Words: 41,991 JJBEK

In which Otabek is wrong, JJ’s not entirely what he seems, and everything will turn out differently, in the end. But, it’s probably gonna be alright.

This is not a followed ship. I met a lot of people that actually hated JJBek and Yeah I respect it, because not everyone have the same taste and like the same things!
Buuut for who loves These two together, this is the fanfiction made for you!!
I’ve really enjoyed it, the way the author had structured JJ character and the interactions between Otabek and him are sooo cute 💙

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The Boyfriend Experience by cryingoverspilledvodka

(Ongoing) Words: 163,248 Viktuuri

Katsuki Yuuri is an accomplished escort at 23, operating under the pseudonym Eros, in Detroit. When one of his favourite clients sets him up with none other than world-renowned figure skater Victor Nikiforov, the delicate balance between Yuuri’s personal and professional life teeters ever closer towards ruin.

This is one of the most beautiful fanfiction in the Escort!Au I’ve ever read. I love these two dorks, I love the angst and the sweet moments.
Totally suggested and recommended.

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The Courtesan by haganenoheichou (bondageluvr)

(Ongoing) Words: 50,126 Viktuuri

Viktor is the most popular Courtesan in Hasetsu House. He is beautiful, he is graceful, he is everything Yuuri has always wanted to be. Except Yuuri is an Untouchable virgin at the age of twenty-three and a universe-class klutz. What happens when Viktor takes an interest?

I like it!! It has a lot of angst, like when I was reading it I was like “Why… WHY?” And I can’t wait for the next update, my heart is bleeding

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Kintsugi by witchbane


(Ongoing)  Words: 102,936 Viktuuri

Yuuri Katsuki is a hitman burdened with a debt he can never repay. His target: Viktor Nikiforov, next Pakhan to one of the most dangerous families in the Russian mafia.

When the two are drawn into a treacherous alliance after a mission gone wrong, the bonds of love and loyalty to family and duty begin to unravel—even as they get more tangled up in each other.

THIS IS A MASTERPIECE. Every update I’m always ALWAYS stunned, this is one of my favourite ever. Every chapter is like ripping your soul from your body and elevating it in heaven.
I really am not able to describe it in English  but if you love Mafia!Au and Vikturi this is the BEST fiction you can choose (in my dialect I would say “Haje truvato ‘a forma d’ ‘a scarpa toja”)

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Out of the darkness by RoyalChrod (OMEGAVERSE)

(Ongoing)  Words: 57,866  Viktuuri

When alpha lawyer Viktor Nikiforov is given the case of omega Katsuki Yuuri, accused of second-degree murder, he wasn’t expecting the emotional turmoil he was currently dragged into. However, the more involved he gets, new pieces of evidence and facts are revealed, and Viktor begins to realize that nothing is what it seems. The only thing he know for certain, is that his client got out of a hellhole just to fall into another.

If you love Omegaverse and Investigation you have found the perfect ff. OoD is literally the perfect fusion of these two genres. Plus emotional, cute and angsty—-> perfect mix

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For now that’s all! >///> 

These are the fanfictions I’m totally obsessed rn, but I’m planning to do another post about Rare Ship FF ! 

Hope you will enjoy reading them  ( ´ ♡ ` )

´ ▽ ` )ノ Lia 

Fanfiction Reccomendations:

Part 1 (Omegaverse)

Meg Turney Bioshock Print Giveaway!

Hey! So I just recently hit 450 followers and wanted to do something fun. Meg and Ryan both shot these awesome Bioshock cosplay photos so I thought I’d give one away. These are the rad prints:


  1. You have to be following me.
  2. Likes and reblogs will count as entires and you can reblog multiple times if you’d like (as long as it’s not crazy spamming).
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  4. You have to be in the US (can’t do international shipping sorry).
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Other Info:

  • You will be able to chose one of these nine prints (as long as they are still available when I order it).
  • The winner will be chosen with a random number generator.
  • Meg allows for personal messages, so I can ask her to write your name or anything else you’d want. 
  • Shipping the print may take some time. I’ve had them take as long as a month and a half but also as short as two weeks. I will send you a message when I get confirmation that it has shipped. Meg does it all herself so there is no tracking information beyond that. 
  • The winner will be picked a week from now, March 19th March 15th

Few months ago I was sitting in my room drinking tea and lazily scrolling my feed and S U D D E N L Y

found myself composing a challenge based on TES Lore

Firstly the Elder Scrolls Illustration Challenge was made just for me and my followers on vk.com but then I came up with the idea to translate it to English (mostly because some people on tumblr got interested in it). I apologize for any mistakes I could make (I’m from Russia so my English is quite imperfect).

