ok time to be the chosen one

can we just talk about how much exposure doyoung is getting and the talent that sm sees in him? realistically speaking, he was one of the most underrated members of nct. he didn’t have many stans starting out despite his obvious talents and love and passion for the career he has chosen. many didn’t see doyoung as the most handsome of the team, or recognize his charms. he was often forgotten but now he’s taken up solo schedules by storm. he’s mced, he’s hosted, he’s been a guest multiple times. he’s stared in an ost, and soon will be in another song collab. when people were pushing him aside, sm picked him up and plopped him in the spotlight and he has stayed there, persevering with schedules on his own. his face, his voice, his entire self has been dangled out there alone for others to debate and to garner attention towards nct. for a boy who was born to shine on stage, he has shown us that he was made for much more than singing. for the first time i can proudly say that sm made the right choice, and it was a choice that i didn’t even think would be an option back in january.

the boy who lived

So James & Lily arrive to the afterlife. Hagrid takes baby Harry to Privet Drive number 4. Dumbledore decides to drop a BABY aka the chosen one at the Dursley’s door.

Lily: *screaming her head off* James, he’s taking Harry to Petunia. JamES DO SOMETHING FOR MERLIN’S SAKE.

James: what do you exactly expect me to do Lils?

Lily: I don’t KNOW, OK? How are you so calm?

James: I am not calm, I’m just sure Dumbledore has a plan.

Lily: A PLAN? He left him at the fucking door James.. At night time. Give him to Remus or Sirius or someone else but not Petunia. She hated me for what I am James, she’ll hate him even more.

James: He’s a fighter, you know that and if he takes after you, he’ll be even stronger. Don’t you worry love.

*silence as Lily watches over Harry, James paces back and forth*

And Lils, *Lily looks up* I’m sorry for all this. I shouldn’t have agreed to change the Secret Keeper, I am so sorry we left him alone. It’s all my fault. I’m just.. I don’t know.

Lily: Don’t be ridiculous, this was only and only that rat’s fault, you can’t blame yourself for trusting your best friend James. Sirius and Remus will take good care of him, I know they will. They cared too much about you to let your son be alone.

James: I know they won’t but I just can’t shake the feeling that I fucked up really bad, he shouldn’t have gotten to you and him, I should have been able to stop him.

Lily: You sacrificed yourself for us James, do you really think that wasn’t enough? We both didn’t have our wands because we KNEW Peter wouldn’t give the secret away. I mean I don’t know how we could be so blind, his animagus is a bloody rat *James grins* but we trusted him and that’s why we didn’t stand a chance. I’m sorry, too, but again this. wasn’t. your. fault. *looks James right in the eye* Do you understand that?

James: Yes, Evans.

They sit together until Petunia opens the door to get the newspaper and the milk. The following 11 years are complete chaos and endless swearing but they still somehow find comfort in each other’s presence.

You can read the next chapter The Vanishing Glass here.


ok sorry it;s super sketchy this is supposed to be just a quick doodle

Headcanon time: It is not uncommon for the chosen ones of the miraculous stones, namely ladybug and chat noir, to not be together. Their love story almost often meets a tragic end before the stones were passed down to the next generation of miraculous holders. They are two parts of  whole, but that doesn’t mean they will ever be one.

The Chosen One | Dhani & Dominick


“Yay.” Said Dominick without any kind of enthusiasm. “I’m glad you came onto your senses and decided for the best. Get inside.” He said, pushing the door open and showing the kid around his house. “Put your stuff.. ehm.. whenever. Nobody is gonna steal anything from you here. A drink? You drink?” He asked, pouring himself another glass of scotch and pouring one for Dhani, offering him the glass. “It’s like this… This.. is a glass that’s half full.. You chose to see it half full and it’s a good attitude to face things here. I’m not a vampire, I’m not gonna feed off of you I just wanna have a good time and by choosing option A you… You decided to have fun as well..” He said, with a grin on his face. “So… What do you like?” He asked.

