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#justdiabetesthings that nobody talks about

- catching every single cold and infectious disease ever because your immune system sucks

- bg levels too high? time for excruciating cramps in a random body part!

- when you can feel your bg dropping

- Constant Thirst™

- related: needing to use the bathroom all the damn time

- do i have my meter in my bag? do i have my insulin in my bag? do i have a snack in case my bg drops? do i have glucagon in case i pass out with no warning? do i have my phone in case i need to call an ambulance? do i h

- someone non-diabetic: “why do you always have a bag with you lmao”

- h e a d a c h e s

- sensory overload when you’re hypoglycaemic

- “why do you care about carbs so much lmao”

- “i would have offered you some cake but you can’t eat sugar right? you poor thing uwu”

- when you’re pretty sure your bg is too low but also what if you’re faking it as an excuse to eat something

- “you don’t look disabled though??”

- your friends looking mildly horrified when you casually joke about stabbing yourself several times a day

- when your phone/laptop is low on charge, and you’re like “oh no it’s going hypoglycaemic” but you’re only half joking

- the increased risk of anxiety and depression, to an extent that many diabetic clinics routinely test their patients for symptoms

- finding someone else who’s diabetic and they understand

Apples and Heroes

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Request: Can you please do a Star Trek story with Bones and the words “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, “your pulse is weak,” and “all the apples in the world wouldn’t stop me.” They aren’t in your prompts list I hope that’s okay? Thank you!

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  • Simon: Ok fine so how are us guys supposed to treat girls?
  • Jace: Be suave, distant, mysterious, and play hard to get. Never make yourself vulnerable. Never rush to her side when she needs something. Let someone else help her.
  • Luke: Yo Jace you gotta help
  • Jace: I don't care about shadowhunter shit. Can't you see I'm busy. *continues flirting*
  • Luke: Cla–
  • Jace: *sprints out the door*

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//crashes in here Ok but would Hades show up kinda randomly to his fav son to give advice or something like that making everyone else gape in astonishment cus "wait gods are not supposed to do that??? you're like breaking ALL the rules???" (PJO!vld)

I gotchu buddy. Let’s do this! Because loving Hades is the best.

They were all dining at the pavilion, eating breakfast. Usually, demigods were supposed to sit in their designated tables but that would mean Keith and Shiro would be alone in their own tables. Keith didn’t care about the rules so he invites Shiro to sit with him in the Hades table.

Eating peacefully while trying to get rid of their sleepiness with Shiro nudging Keith from time to time because he looked like he was gonna pass out, suddenly dark shadows and dark smoke appeared in the center and there stood, the tall and mighty Hades in his godly form. Looking regal and ominous as ever. Everyone gasped because it was so rare for a god to visit them, much more one of the Big Three and Hades at that. Gods only appeared when something important was going to happen. So Hades being there in Camp Half Blood was SUCH A BIG DEAL.

Everyone bowed down to Lord Hades (mostly in fear because gods this was The Lord of The Underworld in their presence!) but Hades’ eyes began wandering around the area, until he spots a certain raven haired boy who had his back turned at him. Two boys completely oblivious of their surroundings. Hades crept behind them and tapped Keith. It startled the boy, making him jolt forward. 

Keith’s eyes widened in surprise. “Dad?! What are you doing here?”

“Can’t I just see how my son’s doing?” Hades smiled as he opened his arms to which Keith immediately stood up to hug his really huge Dad. 

Keith shook his head. “It’s just that, it’s too early, y’know? Don’t you have some Underworld stuff to attend to?”

Hades hummed. “That can wait. I left Alecto there to settle some stuff while I visit you.” He spotted Shiro in the table. “I’d like to borrow my son for a while if you don’t mind, Shirogane?”

“Oh! By all means, go ahead, Lord Hades.” Shiro smiled while waving both his hands in front. “It was nice to see you again.”

“You, too, my boy.” Hades nodded. He turned back to Keith, offering his hand. “Let’s go shall we?”

Keith nodded as he took his Dad’s hand and together they walked out of the pavilion. They all could see how animated Keith was talking to Hades and Hades would pat the hand of his son that he held, smiling in amusement at the updates Keith was giving him. As soon as Keith leaned his head towards Hades’ side, shadows enveloped them and the father and son disappeared.

“What the hell just happened?” Pidge asked, like everyone, she just stared at the events unfolding in front of her. She turned towards Shiro and looked at him expectantly. “What just happened?” 