So here is the list. You’re free to use it. You can use the tag #elderscrolls_illustration_challenge to share your work with the participants (I also would love to reblog some of your artworks as the creator of the challenge, if you don’t mind).

You can use any technique, draw in any style you like. The only thing I (and I guess the participants too) disapprove is plagiarism of any sort. I also recommend you not to use any screenshots for the backgrounds – that’s a little bit unfair, even though it’s still a challenge, not a contest.

You also could notice that some paragraphs have two, three or even four themes: that means that you can choose one. Or you can draw them all – it’s up to you. You can skip any theme you don’t like. In fact there are 31 themes, not 20, but the challenge is actually completed for you if you draw 20 chosen. But of course you can draw them all if you want. Originally we decided to draw one theme a week but It’s ok to spend more time (or less).

Wish you a good luck!

Hope to see your awesome art soon C:


A small giveaway for reaching 1,600+ followers!

You will win;
- Craft grade deer skull
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- Pheasant feather
- Blackbird foot (preserved)
- Gorgeous shell
- Tooth scavenged from the Thames
- Big sheep half pelvis with gnarly arthritis
- Mandible from the same big sheep
- Various misc things not pictured here which will be added to the giveaway as I find them!

 - Reblog as many times as you want (extra reblogs count as entries but don’t spam your followers!), likes don’t count as entries but like away if you wish.
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- You must be 18 years old, or have your parents permission to enter. You must also be comfortable to give me your address if you win.
- This giveaway is in no way associated with Tumblr.
- Do not tag as giveaway, or reblog to giveaway side blogs

Good luck!!

anonymous asked:

hey! this might seem like an odd question but can I ask how you design your outfits/armor designs? whenever i try to design something for a character it kinda comes out simple, or is similar to other designs i've made in the past and i was wondering if you had any other tips ^_^ (also, i absolutely adore you're hq!! fantasy au and i can't wait for another update X3 )

Hey there Anon! :) I’m sure your work is fantastic! Just brainstorming and trying new things (even if you think it turns out too similar or simple) is always a good thing! Tbh I’m not really experienced in concept design and I don’t find my work to look very skilled haha but here’s a couple things I do when doing these kinds of drawings. First, I think it’s good to grab as many reference photos as you feel you need. For Ushijima’s (shiratorizawa) armor outfit I was looking at a lot of ancient Greek armor. What I did was take the general shape of the armors in the pictures and elaborated on it. It is VERY helpful (at least for me) to have a “base” for your designs that you can start with so that it’s easier to add in detail and embellishments. It also helps you understand how clothes/armor fits. I struggle a lot with making armor look like it’s wearable with room for the bending of elbows and knees, so I try to take time to figure out how the armor is being worn and what pieces are separate from the others. Second, when trying to think of something new, I like to try and think in shapes. Like Ushijima’s is very round and circular but Iwa’s is very sharp and diamond shaped. It’s easier for me to make something more detailed when I have a basic shape that applies to the whole outfit: if I wanted to add designs on the fabric for Ushijima, it would probably be a lot of curved lines and circular designs. Lastly, reference, reference, reference. On clothes and armor around the world. You won’t find a better inspiration than real life designs! It’s not like you have to copy it, just observe it and maybe take aspects of what you’re seeing, such as a cloth wrapped on one side of the body, or a utility belt/strap that goes around the waist and over the shoulder. And there’s nothing wrong with not liking the design you make at first <3 just keep sketching over and over and don’t give up! And have fun experimenting with different things ~ Sorry for the long ramble hahah

Answering other ASKS here (it’s gonna be a long one… lol):

Hi there! Hmm drawing technique… I would define it as HOW you draw something. Or HOW you use your choice of medium to draw/paint. For example, if you use pencil/pen, there’s something called stippling, which is a bunch of dots to create an illusion of shading. Stippling is a technique you use to draw with the pencil/pen. Same with cross hatching. You can’t really have a drawing technique, as it is something used by a lot of people. But you can USE technique and HAVE a personal style, which is the end result of you using technique. If that makes sense? Ahhh I hope this helped at least a little ;__; That was a hard question haha I had to think about this quite a bit XD

Hi @plants-blooms! Thank you so much! Ohhh another hard Q hahah. I agree it can be hard to achieve a natural look on photoshop. I think it really comes down to your choice of brush and your understanding of light and color on hair. 