Dhani followed him in, clutching white-knuckled to his bag before being told to put it down. He didn’t want to. He wanted to leave, really, but that wasn’t really an option either. After a few deep breathes, he shrugged his bag off, setting it on the coffee table and found a glass of scotch being offered to him. He took it, though it didn’t smell very good. It smelled strong. Maybe that was just what he needed.

Dominick would have been awfully handsome and terribly charismatic if he hadn’t put Dhani in a position felt he couldn’t say no to. Well, technically he hadn’t really tried. Dhani didn’t think Dominick would appreciate Dhani changing his mind.

“I don’t know,” Dhani said, speaking quietly again, words difficult to find at all. He took a gulp of the scotch, wincing from the flavor and burn in his throat. He cleared his throat, trying again. “I don’t… I don’t want to get hurt, but I– I don’t think I want to do what– what it is you might have in mind… either.”

Mob Choir 99

I really really love Mob psycho 100 opening, the lyrics are so good and at first glance it looks like the song is only about mob but i love how it makes reference to other characters too, like: 

Fake smiles…laser beams! that’s dimple

Can’t read the mood… demon rush! that’s shigeo/onigawara (since oni rush is the name of onigawara’s special move)  

Self-doubt…psycho wave! that’s teruki

Love exorcism graphic! that’s reigen

I pretty much interpret the lyrics as if each time that the chorus repeats it’s refering to teruki, ritsu and shigeo, in that order:

If everyone is not special, maybe you can be what you want to be (…) it’s ok to not be special

Teruki felt like he was the chosen one for having psychic powers, and then being at peace with himself, that he is an average person. (tbh i might be very wrong here since the sequence in the opening in this part of the lyrics saying “your life is your own, ok? it’s ok to not be special” shows ritsu under the gaze of mob and then being ripped apart by a fucking cactus so yeah, but then again after that it shows teruki lol i read into it too much , let’s keep going )

This whole paragraph as I interpret it, it’s refering to ritsu:

If everyone is so special, maybe you can’t be what you want to be. Even if you breed falseness and contempt..Your life is your own, ok? Would being special make you feel ok? Everyone will surely find their own answers.

His inferiority complex and fear for not having psychic powers, also how he was an accomplice in kamuro’s plan of “cleaning” the school 

And this is my favorite part of the lyrics:

If you can notice you are not alone, maybe you will find your own answer. If you are burdened by strife and  hatred.. Your life is your own, ok? It’s ok to run away!  If you are capable of it, it won’t be a mistake.

If you read the manga you know what that means 

Sorry for the long post i love to analyze song lyrics, have a nice day and share your thoughts with me!

Haunted-Bucky imagine

I have had this idea in my head for so long I really hope I got the idea across ok. Gahhhhh. I listened to Haunted by Beyoncé like 102238473 times whilst writing this so maybe listen whilst reading? I dunno.

Part 2

Warnings: I dunno kinda smutty/sexy dancing?

Word count: 1.8k

Originally posted by myfuckingownwonderland

It’s finally here. Your birthday. You’d convinced all your fellow Avengers to come out, since it was a special occasion and all. You’d chosen your old favourite club. Yes, it might be a lap dance bar, and yes you might have worked here before Tony tracked you down and convinced you to join the team, but no one needed to know that. As you gathered round the bar, Clint got the first round in, and you demanded everyone got on the shots immediately. Spinning around to face the stage, you see two of your friends you used to dance with and shoot them a smile and an excited wave. Man you missed them.