Shiro looked around them and they were all staring at him. “Uh, Hades randomly visits Keith? Is that not normal?”

“No, it isn’t.” Allura spoke up as she stood up. “Gods just don’t appear in front of everyone unless something terrible is about to happen.”

“Not necessarily.”

“You seem to be acquainted with Lord Hades, son of Zeus” Allura squinted suspiciously. “What’s your deal?”

Shiro sighed. “I told you, it’s because Lord Hades had been doing that for years. He’s appeared a couple of times before Keith and I even made it here to camp. He’s pretty chill and—”

“Like I said, gods don’t do that,” Allura sneered. “None of our godly parents here have done that. Except in our dreams. The god of the Underworld is breaking a lot of rules. They are not supposed to have contact with their children. It has always been like that.”

Shiro was starting to get irritated. It was true. Hades had been visiting them for years and nothing really terrible has happened. He had even helped them sometime when they were in danger from monsters. “Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, Keith is his only son for a while and he’d like to spend time with him?”

“Like I said, gods don’t do that. They’re not supposed to do that. Something is amiss.” Allura looked around.

“Well, Lord Hades is different!” Shiro snapped and suddenly they were all surprised that Hades materialized in front of them with Keith, causing everyone to gasp. 

Hades looked at Shiro and smirked. He let go of Keith’s hand and let him walk back towards his table. Hades placed both of his hands behind him and spoke with a looming voice, “If anyone has a problem with me visiting my son, well, I can always speed up your days when we meet in The Underworld.” 

Everyone just went white and Hades smirked. Keith rolled his eyes because Dad’s at it again. Hades turned towards him. “Goodbye, my little bat. I’ll see you again soon.” He looked at Shiro. “And you too, son of Zeus. Take good care of my little trouble maker.”

“Dad,” Keith groaned.

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Could you do a Bts reaction as single parents and having a crush on their child's new teacher? Thank you!!!!!

​I’m in love with this concept I’ve actually been wanting to write a fanfic on it but I haven’t had the time. 

BTS: Reaction as single parents liking their kids new teacher

•Jin: He walked into the classroom with two big sandwiches in his hand. One for him and one for his son. He didn’t know why he’s been called here, but he figured it would take a while so he brought food. 

“I called you here because of food actually.” You said with a small giggle. “I don’t mind if he eats in class but he stuffs his face so full he can’t answer any questions.” You watched as the two boys ate like wild beasts.

“What? Son, I’ve taught you how to talk with food in your mouth. Do you not learn?” Jin spoke so clearly with a big bite of food in his mouth, it truly impressed you. You started to laugh but Jin stopped you when he held his sandwich up to your face. “I’m sorry, if I knew you were gonna be so life changing in the first place I would’ve bought you something too.” He smoothly flirted, making you get all flustered. 

“That’s, awfully sweet of you…” You smiled sweetly.

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•Yoongi: He was called to the school because of his child having issues with sleeping during class. He walked into the classroom, hoping to get the meeting over with relatively quickly so he could get back home to sleep after his long day of work, but the second he saw you he wanted time to stop. His jaw nearly dropped, he had to put his hand over his mouth to stop himself.

He walked up to you, the gorgeous woman, and shook your hand. “Oh Mr. Min you’re here.” Even your voice was breathtaking. As you talked, he listened but he didn’t focus. His mind kept wondering elsewhere.

“Thank you. I’ll have a talk to him when I get home.” He said quietly while staring at your breasts. 

“Mister, my face is up here.” You grabbed onto his chin and forced him to look into your eyes, but you were smiling in a taunting way. “My my what is a handsome guy like you staring at a boring teacher like me for?”

His heart was on the verge of bursting, but that wasn’t the only thing bout to burst. “So hey uh.. Are you available this weekend..?”

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•Namjoon: He was called in because of something his child did, but now he was being scolded at by you. Like father like son, they were monsters of destruction. While the son went around accidentally breaking utensils, here comes the father waltzing in and breaking a desk.

“Do you have any idea how expensive these are? They’re gonna take this out of my check!” You scolded with your hands on your hips. You were frowning but it soon turned into a smile when you saw how helpless this man was. “Oh… gosh don’t make me feel bad.” You were a sweet girl at heart, even if you tried to be angry. 