I did this super quick and messily but I think it gets across the impact of using different brushes while drawing the same thing. It’s very important to know what kind of look you are going for and brushes factor a lot into it. And then there’s color and light. I think the best way to do realistic, natural looking hair is to observe real life and understand how the environment interacts with it (careful though since there are a lot of different types of hair). The amount of light a person’s hair is exposed to affects it’s color; not painting it in the right shade when the environment is really dark or really light can throw off its realism. Also, you don’t HAVE to emulate real hair and draw every single strand. If you understand all that light/color business, you can actually draw very simply and it will still look realistic. I’d like to point you towards WLOP’s work <3 their work IS detailed but it’s also a combo of specific brushes and an amazing understanding of light. And Wlop’s painting tutorial HERE. In general make sure to practice by observing portrait photos (perhaps flickr) or just creep on people in real life hehe

Haha hi there ~ Ahh thank you so much >///< yes that is me! *cough* Butiwaswearingalotofmakeupinthatreferencephotolmao *cough*

Ahh thank you so much @ichigodaisuki! <3 The small square above the nano is a very lazy and quick attempt to draw 3DS game cards hahah. It’s Fire Emblem Awakening and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire XDD and it’s completely illegible hahaha

Hi there, Anon! <3 Ohhh this question haha. I’ve been following figure skating since, I think, Kristi Yamaguchi in the 1990s (she was so good). I’ve also loved animation since I was little. The problem is I’m VERY VERY picky about the shows that I choose to watch, so I decided to keep tabs on anime studios based on the number of shows they’ve made that I enjoyed. MAPPA has been on my list since Sakamichi no Apollon and Zankyou no Terror (both are extremely beautiful, mature shows btw if you haven’t seen them), so when I heard they were going to make an original FIGURE SKATING show… I was all in. I think I was waiting for Yuri on Ice for over a year because the trailer came out 10 months ago and the announcement was a while before that. 

Anyways YES I loved the show, however it is not in my top favorites list (weird I know haha I’m sorry). But while I had issues with the character development and the animation, this show NAILED the main three. I could draw Yuuri, Victor, and Yurio all day! I think those guys were what made me love YOI, especially the relatable personality and character progress of Yuuri. Really wish there was more on Victor though, considering how significant of a character he is.

Ohhh Anon ~ If you want to watch something you should do it! Not being an artist or a reviewer should never stop you from watching a tv show, or doing anything for that matter <3 be yourself. Anyone who doesn’t want to talk to you because they think you’re “untalented” is a jerk and not worth your time anyways! The YOI community on here has been very friendly and welcoming, so don’t be afraid! Please take care and think higher of yourself ~ Have more confidence <3

Hello there Anon! Oh my goodness thank you so much! >////< And of course that’s totally ok with me! <3 ahhhh thank you so much for your support and I’m so honored you want to try and cosplay the design! I would LOVE to see it when it’s done if that’s alright with you?? *o*

Hi there Anon! Thank you so much and thank you for the interest! <3 There is only ONE king/queen at a time, but they are chosen by both of the two clans together and that person can be from either clan. Tsukki is definitely moon clan along with Asahi, Kiyoko, and Suga. Noya, Tanaka, Daichi, Yachi and Hinata are sun. I’m struggling with Yamaguchi, Takeda, Ukai and the rest… Kageyama is actually from Seijou and was banished to Karasuno and takes over as a dictator, sort of. So he has some work to do haha. Here’s the crests but they’re subject to change considering how fast and sloppy I did them LOL:

@fuckdin Of course. To both. Hehehe. But seriously yes, I definitely plan to draw more of the fantasy AU. It’s getting to the point where I want to draw all the characters and all the outfits and all the locations. And I have no time. It’s baaaaad hahah. But in terms of Iwaoi, their relationship in this AU is a bit… angsty. Mutual. But angsty… Soon. I’ll draw more soon!