“Bringing back memories ey kid?” Tony says in your ear with a smirk. You glare at him and playfully punch his arm. You swore him to secrecy but you just knew he’d wait till the right moment to inform the avengers of your previous employment. It’s not like you were embarrassed or anything, you actually enjoyed working here, the music and dancing, it was a rush. But you know you’d never hear the end of it.
“Hey its Tony’s round next!” You shout and he narrows his eyes at you. You wink at him and tell him to send 2 over to your friends whilst he’s at it. Downing your shot, you grab Natasha’s hand and drag her to the dancefloor, some of the others following suit. It was kinda crowded and hot, but you didn’t mind. It’s been ages since you’ve all been out and you needed a release. You look over at Nat and Wanda, swishing their hair and rolling their hips. As If they weren’t attractive enough, of course they’re good dancers too. You laugh to yourself and join them, swaying your hips to the music, hands coming up your body and in the air. You turn around and put your back to Wanda’s, both winding down to the floor and back up again. Spinning back around you glance over to the bar and catch Bucky’s eye. Your breathe slightly hitches in your throat when you see he’s been watching you, jaw clenched and eyes dark, it makes a heat rise from the pit of your stomach. God he’s so attractive. You wanted so badly for him to come over and dance with you, for his hands to be on you, but you were certain your feelings for him weren’t returned.

You break away from his gaze when you hear Tony on the mic, cutting the music. You all turn to see him on the stage, what the hell is he doing? You make your way to the front along with the others.
“So, as the majority of you do not know, it is (Y/N)’s birthday today. There she is, that sexy thing right there!” Tony points at you, and everyone around you claps. Sam wolf whistles behind you and you jab him in the ribs with your elbow.
“The majority of you also don’t know-“ He continues, leaving a dramatic pause and smirking at you. No. Not here, he wouldn’t. You look at him wide eyed. “Don’t you fucking dare” You mouth at him.
“(Y/N) there, used to work here!” You throw your head in your hands. The unknown people in the club cheer, and your friends around you stand open mouthed.
“What the fu-seriously?” Nat says, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow at you whilst smirking.
“Well damn, I did not see that coming!” Sam says, he’s one of your best friends and you didn’t even tell him.
“You worked here?” Your attention is drawn to Bucky, standing next to an open mouthed Steve.
You throw your hands up and shrug your shoulders. “Hey, I needed the money and I happened to be a good dancer. I worked here till Tony picked me up last year, big deal.”
Sam winked at you and you turned to face Tony again, who grabbed your hand and dragged you up onto the stage. You tell him you hate him, and he shrugs.

“So since it’s a special occasion, how about we get (Y/N) to show us some of her moves?!” Tony shouts, he’s walking on thin fucking ice now. Your team mates cheer and you flip them off.
“You can’t be serious Tony” you say, hands on your hips. He flashes you a grin and nods.
“Ok first of all, it’s my birthday- I should be the one getting a lap dance. Second, I can’t do it in this outfit, I can’t move properly!”
“Ah well you see, its fine, your friends here have your old costume in the back!” And with that, your two friends Kady and Sophie walk out from behind the stage, your old outfit in hand. They look like excited school kids, you couldn’t blame them, you hadn’t danced together in so long. You were so going to kill them later though. Your head falls back and you groan. This could not be happening. You look to your friends for help but they just egg you on.
“Don’t keep your fans waiting (y/n)!” Clint shouts and you glare at him. Fine, they wanted a show, they’ll get one. You run off the stage followed by Kady and Sophie and get changed, quickly fluffing your hair up and re applying your lipstick.
“What are we even dancing?!” You ask them, heart pounding.
“Haunted, the chair dance. Our fav!” Kady squeals. You sigh and check yourself in the mirror, surprised but pleased the lace outfit still fits. You roll up your fishnets and put your heels back on, the outfit did always make you feel sexy and powerful. Your mind suddenly flashes to Bucky. Fucking hell you were really going to do this in front of him. Taking a deep breathe, you nod at your friends, feeling nervous but deep down excited. When you strut back on to the stage, three chairs have been placed and Tony is now in the audience. Your team and others in the audience whistle and cat call and you can’t help but laugh at this ridiculous situation.

You compose yourself as the music starts, the bass vibrating right through your body. Your three bodies pop in unison, winding round the chairs, hands sliding over your bodies, grinding the smooth chair. A quarter of the way through the routine, Kady grabs Steve from the floor, Sophie grabs Sam, who pulls a bewildered Bucky from the audience. Shit, you forgot about the lap dance part. Kady pushes Steve down on to the chair, his face an absolute picture. You’re getting Sam or Bucky, both equally as awkward for different reasons. Of course, Sam practically throws Bucky at you.
“Show him a good time girl.” He laughs, and settles himself in the seat for Sophie, having the time of his life.
Fuckfuckfuckfuck. Ok play it cool, your heart isn’t about to explode. It’s just a lap dance, treat him like an unknown customer. Yeah fucking right.  You take a deep breath and take him by the shoulders, pushing him down on the chair. Did he just fucking wink? Focus.