“I’m sorry, I promise I’ll pay for it. And everything my son broke. Just give him some mercy. He doesn’t have a mother.” He explained and watched your reaction change. As he saw your broken heart through your eyes, he started to chuckle. “Hey hey, I told myself I would never make a woman cry. Come on, I’ll buy you a drink. Just keep those tears off that pretty little face.”

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•Hoseok: Wow what a day. First he gets yelled at by his boss and now he’s told his student became disruptive during class. He hated dealing with teachers, he hasn’t ever liked them. But boy oh boy was he surprised to see a stunning woman with a bright personality. You were smiling so big when you introduced yourself he thought he was meeting an angel.

He listened to you as you talked. Your sweet voice was like music to his ears and he could start dancing. but he was not pleased to hear about his son. “Your son is so wonderful and he has a great personality, he just doesn’t understand the appropriate time to use it.” You saw how interested Hoseok was in your eyes so you stared at him. 

“Geez I’m sorry. You know I’d love to talk about it but I can’t focus on anything on an empty stomach. Let’s talk about it over dinner.” He smoothly asked you on a date, unable to help his smiling towards the end. He just adored your reaction. You squealed softly and gently kicked your feet.

“Well who could turn down such a handsome guy?”

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•Jimin: He was irritated to have to come in because of something he’s lectured his son about all the time. Share your toys. Share share share. When he walked in and he saw his son lookin all guilty, he was not pleased. But when he looked up to see a beautiful woman he thought he was thrown straight into heaven.

He was so shocked it took him a few seconds to process that you were actually real. “Oh uhm, hi. I’m-”

“Mr. Park right?” The way you smiled drove his heart crazy. How were you doing this? He just nodded in response and shook your hand for longer than either of you intended. Your giggling shook him out of his trance. He pulled his hand back quickly and rested it on the back of his neck.

“So uhm. I-I’m sorry about… About him, he just. Well he doesn’t have a mother and, he’s with his babysitter a lot of the time… I guess he just hasn’t had me around enough to discipline him. Sorry, I’ll work on it.” He spoke while staring into your enchanting eyes the whole time.

“Now hold on, it’s ok. I understand how hard that can be. Let’s work something out ok?” You pat his shoulder, making him nearly melt. “And maybe we can go out for a drink some time, you know, to talk about your son more.” You said with a wink that sent him to the sky.

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•Taehyung: How was he supposed to concentrate on your words when you were drop dead gorgeous and practically the definition of beauty? Every time you said something he’d register it totally different. After a while of talking to him about his son, you realized his mind was on something else completely.

“Hey you. How am I supposed to help your son if you don’t focus.” You snapped your fingers at him. He blinked and shook his head slightly, looking you dead in the eyes.

“I’m sorry it’s just… You’re so beautiful.” He stopped himself and looked away, a little shy because of his confession. You just smiled the cutest smile and flicked his arm.

“So… If I go get dinner with you will you be able to focus more?” You asked him with big eyes. He was shocked and speechless, but he nodded because who could refuse a date with someone that could be a potential model?

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•Jungkook: It was almost instantly the two of you were flirting. The way he walked in with those tight ass jeans and a cocky look on his face, and you, a helpless adorable girl standing there with nothing better to do. He was just coming in to check on his sons school life. He worried. He didn’t want him to be bullied so he made sure to stay on top of that. But, he was very distracted by you.

He realized that every time he bit his lip or stuck his tongue out, you’d get all flustered and your cheeks would turn pink, so he would do it more. He was cocky about it. He used to be so shy with girls but he’s had plenty of experience-hence, the kid he had.

“Jungkook, I think you’re really cute and you’re a great guy, but would it be strange for your son if you dated their teacher?” You gave a sad but true point. He pursed his lips and nodded as he thought about it but he bounced right back.

“I’m sure at first it would be weird but you won’t be his teacher forever.” He put his hand on your cheek and slowly drew closer to you, tempting you and succeeding.  

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Sleepless Night (Yixing Angst/Fluff)

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Anonymous said: Can I please have a scenario of Yixing comforting the reader because she feels worthless and pathetic? Thank you beforehand!

A/N: It actually makes a lot of sense for me to write this today and who better than our Yixing to make you feel better ? Even if you’re not sad, I hope you like it anon!

“You’re so quiet today” - Yixing stated after you barely had your dinner and was spacing out. “Me? Oh, I’m just not talking a lot , that’s all, I’m honored you even noticed”, you snickered and after a few seconds Yixing frowned at you from the other side of the table, “What’s that supposed to mean? Of course I’d notice”

You nod and say “Sure…look, i’m just really tired, if you wanna go it’s fine”

Yixing gets surprised and asks “Do you want me to go, Y/N?”