Thank you to everyone who sent in ASKS! I have a few unanswered ones because this post turned out rather long haha. I’ll get to those when I can. And I’ll pm replies to the non-answer ASKS assuming you are not anonymous :)) Take care all! Have a great week <3 and a little iwaoi heh

Person | P.P

ok before I start, I’ve almost got cement pt.2 done, however this idea popped into my head and I had to get it out. Also I AM IN NO WAY ROMANTICIZING DEPRESSION. if it feels that way please tell me and i’ll probably do a re-write of this. Also these symptoms that I’ve chosen to use are from first hand experience because no one’s depression feels exactly the same.

Fem!reader x Peter Parker 

Warnings: mentions of depression, slight cliches, As usual I haven’t edited bc im garbage??? Also there are time jumps. Wierd spacing??? I wrote this on mobile google docs and idk what happened.

Word count: 1.6k

You were usually quite energetic, to the point where teachers would ask you to leave the classroom because of your many “disruptive episodes” which basically meant you constantly moving and talking to everyone around you-essentially causing a giant disruption.

Everyone took notice of your new behaviors, mostly because you were known as a ball of energy-not to mention you were quite popular amongst your peers, but that was probably because you had quickly befriended Liz Allan s well as some other seniors.

However, no one bothered to ask you if everything was alright at home, or if you were in a positive mental state, hell no one cared enough to ask. That’s the thing about high school, no one really cares as much as they pretend to.

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Ready Player 3: Manchester

Ok, ok, ok, so if you are a fan of the Game Grumps or JackSepticeye, I highly recommend seeing them live. One of my best buds took me, having never seen any of JackSepticEye’s videos, and having a very brief intro to Game Grump (though she’s a long time NSP fan, and we went in NSP tshirts and lovingly called ourselves Ginja Sex Party), she had an absolute blast! 

I was even one of the lucky few to be chosen to get on stage (And I’m now legally changing my name to Danielle Sexbang, bye bye Jodie). Even though I don’t get starstruck at all, it is a weird feeling meeting people who have only been disembodied voices that pick you up when you’re feeling down (and I’ve had extremely rough few months with stress and court hearings and stuff that is a story for another day). So, here are a few points that I picked up from my brief meeting with them:

Jack: The energy literally seeps from his. He is a little ball of energy. And much shorter than I expected him to be, but nonetheless gives a lovely, squeezy hug. 

Dan: Much more softly spoken than I expected. Also, his hair is really soft, not that I intentionally touched it but more like you can’t help but get a face full of it when you hug him. He uses nice shampoo. 

Arin: Arin was the one who caught me by surprise. Firstly, excellent hugger, like being hugged by a living teddy bear. Secondly, he has this way of talking that makes you feel like the most important person in the room. Even in the very quick introductions and goodbyes, it felt like Arin was wholly focused on what I said and not about what he had to do next. Just a genuine and lovely man, not that I assumed otherwise, but he has a very rare skill that is very special nonetheless

A weird thing that happened in my life

My chosen middle name is Roman and it actually has nothing to do with the sanders sides, but I made that decision around the time Princey’s name reveal came out and it kinda spooked me because that was one of the names I was considering. And I’m ok with giving this info online because only my immediate family knows about my chosen middle name at this point and they don’t have tumblr. 🙃

Anyways, my immediate reaction to the Prince name reveal was basically:

Yeah, I kinda wasn’t active in this fandom when that video came out, so that’s why I’m talking about it now. I guess if you guys wanna call me Roman now, you can do that. I really don’t care.

icsek  asked:

A friend wants to know if Anakin actually has a Lisa Frank trapper keeper.

OK, so for the benefit of non-olds, non-Americans who might not have ever seen these things, and other people who for whatever reason have no idea what we’re talking about, I Googled for some pictures of Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers, and picturing Anakin carrying around ANY OF THEM is killing me. 

General Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight, He of the Ultimate Destiny, The Chosen One, That Guy Who Balanced The Force That One Time, Luke and Leia’s Dad, ACTUAL DARTH VADER just…taking this thing (WHICH HAS THAT PICTURE OF OBI-WAN IN IT) with him into meetings, battles…I’m just. I have no words. 

So to answer your “friend”’s question, yes. Yes, he does. And he still uses it as Vader because I said so. 