You get back in unison with the other girls, focusing on the beat. You snake your way to the back of the chair, your hands running over his muscular shoulders and chest, nose brushing the back of his neck, you mouth the lyrics close to his ear.
“You want me? I walk down the hallway.”
You can see his hands gripping the side of the chair and you smirk to yourself. It was always the feeling you liked-the tease. The fact it was Bucky made it so much better. And hotter. You wind back round to the front of him, facing the audience, you sway your hips down to the ground, sliding to your knees and grinding the floor below you. Your heart pounds as you know what comes next, usually your favourite part.
You spin around and come back onto your knees and turn to face him, locking eye contact, you continue to mouth the lyrics to him.
“Slap me, I’m pinned to the doorway.”
You slap your own thighs and run your hand up to your crotch, Bucky squirms in his seat.
“Kiss, bite..”
You slide closer to him, running your hands up his thighs and back down to his knees, throwing his legs open.
You straddle his thick thighs and slam down on him, hips grinding into him as the beat vibrates right through to your core. You pull your hips right back, riding his full lap, hands making their way up his chest and round his neck, gripping him for support. You don’t break eye contact, and the way he’s looking at you, his bottom lip between his teeth, is making a heat pool inside of you, your head going dizzy. As the music slows slightly, one hand goes down and hooks over the brim of his jeans as you let your body fall back, running your other hand down your body. As you pull yourself back up, Bucky’s hands have made their way down your thighs to your hips, making you shiver. You pop and grind your hips again, deeper into his crotch, forgetting your surroundings. Tracing your fingers down his jaw, you tilt his head up, dragging your bottom lip across his neck, you can feel his moan vibrate through his adam’s apple and his grip on your hips tighten. Pulling back, you smirk at him, and spin yourself on his lap so your facing the other way again. You move in between his legs, hands on his knees, and slowly gyrate your ass into his groin. You look to the side from your messy hair and get a wink from Kady, Steve looks terrified but he’s totally loving it.
You slide your hands up the back of your legs and across your bum as you stand bent over in front of Bucky. Turning on your heel, you put one foot one the chair between his thighs, and one leg over his right thigh. You roll your hips down onto his leg, the friction of his jeans against your crotch setting you on fire. You meet his gaze as his cool metal hand grazes the back of your calf and you have to bite your lip to stop a moan from escaping your lips. You remove your leg from the chair and straddle him one last time.

It takes a second for you to realise the music has ended and the clapping has started as you stay sat on Bucky’s lap, breathless. You quickly jump up, and join the other girls who are taking a bow. Your team mates are going wild below you and Tony gets up on stage, grabbing the mic back. He pulls a flustered Steve, Sam and Bucky beside him and you can’t help but laugh at the three of them.
“How many of us need a change of pants huh?!” Tony jokes, and you pull a disgusted face.
“Im gonna fucking kill you Tony.” You slap his chest and he laughs. The guys get off the stage and you head of back stage to get changed again, looking back to find Bucky watching you leave. You give him a cheeky smile and turn behind the curtain. You need a fucking drink.

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It is important to never treat a thin woman as well as a fat one. Any woman who weighs under 150 pounds has either failed or actively chosen not to fulfill her role in life as a gluttonous object of desire. These women are to be pressured and ignored. They are to be limited to clothing far too large for them and judged at all times for not eating enough until such time as they allow themselves to become single-minded and dull gluttons. A wide ass and flabby belly are worth more than any degree.

Ok this is like the opposite of the shitty stuff that happens already but in reverse, thats really hot.