You shrug your shoulders and gets up from the table saying “Whatever you prefer, as I said, I’m just really tired”

He watches with a frown as you take his plate and go to the kitchen, “I don’t understand why you’re saying this, it sound like you’re upset with me”

“I’m not upset with you”, 

He gets up and says “ok…. did something else happen? did someone upset you?”, You turn around to his view, tired of this conversation and say “no… I just.. I wanna be alone right now”, he comes a little closer “Y/N, are you sure? do you really don’t want to talk? we have the entire night”

Hearing him talking to you like this only made things worse and you had to lower your head so emotions wouldn’t get too much for you, “yes, I am, can you please leave?” you mumbled as he got closer and had you looking at him as he gently stroked your cheek. “You made me promise I’d tell you anything, remember? I’d like that from you too”

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Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (10)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long! I am the worst person ever apparently! I will be getting to the asks that have been sitting in my box forever too! Been off a hella long time! This is fairly long to make up for it I hope?

Word Count: 1580

( Part 1 ) ( Part 2 ) ( Part 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Part 5 ) ( Part 6 ) ( Part 7 ) ( Part 8 ) ( Part 9 )

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wow it took me way more time than expected and  I still used the night palette and I’ll never be tired of it

it’s curently 3 am and I just finished dit..hopefully the next one is already done

Day 5 for @lapidot-anniversary-week ~

The pose took me a lot of time, adding to this that I’m stupid enough to finish the line and realize Lapis only had one arm (it would be ok it wasn’t the apperent one). So I had to redraw…

I wanted to put more details on this one and the backgroudn was supposed to be something else but I’ve been completely tired litteraly since I’m awake and for some reason my brain and attention span decided I should also watch IZ and I kinda regret it now

But I’m still kinda proud of it ? (well how would I not like a kiss scene between these two :^) )

Anyway enjoy ~~ (and boop @luclipse85 since I’m posting this on friday :d ) now I’m going to sleep because I’m currently dying

Are You Gonna Marry Her?

Just a little something inspired by a post I saw about Jellybean meeting Betty and embarrassing Jughead!

Warning: mentions of steamy Bughead

“Hey, Juggie, where are you?” Betty spoke into her phone, leaning slightly to look out of the window, shifting her curtains with a delicate hand to get a better view of Archie’s house from where she stood. “You don’t exactly live that far,” she joked.

“Err, I’ll be right there,” Jughead replied, his voice a little off.

“Is everything ok?” 

“…yeah. Yeah, it’s fine. I just- I’m bringing a guest,” Jughead said cryptically. He sounded distracted, but Betty knew him well enough by now to know that there was something else underlying his wary tone. He sounded… amused?

“Well, ok. I’ll be here,” she chirped, hanging up the phone after his last promise that he’d be right over. They were supposed to be studying for a History test together. In reality, Betty had just returned from a cheer retreat and she hadn’t seen her boyfriend for over a week and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on him. She felt the tell-tale blush creep over her cheeks and spread out across her chest at the thought of Jughead’s lips on hers, on her neck, her collarbone, his hands slipping beneath her shirt…

She took a steadying breath. They hadn’t actually gone all the way yet. Jughead had confided in her about how he felt. He’d never really felt these kinds of feelings before, what he said he thought were typical teenage boy feelings had never made themselves known to him before he fell for Betty. But he still wasn’t sure what he was comfortable with, he’d told her while averting his eyes, a very out of place pink staining his cheeks while his fingers fiddled with the edge of her shirt peeking out from beneath her pale blue sweater. She’d cupped his face, waiting for him to look at her in the eyes before speaking, telling him that it was ok, that it was all ok. He could feel however he wanted and that was normal, they didn’t have to rush anything or push harder than he wanted. She was here for him, whatever he needed. He’d taken a breath, his shoulders relaxing visibly, before leaning in for a lingering kiss. She knew him now, all of him.

She was surprised, since their talk, at the fervour that slipped into their physical relationship. It was almost as if, Jughead had once told her, he hadn’t really known how to breathe before he’d found her. That every touch of her skin against his lit up a fire within him that he wasn’t aware was waiting to be sparked. He craved it. 

Just before she’d had to leave last week she found herself on her bed, seated in his lap as his hands wrestled desperately with the clasp at the back of her bra. 