How I met you (headcanon) | ‘Dancing with the stars’

Requested: yes “Helloo im kinda new to your blod and can i request a tom headcanon where you and him doing a sexual romantic ballet duet pls❤️❤️ “

masterlist: https://urbanstrangersfanfics.tumblr.com/post/165038874661/tom-holland-masterlist

taglist: @sarcasticvodka @mamanewta5 @dr-tardis-who @petah-parkah-and-potahtas @wandering-at-midnight @peterparkersgal @castellandiangelo @i-survived-my-trip-to-nyc @once-upon-a-walking-wolf-demigod @notfabulousanna @dec-snowy @b0okjump3r @lancesome-mullet-spacegays @sunshine-little-miss @marveltomjunkie @whiitee–sxxl @kawaiianime03 @homecomjng @espritdefleur @muffinfangirl28 @brokenanxiety

(Ok I want to say that this headcanon inaugurates a new series of headcanon called 'How I met you’. Basically it’s a series that offers different scenarios of the first time you met Tom or Peter)

You met at dancing with the starts:

- One day Tom’s manager called him because he had a very interesting news!
- Tom was chosen to participate at the new series of 'Dancing with the stars’;
- At first Tom was excited at all;
- But then his manager convinced him;
- “You’re gonna love it. Your teacher is one of the most famous dancers in the world. Her name is Y/N”;
- And Tom was like ??? Who is this girl?;
- A few days later Tom had his first training session and -again- he wasn’t sure about doing it;
- But boy, the moment he saw you in the ball room he completely changed his mind;
- Without any doubt, you were the most beautiful girl in the entire world;
- He loved the way your hair highlight your features and the soft curves of your body;
- “Tom you are drooling”
- “Shut up, Harrison!”
- You, on the other hand, were pretty excited to start this adventure. You didn’t know who he was but he was really attractive;
- Tom stuttered when he introduced himself;
- “Hi I’m Holland Tom… I mean… Tom Holland”;
- Harrison laughing like crazy in the background;
- As we know, Tom used to dance, but he never tried ballroom dancing so everything was completely new for him;
- “Tom you have stepped on my feet again!”
- “I sorry!”
- “You have to count until three! It’s not that difficult”
- “Ok, let’s make a pause”
- Days passed by and Tom was more infatuated than ever;
- Especially because he had the chance to touch you all the time but he couldn’t kiss you like he wanted to do;
- He really loved touching your body, it was just perfect to him;
- And your skin was soooo smooth;
- Dancing with Tom was the hardest thing ever;
- You were addicted to his touch, all you wanted was to feel his fingertips on every part of your body;
- Sometimes you knees trembled so hard that you almost fainted;
- The night of the first show, when Tom saw you for the first time in your ball dress, he promised himself to marry you;
- Because he knew you were the best he could ever want in his life;
- Can we talk about Tom wearing a suit?
- That’s probably my new religion;
- The sexual tension between the two of you was reaching the limit;
- Tom was just too afraid to look like an idiot in front of you, and you wanted to look professional;
- But eventually you two couldn’t take it anymore and one day you kissed;
- It was the most mind blowing kiss ever;
- “I don’t know why we have waited this long”
- “Just shut up and kissed me”
- From that moment on, you guys became an incredible dancing couple;
- Tom became more confident and flowing;
- You loved dancing with him, and watching his body moving;
- On the last week you had to prepare a new number… TANGO!
- And tango is the sexiest dance ever!!!!
- I’m sure that the first times Tom got a boner;
- Eventually giving him head after practice;
- Tom couldn’t help staring at your beautiful body;
- Always complimenting you;
- “Darling you are absolutely the most gorgeous woman in the world”;
- “I’m so lucky I have you”;
- His heart melted every time you touched/looked at him;
- He would be sooooo whipped;
- Like, also in bed, he would be super sub! Because he wanted to see your body moving on top of him;
- Ok but it’s Tango Night!
- Tom would be a bit nervous at first;
- Kissing him and telling him that everything will be fine;
- And guys you slayed!!!
- Giving a reward one you get home 😏;
- Even if Dancing with the starts ended, sometimes you still danced in you living room;
- Okay but one night you guys got so drunk and once at home tried to dance;
- You broke a lamp and a few glasses;
- Conclusion: Tom was the happiest man and every time you remember him that he didn’t want to join the program he would blush or roll his eyes;
- “I’m glad I did it, because I had the chance to meet the most beautiful woman around”;

Ken Penders and how his misinformed view of how monarchies work ruined not only what could have been a good au story but also Sonally

*profanity warning*

Now, just to preface as you may have gathered from my current icon and some of my art, I primarily ship Sonamy, however that does not mean that I hate Sally or Sonally, as a matter of fact I really like Sally as a character, she subverts some of the typical princess tropes (which I’ll get to later) and her relationship with Sonic, especially in SatAm is really fun to watch, they bounce off of each other so well. 