The Last Jedi theory

So, i went out with friends and we started theorizing about Star Wars The last Jedi and the meaning of the title and as half the internet i started thinking…ok some shit is goin´ down and yeah the title translated means jedi in plurlar but i think by the end of the movie that Kylo Ren  might be one of those jedi…here is my theory.

Looking into Star Wars the only chosen one has been a Skywalker, but what if that´s not always the case maybe the “chosen one” is kinda like the conccept of the avatar in “The last airbender” that is a beeing reencarnated from generation to generation,maybe Ray was born some time after Vader (Anakin) died and she was sensed by Luke so he found her and trained her as a child, Kylo seeing that him as a Skywalker wasn´t the chosen one and a little girl younger than him is ,he grew some resentment over Han Solo, Luke and Leia, Snoke noticing this and the potential Ben had he used these insecurities and his family history (Vader and empire fanatism) to bring him to his side so he could use him to kill Luke which he thinks is the chosen one to bring balance to the force, right after Kylo Ren with the knights of Ren kill the remaining Jedi he hesitates to kill Rey (because deep inside he knows her importance),Luke (like Ben Kenobi) took Rey to a far away planet and maybe earased her memory of her training (explaining her ability to use the force and lightsaber so easily on episode VII).

Jump to “The Last Jedi” Rey starts training with Luke but him is hesitant to teach her everything fearing that she´ll become like Vader or Ben…and maybe a hint of Revan (you know what i mean). Meanwhile Kylo Ren finishes his training with Snoke which gives him as final test kill “The last jedi” and so he does kill both his mother and Luke, as the result of this Rey is left alone without a teacher and Kylo Ren goes back to Snoke finding out that what his father told him was true, Snoke was using him…so after that he realizes what he did and realizing that he killed his family, he confronts Snoke and tells him that he knows the truth, Luke wasn´t the next chosen one, Rey is and that he will train her to defeat him and he abandons the first order ending the movie with the resistance without a leader, a fallen hero and two jedi…Rey and Ben.

I know this sounds too familiar to Avatar: The last Airbender, but it sounds very plausable and i think it could happen, if not…well i hope it´s better than this.


sketch dump time~~ *7*/ more happy family AU doodles~~ cause i can’t handle the angst //cries
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Well, That’s New  (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: Hey!! I know your requests are closed but I wanted to ask if you could write an imagine where Loki did some kind of trick which made the reader and Bucky switch bodies and they are a little shy and embarrassed bc they like each other? Haha take your time to write and don’t stress out too much with all your work hahaha thank you!!

Thank you for being so patient, love!  I hope you like it!  

Slamming your drink down on the bar, your face had cringed at the strong taste and burn in your throat from the alcohol that Bucky had chosen for you.  “Ok, Buck, that was just plain mean.  What the hell was that?”

“I’ll never tell!”  He laughed as the bartender began to mix the drink you had chosen for him on this round.  “This was your idea, (Y/N)!  You’re the one determined to out-drink me.  You’re gonna lose.”

“Never underestimate…me.” You began to hiccup between words, laughing at yourself and how ridiculous they sounded.  The alcohol was surely making this funnier than it really was. “I’m taking…you…down.”

The bartender sat down a bright pink drink covered in fruit and colorful umbrellas.  “What the hell is this, (Y/N)?  Are you trying to lose on purpose?”

“You’ve been giving me shots…Buck.  Every drink you’ve had…has been mixed.  So really, you’ve…had more than me.”  The hiccupping continued as the bartender sat your next shot before you.

Bucky took down his drink easily, setting the glass upside down as he finished.  “You don’t look so good, kid.”  He stood next to you now with his arm on the bar rail, ready to catch you. You took the shot quickly and smiled at him as you tipped the glass over.  “I’m fi…”

Knowing this would happen, he caught you easily as you tipped over, knocked out from the countless shots you had taken.  He laughed and threw you over his shoulder to carry you back to your room, but took the time to stop and bid goodnight to each Avenger.  

“So, I see the party’s over early?”  Steve lifted your hair to see you and chuckled at the content smile on your sleeping face.  “Looks like she had a good time.”