“Who designs these things, NASA?” he griped, still failing to undo the tricky hooks while deflecting his teenage embarrassment. She laughed with a glint in her eye and reached round to help him, undoing it with one hand. “Showoff.”

All snarky humour vanished, though, as the offending material fell between them, leaving Betty’s chest bare before him for the first time. He gulped, moving his eyes down slightly, still feeling like he was witnessing something forbidden. 

“Is this ok?” she’d asked, and his chest tightened at her concern. Even here, laid vulnerable before him she was still worried if she had taken things too far for him. He shook his head. He wanted her to know how much he wanted her. He brought up a shaky hand to gently cup the soft mound, running his thumb experimentally across the dark pink peak. Betty’s head fell back, her mouth falling open to let out a deep moan that had all the blood in Jughead’s body rushing south, creating a feeling he wasn’t used to but was certainly coming to like. He gripped the back of her neck and pulled her mouth to his, tongue exploring along with his hands in desperation, willing her to be closer to him. Her hips ground down on his and he could have sworn he was a goner.

The sound of a car horn outside pulled them apart, chests heaving, which Jughead definitely didn’t mind in that moment, as they tried to catch their breath. Betty covered her chest modestly as she leaned to look out her window.

“It’s Veronica, I’ve got to go,” she breathed. Jughead groaned, letting his head fall against her collarbone. “To be continued,” she’d promised, biting her lip teasingly.

And that’s what she’d been hoping for now, the memory allowing an anticipatory tingle to settle in the pit of her stomach. Which is why it was concerning her that Jughead was so late. She’d even told him they’d have the house to themselves this afternoon. 

Betty was bought out of her daydream by a dark figure making its way out of Archie’s house and across the street… two dark figures. She squinted to get a better look, noticing the way Jughead turned back, grabbing the little girl’s hand before they crossed the street. 

“Hey, Juggie,” Betty said, questioningly, after answering the door. “Who’s this?” He gave her an apologetic look.

“Hey, Betts. This is my sister, Jellybean. Jellybean, this is Betty.” The little girl turned to him with an annoyed look. 

“I already told you, it’s JB now.” She turned to Betty. “He never listens to me,” she snarked, rolling her eyes in an adorably grown-up way. Betty chuckled, eyes flicking between the two.

“Hi, JB. I didn’t know you’d be visiting,” Betty said, her sunshine smile lighting up her face. 

“Yeah, well mom had to go to a class out of town and I told her it had been forever since I’d seen Juggie so she dropped me off on her way,” the little girl grinned up at her big brother, revealing a missing tooth.

“That’s so sweet. Why don’t you come in? There’re snacks in my room, we were just going to study but I wouldn’t want to take away your time with Jughead,” Betty said graciously, motioning up the stairs. 

“That’s ok, I have some homework to do too,” Jellybean replied, heading straight for the stairs. Betty chuckled as she watched the confident girl go. 

“I’m sorry, Betts, I know it was supposed to be our time but when mom phoned-” Betty silenced him with a long awaited kiss. He melted in front of her.

“It’s ok, Jugs. We’ll have all the time in the world later. She’s family.” Betty turned to follow Jellybean up the stairs and dig out the History books she didn’t know she’d actually have to use today. Jughead stared after her with an awed smile. She was perfect. 

He found them in Betty’s room, Jellybean peering around in wonderment, nosing through Betty’s dressing table. 

“I like your room, I wish mine was as nice as this,” she said, longing coating her voice.

“Well maybe Jug and I could take a trip to come and see you soon and we could help you decorate. How does that sound? I’ll even bring some of the things I don’t need anymore, I’m sure I’ve got a spare set of twinkle lights lying around somewhere,” Betty smiled, giving the girl her full and genuine attention.

“Oh, could you, Juggie? That’d be just the best!” JB turned to look at him, hope shining in her eyes, fingers clutching at Betty’s soft pink duvet. He smirked, shaking his head slightly at the pair before him.

“Sure, JB. We could do that,” he replied, heart swelling with pride for his beautiful girlfriend, gazing back at him with the prettiest smile he’d ever seen. 

The day passed peacefully among the three of them, an afternoon of studying, snacks and a few movies when they grew tired of work. Eventually, Jellybean’s eyes started to drift closed and Jughead tapped her gently to rouse her.

“Time to go, jumping bean,” he murmured as she stirred, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and going to find her shoes. Jughead and Betty followed her down the stairs where they stood, facing each other, in front of the door. 