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candiestudyblr  asked:

Mike actually getting really into birds and he’ll always take pictures of birds for Stan and sometimes they just hang out at the farm because there are so many birds and Stanny boi is fASCINATED

~ “That one is…a  Red-headed Woodpecker.” Stan traced the movement the bird made as it flew from branch to branch, and gave little chirps. He smiled as it flew right over their heads. He tilted his chin up to follow it with his eyes, not turning back until it was completely out of his sight. Usually, the response he got would be a hum of slight interest from one of his friends but this time, he heard the flipping of pages. He glanced to his right and found Mike cruising through a bird book. He grinned from ear to ear. 

Mike had recently started sending Stan all the pictures he could take of birds on his farm in the Loser’s group chat. It began around two weeks ago when Stan had been sick in bed and the Losers proceeded to fall into their routine of cheering him up. 

This consisted of Richie sending him every bird meme that Stan could enjoy, Stan thought it was endearing in some ways. Especially the first time Richie sent him one and had texted ‘Is this what you love??? I’m trying to speak your language here.’ And while it was endearing, he also dreaded being woken up at 2 am and checking his bright as shit phone to see a bleary picture of some bird comic. 

Eddie had sent him multiple videos of Richie provoking birds and pretending he was on some wild life show with some awful Australian accent. Occasionally, Bev could be seen getting really close to a goose that would fly away last minute and she’d stare into the camera like she was in The Office. Stan would then put them all on his snapchat story with captions like ‘Why am I friends with them?????’

Ben had sent him a priceless snapchat of the group making interested poses like they were looking at something magnificent in the nature of the Barrens. Bill was pretending to point with binoculars in his hand and everyone stood or kneeled behind him with fake interest. Ben had used the pencil tool to scribble in a huge bird drawing where they were looking with the caption ‘Wish you were here’.  Stan didn’t and will not ever tell them, but he teared up. 

But what really got him was the fact that Mike just started dishing out beautiful shots of birds like it was no problem. He’d usually add something like ‘Found this little guy chilling in my tree’. 

So when Stan got better and could actually leave his bed, there was no way he wasn’t going to see all the little guys for himself. So he started going over to Mikes farm and Mike would give him the grand tour of all the prime bird spots. “Yeah, I don’t know exactly what he was but he was…like red and just chilling right over here.” Mike scratched his chin and explained the first time Stan had gone over and pointed into his tree, Stan smiled widely and followed after him. 

“I saw a….” Mike flipped through the pages of the bird book he bought for himself, knowing Stan didn’t particularly like it when people touched his. “Purple Martin yesterday!” he pointed excitedly to the picture and Stan gaped his mouth.

“Really? tell me you took a picture?” Stan smiled as Mike pulled out his phone and flicked through his photos until he landed on the right one. 

Stan adored his friends. He lit up every time they let him talk about birds or even sent him bird memes. But the great thing about Mike was that he was a listener and didn’t mind when Stan went on and on and on about birds and sometimes he could keep up and talk with him. 

Ok I’ll go to bed in a minute, but you know what frustrates me: Moghedien

Like, I adore Moghedien, look at my url. I love and fear and want to protect her and all her evilness, but like, what the hell did she do?

With other Forsaken, we got a general idea of what they did to earn their reputations and their places as Chosen. Moghedien? We know she was some kind of math person, committed vague atrocities that killed a lot of people (like all the Forsaken tbh), and Birgitte really pissed her off that one time. Oh, and she’s real sneaky about it all. But like? What did she actually do? Specifically?

Like some Forsaken are in and out of the series pretty quickly, but Moggy is there for a Long Time and a pretty major player at some points, but her role among the Chosen seems nonexistent at the best of times. So what did she do that made her earn her place not only among them, but with the Dark One?