“I think I’ll just put her to bed, and be back in a few minutes.  Grab me a drink, would ya?”  

Bucky made his way to the door, not noticing as Loki watched him pass by.  The god smiled as he thought of a way to ensure that the chemistry he had seen between you would be realized, and that he could prove that he was able to do good for a change.  

“I know that look, Loki. What are you plotting, and how do I stop it?”  Thor was sipping his drink as he sat next to him, but Loki was clearly not interested in his brother trying to monitor his every move.  How was he expected to change his ways and earn their trust if he wasn’t given the chance?  

“Only good things, dear brother.  Only good things.”


You woke to sun shining harshly in your eyes and an obnoxious banging on your door.  Your headache wouldn’t allow you to keep your eyes open, so rolling from bed you felt your way to the door, desperate to get whoever that was to stop.

“Jesus!  Knock it off, I’m coming!”

You were sure that those words were yours, but they sounded like Bucky.  You were too hung over to think any more of it, pulling the door open to face the jerk who woke you up so early.

It was you.

Rubbing your eyes, you thought maybe you were still asleep.  Or still drunk.  When you opened your eyes again, the sight hadn’t changed.  It was you, and you looked panicked.

“(Y/N), it’s me.  It’s Bucky.  I’m you and…you’re me.  And I’m freaking out a bit here, so please tell me you know what the fuck is going on.” He pushed you back into the room, when you looked down and saw that the metal arm was now yours.  Covering your mouth, your eyes filled with terror as you ran to the bathroom, barely making it before your stomach betrayed you.

“Oh, man!  Watch the arm!  That thing’s a bitch to clean!”


Once you had collected yourselves, you and Bucky decided that you wouldn’t be able to figure this out on your own, so you headed to the team for help.  They were gathered in the common room waiting for your arrival, talking and laughing quietly about the situation, silencing themselves as you entered. Steve approached you, looking curiously at his friend, completely unsure of how to address you.

“So, you’re (Y/N) in there? And you’re Bucky in there?”  He laughed as he sipped at his coffee, returning to the group.  “How much did you guys drink anyway?”

Loki stepped forward, confused as to the problem with the situation.        

“It’s humorous, is it not? They are clearly enamored with each other, I was only trying to help.”  

“Wait, enamored with each other?  Bucky, are you…do you…like me?”  This wasn’t a conversation you wanted to have in front of the team, but really, how much more embarrassing could things get?

“(Y/N), I more than like you.  I thought you knew that.”

It was strange to hold his gaze, when really you were looking at yourself.  If he tried to kiss you right now, like you really wanted, you’d be sure to run.  You would be kissing yourself, and that kind of thinking sounded more like Stark than you.

“So, Loki, do you mind?” You waved your hand between you and Bucky, hoping the Asgardian would get the hint and set things right. “Before this gets really weird?”

“Does no one appreciate the things I do for them?”  As Loki waved his hands over you and Bucky, you felt dizzy and stumbled back against the table behind you.  You squeezed your eyes shut to try to ward off the unpleasant sensation, but it only became stronger.  When you finally felt able to open your eyes, you were back in your own body, and Bucky had already moved to your side to hold you steady.

“Hey, hey I’ve got you. You’re okay.”  Bucky, the real version of Bucky, was looking at you with concern as he held you.  You stood up on your toes to finally kiss him, steadying yourself with your hands in his hair.  His arms tightened around your waist and pulled you to him, lifting you fully off the floor.  

Loki folded his hands behind his back and looked at you both, annoyed that he hadn’t been given his due attention.

“Is no one going to thank me?”    

jupiter ascending

this movie was amazing. i went in expecting to have a good time and it exceeded all of my expectations. people were groaning aloud and cracking up laughing in the theater, and when it was over there was applause that might have started out sarcastic, but soon became a genuine show of appreciation for the absolute audacity and over-the-top ridiculousness infused in every single second of this epic cheesy space opera. like, “ok let’s make channing tatum part wolf. part ALBINO wolf. with… WINGS???”

but on a more ~serious~ note, i genuinely fucking love the titular character jupiter jones and how she was portrayed in the film and the arc she had. (read more for spoilers)

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So wow, wow, okay you guys. I guess I just hit a follower milestone and I’m a bit overwhelmed ?? (灬º 艸º灬) So I suppose this is the thing to do? I’d draw stuff for everyone if I had the time but here goes,

Art Giveaway! Thing?? Yea!