“I had a lovely day,” Betty murmured bashfully, looking up at him from beneath her thick lashes. He slipped his hand around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss, leaving behind the promise of their continuation against her lips. 

“Me too,” he mumbled. Jellybean cleared her throat when they hadn’t broken their gaze for a moment or two. Jughead dropped his hands from her. “Night, Betts.” 

“Goodnight, Betty!” Jellybean called as they descended the steps to the Cooper house. 

“Night, JB!”

“I like her, she’s nice,” Betty heard Jellybean tell Jughead as they stood waiting to cross the street. Jughead laughed. 

“Yeah, she’s pretty great.”

“Are you going to marry her?” Jellybean asked suddenly, a little too loudly in the quiet night air.

“Jellybean!” Jughead shouted, turning back to look at where Betty could still hear them from the porch, his eyes wide and cheeks red. Betty couldn’t help but let out a laugh, louder and purer than she had in a long time. Jughead watched her, all golden and bathed in light and couldn’t help but laugh through his embarrassment. Yeah, he though, I think I might. 

lazarusquince  asked:

I was wondering if you have any thoughts on how Lily could have fallen in love with the boy who so brutally tormented her best friend. Because even she had to admit that it wasn't equal, it was always four on one. (then again, how many people on this site still think it's a rivalry?) Although, actually, I wonder if she did it at first to punish him for joining the equivalent of the KKK. There's the rub--he joined a terrorist group bent on killing her, she went out with his abuser.

I think logically, it’s one of three options (or a combination thereof).

  1. Lily was relatively unaware of the extent of James’ bullying of Severus.
  2. Lily was not as attached to Severus by the end as she led him to believe.
  3. Lily subscribed to the notion of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

Personally, I lean strongly towards the first one.  

We know that Lily was aware of James’ general behaviour, but I think there’s a specificity to the bullying of Severus which sets it apart to his random hexing of other kids; the Marauders target Severus because “he exists” and he’s a “special case”.  

Logically, James can’t have behaved in the same way to others - least, not to such an extreme - else it wouldn’t just be Severus bemoaning his behaviour during Harry’s years.

I also think that Severus’ background is important; he’s hardly likely to labour the point with Lily, as although he didn’t want her to be drawn into James’ circle, he wouldn’t want her to perceive him as a victim, or as someone who was weak.

So I rather happily go along with the idea that James was just a bit of an arrogant prat to 99% of people, but mercilessly bullied Severus…and Lily was unaware of just how continual and extreme the situation was, and just assumed it was the same as his behaviour towards the 99% (which is what she would’ve witnessed in Gryffindor Tower, and perhaps as a prefect).

The second option saddens me a lot more, and draws its weight from their conversation following the werewolf incident.  Lily reassures Severus verbally that they’re best friends - but he’s the one who presses the point and asks her for reassurance.

But Lily’s reaction in that scene, for me, is barely that of a friend, and most certainly not a best friend.  She’s already decided that Severus was in the wrong, and instead of asking for his side of the story, or asking whether he’s ok, she believes James’ story, and somewhat berates him for his behaviour.

And that sort of ties in to the first point, really.  If Lily really knew what James et al did to Severus, then she wouldn’t believe that James had saved him without something else being awry.

However, I can quite understand that, at this point in time, Severus has become a difficult and unappealing friend for her to have - she’s a popular, Dark Magic hating, Muggleborn Gryffindor, and he’s an unpopular, Dark Magic lover, supposed wannabe Death Eater Slytherin.  …but something doesn’t add up - based on that conversation, they are most certainly not best friends.

And the third one?  Well, I think the point is that the James Lily falls in love with is not exactly the face that James shows to Severus.  I think the key factor is that James’ treatment of Severus was seemingly an outlier; it doesn’t make it better, or right - just it explains why Severus utterly despises even the mere memory of the man, whilst everyone else thinks James was a jolly good chap, if a bit high spirited.

Any friendship breaking up hurts - we know Lily decided it was best to end things entirely as opposed to forgiving Severus, but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t upset her.  Love and hate are close emotions; rarely does someone go from being someone’s best friend to being instantly indifferent.

For Severus’ part, I think he didn’t have any other options - he appeared relatively friendless, and was already one foot down the Death Eater road.  Without Lily to hold him back, or for him to feel guilty or shamed, I am certain he threw himself down the road of anger, Dark Magic and wannabe-Death-Eater alliances.