Starts today, November 1, ends November 15 @ 12PM EST

Three winners, chosen with random number generator, will get a fully lined and colored drawing of up to two characters from whatever thing you like!! (If I don’t know the source material I may ask for refs. OCs are ok!) Restrictions: NSFW, gore, mechs

Rules: Obv this is for followers so you actually have to be one of them, only reblogs are counted and giveaway blogs will be ignored. Winners will have 24 hours to respond before I roll for another person!

aah thank you everyone ;o; ilu ♥

How I imagine the writing of Once Upon a Time happens

Writer 1: alright guys what problems are we gonna be doing on this episode
Writer 2: how about we pick out of a hat again?
Writer 1: great idea!!
Writer 2: *picks out of a hat* couple has unrealistic and overly dramatic problems
Writer 1: alright francis spin the couple-wheel to see which couple’s the target this time *wheel lands on one of the main couples*
Writer 1: ok perfect!! let’s get to work guys!!
Writer 3: but sir this couple had all their problems fixed last episode this would make no sense
Writer 1: the hat and the wheel have chosen, francis
Writer 3: but-


Tumblr Hamilton Lottery?

Ok so hear me out. I’m trying to gauge interest about an idea I just had. What if we could set up a lottery event online here for a ticket to see Hamilton? Basically I’d set up a gofundme page which people could donate to. Each dollar donated would be considered one entry into the lottery. At the closing time, one winner is chosen and I’d take the pot and buy them a ticket. The more donations, the better the seat. If it really takes off (>$1000) more winners could be chosen. You can’t find tickets much cheaper than $300, so if this gets to 300 notes, I’ll take this idea seriously and see if I can get this into motion.

a little Agatha Wellbelove appreciation

Ok,  Agatha landed way down on my list of favorite characters in Carry On. However, she was strong and brave in her own right. She rejected her predefined role as the prize the hero wins at the end of the game, turned her back on her life and decided to live on her own terms. It’s not the courage we’re used to in this type of book, but it does take courage to do what she did, and that’s why it’s so great that she did it.

How many times in a crazy, chosen one, fantasy novel has a peripheral character wanted to just peace out because, “I didn’t sign up for this shit”? Probably a lot. but, they don’t because that’s not what is expected of them. In turning her back on magic and being a totally ordinary, dog owning, Ugg wearing, beach going, Normal, California college girl, Agatha was the actual punk rock character in the story because she did everything she wasn’t supposed to do, everything that was against her conditioning.

Ok I just really want a Zelda OoT AU where Marinette is Link and Adrien is Zelda. Like can you imagine Marinette longingly wishing for her Kwami to come because Sabrina (Mido) keeps making fun of her not having one. But she doesn’t for years until the tree Master Fu sends one because she is the chosen one. And thats how she meets Tikki. Master Fu explains that Hyrule is in great trouble and she can do it by collecting the Three Miraculouses. So after saving Master Fu (but still killing him in the process) and getting one of the miraculous stones from him she goes to Hyrule castle to meet the Prince. 

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My Opinion

I’m gutted Finn is injured I really am but I feel like people are hating on Seth sending him threats and saying he should he injured is a little to much.
This is wrestling it’s scripted but people do get hurt and it sucks but this is what they have chosen to do and they accept this risk every time they step in the ring.
Seth rollins does not have a complete disrespect for the ring and the people in it unlike some (Brock Lesner ). Seth got hurt he came back we were all happy and now one accident and you act like he’s the worst person ever. Also why is it when we talk about the new era people want Seth to step back but Chris Jericho who has been wrestling for years is perfectly ok.

Sorry if it seems like a rant and I hope one one is offended this is just my opinion.

Thank you