…and that would’ve proven to Lily that she made the right choice - that Severus was just a wannabe-Death-Eater and really wasn’t worth her time and headspace.  

Compare that to James - who has now calmed down, has seemingly grown up and matured, and has stopped hexing people (apart from Severus, but Lily doesn’t know that).  She clearly found him attractive, and James would’ve been intent on wooing her.

I think sometimes people find a perverse satisfaction in finding out the ‘truth’ about someone, when they’ve been led to believe they’re very different.  In a weird way, Lily discovering that Severus’ enemy is actually a really lovely bloke further reinforces that her decision to drop Severus was correct.

I have to admit, it’s the thing I struggle with most in the series, because I find it incomprehensible that I could find it in myself to date my best friend’s bully - even if our friendship ended sourly.  Even people who I was best friends with and now I’m not, or ex-partners…I cannot even begin to fathom loving someone who could behave so reprehensibly to another person.

So that’s why I always come back to the first thing; I think Lily - if we are to believe that Lily was the lovely, caring person that we’re led to believe in canon - has to have been unaware of just what was going on between Severus and James.

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heyyy, this is probably an unpopular opinion, but if i were Emma, I wouldn't care if Killian had killed my grandfather a long long time ago, whatsoever. Like, Emma never met Robert, never cared for him, never knew what he was like, so.... why would Emma be angry at Killian for killing Robert? David's the only one who should be angry. Not Emma. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Emma wouldn’t be angry about that, shocked maybe, but she would be upset that he didn’t tell her. 

Which HOPEFULLY Killian explains he was GOING to and spent all day drinking enough courage to do so until she unknowingly assumed the question he wanted to ask her was something else and he was kinda put on the spot.

I’m not mad at either one of them, Killian really, in my honest opinion, had no choice with the way the situation went. What was he suppose to do?

“Ohhh you found the ring, ummm wow ok. Yeah I was gonna propose BUT… not yet and I gotta tell you this thing about my past and.. blah blah blah”

The surprise was already ruined, he wasn’t about to ruin the moment more.

She will understand I’m sure. She will understand everything.

O k ok reAL QUICK 

its something never outright said but i think its supposed to be implied. heres something from a post i made on it here before:

the original members in the blade of marmora were either altean or had a close relationship with altea, because thats where their magic swords were mined from:

  • “the planet these were mined from hasnt existed in decafebes” the shamwow knife salesman says 
    • we dont know what decafebes means exactly, but if we break it down:
    • it sounds like a hell of a lot
    • its in intervals of 10, caus thats what the prefix deca means
    • so where’d the magic swords come from??? how about a planet known for magic, which hasnt existed in 10,000 years, and that the galra definitately either lived on or interacted very closely with?   A   l te     a
  • lux also means light in latin
  • suffix “ite” is from the greek lithos and means stone, so literally light stone
  • altean magic is bright and glowy and light as opposed to the way galra druid magic is always so dark, so it makes sense if something called the light stone is from altea and associated with altean magic

also, altean magic is pretty much always blue, while druid is purple/black. the marmora blade does that altean bright blue glow when it morphs, so …ya…

again, never outright stated, but to me it seems pretty implied

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Well ... since jin is gone for prom , do you guys wanna hangout a lil bit ? It's okay if you can't cause I was kinda bored and I'll find something else to do (guys plz come with me i'm so lonely)

Hobi: OH! IT’S YOU! I remember youuu

Hobi: It was supposed to be Jin Hyungs other prom outfit but he didn’t wanna wear a dress so I made him the current outfit he’s wearinggg and fortunately, he was nice enough to draw him wearing the dress hehe here it is

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Rehearse- Jimmy Vesey

Originally posted by siriuslyilluminaeted

Ok so struggle bus hit hard with this one! Not because I didn’t know where to go with it, but because I had NO idea what was going on in the song and yeah… ok Hamilton seems like a good play. Any who, I think I’m happy with this so I hope you guys are too! Enjoy!

Warning: some spoilers for Hamilton?, talks of death

Anon Request: I know this is probably oddly specific, but could you do an imagine where y/n is making her Broadway debut in the musical, Hamilton, and she is completely worried about performing the song Stay Alive Reprise because of how sad it is, and she is scared she will mess up, so her boyfriend, Jimmy Vesey helps her rehearse it to the best of his ability, and she actually makes him cry because she did so good, and it’s so sad? Thanks love ❤



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So now we have a pic that the designer/photographer CLEARLY manipulated in Photoshop to make a certain piece of jewelry mean something else entirely. How are we not supposed to see the charade?! Not to mention the direction of the cash flow... But somehow "shippers are delusional"?! Uhm yeah ok

I don’t even know what you’re taking about, sweet thing. My ignorance is truly my bliss. It pays in the zen department to be wildly uninformed when it comes to extraneous persons and their bunk-assed business endeavors.

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Long scenario with Mark of got7, Mark is always busy with work and y/n breaks up with him? Make it super sad please & end it how you see fit! ❤️love the blog

Thanks for the request anon- sorry if it took a while! I really hope you like it!

Warning: As requested this is quite a long scenario and does contain a tiny bit of foul language. Thanks for reading! :) 

Originally posted by younqk

Another night and it was the same old story. Your phone lay beside you as you lounged on the sofa with no calls, no texts, and absolutely no word from your boyfriend who told you he’d text you if he was working late. For Mark, working late could be anywhere between 8:00pm to 12:00am, there really was no telling with him. You understood his job was demanding, being an idol and all he had a schedule to maintain but it was now 1:00am and you still hadn’t heard anything. You were sick of it.

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misanthropicphilantropist  asked:

I hope you have a great holiday :) I have this random thought bugging me and since I LOVE your meta I want your opinion on it. (Or point me to the post if you've already touched it.) So as we all you know, God created humanity in His image. It's canon that a) Dean represents humanity (for Amara) and b) God is bisexual. Coincidence or another hint at bi!Dean? (Also Chuck and Dean both love bacon...)

Oh man, well, yeah as I’m on holiday and don’t have access to my computer I can’t help much with links sorry!
Firstly thank you so much :)

but basically a huge whopping YES! I mean, why write God as bi and then immediately stick a million parallels into the same and next few episodes about how similar he is to Dean? Pffff. Of course we are supposed to notice this.

I’m pretty sure @mittensmorgul @elizabethrobertajones @postmodernmulticoloredcloak and others have written about this a lot but off the top of my head:

1. Chuck is bi/probably pan
2. Chuck likes a million things Dean does and it’s POINTED OUT TO US REPEATEDLY (Bacon, beer, donuts, porn, pancakes, his robe, the water pressure……? I’m sure there’s more)
In such a relatively short amount of time it’s made so obvious (LIKE THE SAILEEN/DESTIEL PARALLELS - its so crammed in its just blatant).

Also - the bacon thing. Ok they could easily have replaced this with something else - burgers maybe?
But the point of this I think is also to show the fact that in certain religions pork is seen as a kind of ‘sin’ and so is bisexuality / anything other than being straight so I think it’s an important point being made here.

The porn thing too, I can’t remember where but I read an excellent post about how Chuck got through ALL Dean’s porn then got to curling which apparently has strong queer undertones…. and like… there’s a subtext there about what kind of porn…. and now with Ketch there are apparently visual undertones that one of the magazines has a bisexual reference in how it’s shown on screen?

Am I surprised? I’ll let you guess the answer to that ;)

Part of what I loved about the Chuck having boyfriends thing was how it was kind of a throwaway comment, like it’s NOT IMPORTANT to the grand scheme of things. Chuck, yes. And are we annoyed Dean didn’t find out? Of course! But that’s how drama works right?

Like how Dean doesn’t know about Cas having to kill 1000 Deans, how Dean doesn’t know how Cas bought him the porn and nearly got an ASBO for ruffling up the poor kid at the mini market, how Cas doesn’t know how depressed Dean was when he was gone he turned to booze, oh and meaningless sex with a blonde, not really his type, but who was just there, using generic pick up lines on her, not that THATS a recurring theme at all?! ;)

With everything else going on from mid s11-now and Dean’s facade coming down it is NO coincidence that Chuck is paralleled with him and is queer.

Same way it is no coincidence that Amara is mirrored with Mary and through Mary this facade-destruction is massively pushed forwards - because Amara KNEW this was what Dean needed (search Amara on my blog for this, but basically Amara knows Dean is queer and in love with Cas, that’s canon or s11 makes no sense).

So, a huge resounding yes, nothing on this show that stands out is accidental. Because accidents don’t happen accidentally. Even the subtext isn’t accidental and gives us SO MUCH so something like this that is textual AND makes us sit up and notice? Yeah, no coincidence at all ;)